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East Island / Sydgard
« on: April 28, 2019, 10:30:47 PM »
Sydgard is sooo fun! It reminds me a lot of when I first joined BM.

Shout out to fellow Sydgardians!

PS. I guess you can call it a recruitment thread? Or discussion thread? Syd has zero threads so this one is the first.

BM General Discussion / Wiki/Character page images
« on: September 24, 2018, 04:10:32 PM »

Where do you guys take your character images from? Some of you have really nice ones. Is there some hidden internet cache of royalty free fantasy/medieval images?

Development / Adventurers No Longer Using Scrolls - Discussion
« on: September 08, 2018, 12:07:21 AM »
This is something I feel strongly about, hence the discussion topic.

I'll say what I have to say in points:

  • I am not aware of advies being used as (effective) weapons of war, so I assume it happened on East Continent. IIRC magic was supposed to be nerfed on EC and Colonies. It would fixed the problem better than the current "solution"
  • On Dwi and BT advies should be allowed (to a degree) to be weapons of war.
  • Even if advies are used effectively in war, I'd say there is a damn big counterbalance mechanic... as in they can be friggin killed! Capturing advies is like taking candy from a baby. If someone is ready to try and swing the fate of one battle/one region (doubtful) for the price of losing their character - ok, I guess it's a fair deal.
  • Disabling advies from using magic takes one of the more fun (most fun?) aspects of advy game away. I know most people treat entire advy game as a gig to get artifacts/scroll for their pals, but there are few of us who actually enjoy it.
  • Since I've learnt more about what prompted this... my question is - has anything like that happened ever before? Did it require a lot of people actively working together? Have it broke the stagnation on the island a bit? Have it rid us of a single-region new player death-trap realm? Could it be done by non-advies? If you answer yes to at least one of those questions (or no to the first one) then banning advies from magic was overreacting.

EDIT - Forgot to summarize.

Summary: Advies should not be disallowed to use magic.

Helpline / Advy training and equipment
« on: April 26, 2018, 10:20:57 PM »
Okay, so I haven't found the answer to this question. I just wondered, does having a low level equipment act as a limit on skill using or skill training?


Advy has 5% swordfighting equipment and starts out with 5% swordfighting fame. He fights and fights and gets "you increased you swordfighting" message like 10 times, so by easy count he should have at least 15% sf fame but he still has 5%, so he upgrades his equipment from 5% to 15%... but the fame stays the same.

Does it mean that you can't train your skills above the limit your equipment imposes on you?

If so that would be sort of silly. It would make much more sense if it just lowered the level of skills you can use not the level of skills you can train.

Roleplaying / Maura - The Inquisitor of Obia'Syela
« on: April 18, 2018, 10:35:21 PM »
Roleplay from Maura Arnickles Renodin
all nobles of Obia'Syela
(OOC - some illicit content including mild sexual violence. Reader's discretion is advised)

Forged Anew Part I

As magnificent as Rines is, every big city has it's seedier parts - it is somewhat inevitable, the more people inhabit a place, the more opportunity for those giving less heed to the letter of the law to form groups and for those groups to occupy certain neighbourhoods; more often than not those neighbourhoods tend to be located by the water, for reasons more or less unknown to modern scholars. And so the City of Moonlight had the docks. In the central place of the Port of Four Cities there were magnificent quays of marble and basalt, and piers built with finest ilks of wood. That part of the port was designed to receive the greatest of noble guests - Kings and Emperors - and as such it was built with royal - if not imperial - style. From it shoot a wide, cobblestone alley that led the noble travellers all the way to the Basilica, through the marketplace and several other prominent locations. That alley served also as a border between the northern and southern docks, patrolled tirelessly by the city guard. The northern part was nowhere near as grandiose as the magnificent royal piers of the Port, but it was still kept neat and tidy by the merchant guilds of the city and minor noble houses, it served as the main trade hub of city; and then there were the southern docks...


Full moon dawned upon the darkest corners of the city with it's silver light, as Maura strolled through the alleyes of Southern Docks all by her lonesome. In her drunken state her legs had all the authority over pathfinding, leaving her mind to ponder more salient dillemmas, such as: should she vomit now, or not quite yet. Employing their sovereing power her legs led her to the most obscure tavern they could find. Her hazy gaze scanned the patrons in passing, they appeared to be lowly thieves and hustlers... that is - the finest of them appeared to be thieves and hustlers. She could discern all sorts of rogues and villains, as well as an unimposing deadman cramped in the dank corner, red shape showing on his groin, embers of baccy in his pipe still drawling grey dribble of smoke in the air.

She approached the barkeep and without a word pointed to a tankard of ale. He extended expectant palm before proceeding with the order. Drunken dame poked the insides of her eternally empty purse and with an exasperated sigh and a mighty swing she punched the consciousness straight out of one of the tavern patrons' head, grabbing his tankard as he fell to the ground. Her feat raised no eyebrows, not in this joint; her shrug prompted the barkeep to withdraw his hand. Freshly acquired beverage in hand, her legs decided to leave the tavern - she followed, and so did a group of less comely tavern patrons.

Roleplay from Maura Arnickles Renodin
all nobles of Obia'Syela
(OOC - some illicit content, including mild sexual violence. Reader's discretion is advised)

Forged Anew Part II

Cold autumn air nibbled her nose and earlobes, she rubbed off the numb sensation and poured the contents of her tankard into her throat, tossing the empty vessel aside. The clang was much louder than she expected, so she turned around to see why, only to notice the apparent source of the sound - the enormous scimtar - slapping her face with it's broad side. Even considering the force of the impact, normaly it would merely cause her stumble back, but in her drunken state it dropped her on her arse, blood gushing from her nose. The assaliant's grin revealed incomplete set of teeth. As she propped herself up she felt her arms wrenched behind her back and immobilised by two more thugs. She snarled more out of annoyance than out of pain. The man before her swinged once more, this time the hilt of the scimtar caught her left eye and a moment later is was swollen shut. What was left of her hazy eyesight made out a shape in the corner of her field of vision. It was a female shape, dressed in something blue, the notion took her mind somewhere distant in space and time and well out of the present situation, a soft smile shaped on her face.

Sensation of cold steel on her naked thigh brought her back into the moment. It pushed to the side but she resisted it without effort, up until the blade twisted, pressing sharp edge to one of her tighs and pointy tip to the other. The assaliant growled to his companions "hold the bitch tight!" and sneered at Maura as he dropped the scimtar to the ground and kneeled between her tighs, ripping the drawstings out of his trousers with one hand and spreading long faulds of her chainmail with the other. Exposing his manhood he noticed her victim's back arching at extreme angle and completely oblivious to the situation, he laughed out loud, shouting "look-it boys! she wants i-", unable to finish his sentence.
Maura's tighs shoot up in the air at an alarming speed and clenched the villain's neck with the strength of a rockslide, constricting his movements. The other two rogues needed all the hands they had to keep Maura in place, in panic trying to decipher muffled sounds coming from their leader. They were all wrestling for a good couple of moments until finally one "HWOOHD!" escaped the suffocating throat of the hapless scoundrel in a way that allowed his minions to recognize it as "sword". The villain closer to it let go of one of Maura's arms and jumped for the scimtar, enabling her to snap the neck she held between her tighs and wrestle free of the grip on her other arm, all in one motion.

She stood up and faced her opponents, quickly calculating the odds. She was unarmed and they were no longer fighting for the wicked joy. Their intent was now to kill and they were ready to see it fullfilled. She was about to decide to fight, when she felt the throbbing pain in her palm. "Must've disjointed my wrist when wrestling it free" - she thought, almost cursing aloud. She immediately stood straight and before they could attack she said:

"I am Maura Arnic-BLARGH!" - in a mighty retch she vomited all the contents of her stomach, spilling some of it on the two before her. Almost amused with their disgust she continued, trying her best not to slur the words: "I am Dame Maura Arnickles Renodin of Rines, and the Port of Four Cities along with the Southern Docks is my domain now. In the name and with the authority of my immediate liege and your sovereign lady Rania Eastersand JeVondair I order you to stand down or face all consequences."

The threat worked. Surprisingly well. In the moonlight it is very hard to tell when someone is going pale, so Maura was amazed how apparent it was on their faces. They must've been terrified. Her assumptions confirmed as one of them asked in a shaking voice:

"Renodin l-like, Astros Renodin?"

Roleplay from Maura Arnickles Renodin
all nobles of Obia'Syela
(OOC - some illicit content, including mild sexual violence. Reader's discretion is advised)

Forged Anew Part III

She almost smiled when she said: "A distant relative." - and watching the cogs of tiny windmills of their minds turn she suppressed a smirk when they fell to their knees, pledging allegiance and offering their service. Seconds slipped into minutes as she let herself sink into a reverie. Her hazy vision fell on a blue ghost by the chalky-white wall, and when her eyes met those of her lady, she heard the voice.

You silly goose, you can't act like that anymore. You're a noble lady now. Noble ladies don't look for trouble in shady alleys. The Maura I knew, noble or not, didn't look for trouble in shady alleys. She was about selfless duty.

"The Maura you knew is no more, m'Lady. I can't be her. Not anymore."

You also can't be... - the specter lady motioned between the thugs and dead body - ...this.

Maura was about to argue but taking in the words she simply nodded.

"But I can still see you." - she pointed to the ghost - "Not like this. I can still see you like then. Torn to pieces, your entrails hanging from the jaw of that ghastly creature. It was all because... it was me."

It was... - the ghost said and to shock on Maura's face she continued - ... or it was not. Things happen. Horrible and good alike. Things. Happen. There's nothing more to it.

"What should I do now?" - Maura asked, staring into empty space.

Letting me go would be a start. - Jarra chuckled - Don't you shake your head now! You should know better than to question your lady. - she smiled at her captain - Yes, I know, the emptiness. You will find a way to fill it. As you should fill that empty scabard of yours. - The ghost pointed at the sheath that used to hold a mighty scimtar and suddenly she started fading.

"You could take us in... I mean in service." - one of the thugs answered Maura's question, earning only angry stare and withdrwaing immediately.

The warrior lady whispered out of earshot of the two men: "I can't let you go, I'll have nothing left."

Then I'll leave you this - said the spectre continuing to fade - there is magic on this world. There is magic that enhances the nature of things, those common spells merely tickle the Veil. There is magic that alters the nature of things, those spells scratch at the Veil. And then there is the magic that contradicts the nature of things, those most rare and powerful spells tear the Veil, pierce the Veil. Even those are not strong enough to tear a hole big enough for Her to come... not alone, but they are strong enough for you to feel Her, to truly feel Her, Her and... all the others.

Maura considered herself a seasoned warrior, so she was ashamed of the cold shivers she felt at those words. The ghost started disappearing, her voice shifting to something else, something less human:

Find them, read them, perform them and
The emptiness yOu shall fill,
The purpose you shall find.

The ghost disappeared entirely and Maura found herself as sober as a judge. She took a while to snap out of her reverie and recompose herself, after which she started barking out orders:

"You two! Find me one and a half dozen more of... you. Fetch them and yourselves to the knightly quarters of the Port of Four Cities. And that..." - she pointed to the scimtar - "Is mine now."

Dwilight / Tor, Torenism, Torus Renatus
« on: April 18, 2018, 04:36:38 PM »
So! What's the deal with those? Wiki is like a diary of a madman. I can get bits and pieces from there but not the cohesive timeline and differentiation.

Dwilight / The Shmaeless Swordfell Recruitment Thread
« on: December 02, 2017, 11:39:35 PM »
Aight, I haven't found one so I'm making one. It's the first time I make one so go easy on me.

However controversial was the Titan rulling, Swordfell after it is pretty much the exact opposite of Swordfell before it. Where there was a glass ceiling now is a cloudless sky. Some of the most fun new players have characters there and all we need to make it flourish with life is a breath of fresh air. And as a bonus - some most powerful fellas on the continent want to erase Sworfell, so if you enjoy challange, always take the stairs instead of elevator when you carry a fridge to 10th floor, never look on image when solving puzzles, or if you like the idea of navigating your way through shattered Republic - here we are! ;)

PS. How was I? Good recruitment thread? Crap recruitment thread?

Dwilight / Swordfighting bug or helluva bonus?
« on: December 02, 2017, 12:03:24 AM »
I just noticed my characters on Dwi drop by like 12 swordfighting fame points over the last several days. Someone just got a fancy artifact or is it a bug of some sort? I don't report it as bug because I'm 80% certain it's the first option, thought I'd check though. And honestly - envious.  :P (that's an envy tongue)

Roleplaying / The Daimon of Vorstadt
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:05:00 PM »

The Daimon of Vorstadt

The noise of sneering cackle pierced through the frosty air of the night, as the three men stood ankle deep in snow, warming themselves by the campfire improvised from their torches. The shortest of the three protested against the mockery:

"Stop it, Bart! Stop it this instant! This is serious! I haven't seen Zefs and Marduk since yesterday, when the captain learns of this we will all wear nothing but tights all winter. And Sapon was supposed to be here with us but I haven't seen him since this morning."

"What do you know, fingerling?" - replied the tallest of the three - "The Daimon took them!" - and he exploded with laughter, slapping his other friend's chest in encouragement to join in on the mockery.

"What do you suggest happened to them?!" - the short guardsman demanded.
"They dragooned some moonshine out of the local peasantry and are piss drunk in the snow. Or they lead some tavern wenches astray. Or who knows what! But they were not taken by some kind of monster!" - the big guardsmen pushed the small one when he finished talking.

"Daimon!" - the small one exclaimed while falling.

"Yeah, whatever! Daimons don't even exist, they're just a story to scare the children. And even if they did, they would never come to Tamirak. Unless they like fat wenches and bitter popskull." - He cackled.
"What about Vorstadt?" - The middle of the guards enquired, breaking his silence.

"You shut your mouth" - Said the bigger guard, suddenly loosing his mocking grin and regaining all seriousness. The addressed warrior just raised his eyebrows and continued unphased:

"I don't know Bart. Armed men start disappearing in Vorstadt. Nearly two hundred of local militia in less than a week. The few of them that were ever found were found dismembered, drowned, eviscerated... you name it. Every gruesome death in the great library of gruesome deaths. Then, just as it all stops and people start to regain composure, the hordes come. Thousands of beasts and undead flood Toprak. Unlike anything anyone has ever seen. That widened my gaze a fair bit."

Just as Bart readied himself to channel the built-up anger to a loud and hostile riposte they all fell silent and grabbed their weapons when they noticed an onlooker listening in on the conversation just outside the circle of snow illuminated by their 'campfire'.

"Oh, please - don't stop on my account. I found your conversation very interesting and didn't want to interrupt you. Tell me of this Daimon of Vorstadt you talked about." - saying this the newcomer noticed something and started walking around, looking at the terrain attentively, dipping his hands and later entire arms in snow, not minding the armed men in the slightest. After a brief while he stopped and started thumping his foot on the ground. About the same moment the bigger of the guards took the measure of the newcommer and finding him not much of a threat he asked with regained confidence:

"And who are you, loony? What are you doing here?" - receiving no answer other than silence and stomping he shouted angrily - "Answer me! Or answer me this - have you ever had a spear up your arse? And why on the Maddening are you stomping, you weirdo?!"

The stranger stopped and turned to the tall guard:

"Oh, my stomping is none of your concern... no, wait, not true. My stomping is the biggest of your concerns right now, you see Bartholomew? Bart is short for Bartholomew, right?" - he waved his hand in air as if trying to disperse the last question  - "It does not matter. You see, I have been trying to unearth this snowbound bear cave and wake the beast."
"What bear cave?" - asked the big guard, while the other two backed one step away.

The stanger just thumped his leg on the ground once more, with all the power he had, and through the loud, terrifying roar and panicked screams his calm answer could barely be heard - "This one."

Seeing the legless torso of Barholomew breathing out the last bits of his life with surprised expression on his face, demanding explanation of the past few seconds, the stranger turned his gaze to the bear ripping through the remaining two guards and with a satisfied smile he waved Bartholomew his goodbye, before disappearing into the night.

Helpline / Wrong wiki link
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:15:59 PM »

The family link in my family page on battlemaster side is linking to a wrong family page on wikipedia (some historical, non-existant [or no-longer-existant] Bennets). Same with all the wiki widgets. All automatic region widgets, realm widgets etc. are linking to the wrong old Bennets not the right new Bennets.

Any idea how to fix it?

Another question, offtopic, I know, I do offtopic in OP: any idea how to make vertical-align: bottom in wiki?

Feature Requests / Approved: Read past messages while wounded
« on: November 06, 2017, 08:48:53 AM »
Title: Read past messages while wounded

Summary: Allow players of wounded nobles to read past messages.

Details: So it came ot me when I recently logged in on mobile device to my wounded character. I clicked "read more" to see how the battle went but instead of seeing the message I've seen nothing and the readable messages got reset as if I did saw the messages. Perhaps I double clicked the link, perhaps it was some bug but it's already very punitive to get wounded, having no way of seeing how things went down up to the moment of your character getting wounded is too much imho. So yeah - in details it would allow you to read your messages when wounded by clicking read messages. Let's say it would auto filter at all messages from past 7 days.

Benefits: More things to do when wounded. Higher new player retention rate.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: None I can think of.

Roleplaying / Ingénue - Jarra's Bildungsroman
« on: September 23, 2017, 10:22:20 AM »
That's the first character of which roleplays I record as I go. The "coming of age" story. Mostly short RPs. Lots of not mine RPs and even letters included for the sake of context. If you see your text here and don't want it here let me know I'll fix it.

Other things worth checking:

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

Having amassed the small contingent of her family retainers, Mistress Jarra decided to grasp her fate in her own - ludicrously small, clad in preposterous blue gauntlets - hands and become Dame Jarra of Athol Margos. Tiny frame of the young lady stepped on the stairs of Seaside Estate, escorted by twenty men outfitted according to fashion chosen by their Mistress. Some of the more battle-weary warriors barely restrained from planting their faces with their beautiful blue gauntlets every time their Lady displayed her limitless naivete and immaturity. This time however they took some pleasure in watching her cocky face radiating with satisfaction at the view from the Seaside Estate.

From Letter of Goriad II Gabanus

We have some new blood, that is good news!

Jarra, tell me one thing, do you like fighting and hunting? I've only recently returned from a good hunting trip down south, managed to snare me some, but I always enjoy some new hunting companions to teach the thrill of the game.

Goriad II Gabanus
Knight of Rines

From Letter of Jarra Bennet

Sir Goriad,

I think I enjoy it. I hunted once a squirrel. I shot it right through the neck with an arrow lunched from a shortbow on my third attempt. I later learnt that my cousin tied it down with a string by the tail so it wouldn't run away, that took most of the fun out of it. But I'm eager to try again.

Jarra Bennet
Dame of Athol Margos

From Orders of Rania Eastersand JeVondair


Dame Jarra, I bid you welcome to Obia'Syela, my dear. There is much to be done in the Service of the Veiled Goddess and I hope you will prove yourself to be an asset to the faithful and to the realm.


Rania Eastersand JeVondair
Grandmistress, Grand Inquisitor, Grand Chancellor of Obia'Syela
Royal of Obia'Syela
Duchess of Amen Keffa
Margravine of Rines
Priestess of Heralds of Obeah

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"Asset?! Asset?!" - Jarra shouted hysterically towards her captain who hadn't had the opportunity to explain that she's neither her chamber maid nor her scribe - "You believe this Maura? I may be young, I may be inexperienced, but I am a lady, you can't call a lady rear end names!"

"M'Lady" - Maura struggled to talk through the noble girl's most excited jabbering - "that word has nothing to do with your noble behind"

"It doesn't?" - Jarra paused suddenly calm.

"No m'Lady. It means something or someone of worth."

"Oh." - noble girl took a moment to think - "I take it you haven't sent the previous letter?" - Maura just shook her head, so Jarra continued - "Good! Burn it please. Now write another one."

"M'Lady I'm not a scri..." - Jarra didn't let her finish the sentence, dictating loudly:
"Grandmistress, Noble Lords and Ladies..."

Letter from Goriad II Gabanus

Jarra, noone is good at their first attempt, but a willingness to learn is most important of all. Throughout my life I have hunted many things. Gold and slaves when I led one of Talerium's raiding armies into Minas Leon, men themselves, both on and off the battlefield. Many a fool in the colonies laid awake fearing I would hunt them, and for many that turned out to be true. Now on this island we have a lot of monsters and undead to hunt and target, and they posess a unique experience on their own as no single beast is perfectly the same, but they do often share similar flaws.

Join me in kjelegy and I assume we'll march north tonight. Although it will be a battle more in the open, I'll show you how hunting is applied even on and off the battlefield.

Goriad II Gabanus
Knight of Rines

Letter from Jarra Bennet

Sir Goriad,

I am on route to Cjelegy as I write this letter. I am most eager to meet you, from what I hear you're very... I can't even find a proper adjective.

I don't understand what you mean by hunting men, do you mean fighting them on battlefield or do you mean it literally?

Jarra Bennet
Dame of Athol Margos

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"Mauuuuraaa..." - calls Dame Jarra - "Mauuura... eek!" - she exclaims startled as she turns around to see ebony black face of her captain.

"Yes m'Lady?" - Maura responds hiding annoyance as best she could.

"Maura, have you seen any loop snares when we were in Rines? Perhaps hidden on a crowded marketplace?" - young lady asks.

"m'Lady?" - puzzled look of the captain clearly sought for clarification, instead Jarra continued:

"Are there even human-sized loop snares?!"

Helpline / Wiki codes - how to use them.
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:09:32 PM »
I keep forgetting how to put a nice link to wiki article in messages and all other written things in-game.

And here's the answer, courtesy of Wimpie. He's very courteous. :)

You can add links to realms or regions by using the syntax [Region:Name] or [Realm:Name], e.g. [Realm:Ubent].
You can link to the wiki using wiki-link syntax, e.g. [[Main Page]].

So for Main pages, for my family you use [[Dacara Family]]
If I want to link to a subpage: [[Dacara Family/Jeames]]
If you want to display a different text for the link [[Dacara Family/Jeames|Click here for a link to the Jeames history]]

Roleplaying / Virth's unbelievable exploits
« on: July 05, 2017, 10:27:50 AM »
[hedger on]my first attempt, sorry if I suck[/hedger off]

"- I don't know about that. Angmar has a lot of land and people talk this sorcerer is really a wizard." - said the barber, applying foul smelling mixture to Virth's hair.
"- Bob, tell me this - how many enthralled daimons protected Angmar cities? How many daimon overlords were banished from their lands by an act of angry goddess?" - replied Virth.

Bob the barber only shook his head and forwned.

"- Doesn't matter. Perhaps your goddess really is real and your new cult really is right, and your people magic really is true or truer, but it doesn't matter - might matters. Might and might alone. Sorcerer of Angmar shown great might and established an empire of his own almost overnight, whereas your priests lost their only city, their capital even despite it being allegedly protected by enthralled daimons." - Bob stated.
"- Oh, you're insufferable!" - Virth exclaimed - "There were really huge, freakish, terrifying daimons, docile as sheep, nothing alleged about that." - young Myrion looked at his new hairstyle taking shape and continued - "And about that nonsensical might tirade, let me tell you a story."
"- Is it one of the anecdotes where you put yourself as one of the characters?" - barber interrupted.
"- A story about an amazon, a warrior and Virth Myrion." - Virth Myrion said, pretending he didn't noticed barber's remark.
"- So it is one of those stories." - Bob said with a sigh.

Virth coughed two times theatrically and proceeded with the story:

"In a serene village there was an amazon, she was as beautiful as she was famous and famous she was for her beauty. A warrior and Virth Myrion once were enjoying a stroll, arguing who is a finer man, when suddenly they noticed the amazon training with a quarterstaff. They decided to make a bet to settle their issue. They bet that whoever would be able to take off the breastplate of the amazon would win the bet and would have to be officialy recognised by the other as a finer man.

They agreed that the warrior should go first and the warrior charged at the amazon without any warning, hoping to surprise and tackle her. The amazon just sidestepped warrior's attack and tripped him with her quarterstaff. The warrior rolled for a good couple meters with his momentum. The hassle continued for a couple of minutes but warrior was simply outmatched by the amazon. She hit him with her staff continuously and the warrior was forced to yield and withdraw with his bruised body and bruised ego.

Next was Virth Myrion. The warrior mocked him, saying that since even he couldn't wrestle the breastplate off the amazon, Virth will certainly fail. Virth just gave the warrior a disturbed look thinking that even the most primitive people he known had much higher standards of proceeding with women. Couple seconds later Virth was standing next to the amazon, who just continued to practice with her quarterstaff, paying no attention to him. Virth complimented her technique and... continued to compliment her technique for another ten minutes. Later he started talking how much respect he has for strong women. Later he started pointing out how beautiful scenic place she chosen for her practice spot. Later he gone back to compliments noticing that the amazon is in really good shape. After almost an hour of talking amazon finally paid attention to Virth and charge at him in what Virth thought was an attempt of attack, but instead she took his hand and dragged him towards the lake.

The warrior followed them a little while later, couldn't find them though. The only thing he found was the amazon's breastplate laying on the bank of the lake...

Virth grinned sheepishly and summed up - "and that, my friend, is the thing with perceived might and it's true nature."

The barber signalised that he's already finished with his work. Virth stood up and admired his new long blue braids on the sides of his head and long dark ponytail on the back. He smiled content.

"That'd be five gold coins." - Bob the barber said and the smile slipped off Virth's face.
"Whaaat?" - he said surprised.
"Come on, blue pigment is extremely expensive, I had to buy it from the finest painter of the royal court." - Bob said.

Virth deliberated for a while and paid the barber. He then decided to head off to the closest inn, to see if his investment would pay off.

Beluaterra / Is BT worth it?
« on: December 13, 2016, 11:42:40 PM »
I'm a new guy (less than a month in-game), so please forgive me if I post wrong thing in the wrong place.

I wanted to ask if Beluaterra is worth it? I'm thinking about making my first adventurer character there. Is BT alive? How big (and how active) playahbase is there? Are interesting things happening? I read somewhere that it's completely different from other BM continents, like more events and mystery and stuff.

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