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Feature Requests / Noble - Adventurer Broadcast system.
« on: June 01, 2012, 04:01:10 PM »

Basically when nobles are in need of repair services, wish to let it be known that they are interested in buying items etc, there is a broadcast system that allows them to do it to a wider range of adventurers.


As it stands right now a noble has to manually select their own adventurers to send the message to. When they don't get a reply, then that's that. Nothing can be done about it. What I propose is a broadcast system, whereby a noble can pay say, 10 gold, and broadcast a message throughout the continent that he is looking for rare items/in need of someone to help him repair his services. State the price etc. However, to prevent a price war, the message can only be viewed by Adventurers, and it spreads out as Rumors from the point which the noble broadcasts it from. This would be how it would look like:

"Rumors speak of a noble Crescent looking for someone to fix his Old Book of Forbidden Knowledge for the reward of 50 gold. If you are interested, you can ask the courtiers to contact him." It could also be to buy any rare item, an invitation to subdue monsters/undead in his region, etc. There will be a link to message the noble offering. However, to make this even better, the rumors can be in the region itself first, next turn to the surrounding regions, next next turn to the surrounding regions, and so on. Rumors spread, don't they? This gives adventurers closer to the noble a better chance of accepting the offer, because they get the message first.


This is actually just a bridging service for nobles and adventurers. In almost all the realms I've been in, contacting adventurers are basically tantamount to talking on the wall. There is just no communication. In the context of a real medieval situation, the adventurers should have been arrested and executed for failing to respond. This would benefit players who are trying to really play an adventurer - doing errands, fixing items, etc. Hopefully this would also boost the roleplaying as this gives plenty of opportunity of roleplays. This would, of course, benefit nobles who are in need of adventurer help but unable to attain it. There's no other way to get to adventurers except personally sending a letter. Having a template would boost this end tremendously.

Possible Exploits:

Nothing I could think of at this point in time. If anyone thinks of anything please feel free to add in.

BM General Discussion / OOC Clans
« on: November 26, 2011, 07:53:48 AM »
Just wanted to ask, what is the take on OOC Clans? In the Colonies, I have been in a realm whereby there's 2 group of friends, one in the realm I'm PM and another group in a neighbouring enemy realm. Long story short, those in the realm turn things upside down, refuse to obey orders, basically do whatever they can to make the realm die whilst passing information about unit settings etc to the other side.

I was once involved in the discussions but cut connections with them soon after I realized it involved power-gaming. They simply have their friends vote for them and give stupid reasons to protest against someone they don't like etc and its pissing me off since it totally ruins the spirit of gaming. Needless to say, they'll deny having contact in IC or OOC.

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