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BM General Discussion / New Theme
« on: September 24, 2011, 02:29:05 AM »
Whats up with the new theme?  It hurts my eyes.

Feature Requests / Partial Payment for Troops
« on: September 16, 2011, 03:08:34 PM »
Has it been discussed before to allow nobles to partially pay their units?  Would be useful for when your out on campaign and go to pay your unit and your a few gold short of paying them for the last 7 days if you could at least pay them for the last 6 days and stay in the field longer.  Would allow for longer campaigns in enemy territory or make it more feasible to have a campaign in an enemy territory on the other side of the continent, much like a crusade no?

Feature Requests / Guild Locations
« on: August 14, 2011, 01:15:05 AM »
On the order locations page for guilds and religions it lists all the meeting places with the name of the region it is in, good stuff.  Adding the realm name the region is in, awesome....  Thats all  :)

Other Games / Browser Based Gaming
« on: June 21, 2011, 01:20:31 AM »
How I love you.  It is so disappointing that this type of gaming isn't more popular, it has so much to offer.  And such a wide diverse amount of games to choose from.  I love all types of gaming, but browser based has been a constant for me for the last 15 years.  You'll notice a trend of ladder games that reset and don't have bonuses for donating, its kind of my weakness.  I'd like to hear about some of your favorites.

Popular Recreation: The Reincarnation

Classic.  If you don't know original Archmage you missed out on an amazing game.  15,000 players a reset, 2-3 month games, top ten players get in the hall of fame.  Its basically magic the gathering as a browser game, the 5 colors your a mage researching spells summoning armies attacking players for land and summoning more :)

Popular Recreation: Magellan Wars, though that ended recently and Archverse is supposed to be back in creation, again.

Also done by Maritel except this is a space game with a bunch of races where you take planets, build them up, research tech, completely customize tech on your ships, and attack other players for their planets all to build up enough to take out the empire, whoever does so wins.  About 8-10k players a reset.

War of Empires

A very interesting game I came onto last year.  Another ladder based war game with guilds and turns, multiple races, research, guild research, and lots of fighting.

Kings of Chaos

Honestly used to be better, but they started using the same engine as Gate Wars(aka Stargate Wars) and they have this weird click system for a higher population which is very lame.  A couple of races, ladder war system, research, and guilds.

Gate Wars

Interesting game, though I don't like ladder games that don't reset they just don't make sense.  I do like the idea though its a ladder game where the top 0.2% or something of the ladder get ascension points and when they have enough they can reset their account back to the beggining and work their way back up the ladder except with a 5% bonus to all stats which is interesting.  They have a couple of different servers with different reworkings of the game play.

Kingdoms of Carnage

Great little game that unfortunatly never made it big but pretty cool.  Different classes, research, guilds, magic items, ladder system, literally.  A lot of games are ladder matches and in this one there are like seven levels you have to fight through against the monsters and the players and the ranking is based first by level your in and then based on how well you are doing in that level so a ladder within a ladder basically.  But fighting against the monsters to take land and fighting against players with multiple ladders during the time when it was popular so just epic.

1000 AD

Haven't played in forever but remember it being cool.


Similar games by the same group so they get lumped.  Cool games with research, cities, armies, gods, races, and of course fighting.

On the chart that describes the militia in your region from the miltia disband page, could you add range and militia type to that chart?  Currently you can't tell range at all and the only way to know if it infantry or not is to jump back and forth between the region description page and that disband militia command page.

Feature Requests / Top Bar Change
« on: May 02, 2011, 06:52:52 PM »
Is the top bar supposed to bring you to the home page and not your actual logged in account/logged in home page?  I feel like it should bring you into the logged in part of the system and not the main page.  If I go to core login, login, then go to my battlemaster, once I'm done checking my battlemaster I tend to come to the Forum so I click Forum on the top bar and it brings me to the forum but as a guest.  So to be logged in I have to go back to core and login.  Which I believe is why the log in button is there, but if I've done my battlemaster then my forum and want to see battlemaster again clicking the top bar battlemaster brings me to the main page and not my account.

It just seems that the bar was created to make switching between sites easier and quicker where it actually seems I have to go to the same number of pages to get logged in as before.

Feature Requests / Assigning Militia
« on: March 18, 2011, 02:56:32 PM »
The thread about moving militia got me thinking about how expanding on the generals ability would be helpful but not approach a mobile militia type thing.  Two ways of doing it:

1-Fairly open ended:  Allowing lords of a region to have the same ability as the general where if when in their own region they could assign a militia unit to someone?

2-More closed:  Allowing the local lord to take control of a militia unit from his region, but only take control of it not actually assign it to anyone else?

I prefer the second option myself perhaps because it isn't too powerful and it makes reasonable sense when I think it out.  I have no unit and I'm in my region so I go to the captain of the guard and say grab some of your men and come with me.

Feature Requests / Holding Unique Items
« on: March 17, 2011, 08:29:43 PM »
I know that you can only hold one item of each type at a time, unless for a small reason here or there, which is fine and makes sense.  However, as an adventurer that becomes quiet cumbersome.  If I have an item I created that I'm trying to sell sometimes I will be approached by someone who already has an item of the same slot but likes my prestige bonus better or maybe just likes the name better.  I cannot sell them my item or do a simultaneous trade with them, so they have to get rid of theirs, then they get mine, then I go get the item they first had and it just bogs down the whole process.  Could we do something about that?  Perhaps:

1) Disable prestige bonus for each item beyond the highest bonus item in each slot, then remove item cap.
2) Make it so adventurers get no prestige bonus from items and remove the item cap.
3) Add a swap item feature to allow for two people with same slot items to trade them.

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