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My Beluaterran advy was probably executed a few days ago, never received any message about it, but he was in prison and seems quite likely. However, I did not bury him for days, as I wanted to save some of his messages before doing so and never actually did it, but today he has healed back to life and is now lightly wounded. I have already added some notes in the related bug in the bugtracker and I intend to keep him for a few days, just to see whether he ends up healing completely or not, but I wanted to know if I should delete him after I compile all of the relevant information or not.

TL;DR: A dead adventurer has healed back to life. Should I keep him or delete him in the spirit of fair play?

Helpline / Nearly dying status - all messages readable?
« on: March 29, 2017, 02:11:28 AM »
I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't be able to read all your messages while you are nearly dying, but for the two or three days that it took my character to heal back to critically wounded I was able to read every single letter received IG. This happened a few days ago in East Island after being struck with an accident scroll. Sounds like a bug, isn't it?

General Talk / Academic year in LA
« on: March 16, 2017, 08:53:57 PM »
I've never been to America, but next academic year I'm very likely to work as a language assistant in a LA college. Any useful advice / comment / whatever is absolutely welcome.

Helpline / Capturing my own scout
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:32:04 PM »
Scout Captured   (just in)
personal message
Your men bring you an enemy scout who was captured while trying to gather information about the region. You can beat out of him that he was sent by Kethan D'Espana, Knight of Shifgrethor, who has his camp in Shifgrethor currently.

So I just wanted to check something. The upper message would seem to be OK, except that I am playing the character Kethan, which means that I captured my own "enemy" scout, I beat out of him that he was sent by me (duh) and thus gained the information that I was in the region that I was. Good news, I guess.

Is this supposed to happen? I'd say it's a bug, but I want confirmation before reporting it.

Dwilight / Dwilight players, we are Mongols!
« on: April 02, 2016, 03:44:18 AM »
So, call me a freak if you wish, but I was playing with Dwi's current numbers a bit and, well, how do I put this... Supposing Dwilight was at FULL population, we would be playing in Mongolia. Why am I saying this? You'll see it soon enough.

I added up every region's max population and surface, then compared it to this excellent website that every medieval history lover and RPer must know: Medieval Demographics Made Easy ( The results were quite interesting, to say the least.

As it stands, Dwilight at max population has 3,244,440 people, which measured against its 598,141 square miles leaves us with a whopping 5.42 people per square mile. I will insert this quote from the previously cited website for you to understand how ridiculously low this value is:

The average population density for a fully-developed medieval country is from 30 per square mile (for countries with lots of rocks, lots of rain, and lots of ice-or a slave-driving Mad King) to a limit of about 120 per square mile, for a land with rich soil, favorable seasons and maybe a touch of magical help.

And, if we check Wikipedia (I know, I know, maybe not the most reliable source of the Internet, but hey, I'm not getting paid for this, you know. It has been greatly improved in the last few years as well, so it should be enough for the time being) we can see that, funnily enough, the one country that most fits with the data for a FULLY developed Dwilight is, in fact, very close to that of current Mongolia. Not only is Dwilight just slightly smaller than Mongolia (Dwi's 598,141 square miles against Mongolia's 603,909 square miles), but the population density is also very similar, with Dwilight having it somewhat higher than Mongolia (Dwi's 5.42 people per square mile against Mongolia's 5.04 people per square mile). Very, very similar indeed (total population is obviously very close as well, Dwilight's 3,244,440 people are just above Mongolia's 3,042,511 people as of 2015).

That's pretty much it, folks. Never again RPing a peasant crowded realm, that for sure. In fact, we very well should start RPing riding for miles and miles of arid, barren land. Statistics have spoken. All hail the Dwilight Mongols!

EDIT: Substract from Dwilight's count 60,000 people and 1,800 square miles and you have it, I checked it just in case and those numbers are in excess. My bad!

BM General Discussion / Coming back, but... Where?
« on: March 02, 2016, 01:08:34 AM »
Heya there, BM! Damn, it *HAS* been a lot of time since I last played this game. Mind you, I left before that Ice Age stuff... But I'll go straight to the point: say, if you were an old player coming back after like eons of RL madness, where would you go? I'd like some of that sweet, tasty realm atmosphere and interaction that made me stick back in the day and has made me to come back after so long I doubt many people I used to play with are still around. Or, you know, at least a realm that has a moderate level of activity and engagement, I'm not that picky. I'm considering to create new characters instead of those oldies I now have in the freezer, and will consider any proposal no matter which island it comes from. Any thoughts or comments about this?

P.D: My apologies if this doesn't belong here, just say so and I'll make it right ASAP.

Other Games / [Forum Game] Werewolf XVI: The Shadows of the Underdark
« on: March 18, 2013, 07:28:11 PM »

The Underdark. A continent under a continent, unbeknown by the majority of the upper world and feared by the few that have heard the legends about it. Legends about dreadful creatures, which come out at night and ravage villages and towns, leaving no survivors behind them. Legends about mythological beings, long disappeared from the surface of the world, which custody huge treasures from forgotten times. Legends about heroic (or mad) adventurers that found an entrance and ventured in this misterious place, only to never be seen or heard of again.

What lies in this cursed land, where the only sound you want to hear is the echo of the water dropping from the stalactites? What rests in this place that the light of the sun has never nor will ever touch? Does it even hold any life at all? Is it possible for something to grow or prosper in this most hostile environment?

The answer is - yes. Miles under the continent, this gargantuan cavernous system spreads for leagues, always silent, always immutable yet changing. Collapses are not uncommon, and the air itself can be an added trouble, since it can grow stale and even poisonous, when not outright flammable or explosive due to trapped gases. Though the weather is always reasonably mild, water is extremely cold, posing hypothermia risk to those who remain in it for too long... and do not suffer other "accidents" while taking a bath. Here and there, solitary beings can be found, as well as herds of creatures unseen by most mortals. However, you would do well in avoiding contact with anything or anyone, as in the Underdark, pretty much everything can kill you or wants to eat your flesh. Even the rare plants (or so they seem) are venomous to the extreme, making from this land a barren place where life is scarce and expert in the art of hiding and ambushing.

Even rarer, little nooks of civilization can be found, composed by one of the few intelligent races that have made from the Underdark their home. The corrupted Duergars, or gray dwarves, compete with the deep gnomes, also known as Svirfneblin, for the rich veins of ore available to the miners. The Illithids or mind flayers inhabit caverns with their own kin, protecting the Super Brain that binds them together and only worried of enslaving other races, which will serve either as slaves or the next meal of their masters, which find in brains their source of food. Amongst the less civilized creatures, Goblins, Kobolds or Quaggoth live in tribal societies, trying to profit from any chance they have to survive meanwhile they try to avoid being detected by the superior races. On the other extreme, extremely intelligent entities, such as Aboleths, Cloakers or even Dragons live on their own, very often looking after their possessions with ultimate zeal and determination.

And then, there are the Drows. This elven sub-race was expelled from the surface by their elven cousins an eternity ago, and have adapted extremely well to their life in the Underdark. Dark skin, extremely pale hair and red or pale eyes make up their appearance, with compact and slender bodies granting them stealth, agility and speed as their defining physical characteristics. They use infravision as their main resource to see, though they can change to standard light spectrum at will. They have both exceptional magic abilities and great resistance to it, and can become fearsome warriors or mages because of that. They can live several centuries, some reaching as much as a thousand years old, though very few die of old age, being by far the violent death by other species or their own the first and foremost cause.

Psychologically speaking, drows are completely and absolutely corrupted. They are evil, treacherous, arrogant, narcissistic, sadistic and above all: cruel. This attitude is enforced on the newborns by the adult females, as in this matriarchal society they are the uncontested leaders of their people, relegating males to powerless position unless they exceed at some sort of combat or they become the chosen puppet of the first female of their House (and being all of them only ceremonial positions). It is also heavily indoctrinated the cult of Lolth, the spider goddess and most worshipped drow deity.

When (if) a Drow becomes finally an adult, he is a merciless machine of death and destruction, complementing his tough training with his innate abilities, which range from creating globes of magical darkness and faerie fires to levitating, depending on their social position and that of their House, which means pretty much the same in this alien world. However, their society does not see favorably open hostilities and infighting, and instead rewards the less obvious techniques such as "my dagger has ended in your back, I still wonder how" or "it was not me, but that terrible creature we were fighting a minute ago. Poor guy, I'm sorry". Even the different Houses exterminate each other as the primary way of advancing in the global rigid hierarchy, sometimes being successful and achieving their goal, sometimes failing and thus being eradicated to preserve the "morale" of the society. Drow Justice at his maximum exponent.

Torture and slavery are commonplace, especially for members of other races which happen to be captured in one of the many raids Drows perform to obtain goods, luxuries or "preemptively striking an enemy that may attack them afterwards". Their own race is regarded as superior to all the rest, something that when added to all the rest makes them one of the most hated and feared species of the Underdark, perhaps even in the whole world. These raids take them from time to time to visit the surface and slaughter brutally some Wood Elves, their most detested enemies, as vengeance for exiling them now so much time ago.

The Drows live and thrive under these conditions, mastering the regions they own with ruthless and brutal efficiency. But still, not everyone is keen on following this order. Bregan D'aerthe, a secret organization composed exclusively by rogue males disenchanted by the general situation, has become the first source of information and paid works of all kind, being essentially so important for the intrigues of the high society that their unusual and otherwise heretical presence has been tolerated, at least for the time being. Also, a number of Drows that have retained and hidden their decency and moral values from the eyes of the rest have started the absolutely forbidden cult of Eilistraee, also known as "The Dark Maiden" and goddess of all the Drows that abhor from the practices of their kin and want to break free from the evil that lies in the soul of their own race.

So many factions confronted for the ultimate consecution of their goals... So much distrust and hatred... Will you be able to navigate the sea of intrigue and conspiracies, or will you sink and drown in this chaotic Drow world? You are invited to discover the answer...

Helpline / Failed Access
« on: February 28, 2013, 03:35:52 AM »
So, is anyone else having problems when trying to open a character? I can enter normally to the family page, see all my characters and even how many news do I have, but when I click on one of them it takes me to this page:

With this text:

Failed Access
It seems you have attempted a character access without providing proper credentials. This attempt has been logged and denied.
For all we know, there are four possible reasons:

•You may have bookmarked the wrong page, as for security reasons we can not allow you to get to your characters without identifying yourself first.
Solution: Please bookmark the login page instead and use that to access the game.

•You were on the family page and didn't do anything for at least 20 minutes before you clicked the "play" link. This causes the session to time out.
Solution: Go back to the login page and log in again.

•You could also be a hacker attempting to break into someone else's account. In that case, consider yourself warned. We have logged this attempt and your IP address. Any and all hacking attacks are considered cheating and will be dealt with appropriately.
Solution: Stop hacking a free webgame. Make life difficult for people who are at least paid for their wasted time.

•Finally, there could be something wrong in your proxy, firewall or other security settings, with your browser, the current phase of the moon or the subatomic particle phase-state of the universal wave function as manifested in your spacetime location.
Solution: Check these things, in that order.

If that helps, I was navigating normally when I had a "Server Overload" message, and after refreshing the page and doing some more stuff I got the aforementioned message. I've tried several times, same result. Do I take it to bugtracker, is it a known problem or do I call a physicist to check the subatomic particle phase-state of the universal wave function as manifested in my spacetime location? Input please! :-\

EDIT: Ok, played around with computer settings for a bit AND did the master movement - restarting everything again. Seems that it is solved, so just forget this and I apologize for not trying earlier the final solution.

Other Games / [Forum Game] Werewolf XIII: The Heaven Falls Upon Us!
« on: November 07, 2012, 12:18:12 AM »

Ten thousand years ago, the human world did not know peace. Legions of Angels from the Heaven and Demons from the Netherworld battled each other in an eternal war, turning into barren landscapes the territories in which their vast armies landed to fight between them. The humans could do little but flee from such destructive forces, praying for their lives to whatever deity they still believed in. Most times, though, they were just caught in the middle without time to move out, something that was equivalent to the death.

However, one day some humans, all of them wise old men that had seen a lot of suffering, decided that humanity had suffered enough at the hands of the battling entities. Once Angels and Demons retreated from their last carnage to refit, they performed a forbidden ritual gathering incredibly ancient spells and magic… at the cost of their own lives.

Their brave gesture sealed both the Heaven Gate and the Netherworld Portal, leaving most of the creatures trapped in their own dimensions, with no way to exit from there. A few Angel stragglers were still on the human world, but with their powers greatly diminished thanks to the ritual, they were easy prey for the much numerous (and angry) humans, and were killed without mercy.

There were also a few Demons still in the human world, but they were smarter than the Angels had been. With their profound knowledge of the human mind, they offered a deal to the angry mobs: if humans spared their lives, they would coexist pacifically with them, as well as grant them whatever wish they could have. The Demons laid only one condition: they would take the soul of the petitioning human to make his wish possible, as they needed it as fuel after the loss of most of their power.

The humans talked amongst them and reached an agreement: Demons would be spared. Who wanted something as stupid and worthless as a soul, when one could have power or beauty in exchange of it? Besides, the Demons were now mere shadows of what they used to be, and thus did not mean the slightest threat. Only a few humans disagreed with the verdict, but seeing that they were amply surpassed, they simply took their belongings and left in silence, to continue their lives apart from the rest.

Back into the present, Demons and humans coexist in complete harmony. Humans offer their souls to Demons in exchange for money and whatnot, and Demons grant humans everything they want. For the last thousand years, rituals have been done to try to remove the seal over the Netherworld, as the Demons have stated that should they have access to their full powers, they could serve humans in even a better way. And who doesn’t want to become even more rich or powerful?

Guided by the Demons, many Demon Worshippers are now devoted to break the seal completely. These rituals have become increasingly common, though with the ancient knowledge lost, their progress is much slower than the one of the first ritual performed by the wise old men, now so much time ago. But still, the progress exists. And even there is a progress in something nobody even knows about…

As the magic weakens the seal of the Netherworld Portal, so does the seal of the Heaven Gate. The few humans who departed on their own way, which have kept worshipping the Angels, have sensed this change, and the most trained of them all – the so-called Church Inquisitors – have taken their sacred weapons and holy relics, and are now preparing for the impending doom.

Will the Netherworld Portal be opened, giving Demons their full strength? Will the Heaven Gate break its seal first, setting free the Angels trapped for ten thousand years? Will both of them be activated once again, thus condemning the human world to its end? Only you have the power to change history… but do you have the will?

Helpline / Public Infiltrators?
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:24:19 AM »
I just noticed that in your realm's character list, now you can see who has the infiltrator subclass, when it used not to be visible. Is that meant to happen?

Helpline / Fortifications and regions
« on: August 29, 2012, 12:24:50 PM »
I had assumed that fortifications can only be constructed on townslands, cities and strongholds. I seem to be able to build them in a mountain region. I say "seem" because I haven't actually tried, but if I click "Build Fortifications" in the "Command" menu, I get this:

There are no fortifications here, but you can build a new fort. You will need to construct 5 "blocks" to complete construction.

Each block will cost 86 gold to construct. You can build up to two blocks per day (one per turn).

Is this intentional? The region is Bym, at Beluaterra.

Roleplaying / When your home doesn't feel as your home anymore
« on: August 27, 2012, 07:02:48 PM »
So, just wanting to collect some (hopefully constructive) feedback over my roleplays. Last days I've been asking myself what to improve, and who would be better judge than you guys?  :P Anyways, I want to see what do you think about this one, which reflects the thoughts of my character, but perhaps can also offend some people, something I did not think about before sending it. There it goes!

Guldor finally entered Anacan's gates, putting an end to a several days journey towards the battlefront. At the same time his foot stepped inside the city, a whole wave of memories assaulted his mind. The times of the old Cathay, when it stood proud and defiant to the many threats at its frontiers, as if it would last forever. Guldor sighed, negating with his head. It had taken less than he had thought to destroy Cathay, betrayed by both foreigners and, above all, even Cathayans; only to see it restored later by a bunch of traitors who, obviously, had little to no idea about the meaning of the word honour and, above all, the spirit of the true Cathay.

 He walked through the city, filled with a stormy mood. The places he so very well remembered seemed extremely familiar, but something seemed to have changed in them. Guldor made a saddened smile: "Probably it is me the one changed", he thought.

 After having visited the places he knew the most, he just wandered around with no specific objective, and after some hours, at the start of sunset, he decided to return to his basement, where his soldiers and servants awaited for him.

 - Welcome, m'Lord! - said Lionel, his personal servant - We were waiting for your arrival.

 - Not now, Lionel. I am not in the mood to talk.

 - I... see, m'Lord. Then, I shall not disturb you. May I bring something to m'Lord before retreating?

 - Yes, bring me a fine wine. And after that, tell Geoffrey to send a letter to Strategic Commander Wilhelm Altenahr. I want to know where will be going to act next.

 - Understood, m'Lord. Something else?

 - No, Lionel. You may leave.

 Once alone, Guldor awaited for the wine, and once he had a goblet served, he stood still. Some minutes later, he finally lost his temper, and throwing the glass to the floor, he started shouting:

 - This city will never belong to you, so-called Cathayans! Your betray lies as a burden on your honour, and this land you have made from lies and deceit will never replace the fallen realm of my heart! Just await, feeling safe and comforted in your viper's nest, because sooner or later justice will be brought upon all of you!

 He breathed deeply, his not so young chest trying to recover the normal breathing rythm. Lionel appeared suddenly, inquiring for the reason of the commotion.

 - It is not your business, Lionel. Clean this all up, and do it quick.

 Guldor exited the tent, looking for fresh air. His eyes looked first to Anacan, then to the point where he knew that Kindara started, many miles to the West.

 - I hate what you have become, Cathayans. - he whispered - But if I am able to return even a minimum damage to Kindara, the final destroyers of my Cathay, then I will fight with you. Just for this time. Just for this purpose.

 His rage now tempered, he entered his tent once again, and awaited there for the orders from his Strategic Commander.

Development / Little change in "Keep your recipients confidential"
« on: July 10, 2012, 09:04:50 PM »
This is my first thread on development board, so if I'm doing things wrong please tell me and I'll try my best to correct the mistake.

When you send a message to a large group of people (specifically to all realm, but I figure that it also works in other cases) you get the chance of bribing the messenger so he doesn't tell you about the other receivers of the same letter. This leads me to think that the intention is to make appear the letter as a personal one, however, there is a slight difference between the two: when you read a real personal letter, under the sender you can read "personal message from Kepler", whereas on the bribe case nothing appears. There is also the difference between the side line at the left of the letter, which real personal letters have and the false ones not.

If I have understood properly the intention of this feature, would it not make more sense to make both letters equal when displayed for reading? I know that it is also strange to send a personal letter ambiguous enough to fit several characters, but hey, it's the price you have to pay for it. This comes primarily from the conspiration feeling that usually comes associated with the "hide recipients" stuff, which if made more difficult to distinguish could perhaps encourage its use in certain situations.

I do not know if I have made my point clear enough, as I have a light headache because of the latter days (well, perhaps I should say nights) In any case, thanks for the time and forgive the long paragraphs!

Helpline / Visit the Family Home
« on: January 27, 2012, 02:25:17 PM »
First of all, let me apologize in advance in case that this issue has been brought up earlier. I am not having much time to log in and check the forums in the latter days, and thus it is possible that I could have missed something about this topic (although in the little research I have done I have found nothing related to it)

So, since the very beggining of the great code change in testing (estates and all that stuff) I have not been able to visit my character's family home. I am speaking about Dwilight (D'Hara, Port Nebel) The family page recognises my origin to be Port Nebel, but once in the said region the link to visit my home (in Actions, right?) does not appear at all, neither in "Things you can do" nor in "Things you can not do".

Perhaps this is something that everyone else knew, but I thought that it could be worth to mention it. If more information is needed I will be glad to give whatever is needed, although I can not think of more useful info right now. Anyways, thanks everyone for your time!

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