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Roleplaying / Draken's Motivation
« on: July 15, 2016, 05:07:36 AM »
(I've come under a hard decision for one of my evil characters , so I've decided to plot his origin and ideals to help me decide... and I also I get to practice my writing skills ^^ opinions welcomed

If it's bad, tell me or else I can never get better...)

The wind blew softly as the caravan strolled down the road. The sun was setting and the trees glowed an orange haze. The strong horses waltzed noisily against the stone as their hooves clacked. They carried a wagon, inside  was a young boy by the name of Draken and few others that had a taste for adventure. He stared behind them, watching as the trees passed and the stone turned to dirt. His brown eyes were filled with a bright light, innocent and pure, never faltering or fading. As he stared at the road, noticed the green trees littered the sides of the road and the grass was nearly as high as the boy himself! He was in a whole new world with many places to explore.

Suddenly something caught his eye,  a butterfly flew into the wagon, it was an oddly colored one, but it was surely beautiful. Draken reached out to grab it as it grew near, he reached and reached, yearning to grasp the insect. He followed as it wizzed left and right, he swiped at it, always missing by the tiniest of distances. The butterfly flapped nearer and nearer until it landed on his brown, dirty, untamed hair. Draken looked up to follow the path of the bug, but found himself on his back quickly, landing with a loud thud.

He rubbed his head and watched the butterfly fly away triumphant. Disappointed he hung his head in shame, as he sat there, he realised something had changed. The road had stopped moving and the chatter was gone. He turned around to see that everyone was looking forward, he climbed over the crowd and did the same, wondering what was so interesting that it warranted so much attention. Ahead of the road was a group of men, they smiled as they held their axes and moved closer. Their hide clothes and crooked helmets showed their ill intention. Draken looked into the woods and found that there were even more, slowly encircling the group of travelers , some with shields, others with bows and arrows. They all grinned menacingly as the gap between them and the wagon closed. "Surely the guard will keep us safe!", Proclaimed Draken as his eyes searched for the old man. A few chuckles came from the woods as the words echoed, there in the center of the road, layed the old man with a few arrows sticking out of his chest.

Draken's eyes filled with horror as he witnessed death for the first time. The old man may have been bitter at times, but he was truly kind heated and sweet on the inside. Now, however... he was dead. Suddenly the wagon began to shake violently as the bandits rocked it back and forth, laughing as the people begged for them to stop. Soon the wagon turned on its side and the travelers came spilling out, they yelped as they hit the dirt hard, some rolled, while others simply collided with the ground. Draken was small and light and so, the force of the wagon sent him rolling farther than anyone else. He rolled until he suddenly fell into a ditch covered by tall dead grass. A bandit wandered by in search for him, but easily overlooked the patch of grass that hid the terrified small boy. Draken cried as he realized what would happen, the picture of the old man still stood in his mind... paralyzing him. His breathing slowed as the crunch of the grass grew louder. The man's grunts and breathes broke the air as he grew more and more frustrated in his search for the boy. Draken held his breathe, praying for a divine force to protect him from the fate of the old man! The air stood still and only the sound of nature could be heard. "Aha!", Came a harsh voice! Draken's heart stopped and he sobbed as he could feel the menacing stare. He wanted to run but couldn't find the strength, he wanted to do something but he just couldn't! The footsteps grew louder and faster, Draken's heart began to pound louder and louder. This was the end surely! Suddenly the footsteps stopped just a few feet away.

"I found it!", Came the harsh voice as it jogged back towards the wagon.

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