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BM General Discussion / Re: Why did Greater Xavax <Insert Action>?
« on: Yesterday at 08:50:54 PM »
Why did Selenia offer Sayuki her protection?

Because Robb Starfall irritated her.

That's the short/silly answer, the long answer is that Selenia had always intended to absorb Alara, but wanted a credible cassus belli to do so. Furthermore, she needed a war and Alara had made itself her primary target after thier interference with her successor, Xerarch Magnus. Sayuki's unexpected defection came just as Selenia came into power at the end of the Xavax Civil Wars. The Xavax were at one another's throats, nobles slaying each other over insults, Xavax was a powder keg that was holding together by a thread and a prayer. The fastest way to hammer the Xavax back together would be to focus them against an external other. She kept Sayuki as part of an extended diplomatic campaign to bait Alara into crossing a line that would justify Xavax declaring war against them, or better yet, the reverse. None of the other rulers were taken in by that, of course, turned out to be a major miscalculation of hers in the end.

BM General Discussion / Re: Why did Greater Xavax <Insert Action>?
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:23:49 PM »
Why did Selenia not execute Gilth straight up? Other than it would make for boring game play lol.

She was 100% ready to kill him herself, having no reason at all to trust the Vix invaders or an unannounced "defector" that wanted infiltrate her court. I was actually looking forward to doing so. I remember warning you OOC how likely it was to happen. But you Gildre's have a stubborn streak. He surrendered honorably and with eminent respect and shortly had half the Phoenix Court speaking out in his favor, chief among which was Cadewyn Thunderborn who vowed to accept whatever consequences Selenia deemed fitting if Gilth ever betrayed her trust.

From a player perspective I was just happy to have another player in the mix. Both I and Selenia would have liked the propaganda bonus and insider information a defector brings, though sadly Gilth was not of much use in either sense. His presence and participation in the Imperial Court, however, seemed to have a notably calming effect on the Xavax's Savagery streak. He humanized the Vix, somewhat at least, and confirmed that the only real reason Vix had joined  the War against Xavax was to prevent them from becoming more powerful than they already were.

In the end, Gilth proved to be more Xavax then most and his death was long and deeply lamented. I do believe Selenia canonized him as a hero of Xavax before the Path of Ashes.

BM General Discussion / Re: A Publicity Idea
« on: March 16, 2018, 07:45:24 PM »
Should I msg Cadewyn's player?

BM General Discussion / Why did Greater Xavax <Insert Action>?
« on: March 16, 2018, 06:27:30 PM »
As some of you know, I had to take a rather large step back from BM lately while I focused on RL situations, the most in my 6 years playing. Those have, thankfully, subsided somewhat and I'm ready to dip a toe back in. To re-acclimate myself, I thought I'd start a thread, and I chose the topic because I've seen a lot of OTHER threads get derailed with extraneous back-n-forth about Why GX did or didn't do a thing. Since my character was a big driver behind a lot of said things, i thought I'd provide a place for those discussions here in case any of you have burning questions/observations so that old threads wouldn't need to be revived or new ones hijacked.

So, let the fun begin?

BM General Discussion / Re: Extended Family - The Renodins
« on: March 16, 2018, 05:51:01 PM »
I'm glad this thread exists  ;D

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: February 15, 2018, 03:57:24 PM »
Should have wiped Alara off the map at the get-go and avoided the whole problem in the first place.

I tried.

Beluaterra / Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
« on: February 12, 2018, 06:55:30 PM »
What was the CS during the battle?

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: January 25, 2018, 08:39:56 PM »
Bingo. Long term goals yo! I fully expect (assuming Redhaven survives long enough for it to become reality ;p) for the old Greater Xavax to become a sort of "Holy Land" for new Red Haven "Crusaders" to fight for. My character might not be there with them (being a Hero and all), but I've laid the ground work toward leading them to the "promised land" (although Alara did help out by declaring Hatred against us, it'll be easy to sell them as "The Enemy").

So proud. I shouldn't be surprised that Araman became the Next Xerarch, but I am, and pleasantly so. build your legend, friend!

As for the Redwing vs Goldwing thing...I think the whole situation is really cool

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: January 23, 2018, 08:15:33 PM »
Anyway, sorry for all the text. i know here isn't really the place. but TL;DR that's how Selenia sold the Path of Ashes to the Xavax. Whenever CC or BB talk about Selenian Xavax I feel like i'm in a college history course about a dead empire...which feels surprisingly cool.

That said, I don't like the term "Cult of Personality." It's insulting. In her reign, while she had final say on all non-military issues, there wasn't much "non-military" going on in Xavax at any point. Even so, every decision that did manage to fall into her lap was run by her advisors in IHC, the ruling council, Cornelius, etc. You had a lot of great players pouring in a lot of hard work to build the culture that Xavax developed. Now, when we say Xavax, a whole list of traits and characterizations come to mind.  Their solidarity didn't come from Selenia, it came from being hammered together by shared suffering. he Xavax had identity, built on history.Entirely unique. Just like Outer Tilog or Luria Nova have their own identities. Case in point, the Xavax are still Xavax IG years after Selenia went into exile. Don't say Cult of Personality. It's lazy.

Second, this isn't the first time I, and/or Selenia specifically, has been referred to as a powerplayer. That is even more insulting. I put my all into my characters, working with other players to make things happen. I went out of my way to involve my players. So even in jest or passing, it isn't funny. Stop.

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:58:58 PM »
The Day of Black Sun
The Eyrie was the tallest building in all of Xavax and had served as the royal residence since being built by Xerarch Magnus as a palace in the earliest days of the Imperium. Greater Xavax was new then, filled with hope, and the spire’s architecture reflected this with sound grace. Though surely lovely, it was unadorned save for the most pragmatic of accoutrements as it was not a defensive structure and the martially-minded Xavax preferred military investments over grandiose embellishments. From the arched gateway entrance through the halls and up the many, many stairs is said to take an average man 15,782 steps. Even getting to the Throne was meant as a trial for the strong, the strong-willed, and the stout of heart. After and up all that way sits the Phoenix Throne, a highbacked greatchair worked with antlers to give the appearance of an avian nest and crested with the image of a phoenix reborn wrought in gold flames, was the only chair in the room. The Throne sat upon a dais raised high enough that a seated figure would still be a head and shoulders above even the tallest man and flanked by ever-burning braziers. It was Selenia who added the braziers…believing that any who sat in “The Hotseat” should remain ever aware of the fire’s symbolism as well as the burden of the braziers oppressive heat to prevent the throne from ever being “too comfortable” in her words. The Throne itself was backed by Great floor-to-ceiling windows whose westward faces let in the rays of the noon-to-setting sun and arranged in a crescent arch ringed the entire throne room, which itself was large enough to comfortably fit 100 people. To look at the seated Phoenix Queen was to take in a vista that held the whole of Greater Xavax in view. Beyond the windows were balconies that allowed the nobles of the Imperium to survey their domain just as the winged figure they took as their symbol. The only entrance was flanked by a contingent of the Xerarch’s mountainous, crimson-clad Royal Guards. The throne room took up fully half the Erie spire’s circumference, festooned with trophies from past battles won, the rest being walled off to form the Royal Apartments servants quarters, and gallery that began the long journey back downstairs.

Today, however, was not like other days. Though it was high noon and clear outside, darkness had fallen across the city of Xavax. In the skies above, the moon had blotted out the light of the sun.

The Phoenix Queen sat upon her throne in full regalia beneath the Black Sun, watching as her remaining nobles filed in. She’d chosen a dress instead of the elven chain or dueling leathers she normally affected. It was the same dress she’d worn only once before – an artwork of deep crimson and startling gold that she’d greeted High King Zinar in on the fateful day she’d owon Caligus to the Imperium’s side and briefly changed the tide of the Xavax Wars. Her garb matched her station in every respect. She wore the Phoenix Laurel, which served as her crown, proudly upon her brow. Her dress left her arms and shoulders bare, cut in a V-shape in the front. Her lips were full and made for smirking, her features were evenly spaced, and there was a dignity about her that commanded respect. She appeared to be in her mid 30’s, although it was well known that she was approaching her 60’s. Such was an affect of the many magics that had been worked upon her, for good and for ill, over the years. She was powerfully well built and clearly in top-athletic form, indicating to any with eyes to see that she was clearly a practiced swordswoman, and if her tone alone was not enough, the light white of faded scars would reveal her for the warrior she was even with the shapely curves hinted at by the curves and planes of her dress. One of those scars, faded with time but still a large and ugly mar of her flesh, was situated just to the right of her heart and above the swell of her breasts – a memento from Minas Nova from the lance that had been driven through her chest, killing her instantly. Seeing her now, alive and glowing from the braziers light, it was easy to understand how this woman had mothered not one but TWO empires and killed both generals and traitors in duels to the death.

This was her first public appearance since the Path of Ashes. She had even failed to acknowledge the recent execution of Corvo Attano, who, it was whispered, served as one of her Black Flames. Whispers permeated the Phoenix Court and beyond that perhaps the Xerarch was ill. Perhaps she was dying. Perhaps she had been broken. Even Imperial High Command, it was said, had only heard from her via intermediaries. The truth was that no one really knew what had happened to Selenia, whether she was well or dire. She’d shut herself off from the world and hadn’t left the Erie since the Battle of Abadan some weeks prior. The firelight from the braziers made it harder, rather than easier, to discern her features from far away. But one did not need to see her face to sense her mood. And the renewed determination emanating from her seemed strong enough to replace the missing sun in the sky. It was a subtle thing hinted at by the way she sat immobile upon the throne with her shoulder’s square and her eyes focused on nothing in particular, how she seemed cool or at least resigned to the oppressive radiation of the braziers that bathed her in ruddy-gold light. But for that, she might have been cast from iron for all she revealed.

Nobles congregated, staying a respectful distance from the throne and the blazing heat of its twin braziers, whispering among themselves about the eclipse and the Xerarch’s ominous summons. Those who had female captains leading their units had brought these captains with them, filling up the space left by the nobles who had departed north. None approached her, knowing better than to do so until she said her piece, and knowing that she would not speak until she could be sure her words would be heard by her entire court. Even Sir Andross Blint, the first to arrive and an obvious favorite of the Crown, did to encroach. Hushed murmurs, the swishing of robes and the clanking of steel boots on stone echoed as the Imperium’s noblemen milled about whispering to one another about the Black Sun and its portents on the timing of their Queen’s unexpected summons as they waited on the last stragglers to arrive.

Soon, the black sun would reach its zenith, the total eclipse would align perfectly with the placement of the Phoenix throne as though crowning Selenia in a dark, fiery halo. She was clearly waiting for this moment to speak her words.

Words of Fire that affecting the rise and fall of empires.

When the shadow of the moon before the sun fell fully over the Phoenix Court, the Xerarch stood at last, her very movement commanding the silence and attention of the room. She had something in her lap and unfurled it to reveal a Redwing, the first Redwing, sewn for Selenia's banner by the fallen hero Jarvin (THE Redwing) Bedegar himself. It's very presence a reminder of all blood of Xavax heroes that had been spilled in this war. "I have been defeated." She began, her eyes swept back and forth as she spoke, pausing briefly here and there. "Despite the righteousness of our cause, despite the warrior spirit in our hearts, despite the gods themselves sending me back to you from beyond the pall of death. I was defeated. And in defeat, I was ashamed, for who deserves the mantle of rulership over so worthy a people as the Xavax without bringing them victory? Never mind the odds, nor how well we fared against them for so long. Never mind the treachery, the deceit, the sabotage, for what does a Phoenix do if not rise?"

"But after everything, beloved friends and vassals lost to the toll of war, the creeping sickness of betrayal, armies of enemies closing in from ever side, all felt lost. Everything we'd worke to build and maintain for so long against such impossible adversity was slowly being torn from our grasp. Foes closing in on every side, it had never been more clear that I had failed you, failed all of Xavax, and in my weakness, failed in my ultimate responsibility...I failed you, my people. And so I returned here," she said with a gesture that took in the entire city, "to wait for the end. Waiting for the final swing of the blade like cattle, like prey." She said that last with the disgust and vehemence of a frustrated hunter, she paced back and forth along the dais like a caged lioness. Firelight danced in her eyes as she projected her voice. "Until I was reminded of the words I told your countrymen when we breached the defenses in Abadan not long ago. Do you remember? I told them that Xavax is not just some pile of stone or a bit of red splashed on a map somewhere. The Xavax are a people. The Xavax are my people, and the real failure, the real betrayal, would be to continue as I have, quietly resigned to my fate. I thought I was choosing the hard road, going down with her ship as a Captain must." She ran the Redwing flag through her hands, playing her fingertips along the stitching. "In truth, I was being a coward because I know now that simply waiting here was the easier choice. It will be harder by far to keep struggling, to keep fighting, to keep moving forward toward the dream of a peaceful and powerful Xavax."

"I was wrong" she continued quietly as though to herself. Ears strained to hear her now over the pop and crackle of the braziers at her side. At the farside of the room, the sunlight began do grow as the eclipse started to pass. She held the throne room captive with her eyes, locking briefly with Sir Andross Blint and Dame Elessa Raven who had been the first to arrive at her summons. Peppered among the crowd were soldiering women, Captains who'd been invited at the Xerarch's command. They were here because Selenia was the one who had decreed that anyone who can lead and fight should do so. It was because of the Xerarch that there were any female captains at all, and the reminder spurred by their presence fortified her. "It is not going well for our people." She said simply. "There, in the north, they are fractured. Weakened without is, devolving into strife. Months may pass, maybe years, but eventually they will loose themselves to their circumstances, forget who they are, where they come from. They will forget that they are Xavax. And therin lies the true defeat, the final defeat, that which the Southern Alliance longs for. And hear in my self pity, I was about to gift-wrap my enemies greatest desire: A ruined and forgotten Xavax."

"I am done waiting for my fate to come find me. Instead, I will ride out to meet it. So long as there is breath in my body I will fight on." As her gaze swept the room the last shadows of the eclipse were chased away. The noon sun returned, bathing the assembled nobility in its full, golden glory. Selenia basked in the warmth, her expression changing from morose to one radiating the heat of renewed determination. "Prepare yourselves for a journey and battle. We are abandoning Xavax City. We ride north to join our countrymen. There we will continue the fight against the Southern Alliance until we win or until I've no life left to fight with." She held them captive with her eyes, her expression laden with purpose. "I cannot promise you victory. I cannot promise you a new Xavax. I can only promise you a Hard Path. But I can promise you one thing: Hard though the Path may be, it winds through fields of glory."

"Will you choose to follow me boldly into this new and uncertain future? Will you place your faith in me, your Xerach who was raised from the ashes of death and trust me to find a way to raise Xavax from the ashes of defeat?" She'd placed her hand over her heart - and the ugly scar, a visceral reminder of her harrowing tale. "They, our enemies, and I, your Xerarch, for once made the same mistake...we'd forgotten the most crucial symbol that holds the very fabric of Xavax society that has more than once brought our foes to their knees. I summoned you all here to remind you of what that thing is..."

The shadow of the moon was fully gone now, banished, with the sun glowing brilliantly as though it had never been obscured. With deliberate poise, she wrapped the Redwing banner as a shawl across her bared shoulders, literally wrapping herself in the flag of her beleaguered nation. "We are the Phoenix," she said, opening her arms to their full span to include all of the assembled nobles. "We will rise. We will always rise. Follow me, and our sacred fires will burn throughout the north."

(Fun thing about playing with a JeV is we tend to save/document the juicy bits. This one was on Selenia's page.)

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:56:38 PM »

The Path of Ashes
Roleplay from Selenia JeVondair (9 hours, 33 minutes ago) message to all nobles of Greater Xavax As the Phoenix Court convened, Selenia was uncharacteristically silent. Even Gia's good-naturedness eventually wore off as more and more noblemen entered the pavilion. She and her wolf Lupa eventually padded off to join the crowd as ranking members of Imperial High Command claimed their seats adjacent to the Xerarch.

Selenia watched and acknowledged a few of those who entered. Dame Serina was one, the wolf prince Hector was another. Before long, the Court was fully convened. Idle chitchat died down as the Xerarch stood. Selenia was not a tall woman, but with so much attention on her, she seemed larger than life. Her gaze tracked back and forth, strafing through the eyes and faces of men and women she'd bled beside for years. There was as much said, in those met glances, as an entire evening of talk might have been. After a long time, the Xerarch spoke.

"Over the years," she began, "I have tried my best to show the world that we were the best." Affirmative sounds rumbled through the court and her voice charged with emotion as she went on. "We have fought, bled, and suffered, aye,. But at one point or other, we've defeated most every major army on this continent, even three or four at once! I was there when we sacked Semall. I was there when we brought Ibladesh to its knees. I was there when time after time we snatched glorious victory from the jaws of imminent defeat."

By now, the crowd of nobles had been charged with her energy. Yes! Xavax was, and had always been, strong. Yes, no other people could do as they had done. And Yes, standing before them was the warqueen that had lead them through thick and thin.

"And yet-" Selenia's voice subtely sank, betraying her inner thoughts, - "And yet I was there to watch Uthred the Undying be cut down. I was there to watch Jarvin cut down, and Jayden, and Gilth. I've seen love blossom only to be snatched away by the deathly pale hands of war. I've seen countless refugees, orphans, victims of bandits and invaders and starvation in equal measure. I have seen Hell itself-" and everyone in that pavillion knew she was referring to the event of her own death. She paused, not for a breath, but to again gaze around the gathered faces.

"-but I have not seen an end. Not one in which your sons and daughters grow up happy beneath the Redwing. Not one in which our many enemies are cast down. Not one in which all learn to walk the Path of least...not so long as we remain here in the South. By now you will have noticed that I had Talon Lionel range the army farther north than has ever been in our history. It is because you are not going back to Xavax."

Immediately there was uproar. Oaths were sworn and voices raised in protest, but the Xerarch carried on. "This was MY decision. Not my idea, no, but my final decision none the less. All my life, I have only ever wanted to create something that would outlive me. I tried once before with the Ivory Vales. I thought to try again with Xavax. For the longest time, wrapped up in all of our power, I thought I had succeeded. But I was mistaken. The Imperium will not be my legacy to this are. Each and everyone of you that has seen what I've seen, felt what I've felt. Spilled blood and been bloodied. Loved, hated, strived, tasted the sweet success of victory and the bitterness of defeat. You've been with me, many of you since the beginning, many more of you I knighted myself. All of you have proven yourselves Xavax time and again. And through you, no matter where you are, for as long as you are together, you are my greatest achievement and lasting gift to this dying world. You are Xavax. Not me, you."

The silence that followed was near-absolute, broken only by the crackling of the central bonfire and the occasional whine from one of the inexplicably large number of wolves in attendance. Selenia, their Empress, surveyed them all and then nodded to herself as though pleased. Taking pride in her people, even at this juncture. "As you may surmise, I have elected to stay behind-" Her words were immediately greeted with graons of denial and malcontent. She stilled these with a hand. "Yes, I have lead Xavax virtually since our founding, and so I will remain to share in the city's fate, when the bandits again come for me, they will find me on the battlements with a sword in my hand and a storm in my veins."

"But don't let that lull you into the mistaken belief that I've embraced defeat. The fight is not over, it is merely...changing. I charge the Phoenix Court with a Sovereign Quest: You will journey to Sirion there to take up residence. You will teach their people our way of life, preserving our culture and faith and traditions. You will teach elves and man alike the ways of a true war, a southern war, preparing them for the sequel we'll all be waiting for. You, my people, will turn Sirion into a war machine that will shake this continent to its foundations. And one day, when you are covered in the glory of victory, you will ride south again and raise this phoenix from its own ashes."

"This is my Will."

And with that, Selenia tossed the rest of her drink, goblet and all, into the fire. The flames shot up in brief, brilliant thanks as the Xerarch left the gathering of nobles. A moment passed after her departure before pandemonium shattered the quiet in her wake.

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:55:51 PM »
Why am I always late to the good conversations?

1) Start to "finish", Xavax history is documented headline/bullet style. So just facts. All the "flavor" of inidividual insight and experience I pretty much left out, Abjur my friend, please feel free to use whatever is there.

2) Mostly for our friend Cypher, you give Selenia and I too much credit. Most of what we did was in reaction to events in the moment...a fancy way of saying "flying by the seat of our pants". And its always cool to see how we experienced/percieved the same events so vividly. I can (and have) go on and on about that. but your latest question was how Selenia sold the Path of Ashes. Long story short, Lionel beat her over the head for weeks about having an exit strategy. Publicly, privately, even on weekends. She eventually agreed on one of his proposals (he convinced her to go to Sirion over Oligarch), insisting to present the idea as her own so as to not undermine or inhibit his command as it would be him leading the army north. She took full responsibility, and all the backlash, when Iuz defected (again) and defeat switched from possible to certain. Better, in her mind and mine, to try and ride the wave instead of drown under it. Since I've had to summarize before on other threads, I'll just post some content that may better elucidate. Some of that backlash you may remember. She had to kill someone over it...

Letter from Noiram Kah (2 days, 12 hours ago) message to all nobles of Greater Xavax

Lords & Ladies,

Our queen has led us to ruin and dishonored us all. Accordingly, I have challenged her to a duel to the death.

In Service to Xavax, - Noiram'Kah Noiram Kah Knight of Enubec

star [reply to sender] | [ignore] | [userdetails] | [vulgarity] Letter from Noiram Kah (2 days, 12 hours ago) Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (14 recipients)

Monarchs of the Eastern Continent,

Selenia Jevondair has led Xavax to ruin and dishonored the realm. Accordingly, I have challenged her to a duel to the death.

Respectfully, - Noiram'Kah Noiram Kah Knight of Enubec

Letter from Noiram Kah (1 day, 5 hours ago) Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (14 recipients)

Monarchs of the Eastern Continent,

You do well to despise the Queen of Xavax, for she despises her own people. As is the right of any member of the Xavaxian nobility, I challenged her to a duel for bringing terrible hardship and loss upon us. Rather than accept my challenge and meet me in honorable combat, she has sent an assassin in the night in an attempt to kill me in my sleep. Treachery! Cowardice! Under such leadership, Xavax falters.

- Noiram'Kah Noiram Kah Knight of Enubec

Duel (18 minutes ago) Selenia JeVondair, Xerarch of Greater Xavax, Royal of Greater Xavax meets her challenger Noiram Kah, Noble for the agreed duel till death. Noiram has decided to use the 'defensive' strategy while Selenia has chosen the 'overrun' strategy, giving Noiram the advantage. The duel goes as planned, then badly for Noiram. He suffers several slight wounds, then a final, fatal blow. The healers hurry, but they are too late.

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: January 18, 2018, 06:46:55 PM »

Very exciting to see, and I love the name, who came up with it? I wonder how many redwings are left to heed the call? Will they refer to themselves as redwings or redhaveners or Xavax or something else? Super surpised to see this actually happen. While I am glad for all this, Im worried about Tezokian as well.

East Island / Re: Alara: Recruiting
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:52:02 PM »
lol, The Spice must Flow

East Island / Re: Alara: Recruiting
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:42:41 PM »
As a Creature of Chaos, I find your invitation to be sorely tempting. Unfortunately it won't be possible for at least two more IG generations for my family. The Selenian branch of the JeVondair family has simply too much reason to loath Robb Starfall's Alara. Idk how I could make that work with metabreaking their characters. Sorry friend!

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