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As the conflict between the Lich King's Undead Dominion and other realms in the Colonies develops, I was hoping to have priests of rival religions like Zane and the Abyss waging a parallel religious battle with 'ol Lichy's followers off the battlefield.  Unfortunately, one of the priests' best tools - "badmouth realm" - isn't available because the Undead Dominion is not in the list of realms on the command's pull down list.  Is there any chance we can get the Undead Dominion added to that list so we can start waging war with him on other non-battlefield fronts?

Characters / Gorawarthieniup
« on: December 22, 2017, 05:39:14 PM »
"Ugh!  Dat potion tasted terrible!"  Gorawartieniup hawks and spits. He wipes his hands down his face and shudders.  "I should knowed ta never trust potions from some random traveling alchemist  ..."

Gorawarthieniup's monologue trails to a stop when he notices his surroundings.

"Wait ... where am I?"  He turns around, scanning the featureless horizon.  "Where's my damn cabin?  Where's, um, everything?!"

Gone was his beloved swamp bayou, replaced by a barren landscape lit only by the unfamiliar stars above.


SM General Discussion / Control/Death or Create/Mind?
« on: September 20, 2011, 04:18:06 AM »
I'm trying to wrap my head around where things might fall in the intent/base map.  What would be an example of a "Control/Death" or "Create/Mind" spell?

Control/Death - could this be used for a spell to animate the dead (Yay! Zombies!)?  Or perhaps prevent someone who would have died from dying?  Not healing, but simply preventing them from crossing from "mortally wounded" to "no longer living".

Create/Mind - it seems like this could be used to give life to inanimate objects - part of creating golems, for example (I assume there would be additional magic needed to allow them to move).  Or perhaps "uplifting" unintelligent flora or fauna to intelligence - giving one's pet cat the intelligence needed for sentience and speech?

SM General Discussion / Rules clarification: energy/concentration
« on: August 25, 2011, 01:26:38 AM »
I'm trying to wrap my head around how the energy and concentration costs are calculated.  The examples on the SM3 site say:

So if you have a skill level of 12 in fire, casting a Fireball spell or similar effect, which has a power level of 12, has just become possible for you and will result in an energy cost of 12 / 12 = 1
So if your skill level in harm is 20, casting a Fireball requires 12 / 20 = 0.6 points of concentration.

The base is linked to the energy cost and the intent is linked to the concentration cost.  Correct?

But then the skills page says something apparently contradictory:
So, for example, a magician with harm 12 and fire 20 who throws a Fireball (power level 12) will spend 1 energy and gain 1 XP in harm while spending 0.6 concentration and gaining 0.6 XP in fire.

Is the example from the skills page a misstatement with the intent and base skill levels reversed?  Or am I totally misreading it?  :)

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