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BM General Discussion / Re: hey guyz
September 05, 2022, 12:27:00 AM
Graeth you are my favourite! Stuck around and played for ages!

Quote from: Graeth on July 11, 2022, 07:48:14 PM
BM General Discussion / Re: hey guyz
May 03, 2022, 03:04:11 AM
Hey buds!

Yeah I noticed that the glory day of forums are over. Its sad because I prefer it and find all these other apps to be a bit confusing and tedious. As for playing BM , I havent had as much time lately to play more than 'No mans sky' when I get some down time. I prefer its relaxed no stress pace after decades of arguing with people in BM haha , I still think about BM though because ultimately it was / is? a very fun game that was / is deeply flawed. I really wish there was some more development on it and features added etc and well of course a playerbase, hands down though it was one of the best games ive ever played. I'll see if I can find time to pop by sometime. Currently Glaumring is lost at sea after sailing back westward, perhaps he is lost on an island after a shipwreck? Or he truly is dead? only time will tell....
BM General Discussion / hey guyz
April 05, 2022, 05:14:09 AM
Long time no see, how is it going? I haven't had time to play the last few years, life has swept me up into busy land now. I still check here ever so often but it seems like Dwilight is not very active anymore like the good ole'days. Hope all is well.
Dwilight / Hi
April 07, 2020, 09:31:26 PM
Dropped out of BM a few weeks ago, was working like a dog and didnt have time to log on, and now im out of work for a few weeks or months, who knows? Anyways, I hope you are all well and staying cool in isolation. I am just playing vids, family time and drinking beer, this is actually the nicest scariest time ive had in almost a decade, discovering aspects of life long ignored by work and stress of the rat race.

Some of you may have wondered where I went, some perhaps not so much, ha! Im well, so far.

I hope you guys keep on keeping on, hopefully one day ill log on refreshed. Be well, live long and prosper.
Dwilight / Re: Dwilight Statistics
December 22, 2019, 07:48:28 PM
The Tol Godorans live in a sort of apocalyptic wasteland of overgrown ancient Asylonian cities with silent lands surrounded by tales of Daimons, nevermind the other ruins of Itaulond, Kabrinskia and other forgotten kingdoms.

Great write up by the way!
Played on Dwilight for near a decade now? And the Astroists realms do not interact or RP with you if you are outside of their realms, ive been on silence with them for years, quite sad on their part, all of our communications are on the forum. IG its very cliquey and tribal without concern for RP or development, if you are outcast its done, the game is you interacting with your realm and that is it.
Development / Re: Retirement
June 16, 2019, 01:54:32 AM
Glaumring is 115 years old and nothing in battle could kill me. I now play as an immortal priest it seems even though itd be nice to have a heroic death. Maybe,
I welcome this new change.
Banning Sundar for murdering children in Perleone was Xavax’s greatest mistake.
Dwilight / Re: Dwilight Meme Inc.
January 07, 2019, 08:17:52 PM
Dwilight / Cult of Bloodmoon rebirth.
January 04, 2019, 01:32:09 AM
The sacred fruit of holy bloodmoon has been rediscovered on the steep cliffs of the Storms keep. A single stunted wind hardened plant has been taken from the brink of extinction. The Cult rises again, a call out to new priests and men of the sword has gone out across Dwilight!

With war and blood a new age of madness dawns, join us in our sacred revelry!
Dwilight / Re: the rise of the cult of Bloodmoon...
November 02, 2018, 06:26:36 PM
I am not near as active as I used to because of life etc, but I still love the game and enjoy the tapestry we used to weave. Losing Asylon was the hugest dissapointment ever, we were on the verge of having a true east/west divide conflict with a power ready to take om Sanguis Astroism and what happened was the slow fizzle and monster attacks that instead could have been an ascendant westlands and crumbling decadent empires in the east. Such wasted oppourtunity after all the work we put into building Asylon from nothing under attacks from Caerwynn, Itaulon, Phantosia, Terran, Astrum, Kabrinskia and Morek and for us to survive and thribe and grow to such a massive piece of land... omg such waste, so sad
Dwilight / Re: the rise of the cult of Bloodmoon...
November 02, 2018, 04:02:53 AM
Graethe, Glaumring and Grimrog. Hoowahh!

We’ll bring back player rp after this massive drought from the monster wars, time to end the monster crap and bring back what made Dwilight awesome, the human intrigue and strategy, the drama, all this npc fighting is boring as !@#$ and has killed the characters of Dwilight. GM’s let us have our armies back and our roleplays!
Dwilight / Re: the rise of the cult of Bloodmoon...
November 01, 2018, 09:03:51 PM
Yeah we rp’d that we crossed the Ravielian palm with a more hardy plant in the north, so they are different species, the ravelian palms fruit were small like acorns, Thulsoman hybrids were large like egg plants and they were the ones transported to Asylon, the Orchard is Vakreno heaps was where the golden age of breeding occured for a prolonged amount if time and the fruit was said to be as large as pumpkins plump orbs hanging low on the trees.

The effect of eating the fruit was a way for its adherents to actually travel to the Astral plane of its gods, the outer plane was the river and field fen and forest of the sacred Green hind deer, this is where most would end up and stay following the hind , lost in the forest, beyond the forest was the labyrinth and even Glaumring had ever been to the edge, but some say Lady Ven and one other Bucklefee had been inside, beyond the labyrinth is the fabric of the stars a wall of blackness where the Bloodstars hang, they can be seen in the sky but are very far beyond the maze.  Glaumring had sailed in his youth while under the service the Prophet Mathurin to sail beyond the west lands of Darfix where he found the great ice fields and eventually the stone temple of the astrolab that resides many months west of Darfix, Glaumring claimed to have measured the stars distance and renarked that if one could build something tall enough one might be able to climb near the stars, Glaumring cast a star disc from clay of the Astrolab and brought it back to Thulsoma and used it several times under the influence of the sacred fruit to measure the stars distance on the Astralplane, he still has this star disc though hasnt used it in decades.
Dwilight / Re: the rise of the cult of Bloodmoon...
November 01, 2018, 05:59:57 PM
Quote from: Abstract Logic on November 01, 2018, 03:20:37 AM
Interesting. I've been working on building a character, well more like family, out of a variant of the Bloodmoon Fruit and the cult. Without "spoiling" the entire backstory I have planned: it involves a character of my previous family, Perotin, planting this variant of the fruit in different places. One of those places is Mt. Black Nastrond which is close to your character from my understanding. Which brings me to the point of my reply, if you want a place to find the Bloodmoon fruit and haven't already created a story/location, then feel free to loosely connect our two story-lines in this way. It would not be illogical for Perotin to have brought the normal Bloodmoon fruit with him and possibly planted it.

We are roleplaying that we found a single bush on the cliffs of the Storms keep, you can find a variant of it or a weaker version that comes from the tomb isles because some does exist there, it was the ones grown at the storms keep that were the more powerful hybrid, anything you want to do or add is welcome as I find it interesting to still see interest in that line of roleplay after all these years.