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Other Games / Warhammer 40k/Age of Sigmar
« on: December 23, 2017, 03:26:27 PM »
Amy other Warhammer players out here? If so, what armies? Thoughts on Age of Sigmar and Dark Imperium?

Roleplaying / Gythrul's Ressurection
« on: December 23, 2017, 07:32:54 AM »
Gythrul gasped as he opened his eyes. He lay nude on a stone slab, all around him were black robed people. He was in a stone room with little light.

"My Lord." One of the robed people said, their voice gravelly and unnatural.

"Where?" Gythrul questioned before a light filled his mind.

An hour, maybe two pasted before Gythrul opened his eyes again.

"You." He said, pointing to the robed figure he had spoken to earlier. He noticed the person was holding a book.

"I assume you did this?"

The person bowed his head. "WE did. We have raised you."

Gythrul nodded. "Prepare a bath." He ordered.

He rose from the bloody bath tub and gazed and his hands, cleaned of flesh. His eye sockets burned with green witchfire. He turned to one of his robed attendants. "Burn my organs."

The skeleton that was Gythrul stood in the armoury of his Castle. The castle he ruled from when he lorded over the region. He commanded his cultists to put on a suit of plate armour.

The steel was darkened. The armour was relatively plain save for a golden Daemonic eye motif on the chest piece.

Gythrul let his cultists place and burial shroud around his shoulders and he drew up its hood.

He placed a broadsword in his scabbard.

He had returned.

Roleplaying / Aria's Arrival
« on: August 23, 2017, 09:35:56 AM »
A ship sailed into the port of Xavax. It bore the style of the West, of Dwilight. It's inventory contained luxury items and pelts only found in that untamed land.

And one very angry woman.

Aria Lucchesi Attano, sister of Corvo Attano. Stepped off the boat with as much poise as her shaking legs could muster. She was clad in plate armour and bore an armet. She had no shield, but proudly displayed the Attano heraldry on the surcoat thrown over the Western plate.

She had been in Xavax once before, a few years ago, and so knew her way from the docks to the Eyrie.

And that was her destination.

Roleplaying / Corvo's Execution
« on: August 20, 2017, 01:36:23 PM »
Dawn, that was when he was to be executed. The first rays of light beamed into his cell. Corvo's breath came ragged. Dull the pain my ass he thought as he remembered the warhammer shattering his kneecap. The guards escorted him to the headsman' block in Castle Ubent. Corvo looked at the crowd, his mask hiding the pain across his features. Executor Chester Barret gave some speech about laws. Corvo didn't really care, the pain numbed most of his mind, the few moments of perfect clarity he had were filled with sadness. Sadness for Xavax, sadness for his parents.

And sadness for his sister.

At least the Executor's sword was quick and clean.


Aria sat at her desk in her tent, still wearing her plate armour. She was reading the morning's letters and reports when a servant came in.

"M'lady, a letter has come from the East. The messenger mentioned Sir Corvo Attano." He said.

She was ecstatic, the last time she had heard from her brother was a feast he had setup the night before she left for Dwilight.

"Thank you, you are dismissed." She said. The servant left the tent.

The letter bore an odd seal, one of a fox. She wracked her brain, unsure of what family used a fox seal.

Vix Tiramora. She remembered now. It was confusing for Corvo to send a letter from there. To her knowledge, he had always been loyal to Greater Xavax.

She opened it and starting reading aloud.

"Viscountess Aria Lucchesi Attano, per request of your brother, we regret to inform you of his execution for..... what?"

She was confused. Corvo? Dead? Then the grief hit her. She buried her head in her amoured hands. Dead?

She picked the letter back up crying.

...execution for criminal acts.

She couldn't read the rest. Tears blurred her vision. Anger burned in her heart. Someone will pay.

As the title says.

Title: Infiltrator Regional Influence Lowering
Summary: Basically allow infiltrators to lower realm control/loyalty in a region by killing influential peasants.
Details: What this is intended to do is make infiltrators deadlier political tools. In the 'Infiltrate' menu, they get an option to lower a regions loyalty/sympathy to any realm on the continent by assaulting a list of peasants. This would be based on the actual sympathy/loyalty values. If Realm A has a lot of influence on Region A, Realm B has average, and Realm C has low, an Infiltrator would have different options to lower loyalty/sympathy.

The following options would be available based on loyalty/sympathy values in quarters (25% for option 1, 50% for option 2, etc):
Popular Farmer - Risk: Low
Will remove at maximum 10% loyalty/sympathy.

Notable Merchant - Risk: Medium Low
Will remove at maximum 20% loyalty/sympathy.

Wealthy Merchant - Risk: Medium
Will remove at maximum 40% loyalty/sympathy.

Minor Noble - Risk High
Will remove at maximum 80% loyalty/sympathy.

These options would be available in ALL regions except capitals. I will leave it up to the debs to decide the actual risk vs skill formula IF this is approved.

Each region, the infiltrator would get a dropdown menu of every realm that has a loyalty/sympathy affect on that region.

Just like assaults, there is a chance the target will survive based on skill vs risk. If the target survives, there is a 50% chance that region loyalty/sympathy would instead be boosted.

When the target is attacked, a regional report message will be sent, saying something along the lines of: 'A minor noble was killed in (region name). The guards have no suspects but it was made clear the murder was based upon the noble's supportive views towards (realm name).'

This would obviously be subject to change based upon the target, the outcome and whether or not the infiltrator was captured.

Benefits: This would make infiltrators more akin to the assassins they are supposed to be, and open up renevues of warfare and gameplay.

Possible Downsides or Exploits: Not that I could think of. We already have regions rebelling of their own accord, this would simply make infiltrators a more powerful force.

Roleplaying / An Assasin's Life
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:54:29 PM »
Roleplay from Corvo Attano
all nobles of Greater Xavax
Corvo geared up in his tent. Light leather armour covered his body and beneath it were black clothes. He checked his belt, making sure he had all his equipment. Satisfied, he put on his mask and turned to the tent entrance.

It was dawn, and Lord Corvo had explicitly requested all reports to be delivered to him at dawn and dusk, so Captain Chinote Honada began her walk to his tent, papers in hand. "My Lord, the reports." She said as she entered the tent. "My Lord, may I inquire as to where you are going?"

"Put the reports on the desk and prepare the men to reinforce the market square." Corvo ordered as he continued exiting.

"As you wish, My Lord, but where are you going?" She pressed, hoping for an answer.

"Hunting." He said.

Corvo swiftly moved through the camps, arriving at a building. He had ordered his men to stack some crates in a stair like formation at the wall facing his tent. He tested their strength, pushing down firmly with one hand. There was no give, and he climbed up.

Corvo had been sneaking through the settlement for the better part of an hour, looking for lazy bandit soldiers. Not the dogs of Alara or Minas Nova, but peasants stealing, murdering and taking advantage of the regional chaos. Finally he found two, wearing padded armour and using pitchforks as weapons, talking.

"Did ya hear tha boss has a deal with a litel band ta deal with tha Zavacks?" One of them idly said.

"He wot?" The other asked.

"Yah, a deal a betta equipd band to kill them Fenix-undead-lich bastards." The original speaker informed his fellow.

Corvo shook his head and sprinted from cover, coming behind the original speaker and slitting his throat. He unceremoniously cast the body aside as he lunged at the one, grasping his shoulder and pulling him in as he thrust with his sword.

The blade went clean through the bandit's sternum to the hilt. He gave a shocked gasp when the cross guard hit his chest. Corvo drew his sword from the dead man, his body falling to the ground.

"This is my life now." Corvo said, no hint of remorse in his voice as he looked at his bloodied blade.

Another hour of sneaking around rewarded Corvo when he found a group of three more bandits drinking and laughing around a fire. He studied them for about a minute. They were drunk, lazy and off guard. The time was now.

They, like the first group, barely had time to registered the attack before one of them died, Corvo's blade stabbed through his back. Corvo removed it from the bandit and slashed to his right, slitting the second bandits throat.

The third had drunk less then his friends and drew a sword of his own, stolen from an abandoned manor. He struck at this masked assasin, hoping to kill him. Corvo blocked the downwards slash with the flat of his blade, supporting it by placing this hand on the flat near the tip.

Corvo kicked at the bandit, landing a boot in his crotch. The bandit dropped his sword and fell to his knees in pain. Corvo swiftly stabbed him in the back.

Job completed, Corvo returned to the Xavax camps.

What it says in the title. Occasionally I play on the shared computer my brother mainly plays on.

Colonies / Arak Castle
« on: January 09, 2017, 08:00:23 PM »
Ok, this is killing me, I have heard of the place, and that it belongs to a GM Character. So I went on the dynamic map to read the description of the region and it has no banner/button. Does the region even have a description?

Roleplaying / Xerarch's Death - Corvo Attano
« on: December 20, 2016, 01:24:05 PM »
Edited to remove sensitive information and fix up name and grammatical mistakes.

Roleplay from Corvo Attano
message to all nobles of Greater Xavax
A messenger approached Corvo's tent, showing the Royal seal, the guards waved her in.

"What is it?" Corvo asked, the woman swallowed before continuing. "My Lord Attano, it is with regret that I inform you of Her Majesty, Selenia JeVondair's death. She was slain holding the walls of Xavax ag-" the messenger stoked when he saw the look of utter disbelief on both Corvo and Ulfbjorn's faces. "Perhaps it be best I leave." the messenger said, and started to leave.

Corvo raised his hand, and bade the woman to continue. "Against bandit forces. Her last request was for Hogni to be delivered to Her Ladyship, Kin Hyral." the woman finished and bowed, turning on her heel and out of the tent.

Sure that she was gone, Corvo slammed a dagger into his desk, burying the blade to the hilt. "Captain, double time the men." he ordered and Ulfbjorn saluted. "Shall I tell the men, My Lord?" Ulfbjorn queried, Corvo simply nodded.

Feature Requests / Rejected: Scroll of Control
« on: December 11, 2016, 01:05:29 PM »
Name: Scroll of Control (Undead OR Monster)

Function: Allow temporary control of BT monster and undead.

Summary: These scrolls allow you to align one unit of monsters/undead to your realm or a special rogue realm allied with all non-daimon worshiping realms and hatred with Netherworld for one turn (the one after scroll usage). What this does it has three possible outcomes; successfully, failure and Daimon control. For example Bob casts this scroll on a unit of undead attacking Bobsville, he knows a Daimon unit is coming and uses the scroll in the hopes of getting a meat shield for the Kingdom of Bob soldiers. He gets a message similar to this:

You work the magic encased in the scroll, directing it at the creatures. Golden flames kindle in their eye sockets, as they remember their former lives. Then the flames go out, only to be replaced by an infernal green, Daimonic laughter echoes...

This causes the undead to become allied with Netherworld and support them in the battle.

Benefits: Gives humans some more CS in combat.

Possible exploits: Netherworld or Daimon-Worshippers using them.

Helpline / In-Game Tech
« on: December 04, 2016, 12:20:49 PM »
Just a few questions about in-game technologies. I know it is set in the Middle Ages, but the first one really confuses me.

1. Demolition Tools: The wiki states that there is no developments such as gunpowder, so how would one RP their use?

2. Do hand/wrist crossbows exist?

The Dream / Character rewards
« on: November 24, 2016, 10:36:30 AM »
The wiki page says you can receive rewards for your BT char by playing this game. Is this true? If so what kind of rewards?

Roleplaying / Battle of Leibo - Corvo Attano
« on: November 23, 2016, 10:30:59 AM »
Roleplay from Corvo Attano   (just sent)
Message sent to everyone in the region Leibo (49 recipients)
Corvo winced at the glaring pain in his left shoulder. During the intense battle, a single arrow had, barely, penetrated his chainmail. But the pain was nothing compared to the scene around him. Twenty-five of his men were rested around the fire as local healer fussed over wounds,  none could tell who would survive.

He walked over Captain Ulfbjorn Hartmann, who had taken a hit for him. "Crazy bastard." Corvo said, voice distorted to a rasping sound by the silver skull mask he wore. "Hah, takes more than a spear to keep me down." the Captain replied, and the two men laughed. The remark though, brought back memories of the battle.

Corvo was extremely proud of his unit, Whalers. They were advancing with Xavax's legion, holding shields against the foul arrows. A chant of war went up amongst the troops;
Our swords are sharp
Our spears are long
Our arrows are swift
Our arms are strong
Brave is the heart that looks upon home
We will kill the bandits wherever they roam!

The war chant went on until the Infantry of Xavax were in charging distance, then it was replaced by roaring.

Three Hours And Twenty-Two Minutes Later

An arrow flew through the air whistling as it homed in on it's unsuspecting prey. The next moment, a great pain blossomed in Corvo's shoulder. It was a scene of carnage, and Corvo was undisturbed by it. The sheer disregard for life that the foes of Xavax fought with had initially shaken him, now he had acclimated to death.

Ulfbjorn saw Corvo go down and ordered a retreat. Xavaxian forces made the Vix and bandits pay for every inch of ground, byt retreated left a bad taste in the Captain's mouth. He and another Whale got Corvo to his feet and dragged him off the field.

Corvo was aware of being picked up and dragged, he would have protested but Count Mormont's condition had made him gape with awe. The Count's body was racked with wounds that would have, nay should have, killed him. Yet he fought on. Corvo was evacuated before he saw the Count's fate, but he knew in his heart that Uthred had fallen.

Roleplaying / More Punishment
« on: November 22, 2016, 09:38:02 AM »
Roleplay from Corvo Attano
message to all nobles of Greater Xavax
Corvo sat at his desk in his tent, leafing through papers; messages and reports, his mask in close reach and his sword on his belt. Cries of pain mingled with begging for food in the immediate area. So similar to Tota, Corvo sadly thought. He had seen more death here, several of his men had been killed, and now one was wounded. The previous battles had also taken out one of his entourage; apparently, his Sanctiones had been killed by a stray arrow.

"Captain!" he called out, and a Whaler armoured in ring mail entered the tent, saluting. "Yes, My Lord Attano?" Captain Hartmann queried. Ulfbjorn Hartmann was a good Captain, and was popular with the men. That combined with a fierce loyalty to Corvo and the Attano family made him not only a good Captain, but a sensible aide de camp and perfect bodyguard. He even looked the part, largely built, bald, with a braided beard and large axe.

"Remind me again what the Sanctiones was doing on the battlefield?" Corvo continued, looking up at Ulfbjorn. "I believe one of the men punished at Tota, ah, "encouraged" her to charge the enemy." Ulfbjorn tactfully answered. Corvo groaned and put his head in his hands, more needless death. "Bring the offender in." he ordered, and Ulfbjorn saluted once more before leaving the tent.

It took Ulfbjorn a good ten minutes to find the offender, in which he spent going from one part of the camp to the next. Finally, he found the Whaler guilty and dragged him back to Corvo's tent. The tent was a simple set up, an light weight wooden desk and chair were situated in the front half, and the back half contained Corvo's chambers. The tent was split by a cloth screen. "Sit." Corvo commanded, a blank sheet of parchment in front of him. The Whaler followed the command. "Name." Corvo demanded, "Hal, M'Lord." the offender fearfully replied. Corvo put quill to parchment and recorded the information. "Why did you "encourage" Sanctiones Veralla to charge the Vix Tiramora position?" Corvo questioned, and the Whaler had a defiant streak. "I did no such thing!!" he practically screamed, standing up. Corvo sighed, and nodded to Captain Hartmann. He punched the Whaler in the gut, eliciting a painful groan, before shoving him back into the chair. "Now, I can do this all day. I would rather not, truly, but you need to remember three things. One; never, ever, raise your voice at me again. Two; You shall address me as My Lord, My Lord Attano, Your Lordship or Your Lordship Attano. Three; DO. NOT. LIE. TO. MY. FACE. AGAIN. Clear?" Corvo sternly dictated. Hal groaned and nodded. "Now, why did you "encourage" Sanctiones Veralla to charge the Vix Tiramora positioned?" he repeated, quietly. "M'Lord, I swears she gave me one extra lash and hit me harder than the others." he pleaded. Corvo almost ordered Captain Hartmann to beat Hal. Instead he roared angrily at him, "So you got her killed over an extra lash and a bit of excessive force?" Captain Hartmann thought he would have to restrain his lord when Corvo continued. "Captain! Send a messenger to Talon Kinsey. See if he has a stock available or that we can use those in town square!" he pointed at Hal "You, get out of my sight!" Hal scrambled from his chair and out of Corvo's tent fearfully. Captain Hartmann simply saluted before nodding approvingly and fetching a messenger.

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