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East Island / Re: Funeral Games
« Last post by MTYL on Today at 07:22:01 AM »
As a new member of the East Continent, I'd be psyched to see a tournament! A few great memorial messages about Gilth flew around Vix after his death, so it makes me think there'd be an appetite, at the very least from those who knew him

Totes, Gilth was awesome. Both as an ally and as an enemy.
Dwilight / Re: Multiple Characters
« Last post by JeVondair on Today at 06:56:24 AM »
Everything in Dwilight seems so far away from each other. Lots of empty space between capitals. It's no one's fault that dynamism seems hard to maintain.
Dwilight / Re: Multiple Characters
« Last post by Vita on Today at 05:21:39 AM »
I would note that Melhed under Consul Aldo was militarily isolationist, but not politically isolationist. It still engaged its neighbours, just not with armies.
Dwilight / Re: Multiple Characters
« Last post by JDodger on Today at 03:14:08 AM »
The problem those realms have specifically is the geography mostly, mixed with the current player density/lack of activity in general.

The problem with Dwilight in general is the west, entirely. It's been over a year now I believe, so I think it's fair to make an assessment.

The west should have never been reopened.

Westgard has added nothing to the play experience of other realms except to be a base for pve raids. No offense to that realm. It is not the fault of the players. I am sure it is a good realm and fun to play in if you like pve.

The problem is that unlike the addition of Alara, MN, and the red bird realm in East continent, Westgard does not add any tension to the continent.

Opening the west and especially allowing the monster hordes to cross east via sea does not add tension either, it in fact relieves it by providing a massive pve/looting playground to the west and a common pve enemy for many realms to focus on.

If it wasn't for Westfold there probably wouldn't be any wars in Dwilight that aren't small realm bullying like Astrum/Morek vs. HD.

Dwilight has become a bad version of Beluaterra with more sailing and less story.
Dwilight / Re: Multiple Characters
« Last post by Chenier on Today at 02:12:45 AM »
What is Westgard doing different than Madina? Well, how about keeping a few dozen people active, and continuously attracting nobles from other realms, Madina among others, who tell us of how bad things are over there?

And yea, I quit the game when I was in D'Hara. Because D'Hara is part of the South, and at this point has been doing the same kind of thing Madina and Fissoa has for ages. Not as long as you have, but still very long. D'Hara can at least claim to have done things of its own a few times in its history, unlike Madina and Fissoa, but even those things were done by people who have long left D'Hara, and none who are there now ever did anything worthwhile. Same for Luria, it gets credit for having, at least once upon a time, done meaningful stuff. I don't know enough about Lurian internal politics nowadays to know if the "south of this realms suck" line should be drawn above or below Luria, but it's around there for sure.

Westfold, Swordfell, Morek, and HD have all been involved in various wars. Astrum got somewhat involved in them. Astrum, Morek, Arnor, and Avernus are active in the West. Every realm north of Luria DOES THINGS. Things that not only resonate within their borders, but beyond them as well.

I do not, have never, and will never like realms that don't *do* anything. BM has no room for isolationism. The only realm I've seen pulling off a *fun* isolationism is Melhed, ages ago, under consul Aldo. But that was... intense, to say the least. And completely atypical. And no realm that tried to go isolationist has ever come even remotely close to what was done there.

The monster presence on Dwilight is fine. If there's "too much" of them, it's because there are "too many" regions held by realms that do absolutely nothing with them, and thus simply sap from global density without bringing anything to the continental experience in return.

You'd just need to remove one realm from Dwilight and none of the remaining western realms would have to really concern themselves with the hordes. Any southern realm that wants a break from the monster just needs to do just this: get off your asses, get yourself some allies, and go gank a realm. You'll finally get to boast about doing something, and you'll reduce the monster spawns.
Dwilight / Re: Multiple Characters
« Last post by Renodin on Yesterday at 07:58:59 PM »
urgh, I was actually baited, taunted in a sense to respond here. Not directly but I allowed my personal feelings be influenced. I'll not avoid the point or person so yeah. After reading Chenier's post I cannot escape an entire, ancient and thus longstanding spewing of bile. Perceived or otherwise. Chenier, you keep badgering, belittling, reducing, fill in the blanks, the southern side of Dwilight.

You event quit the Island, left D'hara (which is a neighbor of Luria and when you return, try to bash that same area once more?

How is Madina doing anything different from the Realm you are currently playing in (Westgard)? It isn't. When was the last time you or anyone else read about a serious, if any monster / undead uprising in Luria or the south for that matter. Excluding the western side of the map. You can't. One comment in this thread suggested that the game is more fun for Commoners than Nobles, personally I disagree but at the same time I have put a lot of effort in making the Advy game fun. As a result, monsters aren't much of a problem.

If any realm is to face death by monsters is Westgard. I think you know that. My request to you, Chenier, would be to cease your seeming endless but more important vocal dislike of the south and Luria, or Fissoa or Madina or even D'hara for that matter. It's fine that you don't like it but please, moderate yourself and don't bash for the sake of bashing.

We all play this game and we all (technically) should strive for the improvement and sharing of enjoyment. How about it?

To everyone else, apologies for my confrontational stance in this. Take this as me venting and throwing out some frustration. Hopefully it can be viewed as something useful or as a sign.
East Island / Re: Funeral Games
« Last post by McTang on Yesterday at 07:27:40 PM »
As a new member of the East Continent, I'd be psyched to see a tournament! A few great memorial messages about Gilth flew around Vix after his death, so it makes me think there'd be an appetite, at the very least from those who knew him
Roleplaying / Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
« Last post by Renodin on Yesterday at 05:26:45 PM »
Hey there! It has been quite a while since I wrote a proper Rp. One I felt I should record here. It's a letter with a bit of a vague but perceptible message which I send to the Rulers of Dwilight. Its an RP where I describe a scroll / letter and how the actual material looks like upon which it is written. Quite a different angle to Rp perhaps but I like to do it from time to time. Enjoy!

Vellum' Renodin

Your eyes behold a rich piece of vellum. Clearly worked by the hand of a master craftsman and afforded every expense in its creation. The writing opulently bordered with graceful artistry in gold-tread  and tiny, sparking gems. The distinct and recognizable crest of House Renodin worked into the pattern as to make it an integral part of the artwork. Its traditional oak brown colors meshed with gold almost organically incorporated.

The lettering suggests a very deliberate and puissant effort, at times showing rough finishes and a quill used almost like a spear as dots were practically lanced onto the parchment.

Most esteemed Rulers of Dwilight,

These here words written by my hand are to inform you that the world and your politics have caused me to stray from the path of peace and onto the coals of war.

As you make my feet burn I shall resist the inner, screaming voice urging me to step aside and let events unfold as they would. The world is wise, its Rulers full of virtue. Men and women of great quality. Yet with the air changed, the wind blowing in the cold of winter, I must find shelter in kinship. My position is small and my influence marginal. My word stands as it ever has.

The kin of my kin, Lurians, are threatened. Hands are raised not to block out the sun or to provide comfort. They bar the way where hands cannot bring food to mouth. They push where they ought to embrace. They grasp steel where cloth would have been magnanimous. My hand is forced, my heart troubled, my course set. Among you, you may know of what I speak. Should you not then you need not worry. Words I bring but they are always true and those of you that know of my name will agree. Move I do not lightly but now I will storm, to the aid of cherished friends.

Deep in this heart of mine, I wish to count you among my many friends, some of you are kin. The world will turn I fear and ties tested. Will the ship called future crash into the rocks? Perhaps it will be dragged out to open sea. Peace is what I strive for and that is what I love. Steel I must now take in hand and heavy grows this heart of mine.

Those that I will face, know I will grant you all the honors of the battlefield. Your bodies, if fallen to the ground in death, will not feel the touch of mutilation and be afforded proper burials. None of you I wish dead but some of you may oppose me in my quest to fulfill the bonds of friendship. To those, prepare yourselves and know that you are but a fisherman's raft upon a roaring, angry sea.

With utmost respect,

Aldrakar Renodin

Half of the crimson red seal that once closed the letter dangles at the bottom of the scroll. The Insignia of House Renodin cleft in twine.

Roleplaying / Re: The Crimson Lord
« Last post by Malus on Yesterday at 04:41:01 PM »
One more reserve, just in case. Try to keep the whole thing together.
Dwilight / Re: Multiple Characters
« Last post by Nosferatus on Yesterday at 03:26:08 PM »
What Dwilight needs is for a realm or two to die. Maybe three. It's filled with pathetic realms that don't do anything.

The North-East in general seems dynamic to me, but south of Swordfell...?

I mean, D'Hara had been expanding into ex-Lurian regions, and now seems somewhat surprised that, with its low density, establishing a foothold onto the West is hard. I mean, I get wanting to take Paisly, I totally consider it to be part of D'Haran core and I'd want it too if I was there. But D'Hara expanded all the way to Mattan Dews... the distance between both is huge. Can't have it all.

Same for Madina. Density is even lower, and keeps trying to expand. Again, I totally get it and I'd do the same, those western regions offer extra buffer to protect the rest. But everyone knows by now that low density both spawns and attracts more rogues.

Fissoa doesn't even have 1 noble per region...

Meanwhile, Luria. Honestly makes me laugh. They are expanding their desnity away, and none of their neighbors seem to care. I'd be laughing my ass off if I was in Luria. The increasingly lower density increases monster spawns more and more, but since they are more isolated, those monsters are much more likely to hit D'Hara, Madina, Astrum, and Westgard than they are to ever pose a significant threat to them. They are basically waging a proxy war on D'Hara by doing nothing else than expanding.

The South needs to wake up. Densities govern rogue spawns. If you want to expand without having a ton of rogues build up on your border... attack another human realm! Either to expand in that direction, or just to bring those regions rogue. Instead, you've got a bunch of boring realms complaining about boring results from their boring actions.

I agree that ideally low player density realms should stop to expand, shrink or die.
But the current mechanics will never motivate realms to stop expanding or even become smaller.
First of all there might be different theories in game about the waxing and waning of the number of rogues attacking and also lots of players not knowing this mechanic.
And if characters would know what causes more rogues to appear, I believe it isn't all a direct cause and effect relation.
Because to many other realms have influence on the total outcome, it might not do any good to an individual realm to decide to stop expanding.
Some other realm might take those regions your no longer expanding to or any other region and total density wouldn't increase.
It seems better to expand as an individual realm and hope, ask, or demand others to stop expanding instead, especially if the realm in question is a western realm facing most of the attacks.
But its very unlikely the other realms would do once asked or demanded to.
Expanding for western realms means more resources and better buffers to protect the other regions.
I vaguely remember that the rogues target lower density realms, but in reality there will just be more rogues in total that, no matter where they are heading will usually have to go threw the western realms any way.

A more direct mechanic for punishing or rewarding low or high density would work far better to motivate players and characters.
If it has to involve rogues then the best thing i can make up right now is increasing the chance of rogues forming in a realm held region based on player density and base their group numbers on the current military strength or total amount of nobles of that realm.
Perhaps the rogue groups could also have the realm they spawn in as a target to prevent them from getting to far away from the targeted realm.
These mechanics once implemented could slowly start working for realms to get used to it, instead of having 10 K rogue armies spawn up everywhere out of the blue.
Giving the realms a chance to prepare.
All the mechanics for this are already in place if i am not mistaken.
This option gives realms an opportunity to fight allot and sort of influence which regions will be lost and which not by choosing where and when to attack/defend and or which regions to take back by a TO.
Has this option ever been considered?

However the current mechanics might still work to reduce the amount of regions held by realms in theory.
All it requires is the rogues to be more in numbers, and or taking better routes.
But any changes wont be player driven, just based on what the rogue do and how successful they are at it.

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