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Beluaterra / Angmar Ascendant?
« on: July 29, 2018, 08:23:35 AM »
Given the monster/Undead swarms plaguing the island, I noticed Angmar has the most (by one) regions under her command, and the fourth highest noble count (and second highest Advie number). Not bad for a realm that started as a questionable spinoff of Nothoi.

East Island / Redhaven
« on: January 16, 2018, 05:09:31 AM »
RedHaven has seceded from Sirion, forming a new Xavaxian State under Xerarch Hector Serpentis Tandaros. Let the games begin! *Evil eyebrow wiggle*

Feature Requests / Under Debate: Different levels of imprisonment
« on: December 08, 2017, 03:33:32 AM »
Title: Different levels of imprisonment

Summary: A judge may change a prisoners imprisonment to either a lighter type ("House Arrest") or a harsher type ("Oubliette") from the current type ("Dungeon"). This could be done to provide nicer treatment to a cooperating or friendly prisoner, or deliver a more punishing treatment to a disagreeable one.

Details: This idea came to me through interaction between my Judge characters and those they've held prisoner (and are slightly lifted from Crusader King 2). I suggest three types of imprisonment be created. One would be as how prisoners are currently handled (which we can call "Dungeon") for the other two:

House Arrest: A lighter form of imprisonment, the prisoner is treated with respect and more like a guest (who unfortunately can't leave). A prisoner under House Arrest can send and receive messages normally (like they paid off a guard while in the dungeon) and has a bonus on escape attempts (as, while guards are still present, they are more bound by their word of honor to not attempt escape). Perhaps escape attempts from House Arrest can cause a hit to the escapee's Honor?

Oubliette: The harsher form of punishment, basically putting the prisoner in a hole of a cell accessible only from a hatch or a hole high above. Escaping from an oubliette is much harder than a normal cell, you're less likely to bribe guards for news, and should probably cause a hit to the Judge's honor if the character is a noble.

Switching a prisoners accommodations would take an hour of time (to set up rooms/cells, get guards in place, etc.)

Benefits: Currently Judges have little in the way of positive interaction with their prisoners, they can steal their gold and items, or torture them, or even kill them (if they have a ban or are a commoner). This will give them a carrot to go with their sticks, and even a way to seed doubt (giving benefit to one prisoner to make others wonder what might have gone on between the two to deserve it), and a negative interaction that, while harsh, isn't as extreme as torture or theft.

Possible Downsides or Exploits: None that I can think of.

Helpline / Traded Item And Now Can't Accept It Back
« on: September 26, 2017, 05:53:26 PM »
On Beluaterra my character Drawulf traded his Macabre Morningstar of Rila's Impaled Head to an adventurer to be repaired several irl days ago. The adventurer has offered it back a couple of times now, but every time I get:

You just traded this item away! You need to wait a little longer to trade this item again.

This isn't how this is supposed to work, is it?

Roleplaying / Xavax- A taste For Blood
« on: July 17, 2016, 07:59:00 AM »
Aramon rested his hand on his hip and looked behind him. An honor guard of hand selected soldiers marched alongside the horse the new Arbiter was mounted on and the wicker hurdle it dragged behind it. Bouncing and jostling on that panel was the body of Stegman Hemmings, arms and legs bound to the four corners. Stegman had been stripped bare, the honor guard protecting the arch-traitor from the physical press of the crowd and the kicks thrown at him, but did little about the spittle and other, less savory, things thrown on him as the procession made it's way toward the palace. The crowd shouted obscenities at the bound assassin and the look in his eyes suggested that he would dearly wish to respond, a pity for him that his tongue had been removed along with the fingers of his thieving hands during the early morning torture session.

Aramon reached his destination, the great square before the palace, normally the home of stalls selling various wares and foodstuffs, it had been cleared and a platform erected in it's center. Standing upon the platform were the executioners and the tools required for meting out the punishment. Aramon rode directly up to the platform, the executioners pulling the wicker platform and its bound passenger up with the ropes that held it to the saddle. Stegman looked as if he had seen better days, even if the gentle persuasion of the saltwater soaked scourge, the knives and probes, and of course the shears, hadn't left him a bloody mess, the crowds riotous assault had painted his nude form in filth. The procession from the House of Arbitration to the square had drawn quite the crowd, Aramon dismounted onto the platform and addressed them.

"The condemned requested that he be brought here bare before the people of The Imperium, let it be known that as Arbiter I am not above granting a last request!"

Turning back toward Stegman, the wicker hurdle had been braced against the pole the projected from the center of the platform, Aramon flashed a feral grin, filled with filed teeth and a touch of humor, and in a stage whisper said, "'drawn in the nude', I believe you said? Sorry I couldn't fulfill the second part, no whorehouse in town wanted you in it."

The part of the crowd able to pick up on the conversation laughed as the Arbiter turned back and addressed the crowd again.

"Stegman Hemmings, your crimes are too numerous for me to list, so I will only cover the greatest. You stand accused of High Treason against the Xerarch and The Imperium of Greater Xavax. You have been found guilty of this crime and sentenced in absentia. You are be Drawn and Quartered. You will be emasculated, disembowelled, beheaded and quartered. Your head will be posted above the Western Gate as warning to the bandits you have chosen to ally yourself with. The rest of your body will be posted in gibbets in conspicuous points around the city of Xavax so that the people may see the justice of The Imperium. This Arbitration is final."

Aramon turned from the crowd, tossing back the sheet over the table of tools he personally selected for this event. Picking up a sickle and examining the edge with his thumb, he looks to his men,

"Executioners, you may begin with your duty."

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