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Development / Un-Protest/Support feature
June 21, 2014, 05:00:25 PM
With the "Disagree/Protest" option, one can protest out a ruling member. But many times this seems to be misused, as same group of people can continue to protest against the person in every turn. There will definitely be a group of people who support the ruling member. So they should be able to have a mechanism to show their continued trust and thus negate a protest.
Most of the games I play have some regular in-game events organized by the moderators. These are events during which the players compete to gain some in-game goodies. From battlemaster's perspective, this maybe gold/honor/prestige/medals. One of the frequent problems most players face is no ability to progress in the game or achieve more. This would make more players get involved, lead to increase in player base and probably also get some of the new members some sort of achievement in the game. These events would also make the new players understand the game mechanics more better.
The winnings from these events should get passed to the corresponding character in-game.

Some of the possible events I can think of are :

1. Treasure hunting : This would happen on a clone of one of the present game worlds. The players would start off in random region with a short amount of gold and based on the clues that they come across, find the treasure. They should be able to find hidden gold in random regions and recruit up in cities to beat any undeads/monsters they face on their way. Turns on this event will run much quicker (probably 30mins/1hr each turn) so that the event completes within the weekend or a period of time as decided.

2. Monster/undead hunting:  This would again happen in a clone of one of the gaming worlds. Participating players would be combined into random groups and they will have to beat a Alpha monster/undead in a random region. First team to beat the monster would claim the bounty prize which gets distributed among the team and probably a random unique item to the player dealing maximum damage to the beast.

3. Economy building: This event also happens in a clone of one of the game worlds. Players get assigned to each city in the map and the first player to get the infrastructure/population upto the required level wins the event.

These are just some ideas and there a lot of possible events we can think of to make the players more involved.