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Title: February 2020 Update
Post by: Vita` on February 27, 2020, 06:12:45 PM
Major Changes

Minor Changes



The BattleMaster Community on Discord continues to grow. There is now a #bugtracker channel that updates when public bugtracker issues are updated. Cards Against Humanity games on the discord are now played with BattleMaster decks. Users can now create their own channels, allowing for alliance-wide channels of realm roles, or particular interest channels such as warhammer, parenting, tabletop roleplaying et cetera. On that note, there is now a roleplaying game going on right now in a user-created channel.

Folks have been livestreaming themselves playing BattleMaster in voicechats (and other games, as well). And today, we've had two music bots being listened to in separate channels, simultaneously.

Voice chat activity has become most consistent from 19 to 23 server time (about now!), just after the halfturn. Come on in and say hello, whether its your first visit or you just haven't been by in awhile.