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Beluaterra / Thalmarkin
« on: August 22, 2018, 05:44:35 PM »
Could someone break down for me what events occurred after the success against Melhed, I’m just curious how Thalmarkin has gotten to be so small. I know there is a general decline of players, but it seems an extreme case for my beloved Thal.

Questions & Answers / Offtopic
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:20:00 PM »
Am i to report every email, ooc message, forum letter, and facebook message i have gotten from people that uses foul and aggressive language towards me, based on my characters actions?

This is some serious [email protected]#$.

 My increasing vitriol and rage is at the sheer amount of external inundations I have received over BM, a game I chose to play for fun. Not a job. Not something I need to be censored for, outside of it's proper channels.

Everyone seems to think I am foul tempered, and they are correct. The last 6 months of sheer OOC [email protected]#$ that I have received over IG actions has made me bitter, and left an extremely foul taste in my mouth. In 9 years of playing BM, I have never encountered this, and never thought it possible. 

I have been apologetic to the people that I actually wronged, but I will not reconcile with people who harass me in social media over a [email protected]#$ing game.

Helpline / Q: Relating to creating Duchies.
« on: January 26, 2013, 10:06:51 PM »
Okay. Conundrum.

Say, a kingdom with a stronghold, a city, and a townsland currently has two duchies. One based in the stronghold, one based in the city.

My question is: can this kingdom have 4 duchies under the new system?

I imagine creating a duchy for the Townsland and then requesting that individual to step down so that the Ducal Seat could be transferred elsewhere might be considered bad form, but I don't know the ins and outs to these particular matters. The margrave of the Townsland would be recompensed of course, but still, curious as to if there is some rule against me doing something like that.

Beluaterra / How many mages we got?
« on: January 20, 2013, 12:33:15 AM »
How many people have collected scrolls since the invasion ended? I'm just curious, because I myself have only received one from my region since then. Kind of a bummer.

Also, Jaeger Guile is the Grand Wizard of the Ice Tower and the guy holding onto Overlord's Corpse and Seperated Genitals. He's always looking for other mages to rp with.

BM General Discussion / A very random question.
« on: January 18, 2013, 07:32:20 PM »
I don't know if it's been brought up before, nor do I know how complicated any coding for it might be, but would it be possible for region lords to be able to say 'yes' or 'no' to nobles passing through?

In example, Lord Kepler dislikes another Lord of his Realm (B), and does not want Lord B to loiter in Lord Kepler's region.Is there some way to 'encourage' Lord B to vacate, or would it be possible to put something like a regional ban on him?

More or less, i'd like to see regional lords have more say in their land and who can travel through.

General Talk / Tomorrowland 2013
« on: January 16, 2013, 06:04:39 PM »
As of today, the Tomorrowland website has begun posting details for this summers festival.

For those of you who haven't heard of it before, it is a 3 day EDM festival held outside Antwerp. Last year some of the big name artists who played:

Steve Aoki
Swedish House Mafia
David Guetta
Nicky Romero
and the list goes on and on and on.

The lineup for this year has not yet been released, but pre-registration is open finally!!

So... Who is thinking about going this year?


Dwilight / And a new realm lives!
« on: January 09, 2013, 11:04:32 PM »

Oh dear god what have I done....

Bowie might be the death of me.

General Talk / Battlemaster Camping Trip!
« on: January 09, 2013, 07:06:09 AM »
As some of you know, I'm moving to Belgium in a month. Therefore...

I would like to get something put together where as many of the players who are able and interested, could go camping somewhere. Location, date, etc is all up for debate. Obviously sometime when it's not freezing cold in Europe or overly wet.

I will be in close proximity to Fleugs, Lorgan, and Sacha, and can heckle them mercilessly until they submit to going. So, who else would be interested?

Roleplaying / Sevastian and Hendrick take a little trip.
« on: October 22, 2012, 07:02:22 AM »
Roleplay between Hendrick Madigan and Sevastian Guile, immediately preceding the wedding of Jonsu and Sevastian, and right after the execution of Jeffrey Norrel. An attempt to liven things up and develop some interesting character traits due to... Well, you'll see.

Arriving at the Broken Spirits House on the northwestern corner of Ash and Vine, Sevastian looks energized for the night ahead. His dark hair and grey eyes gleam in the meager light of his favoured drinking hole. The chatter ceases as the Arbiter walks in without his usual retinue of hangers-on, and even without his Captain. A few hands wave from a nearby table, but otherwise most try to cover up the fact that they recognized the man. With his dark cloak open, showing the fine cut of his clothing and the ruby hilted blade at his hip, he saunters to the bar and orders a bottle of sweet white wine and an order of braised beef shank.

Noticing an old man in the corner whom he did not recognize, Sevastian motions for the grey-hair to join him. The old man shakes his head and motions instead for Sevastian to come to him. Feeling as if the old man could not possibly pose a threat to him, he gets up to join him at his table.

"M'lord, I have a gift to you from your brother in Thalmarkin. Lord Grand Wizard Jaeger sends his congratulations for your recent acquisition of the Crown and your coming marriage. Be cautious with these Your Grace, they are potent and you could have a stranger reaction than you did when a child being taught of them. Forget not that they have the power of the arcane within them." having said this, he hands over a large leather bag that smells of truffles and mushrooms. The old man then bows and shuffles away, leaving Sevastian with a strange sense of anxiety and even more excitement.

Promptly, his food and beverage arrive, and he begins the arduous chore of stomaching real food.

Hendrick Madigan dismounted before the Broken Spirits House and sighed. Days from now, he would be marching through that intolerable Desert with an army that seemed meager compared to the Novans. At least his new title was some solace, though the peasantry got a strange look about them when they hailed "Lord Battlemaster!".

He carefully avoided the mud of the common street, fastidiously lifting his cape and guarding a wrapped parcel in his hands. The former Preda was dressed for the revelry, in a doublet of black and gold, brand new gold hoops in Summer Islands style in his earlobes, and a long vermillion cape, embroidered with the Madigan stag. As he pushed through the door, his hand rested on his sword. When one when carousing with Sevastian Guile, they seldom knew what to expect.

As he entered, an older man hurriedly scuttled out of the Broken Spirits, nearly knocking over the slight Lord of Mattan Dews. By the time Hendrick turned to reproach the man, he was gone.

Perturbed, Hendrick made his demand for gin from a passing bar wench and made his way over to the Lord Arbiter, setting the package on the table before him.

"My congratulations on your eminent nuptials, my Lord. I hope you won't mind if I join you. I have brought a gift as a token of my regard - " Hendrick glanced at the strange smelling pouch " - Though I see I have been beaten to it by another".

"Aha! Just the man I wanted to see! Do sit down good Hendrick." Sevastian says as he kicks a chair out from under the table.

"Yes indeed, you were beaten to it. My brother on that blasted rock Beluaterra sent me something to alleviate the stress of these trying times." gently patting the stuffed bag, releasing more of it's pungent odor.

Quickly finishing what had previously seemed a much larger meal, he turns to the Lord Battlemaster and looks inquiringly at the parcel on the table. "And what praytell is that oddly shaped thing?"

The emaciated youth watched in awe as the massive amounts of roast meat vanished before his eyes and accepted the gin from the barmaid with an unsettled demenor.

Hendrick cleared his throat with an air of obvious pride and excessive showmanship.

"Oh, this? Why it is nothing, my lord. I had been thinking the other day on what to present you with on this fine day, when it occurred to me: What does his lordship mention more than anything? A hat!"

Hendrick took a liberal quaff of his juniper scented poison and, with the pauses and drama of an actor on stag, gestured to the parcel, carefully playing off his audience.

"But no mere hat would do, not for Sevastian Guile! So I had contracted the finest hatters in the realm, the most mercury-addled professionals, to craft the most dandy, most handsome hat in all the land of Dwilight, nay - the world!".

With a flourish, Hendrick undid the wrapping and revealed a hat to best all hats. Made of black felt that seemed finer than any velvet, with a band of blood red, complimenting a lining of red silk of the highest quality. Hendrick slowly lifted the hat, the almost razor-fine brim resting delicately in his hands.

"My Lord Arbiter, I present to you, The Hat".

"By Castus' bleeding paddle man! Now that is a hat! So handsome, so fine, so... Perfectly delightful! Wherever did you find a capable... Never mind that now." he says while gingerly taking the offered cranial garb and placing it on his head. A good fit when set at a somewhat jaunty angle, The Hat matches perfectly with Sevastian's colours.

"My deep gratitude Lord Battlemaster! I must find something equally ideal when it comes time for your official wedding! Tell that wandering Lady Alice to hurry up so you can get on with it." he says, gently running his fingers along the brim with a seeming purr of satisfaction.

Hefting the bag from the old man onto the table and leaning in close, Sevastian whispers so none can hear but Hendrick, "In this bag lies magic. When one eats these, a spiritual journey is ensured. I've only done them by myself before and always to spectacular effects. Fortunately or not, depending on perspective, House Guile has a natural sorcerous talent that is in all males of the line. With these," he says patting the bag gently, "that talent can go rather...independent of control, for lack of a better term. If you would brave the journey, I would share the experience with you. Fair warning, it changes you inside your head. Having used these is the one time I saw Castus himself... It was..... Lifechanging."

A red rose in Hendrick's cheeks from the compliment and the mention of his bride to be as his grin widened.

"I am honored that The Hat merits your approval my lord. I had hoped you would find it suitable. I can only imagine what gift you will find for a wedding such as mine...Ah the perils of marrying a priestess...".

Hendrick's eyes focused on the bag as Sevastian spoke, his long fingers drumming on the tabletop, the gin settling in his blood.

"I consider myself a man never to shy away from unique experiences, my lord. It would be a rare privilege to wander along some unknown path with you. I can only wonder at what strange sights we will see, with minds such as we have. In the Summer Isles we have something similar but never so..." Hendrick took a careful sniff of the pouch, "Potent as this".

The Battlemaster drained his liquor and squared his shoulders.
"I am ready when you are, my lord".

Grabbing the bottle of wine and waving at the serving girl for another, Sevastian grabs up his bag, Hat atop his head and moves towards the door. Waiting for the young girl to deliver his bottle for later, he whistles a short melody that had gotten stuck in his head some days earlier on the road back from Girich, "The Savior of the North". When the girl arrives, Sevastian promptly nods and begins moving out towards the horses.

"I believe it best we head to the palace for this. No need to expose others to what may follow." mounting up, he turns towards his recently acquired abode and sets off... The Hat staying perfectly atop his head.

Dwilight / Winter comes again!
« on: September 11, 2012, 08:09:48 AM »
Everyone's favourite season is coming up again! Any plans for the several weeks of lull? I know I'm going to horde some food in my region. I expect wars will slow, players will bicker furiously in Luria, and several key regions outside of Solaria will starve.


Dwilight / Regarding Winter.
« on: July 17, 2012, 07:42:03 AM »
Am I delusional and imagining things or have there been 6 days of winter left for about a week now?

Beluaterra / Looking to emigrate soon
« on: February 18, 2012, 08:55:20 PM »
Okay, I'm gonna let you guys give me a breakdown of why your realms are better than your competitors or allies. Don't you feel lucky?!?

I'll be emigrating my character from hammarsett, and looking for a good chance at wealth, fame, glory, and the other usual noble accoutrements.

So, spiel away my friends!

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