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Announcements / Region Revolt Bug - Updated
« on: September 11, 2020, 02:53:41 PM »
Update (17:30 server time): All regions should now be returned to their previous owners, with duchies, lords, and estates restored. If any have been missed, please contact us ASAP (on the Forum Helpline, on Discord by pinging @Delvin Anaris, or at [email protected]).

The massive number of regions that revolted at the turn change was a bug—I believe I have localized and fixed the source of the bug, and will be running tests to confirm before the sunset turn.

All regions that revolted this turn change will be manually returned to their owners, with our apologies.

Announcements / Sparse Realm Penalty Adjustments
« on: September 10, 2020, 06:28:54 PM »
Due to both player feedback and our own observations over the past day, we are making some adjustments to the newly-added sparse realm penalties. They were never intended to hit so hard, so fast, and we apologize for the excessively aggressive effects.

  • The penalties will now have a 3-day warning period before applying to a given region.
  • The penalties will ease in much more slowly on stable islands, slightly more slowly on testing (which already had them slower than stable).
  • The across-the-board penalties for regions lacking a lord, a knight, or both have been removed, at least for the time being.
  • Later today, a tool will be added on the Information page allowing everyone to see both which realms are in most danger, and how many regions the realm currently stands to lose.

    Announcements / Supplemental Update: Sparse Realm Penalties
    « on: September 08, 2020, 06:28:06 PM »
    A supplemental update is going live with a few small fixes, noted below, and the introduction of penalties for realms below the density limit. The details of these penalties are as follows:
    • All regions in realms below the density limit that lack at least one knight, a Lord, or both will suffer small to moderate control penalties.
    • In such realms, up to three regions will suffer further penalties, with the regions being chosen by three criteria:
      • Number of neighbouring regions belonging to a realm above the density limit
      • Number of neighbouring rogue regions
      • Distance from capital
    • These regions will be ranked, with the furthest or most surrounded by high-density/rogue regions ranking highest, and the higher the rank among those three regions, the steeper the penalties.
    • Regions that fall within these three will also have significantly increased chances of revolt.
    Given a few days to a week or so, this should resolve the issue of realms with "grandfathered-in" low densities.

    Other minor fixes:
    • Bankers were, in rare circumstances, unable to access marketplaces in some of their realm's regions, even when within the realm. This has been fixed.
    • The remaining pieces of the additional voting options have been added. (Andrew says: "Wololo!")
    • The queue for ruler/admin OOC messages no longer shows up when it should not.

    Announcements / Early Sept 2020 Updates
    « on: September 02, 2020, 09:53:05 PM »
    Major Changes

    • A wide variety of new voting options
    • Vulgarity Reports are once again fully functional
    • In addition to donating to Tom to support the server, you can also donate to Anaris or subscribe to his Patreon. Support options for Vita still in the works.
    • War Declarations are now reciprocal: the defender can (and must, at some point) state their goals
    • War Declarations can be edited, and maintain a history of previous versions
    • Rulers can now, within limits, create "court duchies" with no regions
    • Realms above the density limits will start to find regions beyond that limit starting to lose stats

    Please note that there will be an additional major change coming in the next week or so: Realms whose size exceeds the density threshold, but which have been effectively "grandfathered in" thus far, will start to find that regions above that threshold become much harder to hold onto.

    Minor Changes

    • Last Login time will update with more actions, to avoid spurious auto-deletion
    • Change the long-line protection to no longer insert spaces
    • Improve Message Archive to support sent messages as well
    • Some scrolls' effects now scale with your spellcasting skill
    • Under certain circumstances, the region will receive a message about why a battle did not occur there
    • The Realm List now shows total & vacant estates
    • Rogue prison is now easier to escape from
    • The Tournament page now shows how long it will take you to get there, and how long until it starts
    • Militia units will show how many men they have when looking to add more men to them
    • The Message Search page now has the same per-message links other message pages have
    • If your unit deserts, the unit status report will have a more urgent title


    • RP Interaction Preference will maintain across previews
    • Fixed a crash in Abandon Region
    • Several bugs in hanging rebels were Fixed
    • When sending messages to the OOC channel, your Real Name will correctly be hidden if your user info is set to Private
    • Squashed several different versions of bugs in changing unit designation after paying them
    • When looting, reduce sympathy for the realm doing the looting, not the realm being looted
    • Fixed some bugs in displaying the Rich Text Editor when a realm or character name had an apostrophe

      Announcements / Current East Continent Event
      « on: August 24, 2020, 10:46:22 PM »
      As heralded by the RP events around the island for the past several days, changes are coming to the East Continent. By the nature of such changes, some people will gain, and others will lose. This is, to some extent, intended, as the reason for the changes is to improve the balance and overall fun.

      Any loud wailing that the admins are just trying to hurt Realm X, or help Realm Y, will result in temporary account locks, and potentially the loss of positions. Such accusations of corruption are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you are interested in the specific details of why we made the choices we did, please ask respectfully. If you have specific criticisms of the changes we made, please state them concisely and respectfully and we will seek to address them in the same spirit.

      We know that these changes will result in temporary frustration and struggles as people adapt, but we firmly believe that for the long-term health of the East Continent, these changes are necessary—and have largely been in planning for months or years.

      Announcements / Archer Targeting Bugfix
      « on: July 28, 2020, 10:17:14 PM »
      Several months ago, some tweaks were made to how archers chose their targets in battle, to avoid over-prioritizing the front row (and thus enabling certain exploitative formations).

      Unfortunately, the fix created new problems with archers spreading their fire out far too much. Today, I have pushed a fix for that live, which should result in archers targeting their first choice as long as it hasn't received too many ranged hits already.

      This should significantly improve archers' efficiency, and I will be attempting to monitor the effects of it over the next little while to make sure it won't need further tweaks one way or another.

      Announcements / War Declaration Questions & Answers Thread
      « on: July 19, 2020, 02:56:08 PM »
      In order to help clarify matters somewhat, the Titans and the Admins have put together the beginnings of a Q&A thread on the new feature of War Declaration reasons & goals, and the requirements around them. Please join in at,9113.0.html.

      Questions & Answers / War Declaration Questions & Answers
      « on: July 16, 2020, 04:59:32 PM »
      The Titan team and the Admins would like to take a moment to clarify some issues regarding the War Declaration system and the recent political situation on Beluaterra.
      Regarding the War Declarations, we want to clear up some misconceptions.

      • The purpose of the War Dec is not for us to control wars. The Titans are notified when a war is declared, but there is no approval process. The purpose is for realms to officially state why they are going to war and what is their objective. The main purpose of this is to help keep wars on track. If a war has been going on for a year, and the cause is no longer relevant, it might be time to explore peace or otherwise re-evaluate the war.
      • The ONLY time the Titans will intervene on a War Dec is if a war is for a reason that breaks the spirit of the game, seriously damages the fun of MANY players, or is a “bandwagon” war. “Just for Fun” wars are not the point of BattleMaster. There needs to be some sort of risk/reward and realistic politics involved.
      • Regarding fun, obviously some people are not going to have fun losing a war or having their realm destroyed. That is part of the game, and we will never intervene to save a realm from destruction if it deserves to be destroyed. We WILL intervene if a realm is being so overwhelmingly ganged up on that they can do nothing but sit there and take it. There is a big difference between losing and being utterly steamrolled.
      • A “bandwagon” war is when you involve your realm in a war that is already going on for no or weak reasons. BattleMaster works best when there are two or three realms of proportionate strength fighting. Large continental wars have a tendency to stall out, and this is not ideal. Jumping into an ally’s defensive war is a point of an alliance and is completely acceptable. Having three allies jump in when only one is needed for a real advantage or to even the odds is not alright because it leads to stagnation. “Bandwagon” wars have become increasingly common and they very often deteriorate the fun between the two original warring realms. Please discuss with your realm before jumping into an existing war whether you should be doing this or not.
      • The War Dec system is not meant to replace in-game Treaties. Any war conditions agreed upon by the warring parties should be made into a Treaty. If either party wants the other bound by anything, they must agree to it in a treaty of some kind. War declarations are entirely one-sided. Please remember, Treaties are completely player driven. Just because you sign a Treaty does not mean you have to honour it.

      We understand wars are fluid, and there have been discussions to have some sort of amendment option so that realms can update the purpose and objective of their war if it changes.

      A War Dec should have a clear reason and objective. Some simple examples include:

      “The realm of Riombara has declared war on Old Grehk for their continued looting of lands to which we hold claim. We aim to take over their regions of Avengmil and Rines as compensation.”

      “The realm of Fontan has declared war on Westmoor for executing our Banker. We will not stop until we have reduced their realm to the regions of Oligarch, Akesh Temple, and Tabost OR the nobles of Westmoor remove Judge Vita from his position and subsequently banish him.”

      "The Barony of Makar has declared war on the Ash Sea Islands for their continued attempts to conquest and enslave. They can not be trusted in any diplomacy efforts, and we will continue to fight them until the Ash Sea Islands have been destroyed.”

      War Decs must not require approval from the defender. Any sort of “war conditions” (such as no TOs, only armies of 5kCS, etc…) should not be included in a War Dec.
      To help clarify, we want to explain our views on the recent political situation on Beluaterra.

      • Obia and VS enter into a war. They have reason and objective. No issues.
      • SV enters the war against VS. This is something we scrutinize. They have an Alliance, but do they need to be in this war? VS and Obia have almost the same noble count, but Obia is in the process of moving their realm, meaning they have no income, no RCs, and could easily be outclassed by their enemy. A reason exists for SV to join the war to help their ally. The noble count is now 2:1 against VS. Still a fightable war, but more difficult.
      • Hypothetically, moving forward, say Nova and Thalmarkin each join the war against VS. Let’s pretend Nova shares an alliance with SV and Obia, so they are using the same reason to join the war as SV did. Say Thalmarkin is upset that VS attacked them in the past, so they are declaring a retaliatory war. These are legitimate reasons to declare war, but THIS is the exact point where we are asking Rulers to step back and look at things from an OOC perspective. VS already has the odds against them. Is it completely necessary to initiate a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio? Absolutely not. Will you teach those pesky VS nobles a lesson? Sure. Will anyone on the losing side of a steamroll have any fun? Very doubtful.
      • Now, let’s say VS is fighting SV and Obia, and they start winning, and are taking over SV regions. That is a good point to write to your ally Nova and ask for help, because you can no longer achieve victory (or stave off defeat) without assistance.
      • Eventually, the war ends in whatever manner. Once wars are concluded, it is only natural for new ones to begin. If Thalmarkin isn’t engaged, there is no reason why they can’t then pursue their retaliatory war.

      In the end, we want players (especially Rulers) to take a moment to consider the OOC implications of declaring war. We are all responsible for making this game fun. Winning/losing wars and having realms destroyed is part of that fun. Ganging up and bullying a realm is not.

      Hopefully this clarifies the intent behind the War Dec system. We very much encourage any questions or discussions on the topic here.

      Announcements / RP Interaction Preference and Spoilers
      « on: June 13, 2020, 07:28:02 PM »
      Two new additions to the message interface today:

      • RP Interaction Preference: This will only show up when you are writing a Roleplay. It lets you indicate to what extent you are open to outside participants in your roleplay, and has three options:
        • private—Please do not interrupt this roleplay. It may be a solo RP, or may be between a group of people who are collaborating on it, but while you are invited to read it, and if it is being roleplayed as happening in public can even roleplay a reaction, you are asked not to interrupt. Please do be respectful of others, and if your roleplay is taking place in the open, please think twice before using this setting.
        • public—You may join in this roleplay, but it is polite to ask first. This is the default setting.
        • invite—You are invited to join in this roleplay! The roleplayer is actively seeking interaction and engagement! Please remain respectful, and do not attempt to hijack or sabotage other players' roleplays.
        Roleplays with an interaction preference set will have a coloured border and a small indicator text at the top clearly stating what the author's intent is. It is our hope that this will help to clarify expectations and increase positive interactions.
      • Spoiler warning: This has been added as an option under Content Warnings, by player request. It will simply act as another content warning, in case you wish to roleplay a shocking twist, but avoid having other players accidentally spoil themselves by reading it prematurely.

      Announcements / Reply to List available for realmwide messages
      « on: June 11, 2020, 10:14:40 PM »
      A commonly-requested feature, "reply to list" on realmwide messages, has now been enabled gamewide.

      Please message responsibly.

      Announcements / Graphic Content Warning
      « on: June 01, 2020, 11:26:51 PM »
      As was announced a little over a month ago, we are now introducing the feature to tag roleplays as graphic in nature—with several options for what type of graphic content is included—with such messages automatically being hidden in recipients' message feeds. Instead, below the "Roleplay from Delvin Anaris" header, you'll see a Graphic Content Warning box listing the warning tags, which you can then click to display the message.

      If you find that there are tags you would like to use that are not in the provided list, please contact us and let us know (you can reach us on the forum, on Discord, or by email at [email protected]). This is still a very new feature, and the list is by no means set in stone.

      Please note that the Roleplaying Guidelines have also been updated with these in mind, and have been added to the Rules & Policies page. All players are expected to follow these guidelines at all times.

      Announcements / Message Editor Inline Preview + Message Saving
      « on: May 15, 2020, 09:48:16 PM »
      An update has just gone live with two significant improvements to the message editor, one fairly obvious, the other less so until you need it:

      First, by actually using some of the fancy features of the rich-text editor package we just updated, we have implemented a live inline preview of your message as you type it. At present, it should correctly handle everything but Wiki, Region/Realm, and forum post links. (We will be working on support for those in the future.) If you have feedback on this feature, please bring it to the forum. If you find that you prefer the old version, you can click the "Toggle RTE Mode" button at the bottom of the page, and for that device only, it will switch to the traditional white-text-box RTE, and remember your setting. (You can use this to have one on mobile and a different one on desktop, for instance.)

      Second, by very popular demand, we have implemented a feature that should make it much, much harder for you to accidentally lose that RP you spent half an hour writing. A little bit of extra Javascript watches what you type in the message editor, and automatically saves it to local storage on your computer or phone (so your drafts are never sent to us, but you also can't just start writing on one device then pick it up on another). If you leave the page without sending the message, the next time you open a new message to anyone on the same character, it will automatically preload the editor with your saved message. Upon successfully sending, it will clear the saved message for that character.

      Announcements / Early May 2020 Updates
      « on: May 10, 2020, 10:50:20 PM »
      Major Changes

      • All new war declarations will require a reason
      • A bare-bones HTML message archiver
      • Starving regions will gradually stack up more significant penalties*
      • Update to the rich-text editor, which should allow it to support mobile

      Minor Changes

      • Results of training matches will now be sent to the region*
      • Further reduce food production in lordless regions*
      • Default to collapsing player page player info box on mobile*
      • Prevent adventurer creation and War Island character creation from setting a family home region*
      • Tweak sympathy adjustment values*
      • Abandoning a region during a takeover will immediately complete the takeover

      Notable Bugfixes

      • A bug preventing supporting takeovers in certain instances
      • Re-apply the prohibition on inter-realm communication on the South Island
      • Make sure nobles in the same region as a tournament can send messages to it*
      • Failed rebel leaders could fail to be banned, allowing them to stay in the realm and retain titles*
      • Various miscellaneous bugs

      * Already livefixed

      Announcements / War Re-Declaration With Clear Goals
      « on: May 09, 2020, 10:56:58 PM »
      Tomorrow (Sunday, May 10), we will be sending live a package of updates that includes support for explicit reasons for declarations of war. We are requiring such declarations to follow certain rules, which can be found on the war declaration page, and the War Declarations wiki page.

      We have decided that it is best not to permit any "grandfathered" cases, but to immediately mandate a valid reason for every declared war. We recognize that this is a significant change, and that what we will be doing to enforce this is unprecedented. However, we believe that it is necessary in the interests of fair play and transparency of goals and reasons for war.

      On Tuesday, May 12, after the sunset turn, all War statuses in BattleMaster will be set to Neutral (Hatred, too)*. In addition, all nobles in enemy territory will be teleported to their own capitals (we would advise realms at war to use this time to move out of enemy territory and wait there until after the period of neutrality). This is to ensure there are no inadvertent—or exploitative—incidents during the (hopefully) brief period of readjustment. At that time, we strongly encourage everyone who was fighting a war as the aggressor to declare war once again giving both the reason for the war, and the specific goals that would lead to the war's end.

      We would like to note that, while there are not yet clear guidelines written up on the precise details of this, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot continue to permit "dogpiling" where an entire continent (or nearly so) is at war with a single realm. Even if you feel you have sufficient in-character cause to go to war with a realm, we would like you to seriously consider another factor: Are there already enough realms fighting against them that their defeat is all but assured? If that is the case, then adding your realm to the pile will not change the outcome of the war, but might very well change whether the players in the realm being attacked can continue to enjoy the game. While a realm that botches its diplomacy should certainly expect to find itself on the wrong end of a beating, that beating should never be so utterly hopeless that it destroys the interest for the players in that realm of even logging into the game.

      In the interests of transparency, we would also like to make it clear that as well as being sent to the entire continent along with the fact that war has been declared, every war declaration will be copied to the Titans, as name changes and rebellion reasons have been for many years now. While we expect that there will be some confusion during this transition period, and will be prioritizing education over punishment for now, it is our hope that once that has passed, Titan interventions due to an invalid war declaration will be exceedingly rare.

      Additionally, we would like to remind everyone that game mechanics define reality. This is particularly important in cases where the game mechanics have been artificially limited to address abuses by players. Attempting to circumvent those game mechanics, and treat 3/4 of a continent as your allies when, according to the game, they are not, is exactly the abusive situation the mechanical change was made to prevent.

      Again, we understand that this is an unprecedented step, and that it is likely to create some distress among some players, and we do apologize for this. However, we are confident that, provided the bulk of players are willing to work with us toward a game played with friends, the disruption in actual play will be brief and relatively painless.

      Finally, we would like to emphasize one last point on this topic. We take no joy in introducing additional restrictions on the game. We have no interest in telling players how to play, beyond the basic broad guidelines of milieu and fair, friendly play. Our ideal is a game where the players work together as players to promote the fun of all, rather than insisting on promoting their own fun over everyone else's, or telling other players they're wrong when they come forward saying they feel like their fun is being ruined by others. The more players can do that, the fewer restrictions we will need to place and enforce on the game.

      * (South Island is exempt from this, for reasons which should be obvious.)

      Announcements / New Graphic RP Guidelines
      « on: April 22, 2020, 06:58:55 PM »
      BattleMaster is an international game with different cultures and players of various ages. As such, people have a wide range of preferences regarding graphic content. If you are going to roleplay a sensitive topic, like rape, or have detailed descriptions of gore or violence, then you will be expected to provide a graphic content warning at the top of the roleplay—for instance, add at the beginning of the roleplay: "Out of Character Warning: this roleplay contains graphic content."

      This will be enforced by the Titans. If you are in doubt of whether or not your roleplay should have this warning, please use one. It is only one sentence and it can spare those who do not prefer reading graphic or explicit content.

      In the future there will be a message feature for tagging roleplays as graphic with a click of a button, thus hiding them behind a content warning in the message feed. Readers will then be able to click to unmask the roleplay or have an option to have all roleplays automatically unmasked.

      You can provide feedback on the following forum thread:,9018.0.html

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