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Title: Fear The Gods
Post by: Tom on January 05, 2018, 12:13:09 PM
Tempus walked on the newly created land, near the central mountains [create mountain range, 1 Purity](1). Everything was fresh and new, but despite this, it felt like it had existed forever, having been created in such a way.

There was smoke down in the valley, near the Ubkanti river [create river, 1 Purity] flowing towards the north. A village was there, called "Gofu", and it was full of people. [create village, 1 Prime] They were just the way he remembered them from a time before all time. Dirty and smelly. He didn't like humans much. Actually, Tempus didn't like anything very much. "Pah", he said, concisely summing up his opinion on them, as he walked through the village. But despite his efforts, the villagers flocked to him, watching. They had never seen a clean person before? He wondered.

Actually, they had. Once a week they would bathe in the river. They just had never seen a person with light coming out of him before. Tempus was still inexperienced in controlling the energy flow in this new world, and some of it leaked.

By the time he had reached the village center, they were falling to the floor, praying to him, asking for healing, good harvest or many children. Their begging and whining disgusted Tempus, who had become a grumpy old man. Very, very old and very, very grumpy.

One of the villagers was especially obnoxious and came forward to touch the figure of light, hoping to get a godly shine of light for himself. He startled Tempus who had closed his eyes for a moment, trying to shut out the smell, the sight and everything. With a gesture of a hand and quite a bit less control of energy than he had planned, bathing the boy and a straight line behind him that went through two huts until it hit the river, into a bright wall of fire. The screaming mixed, that of pain from the boy and that of surprise from the rest of the villagers. They had never seen such violence before. In fact, they had never seen anything before, as they had probably been created not a month ago, but they did not remember their creation and honestly believed that they and their ancestors had always lived in this valley [village attribute: ancient history, 1 Prime].

An old woman turned to Tempus and fell even more deep on the floor. "Oh great one, what have we done to spark your anger? Spare us! We will give you anything!"

"Dirt", Tempus answered, to the puzzled looks of the villagers. He realized they didn't understand the insult and thought he was asking for offerings of dirt, so he added: "You are just dirt. The gods despise you. Get out of my way!"

He stormed off.

Behind him, the villagers were beginning to tell tales of the angry gods and how mankind needs to protect itself from them. [village attribute: fearful of gods, 1 Prime].

(1) they will simply be called "Central Mountains", but different people will call them this in theirs various tongues.