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Roleplaying / The Tales of Nemean JeVondair Renodin
« on: June 05, 2019, 09:13:44 PM »

Hey there!

In this thread I'll be collecting as best as I can the various Roleplays that are written by, for and involve Nemean JeVondair Renodin. The Son of Asher Renodin and Ayden JeVondair. Grandson of Aldrakar Renodin.

Green eyes, Dark Blond hair, Average height, Athletic build.

Nemean was borne under questionable circumstances. Ayden and Asher had their own long and complex stories. One of its results is this Character. Originally imagined and fleshed out by the player of the JeVondair Family but given onto me to play as a character.

For all those pieces that I will gather here that aren't written by me I express gratitude. Without them Nemean would never be nor become I imagine, the character he is and might be. Please consider them as you read these stories. Only some are mine but most likely most are the stories that other people created and all credit goes to them.

Hey there!

To honor the new feature we've been given by the Dev's. I propose we hopen this here thread and share fun, amazing, unique, special or otherwise noteworthy character portraits and descriptions.

I'll kick it off with one of mine. Sadly I couldn't find anyone else yet or I'd have opted for that.


BM General Discussion / Extended Family - The Renodins
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:16:23 PM »
Hey there,

A phenomenon I came across multiple times during my stay in this game is where players used family names of other players in their characters. Like JeVondair did, Raina Eastersand JeVondair. It outlines, at times, an agreement or shared roleplay history between the players. Culminating in very dynamic and rich characters. Perhaps a marriage that led to children or indeed bastards rising to Nobility, you name it.

I've not seen any official forum post about this so I figured I'd make one.

My family, House Renodin, isn't the most famous or well know or wide spread family but I have done my share of role-playing, writing, politicking and you name it. I could imagine how other players might want to play a son or daughter of my dynasty. Close relative or indeed distant relative or relation. A forgotten son or some other offshoot.

Here it is then:

Offering to facilitate and work together with whomever wants to take part in this emergent game-play that the players of Battlemaster have invented. To whomever might want to add a Renodin to their personal family and work to create an even more intricate and more dynamic and even richer history and background. Not only for our characters but for other players to emerge in, here's your chance!

I'm happy to work out a shared History, reason and backstory as to why you'd have a Renodin mingled into your bloodlines. If this happens, whatever knowledge or shared agreement we have as players I will roleplay and use in my own. personal gameplay. That character will have familiar ties to my family from that point onwards with all that entails.

Of course, I invite other players to step forwards and join in on this feature that we, the playerbase, have invented.


East Island / The New Xavax
« on: December 08, 2017, 10:53:07 AM »
Hey there,

It's about time I reckon to give this its own thread. Let me begin by stating that this is also a notice to anyone wanting to join in on creating a new Realm with a long and rich history of both Lore and Culture. Heavily invested in Roleplay and founded and shaped by the likes of JeVondair and Aurea families. Not to mention, myself as well. But giant amounts of Kudos to the other two families, I'm merely a torch bearer compared to them. Fire Starters.

This new Realm will be based around the City of Fontan, East Continent and enjoy a lot of the benefits and very few of the drawbacks of any of the Realms currently on the East Continent. By that I mean, central location, active choice in whatever they want to do with an eye to the huge war that is being waged. Ability to interact with all other Realms on the continent. An active and bustling Roleplay group of people. A martial, proud culture that is extensively documented on the Wiki and ingame.

Wide political map that is established, growing and very dynamic. The Xavax are a known meritocracy founded on martial ideas and a fierce mentality that has seen them be widely successful and unique. It took seven Realms to displace them in the past and this will be a new chapter in the illustrious history. One, where you can be part of.

Want to join us? Contact me either via Pm, Discord, IRC or ingame (Asher Renodin).

For all other purposes of discussion, banter and the like, feel free to use this thread.

Cheers guys!

Roleplaying / The Deeds of Astros Renodin
« on: November 14, 2017, 09:30:28 AM »
Yeah, its that time again. I created a new character. We'll see how long this one lives. Last time I created a less than good character he died in a duel to the death. Here's to hoping this one will be less foolish. Anyhow, let me give you a quick taste of the kind of individual we're dealing with here. I used this RP to introduce the character of Astros to the Realm. Hope you enjoy!

A Cheerful Tune

A meandering road led them to the outskirts of the main towns of Avengmil. Green lush trees swayed gently in the wind and trains of clipped geese waddled past. Constantly being harassed by a boy menacingly wielding a stick and his dog. Those geese the boy couldn't reach the dog would promptly jap at. Astros grinned as he saw the boy. The scene reminded him of himself and the early days. A self appreciating sigh escaped his red lips. Lips entirely hemmed in by a gruff stubble reaching well down his neck. Apart from his heavy eyebrows it was the only hair on his entirely head. The warm sun above made his scalp gleam and he liked to think that it occasionally blinded one of his men marching behind him.

The boy stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth fell open as he gawked at the troupe of warriors approaching. One and all big men. Decked not just in brigantine and leathers but most prominently in flesh hardened over years of training and innate physical prominence. Astros leading the pack and it clearly was a sign of power, especially over those that followed. The towering man's face was angular, sat atop a broad neck and his eyes shone with intelligence but were veiled with a far more sinister quality only truly masked by confidence and a smug little grin that played upon his features. Feeling particularly good Astros struck up a tune as he began to whistle. A cheerful, marching melody. It fooled the boy but not the geese. They hissed and beat their wings as they tried to hustle their group onward.

''Whoooaa! Real Knights!'' The boy exclaimed. Arriving at where the boy stopped Astros made an elaborate show of looking down on the boy and offering the broadest of grins. ''In the Flesh!'' and he winked. Astros' eye fell on the boy's satchel. Within he spied it contained a piece of cheese. Not really caring who saw or how the boy would feel he reached down with one heavy and armor arm. His fingers going straight for the cheese and while the boy deigned away, one ugly look rooted the boy in place. Having seized his price Astros bite off a large chunk. ''Scram you little !@#$stain.'' The boy couldn't comprehend for precious moments. Getting annoyed, Astros kicked the boy aside before continuing to march on. Laughing as the boy landed in a muddle of mud. ''Learn from this lesson boy! Better pay your taxes or else!'' The men laughed with their master and the boy knew resentment as his father had. Nobility, they're all the same.

Title: RP Specific Message Channel

Along the usual message channels being ''Too all Realm Mates / To Rulers, etc'' have a Channel where people could post RP's too. These RP's would be available to all players akin to the current ''World News'' Feed that one can access via the ''Information'' Tab ingame. Encouraging players to write more Roleplays (RP's), sharing the joy of writing and making content that is enjoyable more widely available.

The ''Roleplay Message Channel (RMC)'' would be accessible either under the ''Messages'' tab ingame, which is currently used for writing all player related letters and such or via a newly establish -tab- like the ''Messages'' tab to give the concept of RPing more prominence. There would be a link (or checkbox like the ''Keep recipients secret'' when you write an ingame message) where players can submit their RP to the ''Roleplay Message Channel''. This would result in their submitted Roleplay being made available to all other players under a system that looks a lot like the current ''World News'' feature. Where the Rp's would be published and could then be consumed by all willing players.

The Rp's would have to be checked for content in a number of possible ways.

Self moderation,
players are able to check boxes before posting their RP to the ''Roleplay Message Channel'' which could include, Violent, Graphic, Battle, Romance.. ad infinitude. To allow potential consuming players to quickly peruse the RMC for desired content or indeed hide content they have specified as undesirable for them.

Titan moderation,
An Rp that is set to be published has to be approved by the Titans of said continent. Their vision and longstanding reputation within the community gives their judgement the required weight to steer the content that is distributed among the Player Base.

Admin approved,
Like the Titan variation but even heftier in terms of an official Go Ahead.

Accredited Player RP Group,
An appointed, voted or chosen group of community Roleplayers / Players that invest their own time to moderate the content to be published on the RMC.


A. Separate ingame tab

To tailor the game more toward Roleplaying and adding to its significance as a driving force of the Battle Master game create a separate Roleplaying, ingame tab. Like ''Messages'' or ''Information''. This tab would be styled based on the ''Message'' tab but would have some key variations (it could be construed as an overhaul of the ''Messages'' tab entirely). In the ''Roleplaying'' tab the RMC feed would get a prominent position. So that Roleplay content could be easily consumed. Additionally there should be several links enabling players to quickly write Roleplays along with adding the tags that are appropriate for end user consumption (e.a. Violent, Battle, Romance etc.). Furthermore it would be beneficial if players had a higher character limit for writing Roleplayers as to not having to break up Roleplay messages into several posts as currently is the case ingame. 800 characters give or take is the current letter writing limit ingame. Rp's can be several thousand.

This Tab could be devoted to all manner of RP writing. In so much that players could from this tab, when they have written a given RP, could then select to which message groups they wish to send it specifically. By this it is meant that a player could write an RP to a fellow player in the same Realm and select a box which would enable the player to not only publish the RP on the RMC but also send it to his or her realm. Several of such message groups should be selectable at the same time. For example: To Realm, To Guild X Y Z, Individual players etc.

Important note on that latter feature, only to existing message groups the player has access to or known contacts as currently is allowed by the game.

In short:
RMC feed, Rp writing field, extended character limit, ability to add consumer preference tags to Rp content prior to publishing, ability to include existing message groups.

B. I'll hold back on adding more variations.

Encouraging people to write content for the game. Spreading enjoyable content among the player base. Alternative means of receiving ingame recognition via player appreciation. Increasing the likelihood of players actually writing RP's as more people get to read their content. Great player interaction. Enriching the BM history and Culture. And many more such soft improvements. The game is about player driven content, RP's are a big part of that. It has made realms and indeed the game, great. 

Possible Downsides/Exploits:

Abused for diplomatic reasons. Scheming and plotting opportunity. Players using OOC knowledge as IC knowledge. An Rp could depict a private event but another player uses it as if it was common knowledge. Players could use the functions as a means of contacting players the game didn't allow them to contact before.

Moderation would be required to limit this from happening. The upsides outweigh the downsides however as increased interaction will lead to retention, increased experienced gaming value and greater appeal for aspiring players.

Please, discuss. I am sure I've missed out on certain area's. Some intentionally and some I've simply failed to see myself surely. In general I would like there to be more incentive to write RP's and a better ability to share the writing we all do in this game. We have some amazing content creators and it would be a shame if only a fraction of the playerbase got to enjoy their talent, hard work and ability.

It gives so much more chance for people to join in on local plot hooks and participate in events that would otherwise seem alien, foreign and impossible to grap for outsiders. How often do players travel the Realms of a continent only to experience snippets of culture or partake in a short few RP's that's only the tip of the iceberg. With this feature or something like it people would be able to enjoy so much more of the good stuff that is already in game.

Helpline / Excessive loss of contacts when Banished from a Realm
« on: August 27, 2017, 07:53:14 AM »

When being banished from a realm it seems the players contact list gets purged from a number of things. Most notable, all contacts (virtually) from the Realm the noble is being banished. However, also from prior realms and perhaps more even. Even people that the Noble may have communicated a lot with are purged from the contact list and also people not belonging to the previous Realm the Noble was Banished from.

How does this all work?

''Send a message to one of your contacts''  That option under the Send Message tab. Where you can only select one recipient.

Banishment, Going Rogue, Rejoining a Realm / new Realm.

What are the factors and why?

Roleplaying / The Lights of Krimml - A portal stone story (Dev event)
« on: August 22, 2017, 08:02:45 AM »
Hey there,

Here I'll record the dev event of the 22nd of August 2017 as it happened in the realm of Sirion on the East Continent. It is an event that involves the infamous Portal Stones. The items Adventurers can find but are rare and many are needed, as you'll read in a moment.


Crackling Magic   
message to everyone in the vicinity of Krimml

Magic crackled. Whether intentional or not, Krimml and Akesh Temple had become united by magic when the stones were laid within Akesh Temple. For years, Krimml had suffered near-constant windstorms since its portal stones had been laid down. Today though, all was still. Except the faint crackling of magic.


Three Walked On 
message to everyone in the vicinity of Krimml

Three walked the streets of Krimml. A smith, a teacher, and a gambler approached Bellatrix. The gambler, a lady in green, greeted Bellatrix. With sobriety, she knelt before Bellatrix, offering a shield. Upon the shield rested a piece of parchment. The three walked on.

Three walked the streets of Akesh. A smith, a teacher, and a gambler approached Franklin. The smith, a man in red, greeted Franklin. With mournful disposition, he too knelt before Franklin. Head bowed, he retrieved a box and left it before the ancient hero. The three walked on.

Three walked the streets of Krimml. A smith, a teacher, and a gambler approached Rowan. The teacher, a man in blue, greeted Rowan. With much joviality, he knelt before Rowan. In quite a silly manner, he laid a manual upon the ground. A finger rested upon the manual. The three walked on.

Three walked the streets of Akesh. A smith, a teacher, and a gambler approached Jin. The gambler, a lady in green, greeted Jin. Revealing a scythe adorned with emeralds behind her robes, she knelt before Jin, laying the blade upon the ground. The three walked on.

Three walked the streets of Krimml. A smith, a teacher, and a gambler approached Thorgeir Mahtan. The smith, a man in red, greeted Thorgeir Mahtan. With a smirk, he knelt before Thorgeir Mahtan, laying a blade on the ground. Upon the blade rested a diary. The three walked on.

Three walked the streets of Akesh. A smith, a teacher, and a gambler approached Ricard. The teacher, a man in blue, greeted Ricard. With a coy smile, he knelt before Ricard, offering box and book. The three walked on.

Three walked the streets of Akesh. A smith, a teacher, and a gambler approached Sevonne. The smith, a man in red, greeted Sevonne. With cheerful disposition, he knelt before Sevonne. Eyes twinkling, shield was laid before the young warrior woman. Upon the shield rested a silver scimitar. The three walked on.


Portal Energies  
message to everyone in the vicinity of Krimml

As the sun was rising, the crackling grew louder, and in the dawning light, sparks shot out from the column of light striking the odd commoner dead. Attracted to fellow portal stones, the magic contained within the portal circles sought union with more portal stones.

Sitting on a small marketplace wall, Etain of Shadowdale and Sheena of Nivemus were comparing insects preserved within pieces of amber while they enjoyed a bottle of wine. In a moment, Etain found herself being knocked to the ground by some fool and, then, sudden blackness. Sheena meanwhile had fallen from the flailing legs of the other two, and unable to grab hold of anything secure while falling, landed awkwardly with a painful crunch and shriek. They both missed the electricity exploding upon their satchels of four portal stones each, which the stranger attempted to save Etain from. Unfortunately for Etain, she knocked her head on the street a bit too hard and had to be rushed to the healers. Unfortunately for Sheena, she had a bone sticking out of her leg at a rather unnatural angle. The hopeful good samaritan disappeared in shame.

Oro of Nivemus was trying to fix her broken sword when sudden nauseousness overtook her, followed by an intense white light, as magical energy sought out the fourteen portal stones she was carrying; so intense was the light that Oro found herself permanently blinded.

Elermos of Fallangard felt a burning sensation on his bum when his two portal stones were incinerated by the magic lightning, burning the seat off his pants.


Chaos is a Plague  
message to everyone in the vicinity of Krimml

Growing in strength, the magical column of light grew beyond the portal ring, causing the terrified to flee and the foolish to gawk in stupor, until being consumed by the light, never to be seen again. Militia frantically evacuated sections of the town and cordoned off streets, as alarm grew within both cities. It was not long until the column of light had entirely encompassed the recruitment center district and all those training within, much to the chagrin of military advisors everywhere.

As if the guards were not stretched thin enough, news spread like wildfire that militiamen and citizen alike had begun expressing symptoms of the plague, causing yet further panic. Citizens avoiding militiamen, fighting back, in fear of infection. Guards reluctant to clear certain neighbourhoods. Thankfully, no actual fires erupted.

And then it was over. The magic at least; the plague remained. With everyone blinking in disbelief, the light column had simply disappeared. Gone. So suddenly that there was even disbelief that there had been a light before, no matter how long the light had sat there previously. Confusion reigned. Particularly when the Ake!@#$e architecture of the recruitment centers within Krimml, and the Krimmlois architecture of the recruitment centers within Akesh Temple, were noticed. Drill sergeants stumbling out of the buildings in a daze were dressed in rather foreign styles. Throughout the respective cities, even as confusion and plague reigned, the work of rebuilding commenced.


The effect was that the Recruitment Centers in Krimml and Akesh Temple were switched around. Each region now having the Recruitment Centers that the other used to have. Also, the population of Krimml went from 4200 to the max of 16200.

Roleplaying / The Whispering Scythe
« on: July 26, 2017, 11:15:30 AM »

Hey there!

One of my adventurers found a unique item called ''The Whispering Scythe'', as befits an advy, I sold it to a Noble. Now, I wrote an Rp about finding it in the clutches of some semi intelligent monster and how the Scythe had corrupted its mind. So that the monster had gathered and indeed build a small cult revolving around blood sacrifices.

A couple days later I decided to RP the Scythe's spirit / voice to the Noble I had sold the item to. Here are some of the RP's I send. Hope you like it!

Roleplaying / The Carefree Adventures of Asher Renodin
« on: May 17, 2017, 01:17:43 PM »
Hey there gents and ladies, a new character and with him a new tone of Roleplays to write.

Here I will attempt to record whatever happens in Asher's life. He is the son of Aldrakar Rendorin and Lucini Talratheon. Twin and brother to Aldrakar II. He is or at least in his youth was a cheerful, care free and jolly person. Full of energy and filled with life. Ready to smile, quick to laugh and always up for fun. How will time treat him and looking at the first glimpses of the East Continent and Great Xavax where he is starting out his career, his personality may be sorely tested.

War is all around and the Realm is beset on all sides by a multitude of enemies. Will the Bright eyed young man with light blue eyes and that most inviting of smiles yet innocent, turn to the grim reality of bloodshed and torment? Come around and find out.


Roleplaying / The Cruel Life of Arnick Renodin. Mostly of his own making.
« on: September 01, 2014, 07:52:53 PM »
Hey everyone,

Yeah I know, new char! New character! That means I got to save the Rp's and even though I don't know how far this new guy will make it, it will still be good to not let Rp be lost to the pits of obscurity. So here you may read of the life of a mean, sadistic, bully. His name is Arnick Renodin and I envision him as a physically impressed, blessed even, man who utilized his body as a tool to oppress, get what he wants and generally be a right bastard.

I'll try to do it with flair and avoid outright nastiness but still, have nastiness. If you know what I mean.



Roleplaying / The Brutish life of Gomrin Renodin
« on: October 03, 2013, 09:57:53 AM »
Here I'll try to capture some of the Roleplays I've written with Gomrin Renodin. He is a crude, bearded, warrior of Thalmarkin that has issues reading, talking nicely and all such things.

As before I would like to this as an ode to the people that make this game fun and would like to view this thread also as a potential source of inspiration.


Roleplaying / The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
« on: September 30, 2013, 11:05:24 AM »
Hey there,

In this thread I will try to post the Roleplays I've written with Aldrakar Renodin. For some I've been rewarded with RP medals, other Trust but that aside (and I am proud to have received them). I think it would be fun to share what this game has brought me and those I've been able to share with.

The RP's I've written were inspired by the people my character has interacted with and I view them in part a testimony and thanks to their contributions to this great game we all play.

I can't post all of the RP's as some are already lost due to the 30 day expiration date but I'll try to post the Fun one's here. Educational, inspirational, historic value and just for fun.

Feel free to comment on them, add your own RP's that regard Aldrakar Renodin or discuss various writing styles.

Thanks for the fun game everyone.

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