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Feature Requests / Population/Estate/Take Over change
« on: October 08, 2020, 03:03:06 AM »
Title: Population
Summary: Allow overcrowding
Details: I've been thinking the way BM handles population recently and thought about a concept I think is worth exploring. At the moment, your regional population stops when it reaches its cap. But I feel that it is strange to control the growth of regions in such an artificial way.

Instead, we let them be more organic. Regions will continue to give birth and increase population. Until the cap has been reached, they grow at a rapid pace unless morale is low or starvation hits. Once the cap has been reached, an overpopulation modifier kicks in. Your region will continue to grow and increase your revenue logarithmically. When your region stays overpopulated for too long and reaches a certain point, people may begin to form slums, creating slum type estates in your region.
These will eat away at your existing estates(unless you have wildlands in which case wildlands will slowly turn into slums). They are worse than wildlands which at least yields you 50%. Slums will bring only 25% revenue instead. The lord can close these down but they also have a percent chance to spawn angry peasants who will refuse to be removed from their shanties and huts.
1) Gives you a way to recover depopulated regions quickly
2) More regional interactions
3) More RP opportunities
Possible Downsides or Exploits:
1) Can't have lords who don't care about their regions govern highly dense regions
2) Fighting peasants suck

Title: Different Estate Types
Summary: Differentiate regions based on types
Estates will now serve different types.
1) Lord's Keep: Where the lord resides. Can only have 1 of this type per region and it will always be the one the lord takes. 100% efficient/hard to take over
2) Family Estate: Where your family home is located. Only one of your characters can have it.
3) Slums: Unregulated growth led to formation of slums. Causes crime rate to go up(morale penalty) and slowly becomes larger, taking over more area of your region over time. Can only get 25% income from this type of estate.
1) Farmland(Rural): Produces little gold but a lot of food especially during autumn
2) Forest(Woodland): Produces a bit more gold than farmland. Also produces a bit of food. Maybe when resources get implemented, this type can produce woods/lumbers
3) Mountain: Produces quite a bit of gold but little food. Maybe when resources get implemented, this type can produce ores instead of gold.
4) Port: Produces quite a bit of gold.
5) Fishing village: Produces a bit of food all year.

Differentiates different estates, giving them a bit more character and RP materials
Possible Downsides or Exploits:

Title:Take Over change
Summary: Change how the take over works. Instead of taking over a region like we do right now, take over estates. Once all the estates have been taken, you lose your region.
Instead of the current sympathy or fear TO, replace it with estate TO. Total TO % will go up based on the number of estates that have been taken over.
gives you a sense that a region isn't just one block. It is made of multiple estates.
Possible Downsides or Exploits:
might require more coordination regarding which estates to TO.

Development / @RC overhaul idea summarized
« on: August 18, 2020, 10:01:09 PM »
This is a summary of a discussion regarding RC overhaul ideas from discord #development

Training - RC
RCs will have 3 drafting options
  • Low: Will fill RCs faster but recruits will be poorly trained(training at 25% but will produce recruits at x1.5 the speed)
  • Medium: Will fill RCs at a normal pace(50%, x1)
  • High: Will fill RCs slower but recruits will be better trained(75%, x0.5)
-Assigning a captain to an RC will increase the production speed and raise the training %.(retiring a captain will add the captain to a list where lords can select the captain to assign)
  • Low Level Captain(+1~5):Will increase low level RC training by 5%, production speed to x1.6
  • Low Level Captain(+6~10):Will increase normal level RC training by 5%, production speed to x1.1. Double the amount to low level(training by 10%, speed x1.7)
  • Low Level Captain(+11 and over):Will increase high level RC training by 5%, production speed to x0.6. Double the amount to normal(10%, x1.2) and triple for low(15%, x1.8.).

Training - Player
Depending on your captain's level, you can train your men faster()
  • Captain bonus +1~5: +1% training and cohesion per session(on top of what you already gain from light, normal, heavy training)
  • +6~10: +2%
  • +11~15: +3%

Feature Requests / Unit Payment Warning in Red after 5 days.
« on: June 22, 2020, 09:52:46 PM »
Summary: At the moment, you get your unit payment warning in black which is same as your normal letters. Also, you get them too often. Instead, make it more meaningful by emphasizing it by changing its background color to read once it does become quite worrying.

Details:  I believe your unit payment color changes to red on your unit status page after not paying them for 5 days so why not do the same for the report as well? Maybe if possible, you can make it something interesting by intensifying the background red color as you get near 10~11 days when your men really start to desert you. Starting at pink around day 5 to red by day 10 or so.

Benefits: Provides more meaning to the unit payment report. Also you can visually notice it better.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: Another red letter.

Summary: Unlike duels, training match results are not sent to people in the same region. People being able to see the result of a training match may give people who have nothing to RP with something to talk about.
Details: Like duels, send the result of a training match to everyone in the region
Benefits: A small event for people to write an RP about (they can RP like they spectated the match). May help some inactive realms to be a bit more active.
Possible Downsides or Exploits: Don't really see one except having another message or two showing up on the message box.

Development / Family Home Overhaul and other changes
« on: April 26, 2020, 01:38:50 AM »
Some ideas to overhaul how the current family home works and other small changes. Just brainstorming for now before actually making a feature request.

Family gold can only be used directly to improve your family home. No more investment to boost your region, or more gold to start with etc

Your family home can be improved using the family gold but you must choose what kind of family home you want.

A) Militaristic family
1. Subsidize military expenses: your family will cover a portion of your military expenditure (depending on the level of upgrade, it will vary from 10% up to 30%. Subsidize cost will be subtracted from your family gold. If your coffer dries up, you will have to pay the full price)(Progression: 10-15-20-25-30)(Cost: 250 gold, 500 gold, 1000 gold, 2000 gold, 4000 gold)
2. Reinforce troops: every month, your family will spend a bit of gold to help you maintain your unit size by sending some of the soldiers they hired. (Similar to pick up volunteers. Will send between 10~20 men depending on your unit size. More men you have, less they will send)(Progression: 5-8-12-15-20)(Cost: 250 gold, 500 gold, 1000 gold, 2000 gold, 4000 gold)
3. Better Equipment: every month, your unit's weapon or armour or both will improve by a fixed number. (1% weapon or armour or both)(weapon only: 3000, armor only:3000)
4. Tutor: every month, one of the following skills will improve by 1%: swordfighting, jousting, infiltration (basic: 1000 gold, intermediate: 2000 gold, expert: 4000 gold, master: 8000 gold)

B) Merchant family
1. Regional Stat Boost: Your family sends merchants/courtiers to help you with your finances (improves your region's production by a fixed amount. if your knights are also using this, the effect diminishes. The region's production/morale/sympathy cannot be improved beyond 110% regardless of the number of merchants/courtiers working for the region)
2. Family Support: Your family will send gold to you if your family home is on the same continent. The amount received will vary depending on your income level. (ex = if you received more than 300 gold, your family will at most send 100 gold. However, if your income is only 50 gold, your family will send 250 etc)
3. Tutor: every month, one of the following skills will improve by 1%: bureaucracy, oratory, leadership

**A character has to choose which bonus they wish to use. 1 per character. Meaning if a character is already subsidizing military expenses, the character can't get the tutor bonus.

Other changes:
ransom payment change: government members can pay for other captured government members. dukes can pay for lords. lords for knights. families can also pay for their nobles to be released faster. All captured nobles get released after 4 days and will automatically pay the ransom from their family gold. Ransom will be based on position, honour, prestige and age instead of the amount of gold a character has.

Family home can be moved as many times as you want. However, you need to earn a relocation token. You can earn it through retiring an old character(50+ age) or having a character killed as a hero(or when the mortality button gets added, you earn it when a character dies from having the button activated)

Religion: Can now also collect taxes from peasants from regions where they have a temple to support the temples without the direct contribution from nobles. Families can also donate to religions.

Loot Family homes: Looting family homes in an enemy region can cause damage to their homes. Can also collect coins or other valuable goods from them(unique items perhaps)

Display unique items in family home: Can attract visitors which can generate a small profit to fill up the family coffer. Will stop the unique item from degradation.

Earning Family gold: You can send a portion of your tax gold to your family. You can no longer send the gold you have directly to your family.

Development / Religion and Region relation
« on: November 06, 2019, 01:31:33 AM »
If I remember correctly, there was a talk about making people join religion upon creating a character. I think that idea was a good starting point. I think there are few ways to encourage more people to join a religion.

1) Discourage staying as pagan: At the moment, your region becomes unhappy if your ruler believes in something other than what the majority believes in. I'd go one step farther and make peasants despise their lord if the lord stays as a pagan despite the region converting to one of the established religions. Believing in another established religion may irk the peasants a bit but staying as a pagan should be discouraged.

2) Announce holiday or festival: Should boost region's productivity and morale but if the lord's religion and region's religion don't match, it becomes less effective or even worse - something bad might happen due to random religious incidents.

3) When a pagan lord gets appointed/elected to a region, peasants will become unhappy unless the lord joins a religion.

4) Religion in general should be easier to join. I think having a page where you can just select and join one of the established religions would be nice instead of hunting down a temple to do so.

Title:Allow family gold to be spent on building statues and monuments

Summary:Just like bounties, allow people to spend their family gold to build statues and monuments

Details:You get an option to either spend your own money or your family gold to build statues and monuments

Benefits:More statues and monuments perhaps?

Possible Downsides/Exploits:More statues and monuments perhaps?

Feature Requests / More buildings should produce more paraphernalias
« on: September 20, 2019, 05:03:51 AM »
Title: More buildings should produce more paraphernalias

Summary: At the moment, more paraphernalia buildings will only increase how many you can store. It isn't really a big problem normally until you have to start sieging cities. You need a lot of siege engines to siege a city yet once a siege fails, you usually need to abandon siege engines to return quickly since being undermanned to operate them will slow you down a lot. If you have 2 workshops at the moment, it takes 70 days to fully fill them. That is way too long when you usually lose them during battle and after battle. Cities usually have lv5 walls and it takes minimum 40 to siege one. Fail to siege a city twice will pretty much put you in a position where you need to wait for SEs to fill back up for good 3 weeks. Sieging is already hard enough. Same goes for banners. They fall like flies and harder to get them. Not as much as back in the days since not many people grab infantry to begin with.

Details: If you have 2 workshops, you should get 2 SEs a day instead of 1.

Benefits: Makes sense. 2 workshops producing 2 SEs. 2 banner manufacturers producing twice as many as just 1 banner manufacturer. Also, eliminates unnecessary downtown between sieges.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: None.

Feature Requests / Speed bumps for endless BM war vehicles
« on: September 13, 2019, 01:15:34 AM »
Title: War duration affects recruitment cost over time

Summary: BM wars last way too long. To give people a short break and some time to consider their options, I think gentle nudges are required. Impacting the recruitment cost -which also affects maintenance cost, might be a good way to go.

1) Initial Phase: No recruitment/maintenance cost increase for the first 3~4 months
2) Attrition Phase: After the initial phase ends, recruitment/maintenance cost increase by 10% every month. People will be able to continue fighting for few more months until they will have to consider taking a break from a war
3) Reset Phase: It will take at least 1 month for the cost to normalize back to the pre-war cost.

Benefits: Should give realms time to think if they want to continue the current war or step back and take a break. BM wars last way too long and at some point, nobody knows how to stop it until one side gets completely demolished.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: Will need to think on cases where one realm is being ganged up by multiple other realms. While the defender's cost is going up, attackers will take turns and take breaks to reset their cost.

Feature Requests / Different Colored Numbers for Region/Noble Limit
« on: May 18, 2019, 01:27:22 AM »
Title: Different Colored Numbers for Region/Noble Limit

Summary: If a realm on the realm list is above the current region/noble limit, then the realm's region count number shows up in green. If it is at the max number then white, but if it is under the limit then red.

Details: With the limit number changing every few months, it would help people understand what position their realm is in in terms of region/noble limit.

Benefits: Don't have to look up to see what the current limit is for those who don't bother checking announcements.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: None.

Feature Requests / Embark Simplification
« on: April 17, 2019, 04:53:19 AM »
Title: Embark Simplification

Summary: At the moment, the embark feature is somewhat inconsistent. It allows you to embark with low morale and no provision in some cases while you can't in other cases.

Details: Simplify it so you only need gold and hours to embark. It already lowers morale and damages your equipment every time you embark. Not to mention possible loss of men when you land due to defenders. Not to mention the fact that the definition of low morale is really vague. Won't allow units to embark even at 80% morale.

Benefits: More straightforward and easier to use. Also, it will make the feature more consistent. BM already has enough features that have weird and unseen restrictions.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: None.

Feature Requests / Forage Battlefield Improvement
« on: April 06, 2019, 11:25:10 PM »
Title: Forage Battlefield Improvement

Summary: Forage Battlefield is a pretty underwhelming feature. Improving it a bit should make it worth it. At the moment, it only repairs around a couple percentage points of damaged equipment.

Details: Foraging the field can result you in three outcomes.
1) Repair damaged equipment. It is determined by three factors.
-How damaged your equipment is
-How big the battle was (Bigger the battle, more stuff you can find)
-Unit Size (Smaller the unit, easier to find stuff to repair your whole unit with, thus more % being repaired)
Result: If you survived a huge battle with a small unit with high equipment damage, you may even be able to replace most of your damaged equipment with something better. In some cases, you may even reduce 80% equipment damage to 10%.

**Special: Maybe when your unit equipment stat is too low, they can find better equipment which leads to increase in stat increase for equipment.

2) Men get paid. Your men go around to search dead corpses. They find enough gold to pay themselves. It could result in few outcomes.
-Your men get paid and maybe even more which leads to morale+cohesion increase
-Your men found enemies who were pretending to be dead. A fight follows which results in your men coming out unscathed/injured/killed. Depending on the outcome they gain morale/lose morale/lose morale and men

3) Your men find a cart full of food. It leads to two outcomes.
-Your men fill their provisions
-If your provision is already full, your men fill their stomach full of food which leads to morale+cohesion boost.

Benefits: Making Forage more interesting and worthwhile. Increases generally staying power for an army since they can sustain themselves longer.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: This could potentially allow an army that was already winning to steamroll as they will be less affected by usual issues that plague armies from staying on the field longer than a week or two.

Feature Requests / Simplification of Guild/Religion Titles
« on: April 04, 2019, 12:42:12 AM »
Title: Simplification of Guild/Religion Titles

Summary: Display titles that are relevant.

Details: When you are talking to your other guild members, hide all but the guild title. When you are talking to your other faithfuls, hide all but the religious title.

Benefits: Less titles. People will address more around your guild/religious title than your other titles

Possible Downsides/Exploits: Some may want to know if they are talking to a king, a duke, or a lord etc.

Title: Make max number of purchasable paraphernalia available

Summary: At the moment, this information is hidden. No harm in showing this information while showing the information can be very useful.

Details: Just like RCs, make max purchasable number available. ex) 30/60 healers,scouts,SEs etc

Benefits: You know how many paraphernalia each city can hold.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: None.

Feature Requests / Current Capability: Tournament Region Stat Boost
« on: March 23, 2019, 11:55:35 PM »
Title: Tournament Region Stat Boost

Summary: Holding a tournament boosts the stats of the region that is hosting the tournament. Since nobles are visiting the region from across the continent, it would work like tourism. More nobles in the same place would encourage more spending which in return help the local economy.

Details: Depending on the number of participants, the region gets production and morale boost for the duration of the tournament and maybe additional few days afterward

Benefits: Will encourage people to host tournaments more often. Since the region stat boost depends on the number of participants, that will encourage people to make their tournaments more attractive by increasing the prize pool.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: People might host too many tournaments.

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