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East Island / Re: The Battle of Viseu
« Last post by Chenier on Today at 08:00:17 PM »
A great battle this was. Impressive in size

Nearly 100 nobles. A battle to remember!
East Island / Re: Redhaven
« Last post by Chenier on Today at 07:59:25 PM »
Yea, I was lured by the appeal of activity, but I quickly left when I realized how strong the personality cult was...
Work in Progress / Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 7
« Last post by Zakky on Today at 07:11:26 PM »
Looks good to me as well. Where exactly is this pyramid?

I think it is on top of the crevasse.
East Island / Re: Redhaven
« Last post by CryptCypher on Today at 02:22:42 PM »
As cosmic irony goes, we tipped the balance and turned the continent upside-down. We abandoned the moral high-ground long ago in favor of the very tactics and mentality we opposed on principle. In our stand against tyranny, the freedom fighters became the new tyrants. Those who came to Xavax later than sooner found a Xavax quite different from the one we embodied in the early days. Am I the only one caught between tears and laughter in the face of such irony?

Xavax has become an ultra-nationalist cult of personality whose pride is hell-bent on reliving a broken past best left dead and buried. We've dug up the Phoenix' corpse and stuffed it full of little white lies to give our anger a shadow of reason. Simple fact is: we've lost our way and damn anyone crazy enough to point out our foolishness.

Our rivals have become more like what Xavax was, and Xavax has become more like what our rivals were.

Post-Selenian Reformed Xavax culture is an amazing literary premise parallel to the historic decline of every major empire and ideology on Earth, sure, but its incredibly frustrating to see the very people I founded Xavax with now try to pretend the current Xavax culture is even vaguely healthy or productive.

Sure, with some minor tweaking it may eventually work out to your benefit, but you'll have made Xavax echo precisely the sort of broken system that sunk Atamara and exiled us here in the first place.

I feel a deep regret for not doing better as your Xerarch. Behind these RPs and OOC lay a passion born of a deep responsibility, bordering on shame. I wasn't strong enough to stop this misanthropic degeneration of Xavax culture when it was first set into motion, but maybe - just maybe - we can use the so-called "Goldwings" to counter-balance the Redwings and incite a rebirth of our beautiful community.

We all know its self-destructive to force adherence to a strict dogma in our realms and cultures, just like in the real world. Let history prove its ageless lesson: stagnancy and inflexibility destroy, where malleability and deviation incite progress through change.

So, while y'all are busy Making Xavax Great Again, us "Johnny-come-lately's" will try changing things up for the good of future generations.

Cheers and may fortune shine upon you.


Cut and bruised in various places, a thin line of blood trailing from his nose, Magnus smiles one last time as he begins to sing a somber, heartfelt tune - a final, personal prayer to the Blood Phoenix of Xavax: avatar of retribution, justice, and war.

"Oh - burning spirit:

By the flame's ascension,
Through the ashen tomb;
Of the frozen veil,
In the Southern womb

Unto the heart of righteous pride,
Lay stark the blind Carrion creed;
Whence vengeance struck true!
T'was the day dear Xavax cried...

By the flame's denial,
Through the shattered tomb;
Lay the parted veil,
In a sundered womb

Unto the body of bitter faith,
Whence stood tall the Carrion creed;
Fate took vengeance upon us,
Aye - t'was the day our Xavax died."

-Feb 5, 2016, 5:03:25 PM - Magnus Aurea,
First Xerarch; Founder of the Xavax Imperium
Title: Show Banker granary and spoilage information in Regional Food Status

Add two addition
  • al columns to the existing table.
  • One column will show the number of granaries in each region.
  • The other will show how much food spoilage occurred in that region on the current day.

The spoilage information is produced daily for each region so this would need to be recorded for the region. No history is required so a single variable/property per region should suffice.
The granary information is already stored for each region.

Bankers already have lots of useful data with which to plan a realm's food policy but this would allow them to make better informed decisions about where to stockpile food when necessary.

Possible Downsides or Exploits:
The most obvious downside is that Bankers will be better informed without additional effort, making them even less dependent on player interactions to do their jobs. However in many realms Bankers already do most of the trading so I don't think the impact would be that great. And anyone who doesn't want their realm's Banker managing their food can already achieve that by barring access to their granaries.
Having this information readily available will also allow Bankers to more effectively micromanage food distributions.
I can't think of any additional exploits this change would enable but perhaps I'm just not being devious enough.
East Island / Re: Redhaven
« Last post by CryptCypher on Today at 01:36:07 PM »
Now, now. Lets be objective and reasonable. This is the forum - where the players behind the characters may speak frankly.

At the heart of the matter is a universal truth even the willfully ignorant cannot refute. As the saying goes,

"Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results."

Since the dawn of Xavax, different characters (and players) have held views of what they believe Xavax was, is, should, and must be. As beliefs often go, contradiction and divergence fueled interesting events that evolved into the culture we came to love. Some nations/cultures choose to embrace change, while others choose to avoid it at all costs. In the beginning, Xavax was a place of change, of progress, of new frontiers. We were comprised of nobles from dozens of realms, each with their own uniqueness to offer. The shared desire to re-shape East Continent - to envelop our differences through the underlying threads that brought us together - these were the spark and tinder that formed our identity, our laws, and our faith.

Unfortunately, in an all-too-human response to betrayal and conflict, we lost sight of that objectiveness and doubled-down on what felt necessary at the time. Some of it was plain human nature, and some was Xerarch Selenia's particularly heavy-handed approach to power consolidation. In the interest of maintaining a solid grasp of power, much like Sirion has done [and been condemned for], Xavax curbed, ignored, or outright exterminated dissenting views by enforcing a strict set of rules that demonized anyone who broke from the mold. Like any foundation that refuses to bend the status-quo, it stagnated and inevitably failed because Xavax stopped reflecting the behaviors and beliefs that once made it prosper.

Diversity. Malleability. Progress. Opportunity. Evolution. Through the traumas of war, betrayal, and disorder, Xavax became the antithesis of everything it used to represent.

Rather than welcome the flexibility of diversity and multi-culturalism that made Xavax prosper, instead Xavax grew rigid - where one either adheres to the established template or faces widespread condemnation. We abandoned the all-inclusive attitude, the undercurrents of cultural progress, the passion for change embodied in the Phoenix archetype... We were designed to oppose the dogmatic and inflexible realms we viewed as culturally inferior, not because we held the supreme example of culture, but because we recognized that our differences gave us strength. We knew, then, that we could accomplish something truly beautiful by voicing our dissenting views and discovering the common threads that brought us to the once-frozen South. We created a counter-culture, both based on the old kingdoms and empires from which we had come, and in direct opposition of the flaws and mistakes we had seen them commit. We, as individuals and as a nation, vowed to do better than they did. We dreamed of becoming something this world had never seen before: a whole greater than the sum of its many parts, given strength through a cycle of rebirth from the ashes of the past unto the wings of a brighter future.

And yet... We became exactly the type of realm and culture we hated with a passion.

It is my [personal] belief that Xavax died the moment this came to pass. We all had great hopes for what Xavax could be. (Both IC and OOC.) It was, by all accounts, to embody precisely the spirit that birthed Xavax in the first place.

Yet here we are: a new realm played by old faces and the old rules that didn't even work the first time. If we see victim mentality for what it is: a convenient and childish deflection of responsibility for ones failures often developed in response to initial trauma - one might realize that Xavax exists in a state of denial, of victimism, in which we've been taught to avoid anything that threatens the belief that we had no part in the events that led to the collapse of Xavax. Its understandable to use this as an IC propaganda tactic against our rivals, but it seems many have been successfully brainwashed by the notion that Xavax victim mentality is anything but a clever ruse to avoid admission of our flagrant mistakes.
Work in Progress / Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 7
« Last post by Tom on Today at 12:35:09 PM »
Looks good to me as well. Where exactly is this pyramid?
East Island / Re: Redhaven
« Last post by [email protected] on Today at 07:02:30 AM »
So here is my question.

What is the difference between this group and the other one(in Highmarch?)?

It consists of mostly core members of former Xavax, including Selenia's chosen successor (Aramon) as Xerarch, the writer of it's laws (Godric), and it's general (Lionel). The "Yellow Wings" are mostly johnny-come-latelys to former Xavax.
East Island / Re: Redhaven
« Last post by Zakky on Today at 05:32:14 AM »
So here is my question.

What is the difference between this group and the other one(in Highmarch?)?
East Island / Re: The Battle of Viseu
« Last post by Sharpspeare on Today at 03:19:48 AM »
A great battle this was. Impressive in size
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