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Development / Holy/Guild Wars
« on: June 08, 2020, 10:03:10 PM »
The current system for war is "realm vs realm".  There is nothing in place that would allow for something like a religious/guild type war. 
I suspect that my idea would be a "coding nightmare" but I will bring it up anyway as it may lead to something that could be possible.

Under the current system, we have:
nobles join a realm
are placed in an army of that realm
are told that "*** (realm)" is their enemy
are sent to war to defend their realm or to defeat the other realms army(s).

The only real choice given to the player here is which realm they will join.

I will use Daishi/Mordok as an example.
What I see as being optimal here would be a choice of whether or not to join in a given war, regardless of realm. 
Daishi has many followers in many realms, but currently there is no way for these "religious nobles" to band together to pursue any given goal.
It would be great if a "Priest of Daishi" (or a guild leader/member) could gather followers from various realms to band together in a common cause. 
Not every noble of every realm that has Daishi followers, just the religious members that desire to see the "Priests" goals to fruition. 

Great leader's gathering like minded followers from around the continent for a specific purpose.
Find a suitable cause with a suitable goal/enemy, gather warriors that believe in your cause, and go to war for a "just cause" that you believe in. 
I think this could be much more satisfying than your ruler deciding what war(s) you will be involved in.

BM General Discussion / BattleMaster Front page.
« on: May 15, 2020, 09:49:57 PM »
BattleMaster is a game played from your browser where grand stories unfold created by the interactions and imaginations of players. It focuses on battle, teamwork, and roleplay where the power is in your hands to create your own destiny and alter the course of history, forever. It takes place in a medieval setting where you create a character and join other players in a realm of your choosing. Your character will be of noble blood, start off as a Knight, and as your ambition demands, perhaps one day reach the ranks of Duke, General, Ruler, or more. Your character will fight alongside their realm's fellow nobles against nobles from enemy realms in order to win wars. Cities will be conquered, regions will be defended, and blood will be spilled in the name of honor, glory, culture, and power. Take part in forging alliances, destroying empires, fighting holy wars, and more in an ever changing landscape created by players, for players, where the victors are envied and enter the pages of history.

Battlemaster is a lightweight slow paced game designed to be played alongside your other activities with turns every 12 hours at 6AM and 6PM UTC . Depending on your desires and your characters' tasks, you can spend as little as 10 minutes per day on your characters, or over an hour based on what you want to do, roleplay, and achieve each day. A typical response time to letters and messages is measured in hours, not minutes, and many play Battlemaster from their smartphone while on the go.

Casually fight wars by wielding sword or bow, devise military strategy and lead fellow nobles by commanding the armies of your realm, vie for power among ambitious nobles and realms by engaging in political intrigue, spread your religion's faith and embark on a crusade for purposes only known to you: these are some of the many choices you will make. In Battlemaster, you create your own destiny, and all that stand in your path make victory that much sweeter when you overcome all that oppose you. Join Battlemaster now, every day is another chance for you to attain fame and honor!

BM General Discussion / OOC power-gaming???
« on: May 09, 2020, 09:21:13 PM »
I'm not even sure where to start with this one, as it such a volatile subject.
I understand that BattleMaster is a work in progress game and we will certainly find things within that do need changing.

Firstly, this is MY opinion from MY point of view and not everyone expected to agree with me.
In my opinion, this is where the supposed OOC problem we now face started:

Letter from Glynkar Plaraveen
Message sent to the rulers of Beluaterra (7 recipients) - just in

Queen Aibhlidhn,

Thank you Eldest Wilhelm.  All very good points.

I gave up Baqua willingly as you asked, you need not bother the rulers channel in an effort to buy time to finish the TO of Baqua.
There are currently no forces on the way to interfere with the TO in Baqua.  You are not taking the region, it was given freely.

So, is this to be as you suggest an existential war in which case all allies must become enmeshed?

That choice is not mine to make, it is the choice of you and your allies.
I will repeat what I explained earlier, which I thought was quite clear:

Goatseer Quartz wants a nice clean and polite war, well I offer this:

Send your allies home so Caelint and Gotland can go toe to toe, one on one.
Capitals (only) will be spared the destruction of battle, but all else is fair game.
There you have it, a nice clean and polite war with terms that will see neither realm utterly destroyed.

Northern Alliance Members,

I offer you basically the same.
Go home now and leave Gotland to the war that it has pushed for and earned.
A one on one war with limits.
If any member of the NA (other than Gotland) enters Caelint lands, I will settle for nothing less than an all out war that will certainly see the end of Caelint or Gotland.

So, the question goes to you - Is this to be an existential war in which case all allies must become enmeshed?
We have not yet invited our allies into our lands.  Should I send word to them?

On a separate note, we have just received our first prisoner of war.

New Prisoner
message to the realm's council - 1 hour, 26 minutes ago

Patrols in Djembe have captured the enemy adventurer Vladmir, Commoner. He is now on his way into your dungeons.

Though he is a commoner of very little importance, he is a bastard son of Gotland.
Since I have previously warned Gotland about sending their people into my lands, his execution is already on the books, so time is of the essence.

Will this be an existential war where he will be the first to die, or will my offer of a one on one limited war with Gotland be accepted and this poor wretch be set free?  A timely response is required for me to be able to intervene if necessary.


Glynkar Plaraveen
King of Caelint
Royal of Caelint

A ONE on ONE war between two realms that were basically equal in resources and nobles.
The players in Thal (and AA for that matter) CHOSE to pursue the war.
I will also note, that at that time, Thalmarkin alone had more nobles than the entire Caelint/Angmar/Nothoi alliance block combined (I do not recall the specific numbers).

Around this time (or shortly after), I recall reports of members of Thalmarkin moving to the south to interfere there as well.  Many infil attacks and scroll use that produced hoards of rogues for the southerners to deal with (not sure of more specific details as I was more concerned with the happenings in the north at that time.).  I believe that the southerners were trying to sort through troubles of their own at the time and did not really need the added excitement of Thal's "meddling".

Since that time, many things happened/changed continent-wide that can be attributed directly to the actions of Thal and its members.
Enhancing fun in the game for many players. 

Time rolls by and things change.  Realms fall, realms merge, old problems are sorted out new problems crop up... Life goes on.
Thalmarkin grows to the point that it becomes "unwieldy/unmanageable" as a single realm and the nobles choose to split and form a new realm from the resources they have. 
All is still wonderful. 

The downfall of Thalmarkin is at hand.

Thalmarkin, still quite powerful (but only half a strong as they were previously), decides to declare war on Irondale (the remnants of the remaining smaller realms in the north that have merged into one realm) figuring that it will be a fairly even war from what they can see of the current layout and happenings of the continent.
They may loose, they may win, but with the back-up of VS close at hand and many of their possible enemies far to the south, they are in no real danger from this war. 

And then things start to go bad (for Thalmarkin).
Irondale has grown strong due to the need to band together into one realm for their survival. (certainly due to Thal's actions)
Their allies in AA are no longer there to assist them due to strife between their two realms. (likely due to Thal's actions)
The southern realms contemplate "meddling" in Thal's current happenings.  (Again, likely Thal's previous actions in the south brought this on)
Then, the final straw, their former realm-mates (and back-up) in the new realm of Vordul Sanguinis decide that not only will they not help defend Thal, but they will join the other side to help "punish?" Thalmarkin.  (I am not sure of the reasoning behind this turn of events, but as members of both realms are originally from Thalmarkin, I suspect that we can say Thal's actions also caused this turn of events).

So why is everyone, all of a sudden, out to get Thalmarkin and ganging up on them?
It must certainly be OOC powergaming that is to blame. 
All Thalmarkin ever did was to try to enhance the continent and bring fun to all.

I will also note that being on the winning side of a conflict is normally MUCH more fun than being the ones who are getting their asses kicked.

BM General Discussion / From The Rulers Channel on Discord - Small realms
« on: September 08, 2019, 10:18:28 AM »


From the Rulers channel on Discord:

PlaraveenLast Thursday at 11:40 AM
For transparency because the DEV's do not play in the game:
Out-of-Character from Glynkar Plaraveen
Message sent to the rulers of Beluaterra (9 recipients) - 1 hour, 7 minutes ago

For those who do not use the Discord channels:

"So...what would people think if we created a mechanic similar to penalties for failed elections, no gov office held, anarchy et cetera whereby if a realm had less than X nobles for X period of time, the realm would be made rogue (each day of X time-period having a warning message)? If the realm goes over the minimum noble requirement, the timer is reset."
"So, for example, what I'm specifically thinking is
If udner 10 nobles (or 5 on Colonies), you get 60 days to find a solution, or the realm is rogued on day 60. if a realm say gets 10 nobles for a week, and then goes back under 10, they restart at the full 60 days."

I find this very disheartening as it would basically see the end of Caelint 8, Angmar 8, Grehkia 8, Gotland 10, Ar Agyr 12, Nothoi 13.
So it would likely be better if all of the central realms decided to fold and join Thalmarkin or one of the Obean realms.
Any new members that join the Discord are usually advised that joining Thal or Obeah is the best choice.
Then we could all yell at each other from opposite ends of the map while sharing religious RP's.  Good times.


Harold Miller
jitney | BlueLast Thursday at 11:48 AM
From what I understand, after talking to a few people, this is an idea, not a certainty.

That being said, I personally would like to respectfully disagree. I believe that the variety of realms give players different ways to play their characters, and also make complicated, multi front battle possible.

There's merit to the comment on "dead" realms being terrible for player retention. That's valid. But perhaps rogueing the realm isn't the only solution. Maybe we put that activity onus on the ruler. We are responsible for the fun. It's a SOB in Thal to keep them entertained, and it takes work on my part. But I'm doing it. And it's working. Rulers, within reason, should be responsible for maintaining a certain level of activity. The only measurable metric for that would be sent letters I suppose. Putting a quota on it sounds like a horrible idea, but an initiative to increase activity, if only by TALKING, might help.

We all agree we have activity issues in plenty of places. There has to be more than one solution. One that doesn't see cultures that people care about removed only because of low noble count. We might be able to find other ways to accomplish this

PlaraveenLast Thursday at 11:55 AM
I understand that new players need some activity to gain their interest.  But there are MANY players that just do not have the time or "will/want" to sit around typing letters every day all the time.  We all come to this game for different reasons.  Should the players that don't want to spend hours each day writing RP's be punished for their level of play?
jitney | BlueLast Thursday at 11:55 AM
No, I don't think so.
But as rulers, there's another level of responsibility to the game and the players within your realm.
I'm just trying to find another solution that doesn't involve rogueing realms like this
I'm with ya
PlaraveenLast Thursday at 11:57 AM
Currently the only real executable conflict on BT involves 5 of the 6 realms that would be rogued with this idea.
jitney | BlueLast Thursday at 11:57 AM
Yep.. and that stinks
Could remove the distance caps I guess, or greatly soften them
But then it basically becomes SI
The small pockets of civilization all over, in the midst of invasion, is part of BT
I think the flavor, which the multitude of realms create, is very very important to the survival of the game on that continent
Abstract | Foote FamilyLast Thursday at 12:02 PM
3 realms would be affected if this idea was implemented, not 6. The number given was those that had less than 10 nobles.

Also, @Vita` , you wanted feedback so see above if you haven't already.
PlaraveenLast Thursday at 12:05 PM
Sadly Vita is of the opinion that small realms have nothing to offer the game.
The current actionable conflict on BT was started by two of the smallest realms on the continent

Vita`Last Thursday at 12:13 PM
What I find disheartening is the completely uncharitable interpretations of everything for no purpose other than to further divide the community. Nothing will change if we can't work together. BTW, developers do play the game. I'll answer more later when I don't feel so disheartened by assuming the worst of each other's intentions.
LancasterLast Thursday at 12:14 PM
The fact that small realms CAN contribute to the game overall doesn't mean that they all do
Generally, they trend to be quiet, isolationist. If I wasn't pushing some of the members of Fallangard to leave our borders, we probably never would
GreybrookLast Thursday at 12:25 PM
This is kind of why I am glad to see war in Dwilight and localised conflict in BT - makes engagement that involves realms of all sizes or makes governments have to make decisions to merge etc
jitney | BlueLast Thursday at 12:29 PM
Tried to be kind about it, and very constructive, Vita
jitney | BlueLast Thursday at 12:51 PM
Well then I my point has merit. If the rulers foster fun and activity, however they need to, whether it be religion, battle, RP.. then we'll see activity. I think that even the isolationist realms, if given the push by a ruler, can have fun. Or get crushed by another realm.. self maintenance.

And, @Vita` and @Delvin Anaris I know that we don't know the full picture behind the coding and what's possible, what's not. And I personally respect that, and the work you all do. However this group, the rulers, have their fingers on the pulse of this game like no others. Socially, we have a very very good idea of what's happening, and why. I mean this with the utmost respect, and I hope my well meaning words are not misconstrued
I still don't have an answer to the issue, which I agree exists. But I think I'm on to something. Accountability for the rulers, regarding activity. I wouldn't be offended if you asked me to prove I was doing my job

Vita`Last Thursday at 1:18 PM
Okay, getting back to this...
Yes, its only an idea, not a certainty. Hence seeking feedback.
I think there's merit to the variety of realm's line.
I think you've noticed we have been trying to stress the gov responsibilities more recently. :wink: But Titans aren't going to start investigating realms like the Secret Police and if people don't report issues, issues linger. We've spent years trying to emphasize to rulers the need to address these issues and while some have, others have just sat there 'waiting'. Waiting doesn't fix things.
I'm open to solutions, absolutely, but I also fundamentally question if a culture is cared about if it cant attract enough nobility and they don't actually do anything to maintain or pass on the culture, if the culture is 'only' the memory of past times. That's not culture, thats history. History can become culture again, certainly, but by and large, its been quite unlikely in the last five years.
BattleMaster is a social game based upon interactions. While you're not expected to constantly write, there should be something written. Especially as a government player.
There are only 3 realms on BT that would, at current noble counts, be made rogue if this were implemented and they went 60 days without being above 10 nobles. There's an exception to the no mergers rule for a reason. And if it were implemented, and on day 57 one of the realms got its 10th noble, the timer would stop. And if they lost a noble and went back down to 9, they would start all over at 0. The proposal is that it would take two months of sustained, continually under 10 nobles (or 5 for colonies). Each day giving a warning to the realm, the same as the warning you get for having no one in a government office, or being in anarchy.
Removing or softening distance caps....would be a step backwards.
I think flavor is important, but that there isn't flavor if realms aren't actually engaging one another or themselves. The mere existence of realms is not flavor. You have to actually interact to have flavor.
Thanks Abstract.
No, I'm of hte opinion that small realms, more often than not, provide a terrible experience to the game, especially for a new player's introduction to BattleMaster. Also, the game was not designed to have such realms. Its a disease, not something to be preserved. Exceptions have and can exist, but much like two characters on an island, more often than not it makes the game more static and less dynamic.
You were Jitney, and I appreciate it.
I'll be considering yours and Left's arguments and how to address those concerns.
The problem is Jitney, not all rulers bother to give a push. And not all realms have the players available to dedicate to playing such a character.
I'm not sure why you're telling me this. I'm the one who made the #rulers channel to increase communication, came up with the TODO for the ingame ruler-admin channel, and has pushed for more ruler involvement in community decisions. That's the way the community used to operate and what I've been pushing to get us back towards.
I appreciate the effort you put into BM and while I wouldn't refer to it as a 'job' (hey, its a game, lighten up :P), there are certain community responsibilities to playing a character in a government office. And I'm rather close to making an announcement that henceforth, dukes are included in the Government Rules too, since what a duke is now is not what a duke used to be when those rules were being formed. Anyway, accountability for rulers requires the community to uphold that accountablity. Everything comes down to community effort, to uphold accountability, atmosphere, rules, to cooperate to find solutions for hte playerbase decline et cetera.
PlaraveenLast Thursday at 4:03 PM
Out-of-Character from Glynkar Plaraveen
Message sent to the rulers of Beluaterra (9 recipients) - just in

No need to redraw a new map.
Maybe have Atamara rise from the sinking with many of the former regions lost to the ocean bottom.

Maybe allow only immigration from another continent?
Maybe make this only available to members of another continent (BT shares the same original map).
If you move your character from the existing continent to the new continent, then you give up your right to a character on the old one.

Maybe pose this offer to the players on BT (in-game so that everyone has a say).

Would you be willing to emigrate your existing character to this new island and give up the existing island for the betterment of the game?

If the response is positive enough, it may be worth considering for several of the continents.
Realms could start with their existing capitals and maybe one or two rurals to keep it fed.

Voluntary relocation to a new continent?

Harold Miller

PeregrineLast Thursday at 5:39 PM
I agree that tiny realms are terrible for the game. Especially as a new player experience.
DupontLast Thursday at 5:43 PM
Yeah, I remember when I joined Nova as a new player with a load of other people. There was a big RP event for our arrival and we assumed that was what the game was like.
But no, it was just everyone being excited for a bunch of new players
Because players realise that new players need to feel like there's a lot going on. A tiny realm will instantly discourage a new player if they joined
Vita`Last Thursday at 6:03 PM
It used to be like that...
PlaraveenLast Thursday at 7:53 PM
@Peregrine you say that tiny realms are terrible for the game yet you are in Grehkia, one of the smallest realms on BT?
@Dupont and yet you stayed even when the RP action died down.  Also a member of Swordfell, one of the smallest realms on Dwilight.
It seems to me that even the smallest of realms CAN have a draw for players.
I understand that many smaller realms do NOT appeal to everyone, but there are players who prefer a smaller realm.
I for one do not want 25-30 various RP's every turn requiring a reply.
To be honest, I have seen many RP's that I consider to be stupid, but hey, to each their own.  If it works for some people and others are willing to go with it, power to them.
When was the last time that something exciting happened in say... Shattered Vales?  I read discord fairly regular and don't recall anything exciting from one of the largest realms on BT.

jitney | BlueLast Thursday at 8:07 PM
I agree with plaraveen here. Any realm can be fun. I was in eppy on my last time playing and ruled there for a bit. We had what, 7 nobles? And we had fun. We even drew in a new noble or two. We were active, because we created the activity. I created it. Player of Aurelius created it.

We can make ANY realm fun. I don't think I'd love OS because I like a balance between RP and battle. But it's there for people who do.
PlaraveenLast Thursday at 8:09 PM
Exactly, your realm is as fun as you make it.  If your realm is not the kind of fun you are looking for, then move to another realm.  This is even stated in the game somewhere, if what you find is not what you expect, there are many more realms to find your fun in.
jitney | BlueLast Thursday at 8:10 PM
Which means, unfortunately, that some of us aren't doing enough to create that fun for everyone
There are quiet realms that like the peace, and then there are dead realms. All it takes is one player though.. One person to ignite something. Usually the ruler can help that happen, or be that person.

Before we make any mechanical changes, perhaps a message to all rulers in the game appealing to exactly this.
While the govt rules are read, I think people lose touch with the creating fun aspect. And that's fair, to a point.. we're allowed to have periods of inactivity, even a rulers. But if the ruler just coasts and lets the realm down, something is wrong.
Vita`Last Thursday at 8:15 PM
There aren't 25-30 various RPs every turn in any realm. There aren't even 25-30 various roleplays in a realm over a month's time.
There aren't even 25-30 roleplays in an island over a month's time.
oh. sorry. caveat. to realmwide channel.

Feature Requests / Players hoarding positions - untouchable Dukes etc.
« on: August 08, 2019, 12:57:48 AM »
Title:Removing title holders that do not live up to their duties in their realm.

Summary:Often players obtain a position and then "sit back" to enjoy the position while not living up to their responsibilities.
We have had many discussions of Dukes hoarding gold and doing nothing to further the cause of their realm mates.  Currently there is no direct way to remove a Duke who does not live up to their obligations.  Wounding and prison stays, that last long enough, will remove a Duke from their position, but often the Dukes that do not fulfill their obligations will sit in a city and avoid situations where they may be wounded or captured, further avoiding their obligations. 

Details:I propose that there be an option given to the Ruler and/or the Council members of a realm that would allow them to remove ANY noble from ANY position.  (ruler alone, or vote within the Council)  Any position that can be elected or appointed to.

Benefits:More accountability for those that take government/lordship positions.  If you take the position, be prepared to do what is required to keep it.  Also gives a more dynamic relationship with all the nobles in the realm.
Will allow for positions to change without need of wounding (allows for rework of how wounds system works) or capture/prison. 

Possible Downsides/Exploits:I believe that there is lots of room for exploiting this feature _in the short-term_.  That said, I believe that this also allows for dealing with any exploiting.  Ruler and/or Council are positions that can be protested out of office, they are accountable.  If they start abusing this feature, the nobles can protest them out of office (longer-term).  Titans are available as well for abusers.

Feature Requests / Randomizing movement of Sages and Wizards
« on: March 15, 2019, 04:49:03 AM »
Title:  Randomizing movement of Sages and Wizards

Summary:  Currently Sages and Wizards only move on turn changes.  As most of the advy game is NOT turn based, it would be nice to have this feature less reliant on turn changes as well.

Details:  Have sages/wizards move at random intervals (non-turn reliant).  Where X can be a randomly generated number, have sages and wizards move every X hours to a new location.  If the sages/wizards are "used up" by advies, they can move X-Y (a smaller, but also random number) hours after use. 

Benefits:  This should make sages/wizards more random in being found.  It would also prevent any "click race" at turn change.  The advy game is not meant to be played on a turn basis as they steadily accumulate hours and most of their actions are immediate.  The current movement of sages/wizards hinders this "play any time" ability for advy characters.  Random movements of sages and wizards should make them less easy to track as well.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:  They will be harder for advies to track, but I believe that is a benefit for the game.  So long as there is a randomness to the hours between movements, I do not see how this can be exploited.

General Talk / Children
« on: September 13, 2018, 04:25:20 AM »
Many years ago my wife and I used to foster children.
We did this for many years.

At one point we had several boys (3) and 1 girl.
And here starts the story.

One day the little girl comes to my wife and I and tells us about the boys having done something against the rules of our household.
It was not any major infraction, but we felt we should deal with the little girls concerns.
We called the boys in and lined them up.  We told the boys what the little girl had disclosed to us and asked them if it was true.
Each boy, in turn, lowered their head and admitted that yes, the story told by the little girl was indeed true.
The little girl, off to the side, stood there with a big smile on her face.
Being a "small crime", we told the boys that they would be grounded for a couple of days and their weekly allowances (cash) would be reduced due to their transgression. 
Though sad, the boys took this quite well.
The little girl though, seemed to think this was not sufficient and quickly piped up and said "That's all???"
I looked at the little girl and asked her what she felt was appropriate, should I maybe break their arm or something?
She stopped to think about it for a moment or two, giving it some very serious thought, and then decided that no, maybe that would be a little too much for the minor offense that the boys had been involved in. 

So there we were, with all the boys having received their punishment and everyone satisfied with the results of the gathering.
This accomplished, we sent the kids off to their rooms to get ready for bed since it was almost bed-time and they had school the next day.
As the smallest of the boys turned to go to his room, he shyly said "What about her???  She was there too..."

Moral of the story:  Just because one is willing to step forward and tell on the rest does not mean that they are any less guilty...  :)

Adventurers accumulating excess amounts of gold

In medieval times commoners were very unlikely to amass large amounts of gold (currency).
Those that did manage to get an excess of gold would likely find themselves relieved of their gold by the local lord or other commoners/thieves.

It would be hard to look like they were living in poverty when they could afford to feed an entire town. Sooner or later someone would figure out that they have more gold than they should and word would quickly spread to lords, bandits, or other commoners that were so poor that they had nothing to loose by reporting to their lord or trying to take the gold for themselves.

No matter how cautious one is, sooner or later they are likely to slip up and someone would find out.

If the devs are interested in "controlling" the amount of gold that any advy can carry, it may be worth adding a random chance that any advy with more than XXX amount of gold may encounter such bad luck as to be found out. This could lead to a chance of being robbed and/or an even smaller chance of being murdered for their wealth.

It has been a long time since it happened to me, but I recall that I have had nobles robbed by roving bandits when traveling alone with no unit for protection.

A possible example:

An advy with 500 gold has a 30% chance of being found out.
This could increase by 5% for each additional 100 gold they carry.

Once/if found out, they could have a 35% chance of being confronted about their wealth.

If confronted, there could be a 70% chance of being robbed.
If robbed, there could be a 60% chance of only robbery, a 30% chance of being wounded while being robbed, and a 5% chance of being murdered during the robbery.

The amount of gold lost could be variable as well. When a judge takes a nobles gold, they are often left with a few gold pieces that they managed to conceal.

The type of region (rural/mountain/city...) could also increase or decrease the various percentage chances. Too much gold would be less likely noticed in a city, while the chance of being killed for your gold might be increased on a lonely rural road.

First and foremost it would reduce the amount of gold that an advy is likely to have, making the game a little more realistic.
This would certainly be more realistic than advys being charged 100+ gold in road travel fees/taxes.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: 
A lot of sad adventurers. / I see NO possible exploits to this controlling measure.

It may be possible to work around this by storing gold in guildhouse treasuries, but that in itself is dangerous.
Others have access to the same treasuries and guildhouses may be robbed and or sacked by nobles, making this a gamble as well.

Helpline / Changing Islands with a character
« on: April 09, 2017, 08:46:14 AM »
I posted the following to the in-game Mentoring Forum around 2 months ago and have had no one offer any information.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Moving to another Island

sent by Harold Miller - 2 months ago

I know that one does not keep all that one has gained when moving to a different island.
It cost some gold, you loose some honor and prestige, you will be further penalized if traveling with too much gold.
Any bonds not withdrawn before leaving is lost.
I believe that Unique Items are lost as well.

What I am hoping for is more details/varification on what will transfer and what will not.

How much gold can be taken?
How much honor and prestige are lost?
Do you loose U.I.'s for sure?
Are scrolls taken or lost during the transfer?
What happens to any existing bounties on your head?
And what happens to the bounties you have placed on others? (I know they are not returned, but do they remain in the "pot"?)

And anything else, that's relevant, that I may have missed would be appreciated as well.

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