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Title: New Graphic RP Guidelines
Post by: Anaris on April 22, 2020, 06:58:55 PM
BattleMaster is an international game with different cultures and players of various ages. As such, people have a wide range of preferences regarding graphic content. If you are going to roleplay a sensitive topic, like rape, or have detailed descriptions of gore or violence, then you will be expected to provide a graphic content warning at the top of the roleplay—for instance, add at the beginning of the roleplay: "Out of Character Warning: this roleplay contains graphic content."

This will be enforced by the Titans. If you are in doubt of whether or not your roleplay should have this warning, please use one. It is only one sentence and it can spare those who do not prefer reading graphic or explicit content.

In the future there will be a message feature for tagging roleplays as graphic with a click of a button, thus hiding them behind a content warning in the message feed. Readers will then be able to click to unmask the roleplay or have an option to have all roleplays automatically unmasked.

You can provide feedback on the following forum thread:,9018.0.html