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Title: Glory's Journal
Post by: Gabanus family on March 04, 2018, 10:05:13 PM
Glory finally set down after her long day. As every day, she took her journal out and started writing:

"Dear journal, today was a very long day. It still pains me to leave father behind but it was his own request and despite protest I obeyed him. The road back to Highmarch has been long for these last few days and due to a small error in reading the map we seem to have traveled beyond Domus City into Scio. Fortunately this is the land of Lord Samuel II and he has granted us a place to call home for now.

Today I have also witnessed the horor father wished to keep away from me. The people of Scio are being terrorized by some large hound looking monsters, the size of horses. Several children have been eaten and even adults have been attacked. It was a horrible sight and when we learned the whereabouts of the beasts I orders my riders to move out.

We met the beasts in south-eastern open plains between the mountains of Scio. Our charge managed to kill several of them, but two of my own men died and another 7 were wounded in the engagement. There are still a few of the creatures around, but I'm not sure what to do. If I stay and fight them again, I risk losing more men and leaving my wounded without care for too long as I have been unable to find any healers in the area. But if I move to Domus to find proper paraphernalia, we allow these beasts to kill more innocent children. It seems as if there is no good choice right now, it saddens me."
Title: Re: Glory's Journal
Post by: Gabanus family on March 05, 2018, 09:03:28 PM
Dear Journal,

After some consideration we chose to remain in Scio for the night and hunt the remaining beasts in the morning. I could not live with the idea that innocent children would be eaten because I wished to withdraw earlier. Unfortunately, one of my men died during the night, although Reinhart ensures me that he would have died regardless, but I'm not certain. I fear my choice to remain here, despite not having physicians in our midst, has at least in part played a role.

We engaged the beasts again this morning and managed to kill the last of them. Another 3 men lie wounded, but we have brought them to Domus and placed them in the care of the healers. Because of that, we will stay in Domus for the night and it allowed for Reinhart to secure repairs to our equipment and to gather supplies.

I have yet to see Prince Asher again, although I've been told he's somewhere in Domus as well. I wonder if he would still recognize me after last time. I've also received an invitation from a Sir Tsingu to join him for a drink at the front, but I'm not yet sure what to make of it at this time. I'm certain it is just meant as a general greeting.