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Well, family is a good reason, but after this we hope to get an update :D

Waiting eagerly.

Where is Perth? :(

When are we getting the update?

I'm a terrible person and an even worse GM.

Either that or I'm writing a novel for an update (don't get excited, it's the former).

It is coming soon. Soon...

Don't feel pushed or bad for delaying an update, it happens sometimes and the GM deserves to have some rest as well.
ofc, we are all eargerly waiting for the update :D

Seems like we will need to wait for Perth to come back again...

He had plenty of time to send in orders, just proceed with the update?

For Frymonmon, somenoe from Paradox will probably remind him about that when he gets online...hopefully it will be soon

May i suggest a section on the first post of the game thread where we would have links to every update, mini-update and stats updates?

On the other WiR we have something similar and it is VERY useful, if you plan on doing this here it is better to do it while we haven't had a big number of updates already.

So...when is the update coming?

I know how about China historically had trading relations centuries before this...back to the times of Rome...
That was quite a bit of diplomacy on both our parts, and it was possible only because Switzerland is one of the few countries with no holdings whatsoever in asia. As I understood the chinese player, that set us apart from the other european nations and made her curious. Plus I made a few good offers, and approached as the underdog, not as a "we're europeans, we are superior".

China has always had trade relations with western countries, for centuries before our timeframe, through the silk road mostly. They just never made a big deal out of it.

Agreements with neighbours to use their ports, made in the first turn. Also note that we don't have a trade agreement that would require shipping tons of stuff around, we are mostly exchanging people.

And also, Switzerland and China exchanged diplomats, artisans, writers and philosophers in the first turn, to learn about each others culture. One important step of respect that made the chinese open to an exchange.

I'm not sure if this is entirely historically acurate for the swiss, but I do assume that a democracy would be more open to be simply curious about foreigners. Especially one with much experience in serving abroad as mercenaries, I can't fathom they would be isolationists. Also, as a small, landlocked nation, I have to be creative in what I do to make sure I'm not simply a small piece of land someone rolls over if he wants to.

I know about European and Chinese trade relations, that goes back to the days of Rome...

But you have to keep in mind that not everyone will be willing to receive "savages" on their ports and land so that they can move to Switzerland. Even if the government did, there's no saying the local population would like it.

Most Europeans of the time considered the Chinese nothing more than a bunch of barbarians...
Besides, Switzerland is landlocked, how would this treaty even work?

As for artisans, how, even with sea access, would you send them all the way to Europe? Historically this could provoke the europeans.

How exacly do you think he would gain power? In three months because uhe declared he wanted power?

Since its creation WiR had the characteristic of punishing countries that tried to reform too quickly in a wrong way, act foolishly and that kind of thing...By your logic Russia can become a fully democratic country with no serfs or oppressive nobility in 3 months and have absolutely no problems.
I'm not saying you should have been couped because you are trying to reform, however Qing is acting too strangely and should behave more like China on 1861 instead of like in say, 2000.

What's with the Chinese (considered barbarians) trying to do this kind of diplomacy with the landlocked Swiss? :|

This treaty really looks a bit too modern-like to me...maybe it is just me, but i don't know, i think it is kinda unpausible and unrealistic, opnions?

Well, then i suppose there are will be no problems with that

I hope this doesn't means the UK effectively gaining 4 extra orders to be used exclusively on India, i think that guy should get one of the UK player orders to use if we are going to do it like this.

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