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Announcements / Retiring Old Account Page
« on: March 01, 2021, 08:48:26 PM »
As part of overhauling BattleMaster's authentication system to use a more modern, secure method, we have updated the Account page to also operate through the modern Symfony framework. At present, this will only mean minor visible changes from your perspective as players—with one notable exception.

The old Account page (/userdata.php), which the current Account page replaced four years ago, will not be updated in the same way, and will be retired completely when this update goes live in a week's time.

Because we still have some people using it, we want to try to understand what it is about the old page that you prefer, so that as we work on improving the modern Account page, we can keep that in mind. If you have thoughts on this, please come and share them in the #development channel on the BattleMaster Discord server, or, if you're not comfortable joining us on Discord, in the Development board on the forum or by email at We have no desire to leave people behind, but we can't easily justify maintaining two separate Account pages anymore with our very limited developer resources.

Feature Requests / Re: Access to commands while at sea
« on: February 15, 2021, 07:49:43 PM »
When you are at sea, those are the options available under Actions.

Feature Requests / Re: Access to commands while at sea
« on: February 15, 2021, 03:42:16 PM »
Those are exactly the things that are, in fact, available to anyone with a unit when they are at sea.

Announcements / Final Server Transition
« on: February 05, 2021, 08:41:45 PM »
With many apologies for the long delay, we are at last ready to begin the final steps of moving BattleMaster to its new home.

So, tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 6, roughly 2 hours after the sunset turn (2PM US Eastern, 8PM CET/server time), I will put the game into maintenance mode, rendering it temporarily inaccessible. I will dump complete copies of the database on the old server, import them into the new server, and make the changes in the DNS to have point to the new server. For most people, this should be a fairly quick process, but depending upon the arcane details of cacheing in DNS servers around the world, some people may experience a significant delay in being able to resolve the address of the new server. As a workaround, I will place a link to the new server that is guaranteed to work on the "maintenance mode" page of the old server, so those who keep running into it will be able to access the new server as soon as it is up and running. I expect total downtime to be less than an hour.

There will be bugs, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could report any you experience clearly and promptly, either in #bugtracker on the Discord server or at (which is already fully migrated to the new server).

Helpline / Re: Family Gold
« on: January 16, 2021, 04:54:48 AM »
There are various options that allow your characters to make use of family gold, though we've had to impose some additional restrictions over the years to prevent certain abuses of the feature.

One of the most popular methods is family investment, available once you have over 2000 family gold. When you use this option, your family will spend a certain amount of its fortune to boost production in the region you're in, which, if it's also the region you have an estate in, means you will be among those who get some extra tax gold.

If your character is particularly poor, and your family has over 1200 gold, you may get the option to simply ask your family to give you some. However, this comes with a cost in prestige, and can't be done too frequently.

If your character has easy access to the region the family home is in, they can visit it, which will occasionally result in a kindly aunt sending you on your way with a little extra. This also can't be done too often, but doesn't carry the same social stigma of openly asking for the money.

Helpline / Re: need help logging in
« on: January 12, 2021, 10:54:30 PM »
Greetings, and welcome!

We are currently in the middle of a transition from one server to another, so it is possible that there are some glitches in the signup process at present. If you can send me the email address you used to register with (by PM if you are concerned about privacy), I should be able to reset your password manually and double-check that there's nothing weird going on with your account.

Announcements / Server Transition First Step - UPDATE
« on: January 05, 2021, 04:30:45 PM »
Update 2021-01-11 13:50 EST The domain transfer is now complete, and I am preparing to take full control of the DNS in just over an hour (3PM US Eastern, 9PM server time). This is not the server transition, merely the first step toward it. However, as this will also mean deactivating CloudFlare, there may be some slight hiccups as it propagates. Please be patient.


As Tom's provider has now given him the proper authorization code, which he has passed on to me, I will be attempting the transfer of ownership of the domain later today. This may end up involving some hiccups in service. I've never done this before, so I'm not sure what all will happen yet, but please be patient as I work through the process.

Announcements / Server Transition Delay
« on: December 28, 2020, 11:31:02 PM »
Update on the previous: Unfortunately, as Tom has not yet been able to get the final transfer authorization code to me for taking ownership of the domain, the transition must be delayed until such time as he can find it and send it to me. As such, there will not be a server move on the 1st.

I will be sure to post an update here when I have more information.

Announcements / BattleMaster Turns 20
« on: December 14, 2020, 09:14:12 PM »
On January 1st, 2021, BattleMaster will turn 20 years old.

On that same day, we will be completing the transition of ownership and control from Tom Vogt to the current admins, Vita and me.

Short-Term Changes

  • Today, I will be transferring control of the domain to my account. This may involve some slight disruption as the changes propagate through the DNS system, so please be patient.
  • Between now and January 1st, Vita and I will be finalizing the setup of the game and its ancillary pieces (wiki, forum, bugtracker, email) on a new server we own and control. This will be mostly transparent from the outside, but it does mean that aside from emergencies, other code changes will be more or less suspended between now and then.
  • On the 1st, at a specific time we will decide on and announce soon, we will switch over from the old server to the new, putting the old server in maintenance mode and copying the up-to-the-minute current database to the new server. During the switchover, which shouldn't take more than a few hours at most to propagate the DNS changes, the only game-related space that will be reliably available for everyone is the Discord.

Medium-Term Code-Related Changes

  • Most things will not change. BattleMaster will be the same game, and Vita and I have been running it for several years now. The biggest changes will be for our convenience, which we hope you will see in the form of a slightly faster progression of code updates.
  • We are taking this opportunity to make a fairly significant behind-the-scenes change that should further improve the ease of updating BattleMaster (warning: dev-speak ahead): On the new server, the game will be set up within a Symfony framework, using a LegacyBridge in order to be able to access parts of the game that are still set up entirely in the current, non-framework, scripts. Over time, we will be able to convert pages from the old format to the new—by and large, you should not notice much difference in them except the URLs.
  • The PayPal donations will be directed to me, and continue to be used primarily to defray the monthly costs of running the server.

Non-Code-Related Changes

This winter, Vita and I will be working out some principles and practicalities for expanding the community's say in how the game is run. Details and timing on this are still very much TBD, but we are interested in community governance and what it can bring to the game and its players.

There will also be some additional announcements in the coming days and weeks, as we have some other somewhat-related projects to kick off.

BM General Discussion / Re: Grand Melees
« on: December 08, 2020, 06:07:45 PM »
That won't reasonably approximate a Grand Melee, because in BattleMaster battles there's always exactly two sides.

If you get 6 individual nobles from different realms into a region and have them all set to murderous, you'll have one of three outcomes:

1) The game doesn't find a defender. No battle takes place.
2) The game recognizes one of the nobles as either owning the region or controlling the battlefield, and designates them the defender. They fight alone against all the attackers.
3) The game selects a defender as in #2, but they have one or more allies present, who join in defending; all others attack them.

Development / Re: Priest game
« on: November 18, 2020, 02:56:52 AM »
The other thing I've often wondered about this is whether nobles being priests actually makes sense...Or rather nobles being something like Bishops and such would make more sense, having charge over NPC priests.  Bishops and such often did fight and all...

I mean, "priest" is the general term. "Bishop" is specific to Christianity, so we're not going to use that.

There very much are NPC priests of every religion—they're the ones running the temples, etc. PC priests are just much more effective, because when you've got a noble of the highest order preaching, it carries more weight than just any other random commoner.

Development / Re: Priest game
« on: November 16, 2020, 03:39:27 PM »
The trouble is, it's not an easy change, because the character limits are quite complex, and priests are full nobles, with all the rights and privileges they enjoy—including the ability to change class.

I'm not fundamentally against the idea—the nobility sending second sons into the priesthood was definitely A Thing, and having priests be not "normal nobles" makes some sense—but "easy", it's not, I'm afraid.

Development / Re: Diplomat's military restrictions
« on: November 15, 2020, 01:03:53 AM »
Can you explain what you mean? Maybe I'm missing something.
The only new options I see are influencing region's sympathy to this or that realm and drafting/signing treaties.I agree with the reduced size.

Influencing sympathy is pretty much the entire key to takeovers. Do it well enough, and you can sometimes get regions to flip all on their own.

But why police designation? It's weird to take the local police on diplomatic missions.

Because the sympathy abilities are also incredibly useful within your own realm, to make sure your regions are in top shape.

Development / Re: Diplomat's military restrictions
« on: November 14, 2020, 02:57:45 PM »
Diplomats have some of the most powerful abilities in the game. I don't know why you're classifying it as "RP-heavy".

Furthermore, even if you look at it primarily as a class whose purpose is to visit other realms and interact with them, such interactions are supposed to be peaceful. A Diplomat shouldn't have more than a basic personal guard; they wouldn't be leading around a whole legion, as that would likely lead to an international incident.

Helpline / Re: Population growth
« on: October 30, 2020, 03:07:32 AM »
I've been watching the region for a while.
There was a week-long peace from 29 to 22 days ago. Still nothing.

Battle in Jorradith - 27 days, 8 hours, 55 minutes ago
message to all realms participating in the battle in Jorradith
(rogue) vs. Westgard
Estimated strengths: 10 men vs. 120 men

Defender Victory!

Battle in Jorradith - 25 days, 8 hours, 49 minutes ago
message to all realms participating in the battle in Jorradith
(rogue) vs. Westgard
Estimated strengths: 10 men vs. 100 men

Defender Victory!

Battle in Jorradith - 24 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes ago
message to all realms participating in the battle in Jorradith
(rogue) vs. Westgard
Estimated strengths: 10 men vs. 80 men

Defender Victory!

Battle in Jorradith - 22 days, 20 hours, 47 minutes ago
message to all realms participating in the battle in Jorradith
(rogue) vs. Westgard
Estimated strengths: 10 men vs. 160 men

Defender Victory!

Doesn't look so peaceful to me.

How long does it have to be at peace to start growing?

IIRC, in order to be considered "peaceful", there have to be no battles, no looting, no monster/undead activity, for at least 1 full day.

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