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East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 24, 2017, 06:54:05 AM »
From my understanding this has actually very little to do with it.

And now you're not even having a discussion, it's just the "I believe with no proof" circlejerk with your friend here.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 22, 2017, 09:19:12 PM »
With all due respect, but that makes no sense in the current situation. The reason why no militia makes sense for GX is because they don't have the gold to maintain it at all and all the gold needs to go to the mobile force. That's because there is not enough gold to have all its nobles recruit up properly and fully.

Vix on the other hand has more than enough gold to fully recruit all their nobles AND add militia to their regions. Gold is not an issue for them, nobles to use that gold on however is. I can assure you that Vix' mobile army would not grow stronger if they employ fewer militia.

If GX somehow manages to get more gold (by say hold Itorunt or Ibladesh) than they will be able to recruit an even far larger army than now. Like or not, the noble count of GX makes it the strongest realm atm and right now they're hampered by gold. If GX is allowed to expand further, their might will only increase. That is where the fear and risk of GX comes from.

Also to look at 'total' cs is a useless statistic in almost all cases. Mobile army is what you should look at.

You realize that one of the reasons GX has so many nobles is because of how many realms are trying and failing to suppress them, right? Quit buying into the [email protected]#$. Perdan has much more potential than GX, but instead of doing something interesting and starting their own war, they join in a gangbang and wonder why they have hardly any nobles. Maybe if the other realms were to actually be proactive rather than reactive, they might have more nobles.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 22, 2017, 09:59:36 AM »
Oh, it's that 'we-you' thing again, you convinced me right away sir, I cease to discuss. Never do I know if I'm part of you's or we's and what makes me so; way too definitive and confusing pour moi.

Yes well, CS total mayhaps. Altough huge chunk of this is militia. When it comes to marching army then half of GX takes on whole of Vix easily. Whole of GX vs whole of Vix-Perdan is a fair fight. And Perdan has to go pretty far to R&R which makes GX back at their "full" strength before Vix-Perdan even marches out of their capitols.

No idea, but GX somehow manages. Respect.

PS. GX sounds like the most fun realm to be in right now on the whole Battlemasterra. I wish I could join.

You know, it could possibly be because Vix uses so much militia that they don't have good mobile strength. GX more than likely has relatively small amounts of militia, maybe the other realms should learn from that.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 22, 2017, 08:23:15 AM »
Except that in the min-maxing battle system of this game, more honor and being able to recruit more troops does not = more CS and better armies. A high-honor noble with a troop of 120 men(which will cost well over 150 gold a week if it is a good unit), will be out CS'd by three nobles with mid-sized units, AND they would be able to perform TO's faster. As far as RC's go, everyone maxes those out as well so the quality of the troops is not really a major factor. The bigger noble-count just means that BT tactics need to be used when you need to throw your faces against doomstacks and just wear them down until you make breakthroughs which is the exact situation that is occurring now. With all that being said it's okay in the end because it makes the conflict interesting and much better than a quick gang-bang/steamroll.

You'd be correct, except that Vix has the same CS total BY THEMSELVES. Then you go to CS per noble, and the difference is amazingly obvious. Also, pray tell how you would keep a good unit at 70 gold per week?

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 21, 2017, 06:34:29 PM »
That may well be true, but the reason this side-discussion started was to explain why there is currently such a large alliance fighting against GX and why realms such as Alara and Perleone chose to fight Xavax. Within that context you cannot simply disregard anything Magnus ever said, especially not IC.

It is Selenia's job to fix what is broken in this regard, or at least try. Then you get the question whether or not people trust her word etc. We also get to everything that happened after this war started and we come to the conclusion that it won't be easy. Still, I believe GX can come out of this alive.

You realize that Magnus got the wool pulled over his eyes by Alara's King Robb, yes? The reason there's a huge alliance fighting GX is that Perdan and Vix were bored, but also too afraid of losing their power by fighting each other, so picked what looked like the easy target. They have claimed loudly that Greater Xavax is a huge threat to them, but are just deluding themselves. Have you looked at the statistics any at all?

In gold per noble, CS per noble, total econ, Greater Xavax is horribly out-matched. They make a measly 70 gold per noble, the lowest on the continent. The average CS per noble is just under 500 throughout this war. Vix by itself is on parity with total military to GX. God forbid I include everyone else fighting them. Total Econ is a joke, GX has only broken the 6k mark once in the past 3 months.

So to be frank, the coalition against GX is just horribly inept. I'm sorry. They're making a boogieman out of a realm that in everything but noble count and military strategy is relatively average.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 20, 2017, 03:51:17 AM »
Really? Because I remember distinctly that the rulers in GX really wanted Ibladesh City as well, either within GX or as a new realm. I'm about 70% sure this was also the information the rulers in Perleone had IG.

As for Alara, they were outnumbered enormously in noble count compared with GX, but GX is an exception in this case. In most other alliances at the time their noblecount back then would have kept them on a relative equal basis, especially if they can take some lands from GX in stead of Miinas Nova. It's Minas Nova who has the most problems atm with thei size of their cities, location and neighbours.

With the difference in noble count I'm not surprised GX had a strong upper hand from the beginning. 1 on 1 GX would beat any realm atm into a pulp and that's most likely what's scaring all the other realms. As all everyone else has heard is that GX wants to expand and that they have a lot of nobles. Everyone then did their math and went "uhm, nope let's stop them!"

No, GX did not want Ibladesh, especially at the beginning before Vix came in. They may with to remove it from Perleone control now to knock them out of the war, but that often becomes the case for many wars in Battlemaster even when the realm taking over the city doesn't want it, so hardly exceptional in that.

As for Minas Nova, why do you think I was clamoring for Alara to attack them when I was their general? It was clear they didn't have enough gold to support a large number of nobles.

I am pretty sure Kuriga doesn't know the full details either. I also remember GX wanting Ibladesh as well.

Oh, and you happen to know by some magical happenstance? GX didn't want Ibladesh, and probably still doesn't want it. They do want to knock Perleone out of the war, and that requires taking the city from them, even if just temporarily. So that's probably where you are confused. But please, keep acting like I know absolutely nothing about what Selenia's intentions were at the time. I'll just keep laughing all the way to the bank.

Feature Requests / Re: Adding Female Names for Unit Captains
« on: January 20, 2017, 03:43:55 AM »
People talked about quitting the moment they read about Selenia dying...

Honestly that hive mind vibe and cult-like adherence to a single player sealed the deal for me. I don't even have the ambition I used to, but I've seem ruler-centered groups fail too often to want to ever be a part of that again.

Talk about being an [email protected]#$%^&. How about you actually figure out what's actually going on before you go on about [email protected]#$. You seem to speak without thinking a lot.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:42:30 PM »
Well was that not the plan of GX?

No, it wasn't. GX was to expand to a certain size and stay there, only allied to one or two realms at most. As for Alara, they might have been lower on the totem pole than GX if they allied with them, over the long term that would have been the best way to turn around and break said alliance, once they had Minas Nova's lands. And any realm that gets reduced to their sole remaining city as fast as Alara did isn't exactly going to be equal to anyone in any alliance they make, so I'm not exactly sure where you're coming from with this argument.

CE didn't ally with their neighbours from the get go. They crushed an enemy then place their future allies as they went. Just like Morek did on Dwilight and Perdan with Westmoor and Perleone.

The difference being that GX never had any plans to replace Perleone and other neighboring realms with anything once the war started with Alara. Their only goal at that point was to remove Alara, possibly replace it with a vassal realm (one possibility being that vassal realm would be ruled by my character, though I'm not sure how likely that plan was), and that was about it. Perleone was merely an enemy to defeat, and Vix/Perdan interlopers to be crushed whenever they brought their armies down to fight. Though with the way that Perdan and Vix entering the war has cornered GX and see most realms in the south as threats, Perdan and Vix may have created their own CE rather than squash a threat like they were aiming for.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 19, 2017, 05:34:10 AM »
Sounds like GX = CE in disguise!

I'm sorry? CE would be allied with all their neighbors, and gangbanging any possible threat. OH hey, that's what Perdan and Vix are doing!

Perleone did it out of necessity because they were threathened from all sides and could otherwise not survive. Alara made the decision they do not want to be controlled by a "greater" realm and give up her independence. In fact, you'll find few people/realms who are willing to give up their independence willingly if there are other options. Alara chose to find allies in stead and so did the others, I'm not certain why people are confused about that. Virtually all realms would have taken their route, because 'allying' with GX would have meant becoming a member of their empire and having to follow their diplomatic policies rather than their own. Where's the fun in that?

Having a viable realm? I think having a viable realm is fun, how about anyone else?

East Island / Re: Quick Question About the Map
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:02:28 PM »
Does anyone know what the heck this thing is?

So don't worry about it. <.<

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:01:10 PM »
Not exactly actually. I spoke with Magnus ruler to ruler from the beginning already and it was always GX' idea to build an empire with GX at its head. Allying in this case always meant swearing allegience to the empire, to GX.

Oh don't mind me, just happened to actually be in both realms at the time. But sure, I guess someone busy with a war against Sirion in the North knows much more than someone directly involved with the events in question.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 18, 2017, 12:55:23 PM »
So from the beginning Alara was already a  'potential vassal' rather than an equal realm, much like the rest. Can you blame the other realms for not liking this 'policy'. Even if you say that you did not intend to also make vassals out of the others, can you at least not understand that (almost) nobody would believe you when you make such claims? Especially seeing BM history of those realms who wished to build empires in the past.

He still is. The answer to that is, just ignore him as much as possible when he starts to insult you, it's what we did.

That would change a lot of things. Then again, Caligus can't even beat Fallangard atm.

Nah we're good thank you  ;) I'm sitting Krimml's fences atm, ours are fine. I would prefer you go south, or host a tournament or something. Our war is finally reaching a point where it's an actual war again, rather than us sitting in our capital. You coming in would ruin that again.

Qu is Qu, I'm pretty certain he insulted Brock time and time again when he was still a knight of Oligarch, no? I don't know how he helped you a lot, but if he helped anyone it can't be that good :p

See point above, agreed.

Actually, as a noble from Alara, it was potential ally, which King Robb proceeded to throw away by manipulating Magnus and refusing to expand against Minas Nova, the only realistic point of expansion for Alara. I tried to convince him to go to war with Minas Nova and ally Greater Xavax, but he refused, I was banned for "spying", and then I took Itor Boss with me to Greater Xavax and gave GX all the messages that proved King Robb wasn't a friend of theirs. THAT is when it became potential vassal, but under new leadership. Then King Robb raped GX regions and declared hatred, sealing his realm's fate.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:14:17 AM »
The recent additions to the alliance might cause some controversy... Hopefully!

I can confirm that Caligus isn't exactly infused with happiness about Vix's actions.

East Island / Re: Greater Xavax Imperium
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:49:31 PM »
Why wouldn't they? GX would probably knock out Alara and Minas Nova without Vix Tiramora helping out. Plus, this game revolves around war. You want to try to keep your realm in some sort of conflict if you can. If you have ever been in a realm with prolonged peace, you need some really good players to keep things interesting.

Now, Perdan entering the war tips the balance a little, but it really isn't surprising. The Lappallanch family has always been drawn to the most interesting situations on the continent, and right now that would either be Oligarch or Greater Xavax. The Greater Xavax conflict is, in my opinion, of a larger scale, so that is where Perdan headed to.

Damn Lappallanch's... When they are on your side, everything is gravy. When they are against you though... you spill that gravy on a white shirt.

Alara and Minas Nova took that onto themselves by declaring Hatred against GX.

Feature Requests / Re: Royal Edict / Decree
« on: January 12, 2017, 09:11:18 PM »
You've...never seen a General's Bulletin with "standard unit settings"?

That's what most Generals' Bulletins contained back in the day. Like, most of them in the game.

No, no I haven't. Most Generals these days put that in the Standing Orders. You know, because people actually see it.

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