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Topics - Galvez

BM General Discussion / T Minus 28 Days
February 01, 2014, 07:35:56 PM
Quote from: AnarisYou may have also noticed the increase in monster and undead spawns—and the spike today. These are but harbingers of things to come.

Well, only a small increase in monster and undead spawns. About 21.000 cs of rogues are currently in Barca. I assume other realms of Dwilight face similar problems, which will presumable create a period of peace because all realms will be on monster hunting duty.
BM General Discussion / Religion
October 07, 2013, 03:30:39 PM
Dear players,

I have been playing battlemaster since 2007, and something that always bugged me is the value and power of religion. I want to start a real discussion on how to improve it, make it more realistic and more fun, before I make an official feature request. I'll update this post regularly to keep up with the proposals for an improved religion.

You see that some players put much time and effort in religion, role-play wise in-game and on the wiki. Religion has the potential to be a very interesting part of the game, yet it most cases it is just a silent guild you are part of to appease your peasants, or you aren't part of an organised religion at all. What does it really matter what faith you follow? From a day to day basis it has little use for your character. You notice that in the message group of most religions. It is silent. No one cares. Of course this is not true for all religions, but most of them. We need to revive those religions.

What is the value of a man's faith? How do we value a religion? To answer that, I ask you to look at the Church of Ibladesh. For a very long time in the history of the East Continent, the CoI has been a very powerful church. Probably the most powerful of the continent. After Ibladesh's last war against Perdan, duchies succeeded and peace negotiations followed. Perdan demanded that the new realms closed down every temple of the CoI, the rulers complied knowing it would mean the end of the Church. They complied to give up their faith in order to stay in power. The zealous Ibladeshi just gave up their faith. Who can make sense of that? As priest of the CoI, I told people not to give up their faith, but to continue fighting for what they believe in. I stood alone in that thought. So how much does a religion really matter to a charterer? Too little.

Historically, the Church was a very important institution in medieval Europe. The Church was rich and powerful, and the pope's influence was greater than the influence of Kings. They were powerful and could command a whole continent to take up arms to 'defend' the faith in many holy crusades. There was much intrigue, because the stakes were usually very high. And for the common men, the church was there directive in moral and principle matters. That was also something that made the Church powerful, because they commanded the loyalty of the people.

I say, make the church more important. Give them more power. Give them the people! Make kings fear the power of the Church.


  • Taxes - Allow realms to choose wether or not to tax religions, or perhaps to tax only certain religions. More gold for religions with support of the realm which means more power. Also, it can create interesting intrigue between rulers and the Church's council.
  • Excommunicate - make it an option to excommunicate someone besides kicking someone out. Excommunicated nobles cause civil unrest in religious regions. Depending on the % of followers in the region and the rank of the noble. A simple knight will cause some unrest in the region, a lord more, a duke will cause unrest in his duchy and a council member will cause unrest in the whole realm, and most strongly in the capital. Again, more intrigue.
  • Influence followers - When a noble priest tells the peasant to jump, he jumps. When he tells you to hate realm X and love realm Y, he will hate and love accordingly. This is already a feature, but seldomly used because the penalties are too high. If it takes me more than 100 days to convert 40% of a population (about 2500 people) from an evil religion to my own, I'll not hamper that slow progress by trying to influence the people and lose 300 followers again. It isn't realistic to abandon your faith like that. The Church was the main tool to influence the people. This makes religions actually useful and makes them desirable or not (for different people), which is interesting for the game. The duke wants to keep a good bond with the Church to make sure his peasants act as he commands. Not just statistics and role-play. I propose to minimize the penalties on influencing followers.
  • Evil ally? What!? - The peasants in a region should be influenced by a cross-reference of the dominant faith in the region, its views on other religions, the type of realm-based relations to other realms, and the dominant faith in that realm. (Indirik)

Please debate the above proposals and if you have proposals of your own to improve religions or the priest game, please share them.
Helpline / Removal of Terran (Dwi)
September 24, 2013, 01:15:18 PM
I believe deceased realms have to be removed by a dev, if I'm right? I was wondering if Terran on Dwilight could be removed. The federation status we have with them is hampering new politics.

The realm has lost it last region quite some time ago, and also all her nobles and adventures have now left the realm.
Atamara / What religion to join?
January 02, 2013, 04:08:03 PM
I have been thinking about a religion to join. After some research this is my result:

Aristoi Atamarism - does it even has a God?
Darkanism - state religion of Darka
Evgenism - sate religion of Carelia, little content
The Hörgr of Makar - Norse inspired religion
Mapaxilism - does not name their Gods
The Order - does it even has a God?
The Way of the Hammer - Norse inspired religion
The Way of the Warrior Saints - sleeping God / too many saints
The Word - Hab-b,  Guulnyztesantanib,  Gnchha ect. (seriously?)

I do not want to follow a religion who does not venerate Gods. The Norse inspired religion are no option because I do not role-play my character as a Viking, instead a noble with hygiene and a natural feeling of superiority over barbarians. And we have the state-religions, however as I have no connection what so ever to either states, I will not join their religion.

Perhaps I am a little biased or my research not thoroughly, therefore if you can tell me something exciting about these religions, I may be persuaded to join it.
Title: Enable priests to see local Lord's faith

Summary: Priest are not able to see the local Lord's faith while everyone else can. That doesn't make sense. When I am in a region, preaching about the Gods, I can always see in the message list of my own religion if anyone is a member or not, but knowing if someone is a pagan, or aligned to a misguided or evil religion would be good to know if you would attempt to convert him. And it would be historically correct as well. A Lord was an esteemed and public figure. He wouldn't be able to hide his faith, and if he attempted that people might think of him as a pagan, which he shouldn't want.

Details: I would propose the following:
a. Make everyone able, including priests, to see the local Lord's faith.
b. Or make everyone able, including priests, to see the local Lord's faith within the boundaries of his/her own realm. Outside the realm, in the priest would be able to discover the local Lord's faith through "Estimate religions...".

Benefits: It is good to know with whom you are dealing. Knowing if the Lord is adhering an evil or misguided faith changes how you act within the region, also depending on the situation you are in. You will approach one differently when you know about his faith before you attempt to convert him. And priests are more likely to contact pagan Lords and make them interested about religion, especially their own.

Possible Exploits: Non that I can think of because it is already visible to everyone else.

This has been discussed earlier one year ago:,1451.30.html.
East Island / Tournament
December 31, 2012, 02:58:44 AM
In the absence of war, shouldn't our nobles require more tournaments to boost their egos?  ;D

Therefore my question, which Duke will hold the next tournament on the East Continent?
Wiki / New Layout
May 15, 2012, 09:54:47 AM
I like the new layout of the wiki Tom. Nice work!  ;D
Helpline / Barca (Dwi) - Election bug
April 03, 2012, 12:46:12 AM
There were supposed to be quarterly elections these days in Barca, but no new elections started. And the countdown stands at 90 days again. I suppose this is a bug.
Helpline / Priests - Local Lords Faith
October 17, 2011, 04:33:52 PM
Something I have wondered about for some time, why are priests unable to see the Local Lords Faith?
General Talk / Atheist humour
September 23, 2011, 05:11:42 PM
Due to all the religious discussion on the Dwilight forum, I wanted to treat myself with some atheist humour, and I came across the following:

Feel free to add more humorous picture, jokes and videos.
Feature Requests / Message group limit adjustment
May 27, 2011, 01:45:50 PM
Most democracies and Republics have something like a senate. A group of all Lords and Magistrates. But smaller realms might not be able to give all senators a seat within the senate because of the message group limit.

Amount of Regions + 4 = message group limit
That next to the current system, and he picks the one with the highest limit.

That way, you will always be able to have 4 government members and your Lords within one council.
Feature Requests / Open/Closed Border treaty
May 24, 2011, 12:51:36 PM
Should a man of noble standing not be free to move to any realm desired unless a closed border treaty has been declared by the target realm?
#Annoying.. Tons of investments (ok, not that much), but a lot of gold has been wasted becuase our infrastructure breaks down. Everything we built seems to dissappear. Recruitment centres, armour/weapon smith, house of healing and what not. I don't understand it, while our production might be low, we have enough gold to pay for the maintenance for these buildings. Does anyone know why this happens?
Dwilight / What is your greatest fear on Dwilight?
April 11, 2011, 10:48:27 AM
What would your character on Dwilight fear the most?

I had to chose between Monster invasions and the Zuma on Warpath. And as I experienced both, I know what I fear the most.
The monsters are a constant threat, but will not easily be able to destroy Barca, while if those daemons where to siege our city it would be game-over.

Also, if you chose 'Other...', please let us know why.  ;)
BM General Discussion / Family Name Origins
April 06, 2011, 01:34:42 AM
Our creative minds at work. What inspired you to chose your family name?

Partly created this topic because I suspect Sacha of inspiring his family name on the royal house of France during the middle ages.
Renowned to me due to Philip IV "the Fair", who convicted the Knights Tempeliers and Jacques de Molay.

But allow me to start: My original family name was 'Ghia'. This stood on a badge we had here at home. It turned out to be a brand for cars. Either way, I am terrible with names and this was the best I could think of when joining the game. I changed it later because I felt it was not appropriate as the family name of a medieval noble house. I remember that I did not wanted to deviate too much from the original name, and I believe I found the name 'Galvez' among a list of other names. I started my search at the letter 'G' and Galvez was the most appropriate name to match the medieval atmosphere.

Not a great story, so I am certain you can top that. I am interested to hear about the other family names.  ;)
Helpline / Killed - Dead - Dying?
April 05, 2011, 06:10:10 PM
One of my char got killed this morning. I can bury him, but it says this is what the healers say:
"You are currently wounded and get only a fraction of the news, small bits and pieces whenever you are awake and well enough to take them in. You will not lose any news, everything you missed while in this state will be delivered once you are healed."
And in the bottom left, next to my name it says: Leandros (dying)

I also can not read all my messages. Because of the apparently wounded status. But I've been killed. So I am dead, right?
I guess this has something to do with the new wounded system, but is this a bug? Or do I have a chance to be miraculously revived?