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Announcements / Bugfixes
« on: May 18, 2018, 10:40:38 PM »
A couple of major bugs have been fixed recently.

First, when fighting rogues performing a takeover, human realms were still able to become the defender and gain the walls.

Second, when changing realms (particularly due to a duchy changing realms with them in it), Lords were losing their lordships.

Both of these should now no longer be the case.

Announcements / April 2018 Recent Changes
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:33:40 PM »
Updated 27 April!

Major Changes

  • Accounts older than 3 months will no longer be deleted no matter how long they are inactive
  • Introduce Duchy Bulletins
  • Infantry armor is 25% more effective on testing islands
  • Archers should no longer massively overkill small numbers of units on the front enemy line, on all islands

Minor Changes

  • Improve the disband militia screen (show every unit, and why if they're not available)
  • Restore militia attrition when they can't be paid properly
  • Improve the text of the Buy Region option, making it clearer what the risks are
  • Accumulation of gold in rogue regions has been slightly nerfed
  • Monsters are more susceptible to ranged attacks, while undead are less susceptible, on testing islands
  • Monsters will come in two basic varieties on testing islands: those with stronger attacks, and those with stronger defense; they can no longer have both at once
  • The Character Details page has been updated to be more user-friendly

Bug Fixes

  • Properly report the reason for Dukes stepping down again
  • Properly display the minimap on scout reports, regardless of whether they were taken on mobile or desktop
  • Fix checks to allow class change to infiltrator
  • Auto da fe should work again
  • Monsters should (this time, for real?) not just hang around at sea, but correctly sail through to their destinations

Announcements / December 2017 Recent Changes
« on: December 14, 2017, 05:05:31 PM »
Major Changes
  • All successful rebellions now result in Anarchy
  • Class change page should be more friendly, and allow changing both mainclass and subclass at the same time, with no wait

Minor Changes
  • Video tutorials have been added to appropriate pages
  • Character Descriptions and pictures have been added
  • Social media buttons have been added to the family page

  • Heraldry could not be saved in some circumstances
  • Family messages (eg, that they had earned more family gold) were not being properly dismissed
  • Several turn script crashes
  • Various text fixes and other minor bugs

BM General Discussion / Discord
« on: December 02, 2017, 01:50:50 AM »
It has been suggested that it might be helpful for BattleMaster to have its own Discord server. I have created one, and it can be accessed at

If there is interest, I will see about adding a link to that on the Chat page, or something similar.

Announcements / Summer/Fall 2017 Recent Changes
« on: October 25, 2017, 01:59:56 AM »

  • "Ancient Documents" adventurer item got a function.
  • A judge can yell to all prisoners at once
  • Using wiki links on guild/religion boards
  • Some additional statistics for Army Sponsors
  • Rebuild a ruined temple
  • Region exchange clarifications
  • Include region name when someone sacks your guildhouse
  • Addition of a "total" line on hunting summaries
  • Routefinder to rogue/Netherworld regions available again
  • A delaying status was added when delaying your arrival while travelling
  • Some more information was added to the disband militia screen
  • Item condition on sage page when repairing item
  • Better message sent to new players on joining realm
  • Improve display of available and unavailable targets for infiltrators going to assalistt
  • Using wiki links on army descriptions
  • Solution for many banker-market related food issues
  • Ability to cancel sailing

Bug fixes

  • Sorting guild locations made uniform
  • Referendum calclistations were fixed
  • Prevent automatic region referendum to be shown twice
  • Repair equipment sholistd no longer give weird choices
  • Estate tax estimate sholistd now clearly report what's the amount you'll be left with and what's the lord share upon choosing an estate
  • Religion taxes fix, gold will now be correctly added to temple treasuries
  • Account page fixes
  • Some behind the screen modernizations of Tournament pages
  • Many different minor bug fixes

Announcements / Dwilight Monster Bugfix
« on: September 22, 2017, 04:28:44 PM »
A major bug in monster handling on Dwilight that has been preventing them from moving around for a while has just been fixed.

Good luck.

Announcements / Bugs From Update
« on: May 14, 2017, 05:04:08 PM »
As you probably already know, there were several bugs in the major update that went live the other day. The issues with hours (both too many and not enough), with actions being blocked, and with returning characters not actually returning, should all be fixed now.

If you experience these, or any other problems, on the upcoming or subsequent turns, please report them.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these issues.

Announcements / Spring 2017 Recent Changes
« on: May 12, 2017, 08:03:38 PM »
Login & Account Page Overhaul

The old userdata page is being completely replaced with a new account page, and the login process is being streamlined. This is likely to cause bugs as odd edge cases are encountered. Please report any oddities with logging in or accessing your account or characters ASAP!

Note: Much of the overhaul relies on an updated CSS page, so if you are having troubles, please clear your cache or force-reload this page first!


As part of the overhaul of the account page, the Heraldry system is finally being activated! While it was originally written several years ago, the browsers at the time did not have proper support for the vector images it uses. Now that they do, you can design your own family's heraldry and display it proudly on your account page! It will be added to other places as time goes on.

Other Major Changes

  • Archers have been slightly nerfed.
  • A new Paraphernalia Overview link has been added to the Information page, indicating where various paraphernalia buildings are in the realm.
  • A link has been added to allow one-click viewing of sent messages in reverse chronological order.

Minor Changes

  • The unit settings summary in the footer can now be clicked to access the unit setting page.
  • Monster targeting has been adjusted (went live in March).
  • Militia can now be recruited at a rate of 30 per hour spent.
  • If the realm's voting settings only allow Lords to vote, and there are no Lords, an inaccessible referendum will not be created.
  • Heroes and infiltrators now have an extra chance to escape from prison at turn change, in addition to their chances to get a link to escape.
  • New players are now likely to escape from prison at turn change.
  • When setting standing orders, Marshals now have the option to also send out the new orders as a message to the army.
  • Several tables have been updated to the newer blue sortable tables.


  • Travel time calculations are now more consistent.
  • You should no longer get messages that you are dying when mortality is not enabled.
  • Demolishing workshops and recruitment centers should work better and more consistently.
  • Some inconsistencies in the wounding/healing/recovering system have been eliminated.
  • Various minor fixes

If you see any obvious bugs, please report them ASAP.

If you have other questions, comments, or concerns regarding any of these updates, especially feedback on the overhauled Account page, please join us on the forum!

Development / Sneak Peek
« on: April 28, 2017, 01:42:14 AM »
So there's a reason there haven't been any major updates of live since February. I've been working on this:

I've got all the actual functionality working now, including some major improvements to how logging in works (less clicks when your session times out, and hopefully less likelihood of losing stuff you typed).

With luck, it will go live tomorrow. With less luck, it will almost certainly still go live next week. :)

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Announcements / Sea Monster Bugfix
« on: March 19, 2017, 02:39:03 AM »
A bug was recently fixed that was preventing monsters at sea from reaching land.

Those on Beluaterra and Dwilight should start noticing monsters start to show up in coastal regions over the next few days.

Announcements / Jan/Feb 2017 Recent Changes
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:04:20 PM »
Moderate Changes

Expand options for highlighting your unit in battle (see Edit Data page)
Add a clarifying note for Ruler & Judge about failed rebels' status after rebellions
Reduce the number of militia that can be recruited per hour
Add female unit captain names

Minor Changes/Fixes

Fix estimated time for long priest/advy travel, and for some regular travel situations
Clearer messages for different academy outcomes
Several fixes to improve transfer of data to the Wiki

Announcements / Winter 2016-17 Recent Changes
« on: January 06, 2017, 06:23:44 PM »
Major Changes:
  • Added ability to manually repair workshops and recruitment centers
  • The tax estimates for new characters choosing their estates now correctly account for the Lord's share being taken out
  • Added the ability for monsters to cross sea zones while trying to get to a particular region
  • Added, then removed, a restriction on the number of alliances a realm can have. This will return in future with a restriction based on the total size of the alliance bloc.

Minor Changes:
  • Allow rulers to set their realm's Full Name on secession
  • Removed hard requirement that religion names end with "-ism"
  • Some adjustments to the Dungeon Report
  • Allow Lords the option to leave their estate together with stepping down from their Lordship
  • Allow Lords to take an estate in their own region without being there

Bugs fixed:
  • General issues with Auto da fe
  • Crash occurring on death of Lord (broke turn script)
  • War Islands characters being unable to change realm when rogue
  • Crash when Judge tries to steal items
  • Some issues arising from the addition of HTTPS secure connections
  • Checking if Priests are too fatigued to travel
  • Not properly notifying the realm running a takeover of a rogue region
  • Preventing gaining skill at the academy if your skill plus the skill bonus from unique items was more than the trainer's skill
  • Cavalry passing each other in combat

Announcements / South Island Reset
« on: September 30, 2016, 06:18:08 PM »
2016-10-07 Update: New characters may now be created on the War Island. Startup mode will cease on Monday.
2016-10-03 Update: Turns are now running, with the island in startup mode (no traveling beyond 1 region outside the realm). Elections will be held for rulers, who will then define their realms' governments, and subsequent elections may then occur for other government members.

New character creation will be enabled on Friday.

Update: The South Island has now been successfully reset. Victor characters with very high gold/bonds have had it reduced. If you detect any particular issues, please do not hesitate to report them, either on the forum or the bugtracker.

Victor characters have the weekend to discuss within their new realms; turns will be restarted after the weekend. New characters will be able to be created after a week. There are a list of changes for this round of War Island and a startup roleplay at the bottom of this announcement.

There will now be a period of conference among the victors, whose privilege it is to set up the governments and themes of the new realms. Once that is over, character creation will be enabled on the island and the regular startup phase will begin.

We on the dev team would like to apologize for keeping those of you playing on (or waiting to play on) the South Island waiting for so long before the reset. Real Life can sometimes be a Real Bitch.

But now we've got the details ironed out, and we're ready to set it all in motion.

That does, unfortunately, have to begin with a complete shutdown of the island, as there are a number of database modifications that will need to be made. That went into effect around the sunset turn today.

We are now working on the reset until it's ready. We expect that to take a few hours, but if we run into any snags, it might take as long as the weekend to sort them out. We thank you for your patience thus far, and ask you to be patient just a little longer, and we will get the next round of the War Island started for you.

The following changes have been made for this War Island:
  • Map has been changed in pursuit of better balance
  • Increased chances of wounding when surrounded and outnumbered
  • Block communication to foreigners
    • Remove government peer channels
    • Remove writing foreign rulers
    • Remove writing lord of the region you're in, if its not a region of your realm
  • Banishment is for life
  • Cannot change allegiance from your realm unless you've been banished
  • Shift combat casualties from dead to wounded
  • Ensure scattered units lose most of their wounded troops
  • Increase healer effectiveness
  • Increase hunting effectiveness against scattered troops
  • Decrease hunting effectiveness against retreated troops

Startup Roleplay:
Time passes since the volcanic eruption that is sometimes called "Sorach's Revenge" and sometimes "Nuumbara's Belch". The poisonous clouds recede and the fires go out. Forests and plains grow back around the blackened lands. Monuments to a forgotten war have grown into tiny walled strongholds, outposts for the few intrepid travelers. Populations that struggled to survive begin to build again and plot their dominance of the island, under the victorious nobility washing ashore. In a week, more nobility would be arriving by ship as rumour of the isle's rebirth spreads.

Sandalak City was destroyed utterly. At the mouth of the new river where its detritus collected, however, pirates and stranded nobles cobbled together a new home, half on land and half on the sea. The volcano's heat warms its river enough to grow crops, and there are always plenty of ships to "tax". It's cutthroat and filled with bountyhunters looking to make a name for themselves.The wild culture in the new Sandalak rejects the old mumbo jumbo and religious claptrap - you ask them? that volcano was the best thing that ever happened to South Island. They're free now and they're equal. Though some are maybe more equal than others, savvy? Equality must be proven by deed, itself proven by how much gold you relieve the enemy. And now that the whole island isn't on fire, it's high time they force their equality upon the island.

Taselak City, the home of the Pythia, had shut its doors to the disaster. It had catacombs and granaries full of food and water, libraries full of books, and temples full of war trophies, and they patiently and penitently waited out the poison and ash. The Wyvern had failed them, but the Snake had taken them into its embrace. Supplies dwindled, but they had held strong and had survived. Outside their walls the True People saw campfires: barbarians. Foreigners. Infidels. The Snake had protected them, yes, and has now given them a test: clear the land of infidels, claim their sacred inheritance, prove their piety, and rule devoutly again.

The captains of the great Treasure Ships were astonished. First, they'd found land where they expected none. Then, they'd found a port - an actual PORT! There had been a city there once, which the starving locals called "Ikalak." Heaven's Emissaries had set sail from their home kingdom and its barbarian Usurper so long ago, and here at last was a home. The First Captain wept. Their tea bushes took root in the fertile volcanic soil, and their civilized customs took root in the rough but eager minds of a local people who told tales of slaughter and even cannibalism. Their local allies in turn taught the importance of martial prowess, and survival in a dangerous land. Together, they learned brotherhood and behaved as a family, with the First Captain ruling as the Fatherly Leader, the realm his children. As a family, they prepare to lovingly force enlightenment and civilization to this benighted isle, extending the firm and loving embrace of their fatherly First Captain to the disobedient children in Taselak and Sandalak.

Cut off from the rest of the island by the great fissures and poisonous gas, the lights in the Toren Stronghold stayed lit. Nobody has heard from the garrison, and the old Griffon and Wyvern flags have become tattered until all that flies from the ramparts are shreds of red and gold. Even when the volcano calmed down, the gates stayed shut. Messengers and traders sent there disappear. At night, the mad gibbering howls can be heard for miles.

Roleplaying / Incantatrix and Aletha ~ An Unwelcome Meeting
« on: April 08, 2016, 02:05:53 AM »
Rueffilo, Beluaterra:

Incantatrix returns toward the Temple of the Portal in Rueffilo, satisfied that the rogue threat here is dealt with. As she approaches it, she pauses. There is a shift in the energies emanating from the Portal, a shift that can mean only one thing: someone is nearing the portal from the other side.

But so far as she knows, the other side of this portal opens on a barren area of the Netherworld, and has not even a token guard on the opposite side.

Incantatrix quickens her pace. The most likely reason for this, she decides, is that one of the Daimons aligned to another faction desires a look at the world that Domina has returned to claim. That could be politically tricky.

She reaches the temple just as she can feel the energies beginning to peak: whoever it is has made up their mind and is coming through the portal now.

Incantatrix enters the temple, and comes face to face with a woman her own height, with long red hair and sharp blue eyes—glowing blue, against a background of stars. Her face is one of the typical human colorations, with just a hint of a reddish sheen to it, and a hard expression. Strapped across her back is a sword nearly as long as she is tall, and she is wearing armour that is clearly made of Daimon bone. On the large bone pauldron on her shoulder is a minor, winged Daimon of a type only vaguely familiar to Incantatrix.

Incantatrix hisses in shock and anger at the sight of the woman. "You! I banished you to the Wastes to perish!"

The woman's eyes widen in recognition, and she shifts her weight to one side, causing the winged Daimon to flap briefly to keep its balance. "I survived," she replies smugly. "And now I've found my way out of your hellscape."

She looks past Incantatrix to the green fields and cool streams of Rueffilo, and for a moment, naked longing flashes across her face. Then she turns back to the Daimon leader, a half-smile on her lips, as her clawed right hand begins to make strange gestures down by her side.

"I was sure I was going to die, for a while," she says conversationally, beginning to circle around Incantatrix, but never taking her eyes off her. Incantatrix's eyes are locked on hers, and the customary shimmer in the air around her has intensified. Something about this woman is playing odd tricks on her head, but she's not about to let down her guard. "I thought I would have no chance of survival there. But it seems like a few of these fellows—" she reaches up and scratches under the chin of the winged Daimon on her shoulder, causing it to clack its beak in something like approval "—took a liking to me, and they started bringing me food."

Her expression changes from a smug half-smile to a scowl so black it would have caused strong men to go weak at the knees. "At first, I wouldn't eat it. Figured it would poison me. But when it was that or starve, well, I chose to take the chance." Her scowl deepens, and a glowing smoke the same colour as the glow of her eyes begins to rise gently from the corners of her eyes. "It didn't kill me. But it did change me. Made me this—" she gestures with her left hand at her face, the gesture also exaggeratedly indicating the claws she now bears instead of fingernails "—so I can never truly go home again. But it also made me strong. So I killed some stupid Daimons with bones they brought me, and used their bones to make me armour and a nice big club. Then I killed a smarter Daimon with the club, and got me this," she jerks her head at the hilt of her sword.

Incantatrix hisses again, barely noticing that her back is now to the portal. "You lie! There is no way you could have bested one of Strategus's warriors with nothing but a bone club." The shimmering around her is so intense that it is nearly impossible to look straight at her now.

The red-haired woman shrugs, hiding her rage once again under smugness. "Well, that's true. I wasn't able to kill him until I learned to do this."

And she raises her right hand from behind her back and speaks one word, and they are both engulfed in a cloud of obscuring smoke.

Incantatrix releases the spell she has been holding back, and dozens of deadly magic spines shoot off in all directions, the wind of their passing blowing the smoke away.

When it has cleared, there is no sign of the other woman. Incantatrix shrieks in frustration.

* * *

Aletha blinks, and takes a moment to get her bearings. Dangerous, doing that spell without being able to clearly picture a target, but it worked. The temple is a dozen paces away, and by the time Incantatrix figures out what happened, Aletha figures she can be well out of sight behind those trees.

She heads off at a swift jog.

Roleplaying / Hail To The Queen ~ Beluaterra
« on: March 26, 2016, 02:11:25 AM »
At long last, the opaque swirls of colour in the portal begin to coalesce into concrete shapes.

Though some are many hundreds of miles from the portal, all on Beluaterra find themselves somehow fully aware of what happens next.

Incantatrix and Cacabula cease their chanting, their bodies now shining like miniature suns with the energies they have gathered. They kneel on either side of Azerax, who still stands staring into the portal, a rapt expression on his face.

He stares up now, as on the other side of the portal a humanoid form has begun to take shape. It is tall—taller than Strategus—and it coruscates with power. As before, the details of its form and features are cloaked in shimmering shadow, but its eyes are completely clear: eyes that match the brand upon Azerax's face.

Azerax steps forward now, and reaches both hands up toward the portal. The hands of the figure on the other side reach down toward him, as if in a skewed mirror. They touch just as both reach the surface of the portal itself.

The hands that appear from beyond are a slate-blue, and appear like the hands of a perfectly formed human woman, save for their large size and the claw tipping each finger. There is a faint shimmer in the air around them, but not as strong as that surrounding Incantatrix. The hands grasp Azerax's wrists, as he grasps hers, and then he begins to step back, a wondering smile spreading across his face.

The smile is somewhat surprising, given that his flesh seems to be starting to smoke where it touches the hands from the portal.

Inch by inch, Azerax appears to be pulling the figure through the portal. As her arms come almost fully through, she ducks her head to be able to pass safely under the top of the portal's arch...

...and Domina steps from the Netherworld into our world for the first time in human history.

Her face and form are perfection, and to gaze upon her is to learn despair, for she can never be obtained, and never be matched by any human man or woman. Her eyes are a swirl of colours surrounding a white-hot point in the center, always rotating, and they can pierce through the soul in an instant.

Then she speaks, with a voice like the most beautiful and majestic music, and the world goes silent to listen.

"Azerax, mortal human, you have been blessed as no other before you, for not only have you gazed upon my face, you have twice been the instrument of my return to this plane. Now shall I complete your blessing."

She lays one hand on his head, closes her eyes, tilts her head back slightly, and opens her mouth.

Azerax stiffens, and something seems to rise from his body, like smoke and yet not, and flow into her mouth. As it does, his body ages and desiccates, until within moments, he is nothing but dried sticks of bone.

Domina shudders in apparent pleasure as Azerax's bones crumble to dust before her. She stands there, savouring the moment, for several seconds, then gestures to her two lieutenants.

"Come," she says, and strides from the temple. As she does so, Incantatrix and Cacabula follow. Behind them, a new phalanx of Daimon warriors marches forth from the portal.

Outside, she climbs the steps to the bell. She caresses it lovingly, and it sings back to her a soft song as she does so. Then she turns her back to it and faces outward.

"Humans of this world, the time when you were allowed to live in lies is over. Now I have returned to claim what is mine, and all your armies shall be like dust in the wind before me."

She raises her arms, and true to her words, a mighty wind rises up. It blows outward from the temple, and the armies of men marching toward it find themselves slowed, then stopped, then pushed back as the wind grows stronger.

"Bow to Domina, humans, or be utterly destroyed."

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