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Title: Graphic Content Warning
Post by: Anaris on June 01, 2020, 11:26:51 PM
As was announced a little over a month ago, we are now introducing the feature to tag roleplays as graphic in nature—with several options for what type of graphic content is included—with such messages automatically being hidden in recipients' message feeds. Instead, below the "Roleplay from Delvin Anaris" header, you'll see a Graphic Content Warning box listing the warning tags, which you can then click to display the message.

If you find that there are tags you would like to use that are not in the provided list, please contact us and let us know (you can reach us on the forum, on Discord, or by email at This is still a very new feature, and the list is by no means set in stone.

Please note that the Roleplaying Guidelines ( have also been updated with these in mind, and have been added to the Rules & Policies page. All players are expected to follow these guidelines at all times.