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: Rules and Policies
: Zakilevo August 02, 2016, 11:02:41 PM
BattleMaster Rules

The rules have been created by Tom in order to keep the game fair and enjoyable for people to play, ie prevent game abuse, cheating, powergaming etc.

Tom has a rough rule that says "everyone is entitled to one warning". That means two things: One, very rarely is a harsh punishment dealt for first abusers. Two, the second offense will be treated without mercy. It's worked fairly well over the years. If evidence is discovered that you are multi-cheating, your account *will* be locked without any questions asked. If you can provide some explanation that the evidence has nothing to do with multi-cheating, you will be unlocked.

Social Contract (socialcontract.php (http://socialcontract.php)) or Social Contract ( ( - The main basis of the rules that all players must agree to.

Inalienable rights ( ( - Rights to protect the player. In IC conversation, it is explained as inalienable rights of nobility. Requesting people to preferably do something is just as bad as ordering. Should a rule be broken, report them to Titans or Magistrates immediately. Rules are as follows.

Humans only. Player characters must be humans, aside from a very few grandfathered in from Sirion.
Government rules - Rules that government characters' players must abide by. As a non-governmental characters' player it is good to review this as well so that you know what to expect from players of government characters.
If you find what you think is a bug, report it. Those found exploiting bugs will have little to no mercy.
Try to resolve issues with other players before reporting them to the Titans.
If you dislike a decision ( (, contact the Titans or Tom (, but do not complain about it via the game messaging system.
For emphasis, do not publicly accuse anyone of cheating, abuses or violations of this contract without proof or evidence. Try to resolve issues with other players before reporting them to the Titans. However, report immediately for breaking an inalienable right.

These are various policies that have come down from Tom's words on various situations (words being on wiki or to d-list or dev team). These are policies that try to nudge game in the direction of Tom's vision. It is expected of players to adhere to these policies; there could be lightning bolts if they do not. This list is not exhaustive due to there being a long time period without a organization of these policies; if you believe something should be added, leave a note on the talk page.

Tom's Position on Names ( (
Tom's Position on Banning ( ( - Having another character in an enemy realm alone should never alone be enough for a ban
Tom's position on Atheism ( ( - There is no such thing as atheism. Characters are not atheists.
Don't use your clan to ruin other peoples' fun.
If it is entirely based on IC criteria, then it's fine.
If it is based on OOC criteria, and you use its single-mindedness to effectively control a realm, religion, or other in-game structure, that's emphatically not fine.
If it is based on OOC criteria, and you form a group too small to control the realm you're in, but still exclude anyone not in your OOC circle and attempt to push an agenda shared by your group, that's still not fine.
There is no problem with *playing with friends*, whether those friends were made in the game or outside, but you *must not* deliberately attempt to play with *only* those friends, especially in ways that exclude others or ruin others' fun.
Duels serious affairs meant to be used to defend one's honor, and may result in character death. They are not for sport or fun. As such, dueling guilds are prohibited if they use game-mechanic duels. Dueling guilds using the Training Match feature available at an academy, or roleplayed duels are acceptable.
Strategic secessions are prohibited. This means creating a new realm, through secession, in order to circumvent recruiting-in-capital-only restriction. Friendly secessions are okay.
Strategic capital moves are prohibited. This means moving one's capital for the purpose of closer refitting times in a war. Moving a capital to a central region of the realm or for roleplay reasons (historical, realm named based on capital name, removing a rival duke's power base, keeping a rival duke close by to be watched etc.) are acceptable.
Nobles are to treat commoners poorly (with disgust) and commoners are to treat nobility respectfully (with fear): Dealing with Commoners as a Noble is recommended reading.
No placeholders. Lordships, Dukeships, and government positions are all positions of the utmost importance and not mere jobs to be shuffled around. If you appoint or elect someone to one of these positions, they are to be considered its rightful holder. Never appoint or elect someone purely to hold the position until "the real holder" returns. This also helps to ensure that new people get a chance to hold these positions more than once in a blue moon.
Realm mergers are illegal. Realms may surrender to another, including annihilation of their lands, but they may not merge as equal entities on friendly terms.
Other Policies
Name Rules ( ( - Rules regarding character and family names and links to find a name
Generally, use an actual name that a person might have and don't copy extremely well-known historical names.
Style Guide ( ( - General style of editing to be followed within the wiki
Tom doesn't manually intervene (we fix bugs, but not the results of bugs) unless the game is seriously unbalanced by a bug.
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Nobles are to treat commoners poorly (with disgust) and commoners are to treat nobility respectfully (with fear): Dealing with Commoners as a Noble is recommended reading.

People don't understand this, I've seen too many commy lovers... I mean dishonourables...