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Summary:   Use of Rumour and personal information on irc, in forums, ingame and other places like skype and facebook
Violation:   OOC contract
World:   East-Continent
Complainer:   Jason Zammit
About:   Alexandros Stavrou

Full Complaint Text:

To sum it up I wasnt really planning on even opening this up in spite of the overwhelming evidence just on the forum against the player.  However, due to a no remorse an unapologetic nature of this person who says things all over the place and then simply goes 'ok I will stop now' without even apologising to the person he does stuff to.  A good example was after I already quit he immediately began with the sore loser rage quitter immediately.  When he realises it not he simply says I take back what I said.

On the situation at hand.  He filed a complaint against myself and Deytheur ruler of Eponllyn to the Magistrates about us supposedly dating and that is somehow illegal.  Obviously this was wrong to start with.  However things went to far when he put this information in the forum and started to use it in character and telling as much people he could about it to gain more support for Perdan and less support for Caligus.

I've always been the target of normal various insults on irc and such which is completely fine but use of whatever my personal life is is a major step too far and this caused me to hate battlemaster.  I dont wish to see this happen to another player and the only way I see anything changing is if an unapologetic player is punished for his actions.  This was a case of winning was the only option and he would do anything to achieve that.

As for evidence there is various forum posts in the Perdan vs Caligus + friends thread to be the foremost one.  Also with various irc users and other people in character namely Autrey Bendix.  Im not a person who seeks revenge on another player if that was the case I would have opening this a month ago.  Hes had ample time to apologise to me for his actons and he simply hasnt.

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