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BM General Discussion / Re: Villains Needed!
« on: Yesterday at 01:18:57 AM »
Those are the ones with bounties over 1000. Not sure why they got 'em though.

Glaumring Apasurain   Kingdom of Avernus   5250 gold
Gillian Wader   Kingdom of Fissoa   2500 gold
Drizztle Sharpspeare   Kingdom of the Dragon Isles and D'Hara   2000 gold
Kostaja Kosunen Cosula   Kingdom of Fissoa   2000 gold
Luarin Bowker   Hegemony of Luria Nova   2000 gold
Sholan A'Valti   Hegemony of Luria Nova   1600 gold
Aldrakar Renodin   Hegemony of Luria Nova   1500 gold
Sonya Jimenez   Kingdom of Westgard   1500 gold
Clive Burep   Helyg Derwyddon   1350 gold

East Island / Re: EC Meme Inc.
« on: Yesterday at 01:17:59 AM »
Well, yea, that's like gathering ashes and saying you've got leftover wood and you are gonna make a great fire with it. SA's already all burnt out, there's nothing but ashes to argue over.

East Island / Re: Duels
« on: Yesterday at 01:16:38 AM »
Or make all skills passively grow with age, so that the guy who has led men into a thousand battle isn't on the same footing as the guy who just began his career. Pass it off as passive training, and have it cap at, say, 32. +2% per year to all skills until then, making it so that all old established characters have a flat 30% skill advantage over characters who were just created. Those who want to reach elite skills can still use the normal means to boost it quicker and further.

Or use battles instead of age for the same effect.

Really, just about anything to help experienced characters that don't visit academies a skill level that is more reflective of what it should be.

Then, you'd see more of these high ranking nobles accept duel challenges.

BM General Discussion / Re: Famous Old Characters
« on: October 15, 2017, 01:28:39 AM »
Glaumring's still around, I guess that would count as a famous old geezer.

Helpline / Re: New Character UI changing places
« on: October 15, 2017, 01:16:57 AM »
Yea, family page seems to revert back to the new one by default (what can I say, I do like the simplicity of the old), and also seems to switch characters around (which is confusing, and further pushing me back to clicking for the old page).

BM General Discussion / Re: Famous Old Characters
« on: October 14, 2017, 07:40:17 PM »
That is actually great stuff Vita! Thanks

And well Mathurin is known because we keep throwing his name around, but Allison was definately a huge impact. Honestly I didn't remember Mathurin, but Seoras kept using it thus so did I. I was anti SA back in the days in the west, but I damn well remember Allison.

Also what is a famous old char? I mean by now Garas is known by all on EC, but does that qualify? I don't really think so, not yet at least, but I suppose that's different for everyone?

Mathurin is known because he was the founder of the game's largest and most successful religion (its current state aside), but indeed, he did not take much room, and it's questionable how much influence he had directly, given how it appears, to me at least, that he preferred letting others make the calls (I'm not in any way saying that's a bad thing, heck, it is likely a large part of why SA grew so much, thus once could say that him not exercing direct impacts made him even more impactful).

As for Brance, I think my mind just merged him and Dragomir together, haha. :P Would explain a few inaccurate memories.

Allison is without question one of Dwilight's most influential characters, in the top 5 at the very least.

BM General Discussion / Re: Famous Old Characters
« on: October 14, 2017, 02:45:47 AM »
I know Zakky was sarcastic. Chenier was not.

And I may well be biased having only a character in Swordfell, then again we're all biased that way. But I get the vibe that he is "known". That does get him a bit famous or "infamous" at least. Then again I have no idea of other Domitius characters. Then again I never had any idea about any other JeVondair characters other than Selenia until recently. But then again when I finally had it was OH MY F... GOD.

The question is - do you need to be impactfull to be famous? Or do you just need to be known/unique/liked etc. ?

One thing I'm certain - I'll be damned if Archibald and Purrcious are not on this list a year from now.   :D
Talk all you want, you don't get chars like that factory made.

The sarcasm was not detected.

But yea, I think you are biased because you are in Swordfell, because as Gabanus said, Swordfell has no continental relevance, nor even any regional influence. They have never even had a visible impact upon a mere neighbor.

I don't dislike Crixus, I literally never hear of him. And I've been on Dwilight since the start, skipping roughly 2015. At most, you could say I dislike the idea of leaders of such passive realms (which would also include Fissoa and Madina, don't worry you aren't alone in the club). That said, I also don't ever hear anything about those rulers either. Which, frankly, is kinda at the heart of why I dislike them. But that's the complete opposite of being famous. Or infamous.  So yea, if one can be either impactful or famous is beside the point, because I deem him to be neither.

I could list a bunch of characters I played with that I would consider noteworthy or memorable, but I limit myself mostly to people I know had a more meaningful impact. Having joined the realm in 2016 makes one poorly placed to judge "famous old characters", because that implies that much of this fame was achieved before you joined.

Allison Kabrinski rocked the boat. A lot. She was pivotal in the spread of SA, the destruction of realms, and, perhaps debatably, setting the pieces that also readied the ground for Jonsu breaking SA to pieces. She even named her realm after herself... Kabrinskia...

Dragomir? He's Astrum's ruler since 2015? Honestly I'm a little confused I thought he's been there longer. Not as outspoken as Allison or Jonsu, perhaps, but as the head of the continent's most powerful realm, he has certainly been impactful. Though for some reason I misremembered his age, and the point about the tie of impactfulness and notoriety is valid, so maybe with hindsight I'd remove him from the list.

But Allison? Way more (in)famous than Crixus will ever be.

BM General Discussion / Re: Famous Old Characters
« on: October 13, 2017, 10:33:24 PM »
I'd like to put Crixus Domitius here. One of the most influential and dominant character to ever have walked Dwilight.

I'm... not sure I agree. To me, he seems third-rate, at best. A few of characters have had a lasting impact on basically the whole continent, a handful have had an impact that was great more more limited in scope in terms of either time or how much of Dwilight, and, Crixus...? Has he ever been relevant outside of Swordfell? He may have all the titles Swordfell has to offer, but Swordfell has never had any continental or even regional relevance that I can think of. Next to Mathurin, Allison, Dragomir, Jonsu... he sounds like a nobody to me.

Dwilight / Re: Swordfell
« on: October 13, 2017, 12:49:44 AM »
Dead Game... People do not care enough to move.

People kinda deserve the fate they impose upon themselves, sometimes.

That said, Swordfell would probably be relatively easy to win against, by attrition at least. The long travel times through the mountains is kinda more of a pain for defenders than attackers, when the attackers have a minimum of military and economic might to back it up.

Dwilight / Re: Re: Message group size too small
« on: October 11, 2017, 12:46:56 PM »
See, this makes me want to invade Swordfell and depose him.

The problem with doing that, of course, is that then you'd have to do it to all the other rulers who are just as bad - and on Dwilight that would mean invading about half the realms on the continent.

Do it anyways!

Helpline / Re: Dukes and Duchies
« on: October 11, 2017, 02:24:50 AM »
Dukes are never going to have the power to dismiss lords upon their whim. When you make a lord (or your predecessor), you are granting them the title for good, not 'until I say otherwise'. Remember, BM is not a historical simulation, but a game that must make balance decisions, based in medieval history.

As said earlier, duchy capitals have been frequently requested, frequently rejected. Again, a matter of game balance.

The realm size penalties do not need relaxed, nor do we need ducal size penalties. There aren't realms in BM with proper density. If you allow realms to grow larger, you reduce the number of realms, the number of potential council positions, the number of potential conflicts between realms, increase the distance you have to march to fight et cetera. The point is to localize conflicts, not have a few empires under the control of a few characters. That tends to be how islands get locked in peace more easily than having a wide variety of different personalities leading realms and conflicting with other personalities.

Sirion has 50 nobles for 20 regions. Westgard has 30 nobles for 7 regions. A bunch of realms have a 2:1 density, or slightly more or slightly less.

When it comes to Dwilight, the issue of distance between realms is moot, because the capitals are mostly static. All the realm size penalties do is encourage rogue areas between realms. It doesn't reduce marching distances, heck it increases it, because if a realm was to expand into another, at least that would mean shorter refit cycles for the latter.

Nobody wants to return to how things were in the 2000s, where a clique could control half a continent, with their double characters, and three quarters of characters having no title at all. But is now really the perfect sweet spot? Where there are basically as many titles as there are characters? Where most people run without any competition in all elections, and where it's hard to find candidates for many. Less realms would not be a terrible thing.

That said, the core of the issue is not more or less realms, it's about realms having incentives to war each other. And with far away capitals and soft size caps on realms, realms have no incentives to fight each other.

These change proposals, for the most part, are not for the sole sake of realms being able to grow huge. It's for the realms to be able to expand into each other. To have a reason to fight each other. Because looting doesn't give much and you can't reliably make a region go rogue. The point of having more supraduchies and using them to grow realms isn't to make mega realms, but to give realms something to fight for.

Helpline / Re: Dukes and Duchies
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:42:58 AM »
Nah I like rulers not having the power to boot everyone else. Most interesting strifes were caused precisely by this.

Beluaterra / Re: Message group size too small
« on: October 09, 2017, 09:53:51 PM »
And again, Vix Tiramora on EC is a thriving democracy where pretty much everything is discussed publicly. We have one military council message group for confidential discussions about the war and that's pretty much it. And I feel concerned that even that might be going too far in terms of secrecy.

Vix Tiramora has over 30 players and keeps players because there's always something happening and something being said, triggering arguments and debates that the whole realm can see and participate in. If you want to run a democratic realm, or indeed any kind of good realm that attracts and retains players, then that's how to do it.

Might head there. :P

I do think that every realm should try to engage as many people as possible. It doesn't even need to have anything to do with government settings, even a tyrant without elections can share and consult.

Beluaterra / Re: Message group size too small
« on: October 09, 2017, 09:00:17 PM »
Why keep newly-created accounts away from the activity? This is exactly what bores new players away from the game. You're shooting your realm, and the game, in the foot by doing this. There is no in-game character knowledge that is ever worth keeping players from participating in the game, particularly new ones who are checking it out. And may never return if they find it to be a dead quiet game where you merely click to travel to other regions.

If you're concerned about spying, it's usually from pre-existing accounts. If *anyone* is *ever* creating new accounts to spy on a realm, they are breaking the Social Contract as a multi, and will have all their accounts permanently locked. Please report any you suspect of such cheating, so that the Titans can investigate further and if necessary, take action. I find that while spying does occur, the fear of spying causes far more damage than the spying ever does. And again, spies are not new accounts.

I haven't logged into the forum in almost a month, but this most egregious example of preventing new players from being involved with the realm is what finally saw me bother to do so. Please, please, please reconsider this, whether you're doing this very thing, or it was a mere thought scenario.

Yea, completely agreed. That's, like, the worst reason possible to justify message groups excluding but a handful, and it's basically the very reason why that restriction exists to begin with.

With the decline in player base, the loss of most "hardcore" players, and the 1 character per continent rule applied everywhere, spying should really, really not be making anyone worry right now, especially not towards new accounts and characters. If any of your realm mates will leak information to enemies, it's way more likely to be disgruntled veterans than newcomers.

Beluaterra / Re: Message group size too small
« on: October 09, 2017, 12:44:18 AM »
If you want a Lords only senate message group then create a guild called "Senate of Fronen" in the capital city and get the lords to join it. If you're talking roleplay considerations then surely having a dedicated senate "building" in your capital is even more appropriate than a message group anyway?

But again, in my experience, locking regular knights and nobles out of important realm discussions is a great way to bore them and make them apathetic to the realm.

You can also create lords only referendums if you want to vote on something, or have votes cast publicly within your guild.

I'm not in favor of excluding  nobles when it can be helped, but guilds are garbage and terrible solutions to just about anything.

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