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Far East Island / Countdown to Doom
« on: July 20, 2012, 06:27:59 AM »
Bets on how quickly this war involves everyone on the island?

Helpline / Password Problems
« on: April 30, 2012, 06:23:46 AM »
Posted to forum at request of Tom.

I am having trouble with BattleMaster not recognizing my password the past few days.  The exact situation is that I have just recently switched computers, and as I did not have my password memorized but rather saved on my old browser, I had to reset it.  This worked fine to log in initially, however, when I went to change my password, it told me that I had mistyped my current password.  I reset my password again, and got the same result.  After logging out, I found that I could not log back in with the password that had been e-mailed to me (which had worked just a few minutes prior), nor with the password that I had attempted to change my password to.  I reset my password several more times to get the same result, it worked to log in initially, but not after the initial log in.

I am running Firefox 12 for my browser under Ubuntu (I believe I initially tried on an older version of Firefox under Windows XP, but not sure.  Don't have access to that computer currently).

Dwilight / How NOT to declare war
« on: April 01, 2012, 09:50:11 PM »
So, Summerdale just declared war on Libero.  About damn time in my opinion, I was hoping to declare war on them in a month or so.  Saves me the trouble and makes us look like the good guys.

Now, I want to be clear that I totally support their decision to do this, and respect them for it.  Things were boring and needed to be stirred up, as their ruler said in an OOC preface to the war dec.

However.  The way they did it IC is about as politically stupid as you can get, and really quite funny.  So I share:

Letter from Charlotte Grancourt   (2 days, 3 hours ago)
Message sent to: Brance Indirik, Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico, Elsebeth Evans, Turin Erickson
(ooc: part of this is for ooc reasons as this part of the island is so boring right now)

Fellow Rulers,

Some of you might know me, I am Charlotte Grancourt. Once I was a rogue, until I found a home in the realm of Springdale only to have it taken away. I have made it my life's work to re-unite the people that first accepted me as a noble under one banner. I am growing old, and I find that the goal of Summerdale has still not been achieved.

We do not own all of the peninsula, and we do not have our banner flying over the city of Springdale, the place I could first call my home. The nobles of Summerdale have voted me in as Queen in my later years to achieve the goal our realm set out to do all those years ago.

We have received help from some of you in the past, noteably Morek and Astrum, and we would like to keep favour with you, but I think it is time that we dropped our relations with Libero Empire. They have kept hold of our lands for too long. While I hold no personal claim to the lands (I would never be the same as Cato), I still miss my first home.

Summerdale will be expanding to accommodate new lands with my final drawing of my sword and hope to achieve what we set out to. I look forward to meeting those from Libero in battle and flexing my sword arm is something other than a tournament.

If you wish to discuss this decision with myself, please do so. I would be happy to respond.


Charlotte Grancourt
Queen of Summerdale, Duchess of Nifelheim, Marchioness of Nifelheim, Marshal of the Dalian Crusade

Only kinda mildly bad, right?  Let me point two things out:

First, this came during the whole scare about daemon invasion.  The actual war being declared came shortly after Netherworld declared war on everyone.  Really, not a great time to go deciding you want to just go on a land grab.

Second -- and this is the part that makes it really funny -- they have less nobles than regions already.  And they are basically saying 'we want more regions.'

Made me laugh a bit.  IC, of course, I'm not laughing, but OOC -- good going, guys, and best of luck, look forward to finally having a bit of fun in the north.  We're totally going to crush you, of course.

Helpline / Election as lord of city making one Duke
« on: October 21, 2011, 04:17:50 AM »
I'm not sure if this is still supposed to happen, but my understanding of the new estate system is that it was not -- the duke of Springdale (on Dwilight) (both lord of the region and duke of the duchy) left the game, so there were elections for the lordship of the region.  Somehow, though, the winner of the election became Duchess -- while this would be expected before the New Estates, I thought that there were no capitals anymore and that the positions were now separate?  Is this intended, or a bug?

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