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Other Games / Crusader Kings II Steam Summer Sale
« on: June 16, 2015, 12:06:03 PM »

As I did previously for EUIV, I'll now report to you that Crusader Kings II is on sale during the Steam Summer Sales. €7.99 is the current base price, but I think that for about ~€35 you can acquire the complete collection.

Anyway, this game is like BattleMaster, as you play as a character and have to steer your family through wars and inheritance all at the same time. Not to mention the game gets exceptional reviews allover the place. Oh, and it has a superb "Game of Thrones" mod, which allows you to "experience" the Game of Thrones in the game, as it is perfectly built for just that (intrigue, stabbings, incest, wars, ...).

Should you wish to get more than the basic game, all the DLCs are also (individually) for sale, with a hefty reduction. Depending on what you like, you should look for the slightly more expensive DLCs (about €3 atm, reduction included) as they allow the scope of the game to expand (new starting dates, playing with non-catholic characters, vikings, Indian nations, ...).

Feature Requests / Feature Request: Public Wealth List
« on: May 21, 2015, 08:39:58 PM »
Title: Public Wealth List

Summary: There should be a publicly available list of characters who hold "excessive" wealth.

Introduction: After looking at the statistics page, more specificly the continent-comparison stats that give pie charts, I noticed Atamara held more than 1.1 million (this is not a typo) gold. When I asked if this was the wealth between the characters, the answer was "yes". Even more info got out. Apparently the wealth is concentrated in some characters (e.g. one EC char has almost 100k gold, 6 atamaran nobles hold 500k gold between them, ...). Now, while hoarding gold is a very noble thing, I believe this situation needs at least some form of addressing. It might be useful if this were public knowledge. For example, if a character holds 100 thousand gold, be it cash or in bonds, I am sure that would be known amongst nobility. I'm going to estimate that the average noble holds, at best, 500 gold (I might be oddly off, though).


Tim suggested something good on IRC (and, well, it's Tim); "As long as you are one of the top X nobles on the continent as far as gold + bonds combined, *and* you are over (say) 10k, some approximation of your wealth is known, rounded down to the nearest 5k or 25k, depending on how much you have."

I think this is a good suggestion. It will ensure the exact amount of wealth a character has is not known, but an approximation will give others an idea at the very least. It could be added to the "Information" tab in the game, thus ensuring all players have access to it.

Benefits: Accountability of rich characters. Various ways for your characters to use this information to scheme, plot and seek out alliances. Fair information for a possible adversary.

Disadvantages: putting certain players under unwanted pressure.

East Island / Lions vs Tiramorans: the petty war of the South!
« on: April 22, 2015, 01:00:25 PM »
Since the previous topic heading this board points at "Is Perdan Dying?", I felt the need to emphasise the efforts made by both Perdan and Vix Tiramora to avoid the gruesome death-by-boredom. Hence this topic, where participants or observers can chitchat about the war in the South.

To summarize this war: Vix and Perdan have each declared a region up for grabs (Woolton & Dimwood respectively). The war is set to last 90 days unless a party concedes before that. It's an entire maze of agreements and like-mindedness between the two realms, but the key idea here is that both realms realized that without war nobles (aka players) would abandon ship and we would die anyway. Besides, both realms also accuse larger realms such as Sirion to put a strain on the entire Island, inducing or even breeding boredom due to their sheer dominance and will to intervene in any conflict rather than making their own (and growing a pair!).

For the latter reason, Vix and Perdan have made it quite clear that no foreign intervention is acceptable. It should be noted very clearly here that this also stems, at least on a personal level, from the idea that war breeds more nobles, and other realms should not directly benefit from the efforts we put into this war. Ha, so suck it, rest of EC!

Now, about the war itself. The start was a bit sketchy, mostly because me and Zakky both had limited access over the weekend. War was declared nevertheless, though, and Perdan swiftly moved into Woolton and began a TO. Two very close and very, very bloody battles followed (which was great fun and is the essence of everything) and saw Perdan come out battered, bruised but with a phyrric victory! There's no better way to tell if your realms are an equal match than fighting such close battles. I believe it's fair to say that the majority of the players in both Perdan and Vix are happy with the provisionary results of this war and the prospects of the future. It seems that conflict between the two realms will not fade away for the foreseeable future, but due to shifting war goals, each war will have a different sound to it.

Now, this topic also serves as a major billboard for anyone who's looking for a fun war. Battles two regions away from both capitals? Check. Small realms with open communication? Check. Inclusion of all characters in the affairs of the realm? Check. A mutual dislike of larger realms such as Sirion? Check. Looking for fun, war and a chance to prove your worth? Perdan or Vix Tiramora is your destination!

Other Games / EU IV Steam Sale
« on: February 27, 2015, 02:30:04 PM »
To those who are interested, Europa Universalis IV is on sale for €9.99 for this weekend. I'm going to assume it's $9.99 too. It comes down from 39.99, so it's a beautiful deal for an awesome game that is still continuously updated and has a massive community-generated mod base.  Just thought I would share this information.

Edit: it's also free to play for this weekend. So if you're not familiar or not sure, try before you buy!

Dwilight / Luria Nova vs The Rest
« on: August 17, 2014, 10:56:15 PM »
With Luria Nova now being at war with D'Hara, Fissoa, Barca, Morek whilst Asylon and Astrum are suspected to join their side, I think it's about time a topic was opened.

I would like to thank all these realms, especially the League, for warring Luria Nova. It's been a long time since I was part of such an interesting war. It's beneficial that our enemies tend to bring their armies close to us, so we don't have to bother with all those travelling distances.

I suppose only one question remains: what will Swordfell do?

Helpline / "View answered Titan questions" stuck
« on: July 24, 2014, 10:41:32 AM »
So the "View answered Titan questions" option has been at the bottom of my family page since August 2012, and I feel I should finally ask: is this a bug or is this intended? I have answered more than one Titan question but it's the first time that it stuck around. If it's intended, it's not a huge issue (though I would suggest to put a removal timer on it) but if it's not, I'll file a bug report.

Other Games / Warthunder
« on: May 14, 2014, 11:35:24 AM »
Has anyone here been playing Warthunder or is anyone interested in it? is the website.

Some core aspects:

  • Free to play combat flight simulator set from the second World War to the Korean War (end tier), with the option to purchase "premium airplanes"
  • Online players vs players aerial battles (ca. 15 v 15)
  • Realistic physics: detailed aircraft damage and other factors concerning your "flight path" are to be taken into account but make this for a challenging game.
  • The development of your "tech tree" takes you through all the stages of the airplanes in the middle of the 20th century, boosting (sometimes insane) biplanes over the well-known aircrafts of the hayday of WWII (Corsair, Stukas, Flying Fortresses, ...) to conceptual aircrafts that never actually flew but are so whack, they're awesome. All individual aircrafts also have their own little tech-tree, meaning you can boost your favourite aircrafts with extra guns, cannons and better engines! Suddenly your P40 Kittyhawk is a beast in the sky!
  • Allows players to set up squads of up to 4 players, allowing you to fly in a formation with your friends and get the maximum out of it.
  • Is currently in open beta. Ground wars (tanks) and naval wars (boats) are set to be released. Tanks will arrive this spring (so very soon). Ultimately every tree (air, land, water) will be combined into one "game", meaning you can steer your battleship while others are flying fighter aircrafts or driving Tiger-tanks!
  • Allows a wide spectrum from effectively smooth running low graphics to one of the most stunning high-end graphic games I have witnessed.
  • Mediocre learning curve: it is best to know what you're up against in air battle, so it is best to remember who shot you down and how he or she did it, so next time you don't go head-to-head with an attacker aircraft while flying your biplane!

My nickname in that game is Fleugs. I can be found through this forum, though more effectively on battlemaster's IRC. If anyone already plays this game or feels like trying it out, I'm always up for a game, so just get in touch. Skype makes for a useful tool while playing together, just to make sure you don't crash into each other etc.  8)

Questions & Answers / Systematically pausing/unpausing
« on: November 06, 2013, 06:45:30 PM »
There is the player in a realm I play in who continuously pauses and unpauses his character there. Every other turn he does one of both, depending on which one he can. I understand that you are at liberty to unpause or pause like you wish, to fit your needs, but is it still okay if you go crazy on the pause-option for a longer period (over a week surely)?

Not even sure if this is a magistrate related question at all, but I figured here I could get an answer.

East Island / Dobromir retires
« on: July 08, 2013, 11:06:55 PM »
I'm picking up rumours on IRC that Dobromir, Caligus' king since ever, has deleted his account.

East Island / Fallangard
« on: July 08, 2013, 10:52:29 PM »

So, details?

Questions & Answers / Misuse of the OOC message tag?
« on: May 28, 2013, 01:58:13 PM »
I'm rather unsure if this is wrong or not. I have the feeling it is, since it implies a breach between the player-character separation and it clearly is not the proper use of an OOC message. However I seek more opinions on the matter, just to be sure;

Out-of-Character from Rudgar Coldchest   (16 hours, 7 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Battle in Droxago   (3 hours, 15 minutes ago)
Enweil, Fronen, Nothoi, Riombara vs. (rogue)

this is wonderfull and then we say that there is no "human cause"!
hehe please someone ask those that are still on droxago to leave as soon as posible!

I'm not really bothered that it is actually a totally useless OOC-letter that should have been placed as a forum post rather than an ingame, realmwide message. However the last line does bother me. I think you cannot go about doing that. It's not what the OOC-tag was created for and it surely is not a proper way of playing the game, since there are perfect ingame channels to do the exact same thing. Am I wrong?

In addition I wonder if this is worth a case or not.

BM General Discussion / Vent Thread
« on: December 28, 2012, 08:00:39 PM »
It is time. I've been complaining on IRC long enough, but I think I might as well start venting out what troubles me in BM and do it on the forum. What really grinds my gear - Battlemaster Edition. I may complain about the realms I am in, I may complain about continents and I may complain about the general state of affair in Battlemaster. For obvious purposes: I wish to make clear to new(er) players that this post is in no way meant to discourage you from playing the game, but rather to make a good choice as to which realm you should join, and what the essence of this game is (for me). Consider this some advanced-playing rant that you would probably not fully understand.

Nowadays most rulers are pussies.

Let me start by saying that there are still some decent rulers out there. Rulers who know what this game is about: war. I would like to congratulate them on putting in an effort to entertain the people playing in their realm. For what is there to do, really, if you are but a simple noble in a realm? Do not think though that all realms that are at war are instantly absolved of my whining, no sir! I shall come back to that later.

What seems to me to be a clear tendency lately is that rulers are in fact power-hungry people who, through a stroke of luck or by making false promises, have achieved the ultimately position one can have in a realm. In most realms they hold all the power and even if they are subject to the will of the rest of nobility (i.e. republics or democracies). Kings, dictators, tyrants or pontifices who are at peace are the perfect example of scared ducks sitting on a throne. I know plenty realms where the ruler can easily get into war if only he would have the balls to do so.

Let's pause and look at East Continent. Once my favourite continent, I now think it is about the best example of what Battlemaster is not about. I admit I had my own hand in what EC looks like now - even greatly, maybe. But at least I put my balls on the chopping block and went for some crazy round of "let's see who's man enough". Turns out my realm wasn't. To the point though: have you looked at East Continent lately? I'm sorry. Peace Continent! Dobby, in conspiracy with some other courage-lacking rulers of realms there, are absolutely trying their best to keep all realms at peace. Perdan, Caligus, Sirion: your local threesome of peace! Surprises me they aren't growing weed yet or handing out shrooms to keep the players subdued. I recall Tom once called upon the Gods of this magnificent browser game and shook up the East Continent, because there was peace. I call upon him to do that again, rather sooner than later, so that this fine continent may once again know the burning of commonfolk and the plundering of cities, as it should be.

I will not stop at East Continent though. I'll (vaguely) refer to people, too, and I will frankly not care if people will not like me for that. So if your name is called by me and I start tossing mud your way, feel free to toss mud back any time, or otherwise explain why my accusations are wrong. I am reasonable and, frankly, this is mostly a rant. Moving on, I can't say much for Atamara. I went to Darka, I remembered that once I liked Atamara (and Darka) too, then I figured out we had to travel almost two weeks to see one battle, and I left. Probably I picked the wrong realm, for Atamara knows plenty of war and since I'm not part of that continent, well, there's really no point for me to say anything about it. I am part of Far-East Island though.

We once had fun on FEI. I can't really remember when. It wasn't that long ago. Some good north-south war was going on and, sure, people were complaining about it being some gangbang but it wasn't, really. It didn't feel like it. You should know I am in Arcaea. How can I best picture Arcaea for those who do not know it? 't Is gigantic. Truly amazing how huge it is. But the waste of potential is painful. If it wouldn't be cause to some giant diplomatic riot that would end up in me losing my region, I would join Sorraine with my region and help them in the frontline. But I can't, really, because Arcaea would never tolerate a region leaving them. Why should they? That's not the point. The point is that Arcaea isn't at war. I don't even understand why. Sometimes it is beneficial to be simple of mind and when you are, you just have to look to realms bordering Arcaea and you'll think: "Hey, there's plenty of realms to go to war with!" But we aren't. Why not? Beats me. I think Velax is scared of seeing his Bentley getting scratched in the process. Maybe Arcaea just needs to stop caring about having good relations with their (southern) neighbours and decide that, well, it's time to offer the players of their realm some fun, and go to war. You think that is a stupid reason? It is what I did with Ibladesh, and even though that realm is now gone, I am proud to say that I offered all people who played in Ibladesh entertainment for as long as the war lasted. They took our lands but they didn't take our fun. Luckily the lands don't vanish into thin air. The fun does though.

So having bashed at FEI and Velax a little (I'm sorry man, you're actually a good player), allow me to address Beluaterra real quickly. An interesting continent, because I can bash myself a little for that - I am after all the ruler of Riombara. I should feel a little good about myself though, because my character there (and, basically, me as a player) is one that will look for trouble. Currently we are making Enweil squirm without even drawing a sword. That's a shame. Perhaps we should draw swords anyway and if it were up to me and me alone, we would. We would go smack Enweil around the ears so hard their left and right ear would swap places, and then we would move on to Fronen. Why do I say Fronen? Well their ruler lashed out, and in moments of peace, everybody not agreeing with your perspective is a completely valid target for war. I'm sorry, do I sound like a dictator? At least dictators bring war! That's what this game is about. So if Riombara were a kingdom that elected me, by now we would be at least warring Enweil and making plans to colonize Creasur and Fronepu. You see, thinking like a megalomaniac allows you to make a lot of enemies. Enemies bring war. War brings fun for those players that decide you were the one to lead them.

Sadly enough Riombara is no kingdom. Even more so, everything is voted upon in Riombara. I'm positive that war will come, though, as it appears that many nobles feel like I do - it's time for fun! It is much like Melhed, you know, only that Riombara actually knows what war is. Melhed: do you even war? The daimons don't even count. Or your way-too-late pathetic involvement in Fronen. You had your chance to attack Thalmarkin but you pussied out. Good riddance. I really hope half of your nobles decide to ditch you because of that. They should, you know. As soon as another realm goes to war I hope they migrate like a herd of antelopes crossing some or another Great African Plain. There are things equally horrible as Melhed though. Fronen. A month or so ago Fronen suggested a SIX MONTH PEACE TREATY for all realms on Beluaterra. I (not entirely friendly) thanked them for that suggestion and they gave me a very good laugh, but the scary thing is that their Doge actually meant it. He, or she, was actively trying to lock all realms of BT into a half-year peace. We might as well just delete our characters because I'm pretty sure Tom would do it otherwise. It are things exactly like that which brought me to writing all of this nonsense-rant. People should not even be seriously considering that. No, just no. Actually, like when you are taming animals, BT's rulers should have collectively agreed in an OOC-fashion that this was the most ridiculous proposal ever, and should have simply marched over there and either whipped Fronen into humiliation, or toss taunting letters over their walls. Not sure what would have been most fun.

In general, though, I like Beluaterra the most. The invasion was brilliant and all people who were involved in that should be applauded. It was one of these moments of Battlemaster that I will never forget. I know the aftermath is made out of rebuilding but I'm pretty sure wars are to come, if they aren't even on our doorstep yet. Whatever I can personally do to make a war happen, I will. Otherwise this entire topic would be hypocritical.

Do allow me to move on to Dwilight, the continent that you can easily call my nemesis. The concept of Dwilight is great and when it was made I was really excited. That excitement has been brutally murdered in the three times I tried to play on that continent. The people who have steered, or are steering, Dwilight have either no idea what they are doing or are simply selfish. SA really is one giant block and when I was in Corsanctum I quickly started to hate it because, damn, that realm has seriously no outlook to war. They claim to be the holy house of their religion or whatever other RP it was and it all sounded so nice but never, ever, will that realm be interesting if they don't actually behave like the centre of SA. Don't even get me started on SA. Hats off to those who made it big, but I put my hat back on when I see how horribly unpromising their hegemony is coming to be. The perfect recipe for the most boring region ever. Spreading out your religion and such is perfectly acceptable but it should not come at the cost of peace. Yes, peace. If you wish to convert an entire continent to one faith, go ahead, but don't have everybody cuddle eachother. Let's learn from the Christians during the Dark Ages and embrace the fact that smashing eachother's head in is fun too. Now I should be honest and say that it's been a while since I actually got interested in the goings of SA. They may perfectly well be warring eachother and in that case, congratulations, keep on going! Also, tell me which realm I should join then because I am about to ditch Luria Nova (and they ARE at war).

Ah, the Lurias. I learned from the Lurias that I should never trust it when people have these cool plans on IRC and ask me to join. We were going to colonize D'Hara but, hey, the requirement is actually being able to defeat D'Hara. Now we're warring Luria Vesperi and it's all fun and games, but the apathy that is growing in Luria Nova is horrible, and it is something which Fulco should really act upon. Being the ruler it is your duty to entertain the players of your realm. At least make them interested in the war - do so by sending out propaganda! People who are elected to be ruler should not see that as a "gift", but as a job. "Congratulations, you are now ruler! Everything bad about this realm is now your fault and you should mend it." That's not even far off from the truth. You owe it to each and every player with a character in your realm to provide for them an atmosphere that is entertaining. People do not play Battlemaster to be bored. The fact that LN's general is going to abandon the realm is... damn, shame on you LN. Shame on you. You have a war going and you can't even keep a general interested? I heard all about these "great Lurian intrigue in politics" but I'm starting to think it's just a group of players circlejerking on old feuds.

It is about time I conclude my (first) rant and if you have been able to read all of it, I both pity and congratulate you. I fully realize that by posting this I will take a lot of flak but I don't care. I'm nearing my 10th anniversary in Battlemaster and it is about damn time that I had my say. This game is great, and will remain great, but once in a while it doesn't hurt to remind some people what their "duties" are. I wasn't gentle and when I rant again here, I will not be gentle. This is Battlemaster and war is the crucial part of this game. The lack of it makes me rage.

General Talk / Battlemaster Gathering @ Holland (Weert)
« on: September 02, 2011, 08:20:07 PM »
This post will be updated as the planning progresses.

This is to all interested; everybody is welcome. Please spread the word to all people within a considerable area you know play Battlemaster.

Since me & Lorgan (given we're IRL friends) are going on a camping-trip to Weert, Holland, the idea has grown to organize a small gathering of Battlemasterplayers from the area. We will be camping there in the middle of September, probably starting around the 12th and ending a week later.

Everybody is welcome, as long as you can make the effort to get in range of Weert. I have a car which can fit 5 people and myself, so I can make short trips to a train station nearby (or a bus stop). Do not expect me to drive long distances, though. It would be nice if people could arrange to drive/travel together to ease things. It would be amazing if we could also get some Germans to join us (oh the longing to see Tom drunk), or Frenchies. Or British. Whatever!

What you need: yourself, clothes, booze, camping gear, some basic food. I.e. supply for yourself what you need for a night full of fun (and booze) & a morning with a hangover.

So far coming: Fleugs (Simon Willems), Lorgan (Jeroen Quisthoudt), many more interested (Nosferatus, Silverhawk, D'Este, Sacha, Nathan, ...).
Concept: get to know the face behind the players. Fraternization will lead to epic loads of fun and drinking. No peer pressure on the booze; when you've had enough, just stop drinking. The main idea is to socialize.
When: Friday 16 September 2011
If you are interested, please give the following details;

1)Which date fits for you?
2) Do you need a pick-up nearby?
3) Looking for a travelcompanion? If so, where from? Car or public transport?
4) Whatever info you deem is necessary to hand out

You're all smart enough to be able to arrange stuff. Spread the word. 8)

Helpline / Superheroes!
« on: August 30, 2011, 10:32:42 AM »
The hero Ercole D`Este, Duke of Athol Margos was killed by Thefal Tezokian's unit.
Igor zepplins, Duke of Fengen was captured by Rupert TithOnanka's unit.
The hero Ercole D`Este, Duke of Athol Margos was killed by Araris Alerian's unit.

Is it intentional that a hero can be killed twice? This looks kind of... weird.

Helpline / Setting up unit as militia (on BT)
« on: August 26, 2011, 02:36:08 PM »
So I wanted to set up my unit as militia. The game said; "Your men have now been converted into a militia unit." (and showed no status bar when this message was displayed), but when I went to the next page, I still had my unit. So I can't set up my men as militia - this looks highly similar to the looting-bug, in which the game also said the looting occurred, but nothing real happened.

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