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Feature Requests / Visibility Option On Referendums
« on: July 02, 2015, 09:07:55 AM »
Visibility Option On Referendums

Referendums made for only dukes or lords to vote in are only shown to that group. It may be desirable to allow the entire realm to see, perhaps all the lords to see a ducal vote, or to ensure dukes that are not lords are able to see referendums.

Details: Another selector when initiating a referendum to select who can see the referendum. Voters can always see the referendum of course. Default is always just the voters.

Benefit: Able to include more of the realm in what is going on in realms where either dukes or lords are the primary decision makers.

Possible Exploits or Downsides: None that I can think of.

Feature Requests / Peasant Militia Spawning Lowers Control
« on: July 02, 2015, 08:24:14 AM »
Title: Peasant militia spawning lowers control

Summary: When peasant militia spawn it is evident the realm does not have great control over the region as the peasants are having to take matters in to there own hands.

Details: Precisely as stated in the summary. This comes from the fact that I just saw a peasant militia form due to looting and yet the region still has core control. An additional consideration is possibly only doing this when control is at core or the next one down (I think its main) so as not to penalize twice for a bunch of looting that then further lowers control although perhaps that is not terrible.

Benefits:Events have their logical consequences so that games stats match what is going on. Further balances the fact realms don't necessarily have to defend against smaller looting forces.

Possible Downsides or Exploits: Already mentioned possible issue of getting the same penalty twice, first from the action causing the peasant militia then the spawn itself. Solution as stated above is possibly only giving this penalty when control is at core and main.

Questions & Answers / Troop Recruitment Question
« on: July 11, 2014, 05:43:00 PM »
In cases where recruiting say, special forces, means the character can not recruit more than say 5 of those soldiers because others are already using the recruitment center, would it be against the IR to say something like this:

Sir X,

There is no particular issue with recruiting special forces in general, but due to the many others already using our special forces center(s) you will not be able to recruit a suitable unit thus you should not recruit special forces currently.

With Regards,
If the realm has only 1 cavalry center but say 4 people already recruiting cavalry from it, it could fit in the same situation if there is an issue because I used special forces as my example.

Feature Requests / MOVED: Sanctuary
« on: May 08, 2014, 03:23:17 PM »

Dwilight / Phantaria
« on: January 17, 2014, 09:13:55 PM »
For all your Phantaria ranting needs.

To start us off:
Rebellion in Phantaria   (2 hours, 48 minutes ago)
A rebellion is breaking out in Phantaria. Earlier today, Escent Noble has called for an uprising against the current government. Details are still sketchy.
Which explains the "where is Escent?" mystery on Atamara although I am sure plenty knew he left.

Helpline / Infiltrator Question
« on: January 06, 2014, 09:22:11 AM »
Can Infiltrators steal food (outside of standard looting)? Does it automatically give the lord a message?

Questions & Answers / Elite Army
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:12:40 AM »
Founding elite armies is allowed, yes? (My definition of an elite army is an army specifically with the most active members of realm. ) I am rather sure I saw on the wiki before that it is allowed because that way you are working around more inactive people' schedules by not trying to have them do one turn moves or late turn moves all the time.

Development / The Battlemaster Newsletter
« on: August 18, 2013, 05:40:14 AM »
The Battlemaster Newsletter

This is the official battlemaster Newsletter, recently created. It is currently mainly a dev blog with additional things as my time allows.

Dev Blog
It will be issued as new major updates are made, minor updates will either be added to the Dev Blog's most recent issue or to the next one, depending on what seems best. New sections to the dev blog will hopefully be added, but that is dependant on the time available to the Dev Blog staff. As the blog has a new issue every time Battlemaster has a major update, some sections might not be updated for several days after the most recent issue although the Dev Blog staff will do its best.

Features in Progress

Features in progress are features that have been partially coded and are being actively worked on. They are:

New Interface for Character Creation, almost done, mostly just needs to be polished up
Duchy Bulletins
Improving step down process as duke/duchess
Reorganization of Command for an explicit Duchy Commands section

The Rebalance is a combined effort of all the devs headed by ^ban^, the new Interface for Character Creation, coded by Anaris, is a cleaner, better interface for creating new characters which also provides more information on realms based on the last 30 days currently allowing you to understand betterwhat the realm is like before joining.

Features Implemented

Features Implemented are the new features implemented since the last major update. They are:

Buy Region with family gold implemented once again for foreign realms, available on the actions page.
Balance column in Your Guilds under Information allowing you to see your balance with your different guilds without being at a guildhouse
Scribe Notes default to military tab now when viewing them
Stepping down from lordship via Politics->Govern estates now requires a reason and goes through the proper honour loss mechanics like stepping down from Command.php

Since the last update the features implemented are more minor due to things like the Rebalance and the new Character Creation Interface have been taking up a lot of the Devs' time.


The Bugs section is about the issues in the code, referred to as bugs, fixed since the last major update. They are:

Cleanup script-running out of memory fixed
Double first name rebellion announcement bug fixed
Improved error handling for '#' or lack thereof when changing Realm Colour as previously it would assume the # was there and strip the first character for the RGB code, making it 5 characters. Now it checks for strength length, # at index 0 of string, and alphanumeric type for string
Checking for army names starting with The and giving an error, as The is already added automatically
Characters that are both dukes and lords messaging all their vassals (lords of duchy + knights of region) working
Knights of Duchy, Lords of Duchy, and Nobles of Duchy messaging works, as well as the reply to list with said lists
Lords of Duchy referendums now work (though there's still a minor bug needed to fix about estateless lords)
Actual Duchy name appears in messaging text rather than the old city-based duchy names
Continue Shopping link when buying additional paraphernalia works all the time now
Text error for rogue nobles viewing leaderlist*
Negative provisions when buying provisions should no longer occur
Gender fixes region allegiance changes
Gender fixes for text when duchies change realms
Prevent Sages repairing items over 100%
Prevent infiltrators from getting negative hours when killing militia
Various fixes to ensure no backslashes are displayed in duchy names
Fixing the issues when updating Minify so that Javascript works again.

*=leaderlist.php is the Character List in the Local Information column, second to the right.

There were 17 bugs fixed in this last update that were actual issues in the code. Not all bugs on the bugtracker are actual bugs and not all bugs fixed are from the bugtracker, thus this number might not agree with what you would count based soley off the bugtracker.  Major bugs fixed were the issues with Javascript, messaging issues created from the new estate system, the separation of duchies from cities, and no longer having the issue of negative provisions when purchasing them.

Dev Plans

Dev Plans are the plans that the individual devs have for their dev work. The current Dev Plans are:

Anaris: Finish polishing up the new character interface, then work on surveys to start tracking player experience and feeling about the game, and the realms they play in.
^ban^: Finish Rebalance
Vita: Finish up his current open projects and bug fixing
Foundation: Take a vacation.
Tom: Work on Might and Fealty and [explorers]

Junior Devs are devs in-training to become regular devs. At this time they only do bugfixes, which are checked over and critiqued by a Anaris. The new Junior Devs are:


Family of the week: Himoura Family played by Justin aka Stabbity
The family of the week is a family featured every week for uniqueness and/or its contributions to the game through gameplay. While its labeled family of the week, it also about featuring the player, but as not all players have their info public they are referred to by their IG family, and then other names like real name and forum name if available.

The Himoura family specifically was chosen for its intrigue and diplomacy, as that is the main attributes I have personally witnessed although there is also that he is a good roleplayer (the one roleplay message I have seen was good, but others could have gave him his roleplay medals for roleplaying via how he plays his character also). I also see separation of OOC/IC being done very well with the player where interacts with players of characters he is at odds with while not being aggressive in his OOC communication with them.

Suggestions are welcome for future family of the weeks, but suggestions without reasoning will not be used.

Shout out to the player of the Motosuwa family for reminding me to get this published.

Special Thanks to: Tom, for allowing me to do this and giving me access to the necessary information, Ethan/Vita for helping me finally get this started through his encouragement and information, Tim/Anaris for giving me information and his encouragement,  Joe/^ban^ for giving me information and encouragement, and Peter/Foundation for giving me information and humor

Feedback on the Dev Blog is welcome as well as comments or questions about the content of the Dev Blog, although negative feedback should be at least semi-constructive.

BM General Discussion / Why Multi's are bad
« on: April 29, 2013, 04:46:17 AM »
I need to prove a point to someone regarding this, so I am looking for as many reasons multis are bad as possible. While it won't all port over to the developer I need to, just reasons for why multiing is bad with BM is fine. Perhaps also while several characters is ok but multiing is not would be good too.

Development / Ability to go to Tournaments
« on: March 22, 2013, 05:27:42 PM »
So it has its own IR, and its IG reasoning is its your right as a noble,  so why is it that only warriors can go to tournaments? That is something I feel adds no fun, but it in fact takes away fun. I know there has to be differences in classes, but I don't see why this should be one.

Development / Command
« on: March 08, 2013, 12:10:00 AM »
What command abilities can be done outside of realm? I want to know for all positions. I have slacked off on the other thread I recently made, but this one I will make sure to update.
Command abilities outside of realm:

Title-Include total production and consumption in food report
Summary-In the food report for bankers (and dukes I think) include totals of both production and consumption
Details-Can be either added to the table or the sentence that says "In summary, your realm appears to have a surplus of about x bushels per day."
Benefits-Ease of calculations for planning for islands with seasons.
Possible Exploits-None, its info that can already be gathered, this just makes it easier.

Another plus for this is that it shouldn't be more than a few lines to code.

Development / Testing Islands Only Fame
« on: March 05, 2013, 01:30:46 AM »
How is the trader fame measured? Also, why isn't the new fame system put on stable? Its not like it can hurt anything, but it is interesting to see.

Development / Classes
« on: March 02, 2013, 11:59:30 PM »
Purely mechanicly speaking, what the differences in classes? I know many of them but I am trying to get a full list.
A very rough start that I will add to is:

Warrior: troops, training, tournaments

Courtier: Less troops, organize repairs, another courtier option

Priest: Religious features, instant travel, no unit, can be arrested by own realm or enemy realms.

Diplomat:lower troops, praise, badmouth, talk to local, unit is police force

Trader: increased training distance, ability to broker trades, unit is mercs

Infil: infil options, class is not displayed to others except ruler, less troops, can't be government position

Hero: change family home, call tales, risk life in battle, added CS to unit, no police or civil work, can't loot, ask for volunteers

Cavalier: more calvary can be fielded, h/p is gained more, no civil work, can't loot

Mentor: mentor students, get mentor points, can use mentor points for various things.

Updated. Also, I am looking for things they can do (obvious), effects from changing to that class (ex. less troops), or things people can do to you (ex. can be arrested), not the consequences of their actions (loss of honor due to infil actions).

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