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Title: Note Regarding New Forum Accounts
Post by: Indirik on December 04, 2015, 04:42:37 AM
Please note that our forum is constantly under attack by forum spambots. (Sometimes we get over 40 spambot account attempts per day.) Some players will inevitably get trapped by the account approval process until a forum admin has an opportunity to wade through the spambot accounts and sort the good from the bad. In order to help us out and make sure your account approval goes through quickly, the following things would really help: Sign up on the forum using the same email you have registered with the game. Another good way to help us is to use your family name in your forum username in some way. Both of these make it easy for us to cross-reference a potential forum account to a game account, and ensure rapid approval of those that get stuck in the spambot filter.

Also, make sure you read this announcement (,6724.0.html)!