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Feature Requests / Re: Tournament Region Stat Boost
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:32:22 AM »
Already true.

Oh I didn't know that XD. Probably because I've only hosted a tournament once and didn't really check the stats while I was holding it. Good to know.

Feature Requests / Current Capability: Tournament Region Stat Boost
« on: March 23, 2019, 11:55:35 PM »
Title: Tournament Region Stat Boost

Summary: Holding a tournament boosts the stats of the region that is hosting the tournament. Since nobles are visiting the region from across the continent, it would work like tourism. More nobles in the same place would encourage more spending which in return help the local economy.

Details: Depending on the number of participants, the region gets production and morale boost for the duration of the tournament and maybe additional few days afterward

Benefits: Will encourage people to host tournaments more often. Since the region stat boost depends on the number of participants, that will encourage people to make their tournaments more attractive by increasing the prize pool.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: People might host too many tournaments.

Feature Requests / More Honour and Prestige gain from Tournament
« on: March 21, 2019, 06:35:49 AM »
Title: More Honour and Prestige gain from Tournament

Summary: At the moment, it doesn't really feel that rewarding to attend a tournament. It is just a nice place to train for free for a few turns. For a feature that is protected by IR, it is pretty underwhelming. Not to mention how rare it is these days to see one.

Details: Increase Honour and Prestige gain from advancing rounds and winning the tournament by a lot.
For attending, you gain 1 honour and 1 prestige. If the tournament you are attending has both swordfighting and jousting events, then you gain 2 honour and 2 prestige instead (maybe call it a grand tournament or something to differentiate).
For winning each round, you gain 1 honor. For reaching the semi-final and the final, you gain 1 prestige each. The winner gains 3 honour and 3 prestige for winning on top of it all.

So for example, the most recent tournament which happened in Itorunt would grant Hyunae 1+6+3 =10 honour (1 for attending, 6 for reaching 6 rounds, and 3 for winning the tournament) and 1+2+3 = 6 prestige (1 for attending, 2 for reaching semi final and final, and 3 for winning the tournament).

Benefits: Make attending tournaments more attractive - outside the purpose of some monetary gain. Also, an easy way for newer knights to gain honor and prestige while making it worth something even for older characters.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: Not that I can think of.

Feature Requests / Re: Training Center Militias
« on: March 20, 2019, 07:26:25 PM »
I've got some thoughts kind of like this for defense of regions. This particular idea I suspect would prove too confusing and frustrating for Lords ("Stop recruiting my militia, I'm going to lose my region!"), but I like the general thrust of it.

I was thinking something along the line of dedicating your existing RCs as militia.

This will make recruits of that RC become militia units while disabling dedicated RCs from the list of possible RCs where people can recruit from. So for players who want to recruit from those RCs, they will simply see not available or greyed out.

Recruits will directly become militias of the region. The region will have to pay them weekly like now. Each RC will generate 4 units (existing recruits divided by 4 - lv4 RC will generate 4 units of 50 men - depending on how you want to limit things, you can even put conversion rate such as only 80% of recruits being converted into militias etc for future balance). While RC is dedicated, RC will not be filled. Can't turn back into a normal RC for a month.

This of course will disable the current system of dropping your unit as militia since it doesn't rely on your units to become militias anymore. And also will disable being able to recruit from surrounding regions part as well. This will give a reason for even rural regions to have more RCs. To counter balance all the downsides of only being able to recruit militias from existing RCs, you can either drop the cost of building multiple RCs or you can allow even rural regions to have lv3 etc.

BM General Discussion / Re: 1 Ruler Per account
« on: March 17, 2019, 07:55:26 PM »
Thinking about this, the recent push towards larger realms will see many less realms and therefore most of the game will be ruled by just a few families.  I believe Vita said somewhere there are currently 46 realms total.  If each island ends up with only 4-5 larger realms, that would reduce the ruler population down to around 20 positions.  I am currently one of the 46, but it is unlikely that I would be one of the 20.

We could see 5-20 families "ruling" the game.

Very unlikely to have only 5 ruling 20 realms. Why? Because populous realms always have power hungry players who want to replace the existing ruler.

To be honest, with militias getting nerfed to the level they are, you probably don't need an army as large.

But we are only seeing more limitations. Not really seeing much to improve the gameplay. Also, the new changes really defeat the purpose of having high honour. Hopefully there are plans to address some of the issues caused by the new changes.

With the recent changes to reduce unit size, having high honour is less of a factor.

Cost jumps once you start going over 80 men or so and starts to really hike up beyond 120.

With the game trying to enforce smaller unit sizes, wouldn't it be better to just cap the unit size to 200 while making honour do something different?

Here are some thoughts on different take on honour. (Capping unit size at 200)

1) Reduces unit cost: Could either be for hire cost or maintenance cost or both.

2) Increased efficiency on various features: Such as training(you get more stats out of training, allowing nobles with high honour to train their units quickly), civil work(loses less morale from performing or could just increase the stats that you improve by more), looting(becomes more efficient at looting), takeover (gets more % done).

3) Less class penalty on unit size: High honour significantly allows you to commend more men when being infiltrator, courtier and other classes that reduce your unit size

4) Lord with high honour keeps his region happy like having King in the region.

BM General Discussion / Re: 1 Ruler Per account
« on: March 16, 2019, 01:58:41 AM »
The ruler turnover rate dropped because there just aren't enough people. It is easier to keep a small group of 10~20 people happy. But it becomes hard as the noble size increases. 90 people realm is a nightmare to rule compared to 10~20.

Feature Requests / Re: Randomizing movement of Sages and Wizards
« on: March 16, 2019, 12:54:00 AM »
Oh right. Completely forgot about becoming a noble part. I've never actually done it myself so I forgot.

Feature Requests / Re: Make own messages read status
« on: March 16, 2019, 12:49:41 AM »
So just to make it clear what exactly you mean:
1) Wimpie scouts a region
2) Wimpie hits the button 'share scout report with army'
3) Zakky wants - at this time - that there is no message to the army about it
4) Scout report will be available in the Scribes page
5) Later - at a defined x hours - all the reports will be reported as 'These were shared in the last X Hours' to the army

If that is the case, as I initially understood, still find it terrible idea. So marshals would need to click scribe page and hit refresh to know if someone scouted? Not a great idea.
Also the amount of effort to code this outweighs the actual use for this.

In my humble opinion.

Hmmm. Maybe just having an option to disabling the new message notification for 'someone shared X region's scout report' might be better? While you still get the message just not message(7) when you log back in to check?

Feature Requests / Re: Alms for the Poor
« on: March 15, 2019, 05:45:08 PM »
Can't you do it like investment?

Over X% it degrades quickly and only allow people to do it again when it drops below X%?

Feature Requests / Re: Make own messages read status
« on: March 15, 2019, 05:43:25 PM »
First time I hear someone complain about people scouting. Collecting them and sending it out every 3 hours must be going against what every marshal/general wants nowadays, no?

I think I gave you a wrong idea. I meant the part where the game sends you messages. Reports themselves will still be available. Just that the part where you get the notification on someone sharing reports get reported later.

Feature Requests / Re: Customisable Duchy Shares
« on: March 15, 2019, 05:40:01 PM »
Hey, I was working on this last week, for all hierarchy levels. That is rulers can set customized tax rates for each duke, dukes for each lord, and lords for each vassal. Should be available when we do our next live update. The fun part will be the update, because most likely *someone*'s tax day will happen shortly thereafter and setting default values until players adjust the actual values.

Can you make sure to warn people in red texts when you implement this since it will change a lot of current tax settings?

Feature Requests / Re: Randomizing movement of Sages and Wizards
« on: March 15, 2019, 05:38:22 PM »
Why does there need to be an "end game"?

Is there an "end game" for nobles?

In a game you can't win, how can you even say there is an "end game"?

There is an end game for nobles too. Just not the same end game you'd have in the traditional sense.

For me at least, my nobles usually either become a hero at the end or get deleted once they have finished their story they sat out to tell. My characters go through knight->lord->gov position->do something with influence->either die in battle or get deleted steps. So for me, the end game for my nobles would be doing something with the influence they built up which may lead to their demise or closure.

As for advies, I just apply the same thing. But unlike nobles, they can only do limited things. Creating items and scrolls I feel are their ultimate late game goal. They can't do much with gold so gold isn't that useful after amassing 100 gold or so. Most of the time you won't be running around with full 100 gold either.

Feature Requests / Re: Randomizing movement of Sages and Wizards
« on: March 15, 2019, 02:41:10 PM »
They should be trackable. They should probably be trackable from further back on their trail. What they shouldn't be is trivial to find every time you need one.

If, on average, it takes a given adventurer a day and a half or so to find a sage when they're looking for one, I wouldn't consider that excessive.

If that's becoming a serious frustration because you spend most of your time looking for them, that suggests to me that something's off about the balance of options in the game, as I don't think finding sages should be the main thing adventurers are doing most of the time.

Well for at least half a year or so, you will be focusing on getting your gears up. Once that is done, you start amassing lots of common items. I usually look for sages once I get to the point I have lots of items and have little to do. Isn't that the end game for advies?

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