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Feature Requests / Online Status
« on: September 13, 2020, 05:13:17 AM »
Title: Online Status


Allow users to list when they are online or not and to see who else in their realm is listed online. The goal is to encourage in-game messaging and activity.


Currently players have to guess whether or not anyone is online. Couple different online status listings that the user can choose from: online, away, busy, invisible (offline). Some menu bar so that players can see who in their realm(s) are online and to set their own status. No mention of last login time, this would be open to abuse and is unnecessary.


When you know someone else is online in your realm you will be more likely to attempt dialogue in-game. This is something that most communication mediums, such as discord, have.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:

Activity police, those desiring last minute movements and such. This would mean that an inalienable right, or some general rule, for setting your online status would be needed. With such a rule this downside goes away.

The unfortunate potential for a player, notably a new player, to fall into the mistaken impression that no one online right now means the realm/game is dead.

Feature Requests / Courtier-trader Unit Designation
« on: April 16, 2020, 12:59:47 AM »

Allow Courtier-Traders to have police units.


Traders are restricted to only having mercenaries. This FR is to make it so the Warrior-Trader stuck with mercenaries but the courtier-trader can have police and/or mercenaries.


Courtier-traders will not have to drop the trader subclass in order to have a useful unit that can do police work.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:

None. Traders have access to long distance trading without needing to travel long distances now. There is little to no reason for them to have a unit let alone a unit that can travel long distances.

Feature Requests / Marketplace Messaging
« on: March 08, 2020, 07:32:34 PM »

Add the ability to contact sellers/buyers at marketplace


Anyone who can visit the marketplace can send a message to anyone who is buying or selling food currently within their range.


Somewhere on the table of market offers on marketplace screen add a button for sending a message. Potentially restricted to traders for an additional benefit to the class.

Alternatively, or additionally, this could be listed in messages.


  • Encourages communication.
  • Enables negotiations to begin through the marketplace. This negotiation could be for the buy/sell offer already on the marketplace or future trades.
  • Could be used as a class exclusive which adds to the reasons for being said class.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:

Could be seen as clutter on the table or message screen.

Roleplaying / East Continent - The Second Sydgardian Tournamnet
« on: November 11, 2019, 03:18:32 AM »
The following are all from the tournament currently being held in Sydgard. These are all recent as my character, Igor, just arrived today with only one day before the event. Anyways, enjoy!  ;D


Quote from: Igor Foote
Igor pushed open the tavern door and waltzed inside. With only his ample body hair covering his skin, Igor made his way to the bar.

"Drink," Igor commanded sternly.

The barkeep quickly filled a mug for the naked noble without asking for payment for the drink. Hastily Igor finished the mead and slammed the mug down.  Nervously the barkeep made sure his upturned mustache wasn't fraying. Igor grunted at the brown eyed barkeep who was playing with his facial hair. Finally getting the hint, the bartender filled another mug. After finishing the second drink, Igor belched and turned towards the crowd. As Igor took stock of his surroundings, the barman filled the mug yet again.

Quote from: Niall De La Fere
Seeing the naked man Niall stood up and undressed himself. Then he took his drink and lifted it high in the air and saluted: "Drink!"

Quote from: Igor Foote
"Drink!" a freshly de-robed man called out from the crowd.

Igor was not one to avoid a good binge nor a grab and quickly emptied his mug. Slamming the mug back onto the bar, the barkeep filled Igor's mug once again as Igor continued to look at the crowd.

Quote from: Flavia Arindal
Flavia wonders if this is going to be one of *those* gatherings.  She is much too old for that, and was disinclined to public shenanigans even when she was young.  She sidles toward the exit, just in case.

Quote from: Igor Foote
Igor eyed the lady who made her way towards to door. This was curious but not enough for Igor to take action. Instead, as there seemed to be nothing but private chit chat happening, Igor decided to make a toast.

"Igor make toast, no bread thing, the speak thing," he called out as he raised his full mug of mead into the air, "noble fight 'morrow, show who strongest man. Strong man make law, no weak man, that Syd way, that best way. Igor wish all noble luck 'morrow." Igor looked around before concluding with a loud yell, "down with hoof hoof!"

Igor emptied his mug with ease and looked around the room...

Quote from: Bo Norman
There's some fried chicken randomly passed around. It tasted like something oily.

Quote from: Daeron Vurkow
"And if you want to learn about hoof hoof join the college of knowledge where all your knowligolical things are catered for!"

Quote from: Bo Norman
"We sponsor scholarships for some things. But we also search for that legendary chicken said in myth to once have been so ancient as to have been colossal and have teeth. It also supposedly roared like a tiger."

Quote from: Igor Foote
As there were murmurs of chicken and books, Igor grew dissatisfied. Taking charge of the situation, Igor smashed his mug into the head of the person directly next to him...

Quote from: Daeron Vurkow
"They apparently have never heard of spiced wine before but have a large collection of ales so I got us..." The Captain arrived to see a naked beast standing over Daeron after breaking a mug over his head. Looking between Daeron, the beast and the ale he placed one mug to his lips, gulping it down in one go and placing the other daintily down on the table next to him. "Keep you safe here for when he is done with his nap." He muttered before charging the furry man for a close line.

Quote from: Igor Foote
Igor dropped the mug to the floor and placed both hands upon his round midsection. Uproarious laughter filled the tavern as Igor's head drifted upwards, the hairy beast just couldn't contain himself. Loud clops began merging with the hearty laugh as a man's boots slammed down onto the wooden floor. Igor paused and looked at the man charging at him.

"Uh," slipped from Igor's lips as the attacker drew in close.

Violently the Captain's bicep smacked Igor's mushy chest, sending Igor onto the bar. With his back rolling up onto the tarnished wood, Igor's legs went slightly into the air, giving all a view of his lower half that was normally covered by Igor's gut.

Grunting, Igor grabbed the Captain's arm with one hand and his head with the other. Using all his weight the rotund noble pushed forward to place his feet back onto the barroom floor, bringing the Captain with him. The muscles hidden beneath Igor's blubber tensed as he threw the Captain towards a crowd to his left. Crashing onto the wooden table, all of the group's drinks fell to the floor. Igor chuckled at the great fun and started stepping forward with his hands down in order to follow through with his attack on the Captain.

Roleplaying / East Continent - Sydgardian and Perdanese Culture Clash
« on: October 19, 2019, 07:47:50 PM »
The initial meeting between Igor Foote and some other nobles from Perdan in Perdan Mines. There was tension between the two sides, Sydgard and Perdan, which could only be resolved in one of two ways: battle or concession.


Quote from: Igor Foote
Clop-clop-clop ...huff huff huff... clop-clop-clop

The sounds of Igor and his 79 infantrymen made their way done the dusty dirt road in Dimwood, heading towards Perdan Mines. With the great gift of coconuts from Eros Harte, they all rode their pretend horses only occasionally stopping for Igor to catch his breath. No sounds emanated from the forest just to the west of the road. Only the sound of coconuts and heavy breathing with the occasional giggle could be heard during the still of this moonless night.

Clop-clop-clop hehehehe clop-clop-clop ...huff huff huff... clop-clop-clop


Quote from: Igor Foote
Igor and his men clopped through the desolate westernmost part of Perdan Mines. Fresh sea breeze gently brushed against the naked soldiers skin, fading as the convoy moved further and further from the coast. Breaking the horizon, the sun began drying the morning dew. Occasional marble columns and fragmented statues were passed by. The origins of these historical ruins were unknown to even the most educated scholar. These fragments of the past came from a time even older than Perdan itself. Bringing the convoy to a halt, Igor pretended to dismount a horse and sat down at the side of the road. Igor didn't even notice the wet grass gracing his sweaty and bare hindquarters. The long trip to the Perdanese camps at the center of the mines would take most of the morning. Without any letter to the Perdanese of his intention, Igor's arrival was sure to surprise a few.


Quote from: Kay Peregrine
Igor did not have to wait long. The region was apparently teeming with Perdanese troops and very soon his company was spotted by local scouts. At noon he heard hooves approaching from over the hill. A large contingent of men clad in shining steel was approaching the travellers.

In front of them rode an average looking man in his middling years bearing a crown of gold on his head. He was clad in excellently forged blued armor sporting a roaring lion head on its chestpiece. Although he did not look particularly big and powerful, he did have an air of veteran warrior about him and his eyes were intent and focused akin to a preying falcon. This had to be Kay, the king of Perdan himself.

His train consisted mostly of foot soldiers but at his side rode several other noble warriors of Perdan. Black Lion banners were flanked by sigils of Perdanese lords and knights: wild cats, wolves, horses, green mountains, magical beasts, but mostly birds of prey of all types.

Kay scanned the men camping on this side of a hill. He knew immediately they were Sydgardian reavers. But who led the company? He noticed crescent moon symbols. Was that Eros? No, he remember Eros' face very well. This must be one of his close retainers.

Kay raised his hand, prompting his men to stop, and rode toward the strangers' leader now only accompanied by his noble companions. The group of riders approached close enough for a calm conversation and stopped, looking down on Igor. It appeared like the king was not going to be the first to speak, he expected some introductions and explanations first.


Quote from: Dustiria Noire
Riding alongside her charge she looks curious as they follow the king to the strange company and the naked man. Her pale cheeks take on a reddish hue as she quickly looks away and turns towards the woman in the white cloak she rides protective next to. She raises one eyebrow and looks questioningly at the Imperatrix.


Quote from: Igor Foote
Multiple banners pointed up towards the morning sun as they rose above the horizon. With blinding rays of light, the Sydgardian horde couldn't make out who were approaching them. Igor yelled out for the convoy to halt as the banners came closer. Slowly the Perdanese emblem became decipherable. Still Igor was at unease. These were allies and they should know about certain customs in Sydgard.

Separating from the pack of soldiers, a small band of nobles rode in closer to Igor and his men. The horse hooves tightly packed the dirt road as the air stiffened. Unnoticed by Igor was a golden crown glistening upon the head of the noble at the center of the Perdanese envoy.

"Hoof Hoof," Igor yelled as the allies drew in close, "Igor Men, shield wall!"

Hastily all seventy-nine naked axe men formed a wall of shields behind Igor. The naked Sydgardian noble stepped back a couple paces, drawing in close to the shields. Igor's russet eyes burned with fury, embolden by the presence of his axemen.

The Perdanese came to a halt and Igor began pacing back and forth. A young dame blushed as she looked away from the Sydgardians. Igor didn't pay attention her, his focus was on a much more serious matter.

"Hoof hoof bad. Igor hate hoof hoof. Igor kill hoof hoof!" He roared and pulled out his Ancient Hammer of the Mother which was strung across his back. "Hoof hoof go! Igor hate hoof hoof. Igor Men kill hoof hoof!"

Igor's soldiers began banging their axes on their shields and chanting, "hoof hoof go, hoof hoof die!"

Tightening his grip on the robust war hammer, Igor prepared for a potential fight.
"Hoof hoof bad. Igor hate hoof hoof. Igor kill hoof hoof," Igor, seemingly stuck in a loop, repeated himself amidst the soldier chants, "hoof hoof go! Igor hate hoof hoof. Igor Men kill hoof hoof!"


Quote from: Alyssa Kingsley
The Perdanese ranks quickly stopped at the imposing shield wall in front of them. The horses neighed and stomped the ground nervously. Foot soldiers, confused, scurried for their weapons as the naked man shouted nigh incoherently, his accent thick and his words simple.

Alyssa grimaced at the naked man leading the force before her army, his appearance and nudity somewhat disturbing. In the ramblings of the mad soldier, she recognized a few words.

"Igor hate Hoof Hoof!"

The name was familiar and the meter of his speech was indicative. Alyssa considered the man for a moment while Lady Dustiria looked at her and the King attempted to regroup the army. Then it clicked.

Quickly Aly dismounted, The clank of her sabatons on the cobblestone road drowned out by the bustle of the startled army. Saying nothing she stepped towards the shield wall and the large naked man who led them. Graham reached over to grab Starlight's reins and calm her.

Alyssa stepped up towards the naked men before her. Half out of an attempt at modesty, and half out of the man's form somewhat disturbing her, Alyssa averted her gaze as she called to the man.

"Thegn of Sydgard. The armies of Perdan are not your enemies. I shall order the horses to give you a wide berth, if it will prevent bloodshed. But if you draw upon our King on our honour we shall defend him to the last. What say you Thegn of South?"


Quote from: Igor Foote
A breeze starting rolling through the plains, shifting the banners held by the occasional soldier in Igor's retinue. Every other banner bore the emblem of Sydgard with the others baring the Raven. The Raven was seen as the bird of blood, corpses and battle in Sydgard which made it a common icon on the battlefield. A young dame had dismounted her horse and came in closer to Igor. The Thegn of Sydgard held up a hand, bringing the chanting soldiers to complete silence.

"Thegn of Sydgard," the unknown lady spoke without looking at Igor, "the armies of Perdan are not your enemies. I shall order the horses to give you a wide berth, if it will prevent bloodshed. But if you draw upon our King on our honour we shall defend him to the last. What say you Thegn of South?"

Igor stopped his pacing and looked at the dame while trying to avoid looking at those frightful steeds. Tilting his head slightly he studied her the best he could. There was some bravery in approaching the shield wall but yet she averted her gaze. Igor grunted in dissatisfaction and thought about her words. The mere imagining of the horses giving a bloody birth to a foal caused his skin to crawl. Shaking off the nightmarish day dream, Igor's grip on his hammer slightly loosened.

"Hoof hoof go," Igor's responded with a husky voice, "or Igor kill hoof hoof. Igor no like hoof hoof. No lady hoof hoof, no king hoof hoof. All hoof hoof bad. Igor only like fake hoof hoof. "


Quote from: Alyssa Kingsley
Alyssa glanced towards the Thegn to meet his eyes, her chin tilted upwards, settling just above his gaze in order to avoid the unpleasant sight of his nudity in her periphery.  With one hand on her blade, and the other behind her back in a dignified stance she called to the army behind her.

"Steer the horses off the road." She commanded.  "Allow our allies to pass unimpeded."

A beat passed while the soldiers looked at each other, finally having recovered from the initial confusion.  Without looking away from the Thegn, she heard a voice from behind, unsure of whose it was echo her orders.  "You heard the Imperatrix, move your arses!"

Suddenly the army began to come to life.  Slowly the men led their horse towards the side of the road, captains directing the horses and carts far back off the roadside.  As the army began to shift, Alyssa held her gaze just above Igor's eyes, her posture unmoving.  After several minutes, the Perdanese army had moved off the road, not a horse remained in the way.

Alyssa granted a brief respectful bow to the Sydgardians, turning her head to the side as she did so to avert her gaze from Igor's nudity.

Returning to attention she spoke once more.  "Welcome to Perdan, Thegn of Sydgard."


Quote from: Igor Foote
Igor and the Sydgardians stood still, not reacting to the Perdanese commander's bow.

"Welcome to Perdan," she said,  "Thegn of Sydgard."

Igor was still puffed up from the potential battle, a scowl still resting upon his face. "Purr Dan many hoof hoof," he said raucously, "Igor no like hoof hoof."

Turning back towards the Sydgardian soldiers, Igor gave the order to stand down. With great disappointment the tense men begrudgingly broke the shield wall and put away their weapons. As the southern soldiers went back to a traveling column, Igor turned back towards the fair-haired dame.

"Igor," he placed a hand on his chest to gesture that he was referring to himself. "What lady name?" Igor asked inattentively as his gaze occasionally drifted towards the distance horses.


Quote from: Dustiria Noire
She watched nervous as Alyssa went fourth to the naked man. Not happy she follows the orders and takes her Calvary off. Warily she watches before dismounting and going to her usual spot behind and to left of the Imperatrix. She nods her head in greeting and stands ready eyes on Igor's eyes.


Quote from: Isana Everlight
Isana's attention was pulled from the crackling of the lunch fire on the beach to a hubbub some distance away. By the colours they wore it was the Imperatrix's forces, and they were... she squinted hard for a few moments, then looked to her captain for confirmation.

"Heinz, have a look here. What do you suppose is going on? It looks like that shield unit is in the nude!" As he stepped over to her she continued, "On a windy day like today, can you imagine! The Imperatrix is addressing them, perhaps enforcing proper order..." she gestured with her chin to the horses and troops up on the rise in the distance.

Black-haired Heinz straightened up to peer in her pointed direction. The salt wind kicked up off the bay again as they watched, green-and-white tabards twisting about their legs. Heinz pursed his lips a moment then replied, "Ah, no, Milady, I think that's the Thegn and his troops from afar. It's not uncommon to see them, er, ungarbed, in this way."

Isana turned incredulous wide eyes to him, "You're not joking? Hah!" She broke into a brief chuckle before muffling the sound into one fist, merriment apparent on her features. "Ha, oh my. That was something we'd see sometimes in the wildlands of Beluaterra, but I wasn't expecting such a practice to still thrive on such a long-settled continent as this one. Interesting. More to learn I suppose. They certainly look formidable."

Heinz gave a one-shoulder shrug as he turned back to poke at the low lunch fire. "One would have to be. Their shield wall formation has also been lauded in song. The potatoes are ready, Milady; let's eat!"


Quote from: Alyssa Kingsley
"Alyssa Kingsley, Lady of White Lodge, Imperatrix of Perdan, as it... please the Thegn..." She trailed off, head still turned to the side.  "I must return to my army.  We will see you in Brive..."  Alyssa finished marching quickly off back to her Starlight and the Perdan army, and far away from the uncomfortably shaped brute in front of her.

As she mounted her mare after returning to the army, she caught a glimpse of the backside of the Sydgardian column, as they continued their march.  Alyssa grimaced uncomfortably at the sight.


Quote from: Igor Foote
The Imperatrix left the Sydgardians behind, for now, and Igor tried to commit the name and face to memory. "," he muttered a few times before signalling the soldiers to begin their march. Every other soldier gathered up their coconuts, gifts from the Jarl, and began trotting along on their "fake hoof hoof" towards Brive. clop-clop clop-clop

Roleplaying / Assorted Roleplays of Semeli Foote (Outer Tilog - Colonies)
« on: September 25, 2019, 07:34:36 AM »
The introduction to the realm:

Quote from: Semeli Foote
Twenty-two messengers stood at attention in front of Sir Smelly Semeli Foote. Semeli paced back and forth looking over the shoddy men and women. Toothless, mangy, BBQ lip stains, cleft lips, nip slips, tangy scent, unkempt, fingerless, extra fingers, missing toes, tales of woes, all sorts could be found. The group was a depressing rainbow, all rain, no color nor bow. Semeli quit inspecting the messengers, he didn't know what he was looking for anyhow.

"You twenty-two shall go tell all the nobles of my arrival. Tell them lords that my services are available to those interested and I must be courted! I am not one who will accept a simple wam bam thank ya ma'am, there must be at least some peasant bowling or other festivity. And tell the knights they are not worthy of the services of the SHH."

"services of tha wha?" a mangy mutt asked.

"SHH" Semeli answered with haste.

"Services of the wha?" the mangy mutt whispered this time.

Semeli moved in closer, "what?"

"Yes, what."

Semeli was confused, couldn't quite put together what just happened and that was saying something, Semeli was a phenomenal at peasant jig-saw puzzles after all. "Exactly," Semeli continued his pacing, "now where was I, oh yes, tell those inferior chumps they do not deserve the fighting SHH."

"The what?" a leper with the voice of a leopard asked.

"Not this again," Semeli rolled his eyes.

"The Screeching Horse..." Semeli's lov...good friend and squire, Daron, began to say quite loudly.

"NOOOO!!!" Semeli yelled but it was too late.

"Harpies," Daron finished his sentence with a big smile.

A horrendous screech came out of no where, leaving all the messenger looking around for where the piercing sound was coming from.

"SHUT UP!" Semeli yelled to no effect, "SHUT UP DAMN YOU! SHUT UP!" Still the annoying hags continued their infernal racket. Semeli decided to do his best librarian impression, skipping the white wig and wrinkle cream this time, "SHHHH!!"

To the relief of everyone in the city of Outer Tilog the Screeching Horse Harpies SHH'ed.

"Why do you always do that Daron? Nevermind, no time to waste. Send these Wall-Market messengers out to the nobles with me message. If they fail or are saved from their wretched addiction to breathing then go buy some more at Wall-Market." Semeli walked off to go 'visit' with the Screaming Horse Harpies.




After some time of no one offering Semeli an estate, Semeli decided to remind everyone.

Quote from: Semeli Foote
Semeli was sitting in his camp outside of Outer Tilog City. Without an estate Semeli took to camping outside if the main population areas to minimize costs.

"Daron," Semeli said as he looked through reports of where vacant estates were, "send out the messengers to the lords. They should be reminded that we are without an estate and are looking for a lord interested in our services."

Darin nodded and left the tent in order to relay the message to the messengers who would relay the message to the messege-receiver. It was a remarkably simple pyramid unlike the Outer Tilogian Triangular Eye Refiguring, the giant pyramid of eyes from those who have read the symbols of illegality. The OTTER was a popular site within the Horrid Amusing Pet Park-Yard. Often children would pester their parents to go see the Happy Otter. Semeli even thought about going once or twice himself.


Finally someone offered Semeli an estate so he accepted the offer and had some fun with the messenger who read the letter to Semeli.

Quote from: Semeli
"Go send a messenger to tell Lord Vladamire that I shall accept his offer of the Cathedral of Abysmal Horror and shall swear an oath of fealty to him. And remember," Semeli flung an eye with his spoon across the tent, hitting Daron, "I got my eye on you."

Daron grinned, "I see what you did there."

Semeli laughed as he loaded Vladmire's messenger's other eye on the spoon and sent it towards Daron. With a quick swat of the hand Daron cast the eye away before leaving the tent to fetch a messenger.

Roleplaying / The Death of Jessica Gildre
« on: September 25, 2019, 01:08:56 AM »
An on going RP centered around a death duel and then the aftermath which contains plenty of politics. This first post will contain the RPs from right before the duel and then the duel itself.

(Edit: The three RPs at the very beginning of this story arc were missed during my initial posting, they have since been added.)

Quote from: Jessica Gildre
Jessica felt tears well to the brink of her eyelids as she read the letter to herself. His words cut her deeper than any blade ever had, and she felt sick to her stomach.

She breathed, and pushed the lump in her throat down into her stomach, and she felt red hot anger taking over. Slowly, teeth clenched, she closed her fist over the letter in her hand, crumpling it into oblivion. She threw it against the wall, and stalked off towards her study, leaving it discarded on the floor.

Entering, she slammed the wooden door behind her and stormed to her desk. She flung a book she had been reading across the room, and pulled a piece of parchment over to write on.

    You bastard! You think you have any idea what Rania wanted? None of you half-believers have any idea! None of you have felt the blessed touch of the Veiled Goddess as I and Rania did! You run around, preaching your self righteousness, so oblivious to your own stupidity!

    And you! Of all people I respected, to turn so ignorant! Locked away, whittling the minutes from the hours from the days! You have fallen so out of touch with Obeah, it disgusts me to think of!

    Don't speak like you know me. You don't. You never have. Foolish prattling man, preaching your Templar ways but lacking the courage for real action. If I died in seclusion, YOU died at the end of the last Invasion!

    I am sorry I have done things you can only dream of for the faith. I am sorry I have left you behind, a relic of the past.

    What the hell do you know anyway.

Her jaw hurt, and she relaxed. With a deep breath, she calmed her shaking hands, folded the letter, and slid it into an envelop. On it, she wrote a name. She left the study, where Bryant was waiting apprehensively. She handed him the letter without looking at him, and closed herself back in the study.

Bryant looked down at the letter in his hand.


Quote from: Vahanian Blint

Vahanian sat on a balcony overlooking Grehk, a steaming cup of tea sat next to him as he read through the day's reports and letters. More discussion within the Sacred Realm, he filed those away for later, he didn't have the patience right now to deal with the idiocy of the government.

He thumbed through the rest of the documents before his eye caught a seal he knew. His heart sank. House Gildre. Jessica.

Baldwin, Vahanian's oldest friend and captain, had known Vahanian longer than anyone else alive. The two of them had been friends for over 50 years. In that time, Baldwin had seen Vahanian lose his temper only twice, both times came after the death of someone he loved. To say Baldwin was scared of the look in Vahanian's eye wouldn't capture the level of fear Baldwin felt. Vahanian read the letter, and within the first line his jaw was clenched. Before he was halfway through Vahanian's face was painted in rage. Baldwin had no doubt that if whatever was in the letter had been conveyed in person, than whomever was conveying it would be dead, or wishing they were.

By the time Vahanian finished the letter he stood with a roar of anger and swatted the cup off the table shattering it against the railing, sending steaming tea spraying out into the air over Grehk. Vahanian's hands shook with anger, his breathing was labored and his eyes had the look of a man set on death.

He sat down and wrote out a reply in that meticulous hand of his.

    What do you know? You cling to that half-prophetic vision of a failed prophecy as if it were significant to the world, to the faith, to Rania. You can claim all the holiness you like, the truth is you abandoned those you swore to protect, those you swore to defend, those you swore to serve, and rule. You abandoned them like a coward abandons a fight. You think you're the only one whose touched the Light of the Veiled Goddess? You think you're the only one whose felt her presence? You're as arrogant as you are mute, and as foolish as you are literate. You had better sight when you couldn't see!

    I lack courage for real action?! I carved the Sacred Realm out of the earth with my own hands, I paved the way for your 'Realm' if it can even be considered that, to exist!

Vahanian took a deep breath, his hands were still shaking, and his vision still red, he needed to hit something.
I DID DIE. I lost everything. Everything that ever mattered to me. Until Rania. Until Stheno. Until Obeah. They brought me back to life, so don't you tell me I don't know the Veiled Goddess. Don't you tell me I don't know Rania. I know them better than you ever could. You claim I prattle on about the Templar Ways. You're right, I do. The Templar demand death to the enemies of the faith. So today. I demand your death. Let us end this charade once and for all. Prove you have the right to even consider yourself a member of the faith. Prove you've earned the right to live.

Fight me. Coward.

Vahanian handed the letter to Baldwin who read it quickly before Vahanian said "Send it." Baldwin protested and Vahanian stood and shot his arm out, wrapping his hand around his oldest friend's throat. "I said. Send. It." Baldwin agreed while gasping for air before Vahanian left the balcony for the depths of the Citadel.

Quote from: Jessica Gildre
"This is completely foolhardy!" Bryant yelled, "He is your only true friend! Literally the only thing you have in the world!"

Jessica, half drunk, ceased rooting through the cellar for more wine and turned on Bryant, furious.

"Do you think this is really what he wants?"

She shoved him away from her, but he doggedly persisted, "So what now? After all this time, am I to just sit here and watch you drink yourself into a self-piteous wretch hell bent on her own death?"

She had enough. Stepping past him, she swept her leg back again, catching him behind the knees while she struck the heel of her palm into his chest. He hit the ground flat on his back, and she was on him, dagger in hand. She held it poised for a moment, letting the blood lust settle, and then tossed it aside. She grabbed a fistful of his shirt with one hand, and punched him twice in the face.

She tumbled backward, and he scrambled into a sitting position, blood smeared below his nose, "I won't do it. I won't watch you kill yourself."

Jessica waved him away, breathing heavily. He lifted himself to his feet, straightened his jacket and shirt, and looked down at her.

"May the Veiled Goddess watch over you, for I shall not any longer." He turned his back on her, and was gone. She clenched her eyes shut, trying unsuccessfully to stem the flow of tears. After a moment, she wiped her face and stood. She collected what she had come for, and then made her way to the stables. Several horse hands attended her, and she gave them the bottles of wine, and a letter for Vahanian.

It simply said:


She then left the hands to prepare her horse, and made her way to the armoury.

Quote from: Jessica Gildre
She arrived at the castle in Grehk and dismounted her horse. From the saddle she retrieved two items:

One bottle of wine, and one sheathed rapier.

With one hand she hurriedly tied her hair into a twist behind her head. She whipped the sheath from her sword, and left it lying in the dirt.

Taking a drink of wine, Jessica stalked into the castle.

Quote from: Vahanian Blint
Vahanian knelt in the temple within the White Citadel, he muttered to himself in prayer as he heard a subtle knock at the door. He turned his head but didn't move aside from that. Baldwin poked his head in and said "She's here."

Vahanian nodded and said "I know, I can feel it." He finished his prayers and stood, walking into his chambers. A few moments later he returned. Baldwin was off-put, he could see the fury and rage tumbling through his friend's eyes, but his face and the rest of his demeanor was eerily calm. He wore his dueling leathers, and had his silver-gray hair tied back with a black ribbon, on his hips were dual short-swords, his favorite weapons.

He barely acknowledged Baldwin, before walking towards the courtyard where Jessica was waiting.

He emerged from between two pillars and a shadowed hallway and stepped into the open air. Jessica was pacing back and forth, sword in hand and a wine bottle in the other. Vahanian drew his blades, stabbed them into the dirt and crouched down, grabbing a handful of the soil and letting it fall between his fingers before rubbing his hands together and cupping them. Bringing them to his nose he inhaled once and then clapped to remove the excess dirt. He drew his blades from the earth and stood ready to kill his friend.

Quote from: Antonia Fitz Roberts
Antonia rode as fast as she could along the road to Grehk. She had heard of rumours of something she had dreaded for a long time, but hoped it wasn't so. If she could just reach the city on time, she might be able to prevent a tragedy

'Your Grace, Your Grace' a rider approaching from the city called out to her. She rode on past him, but then heard again 'Duchess Antonia!' the man called again. Damn, Antonia thought, I'm still not used to that bloody title, it doesn't suit me. She reigned in her horse, dismounted and walked over to the messenger, constantly looking over her shoulder at the city gates that were so close and yet so far

'What is it?!' She snapped, standing so tall that she could nearly look the man on the horse directly in the eye
'You told me to send word as soon as there was any news' she began
'Yes I did, and this doesn't look like sending word, it looks like dithering, get on with it!' She growled, grabbing the reigns of his horse to prevent the mare bolting
'It's to late, it's over. It happened this afternoon. It was as you feared, they're dead'
Antonia's world seemed to slow down. She relaxed her grip on the reigns and the man looked somewhat relieved. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she turned with despair towards the city gates. Too late? No, it wasn't possible, if only she'd been able to find a harbour! And then the man spoke again
'Is there a message you would like me to take back?'
This caused Antonia to turn slowly back towards the him, anguish giving way to a cold rage. She grabbed the man and lifted him bodily from the saddle, letting out a roar as she threw him into an open sewer at the side of the road. He was fortunate enough to have his fall cushioned by its contents

Antonia then fell to her knees and let out another roar that seemed to shake the very heavens. Many of the local peasantry took the opportunity to quietly, yet quickly leave. After ten or so minutes, Antonia got back off the floor and began to walk with purpose towards the city
'Antonia' your horse!' Rosie called after her
'I don't need a horse, there's no rush now'
'What are you going to do?' Rosie called desperately
'Well there's no canals in Grehk, but I'm sure I can improvise'

Quote from: Vahanian Blint

Long Did She Reign:

Vahanian stood opposite Jessica, she took her last swig from the wine, before her eyes seemed to focus on him. Rage leapt up to her grasp as she hurled the bottle at him. He didn't move, the bottle soared over his shoulder and smashed against the wall. She wordlessly screamed at him. He looked at her blankly and rolled his neck and shoulders before saying.

"Come. Let us finish this." Jessica launched herself forward in a flurry of motion. Vahanian responded in kind, closing the distance between them to make use of his shorter blades. The first clash of steel echoed through the courtyard, and seemed to carry over the city. There was no lull, no pause between the first strike and the following strikes. Jessica was here to rid herself of Vahanian and she would let nothing stop her. Their blades clanged off each other again and again. Jessica using her speed to her advantage. Ducking and weaving, pressing her attack. Vahanian could smell the wine on her breath, it made her strikes much stronger than he'd expected. She wasn't holding back, wasn't looking for a way out. She wanted a way through. In that moment Vahanian knew his friend was truly lost. The steel rang out against one another. Each fighter pressing their attacks, fighting with equal ferocity, Jessica's attacks were stronger, and more wild because of the wine coursing through her body, but it also made her sloppy.

She swung wildly with her blade, Vahanian dodged back and evaded, and then slammed forward ramming his shoulder into her chest. Driving the air from her lungs she coughed and gasped for air as he slashed at her. First at her thigh, the cut was shallow, but sure to sting, Jessica seemed not to notice. He didn't wait, he slashed twice more, next at stomach as she recovered from being doubled over by his shoulder strike, she jumped back to evade being disemboweled, he slashed down with his right arm. His blade nearly took her eye out, instead it cut her from hairline the middle of her jaw, just missing her eye. Blood immediately poured forth and started coursing into her eye. She did her best to wipe it away on her sleeve, but more blood was there to replace what had been wiped away.Vahanian stepped back, almost called out her name, but before he could fully process his thought or his reaction. Jessica was launching herself forward again. Vahanian almost didn't bring his blade up to block her strike. Her wild swing reverberated down his sword into his arm and as she wrenched her arm back, she almost took his sword with her. He growled and bulled forward. He was going to end this. Drunk, and half-blinded by blood, Jessica wasn't prepared for the onslaught of attacks that Vahanian was about to deliver. She did her best to parry, block, and evade the twin blades that were singing death as they whizzed around her.

But eventually, Vahanian's skill and sobriety won out. As she went to parry a strike, he trapped her sword between the guards of both his blades and yanked it away from her. He pulled with such ferocity, he thought he heard a pop from her shoulder dislocating. He threw her blade to the side as he kicked her in the sternum, driving her backwards and lunged after her. His blade punched through her chest, piercing her heart and instinct took over, he twisted and pushed further into the strike, cementing her death. She gasped for air as blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth. Vahanian dropped the sword in his left hand and cradled the back of her head as he lay her on the ground. The gravity of the duel slammed into him like a tidal wave. She coughed and blood sprayed over his face. He blinked and looked down at his hand, grip still firm on the hilt of the sword lodged in her chest. "NOOOOOOO!" He screamed. "BALDWIN!" he screamed, as Baldwin sprinted forward cloth in hand. Vahanian grabbed them with one hand as he pulled the sword out with the other. Pressing the cloths onto her chest with both his hands. Tears started to streak down his face as Jessica looked up at him, and he saw the light start to drain from her eyes. Her right arm twitched, trying to raise it up but her dislocated shoulder refused to cooperate with her waning strength.

Her left arm instead came up and caressed his cheek, he started to reach up to hold her hand against his face as she used the last bit of strength to smile and press her hand against his cheek, before her arm fell to the ground and her head lolled just a bit to the side and the last breath of air from her lungs escaped. Baldwin put his hand on Vahanian's shoulder and tried to pull him away. Vahanian shrugged him off and pushed him away. He reached down and scooped her up into his arms. She felt so tiny, so frail as he picked her up. He struggled to his feet, grief beating the adrenaline into submission and making him weary. He started to walk away carrying her body when Baldwin asked "Where are you going, my lord?" Vahanian's voice was gravely and quivering with pain as he said "To bury her."

Quote from: Eva Foote

Eva exited the main hall that rested in the center of Grehk. A palace had not yet been constructed and in the meantime official operations ran out of the Margrave's manor. The Royal Carriage waited for the Grandmistress in front of her temporary place of residence. Moonlight and torches illuminated the barren streets of the night. Templars guided her into the carriage where her grandfather, Peterson as she has always called him, was already waiting.

Bewildered, Eva looked into his weary face, "what are doing?"

"We are going to Rines, no?"


"Of course! You still need my guidance, child."

Eva let out a sigh of dissatisfaction, she had hoped to keep her family out of sight but such would not happen. How much of her grandfathers true character, heretical at a minimum, would her companion see?

"Do not worry," Peterson smirked, "he will not suspect a thing, they never do."

No matter the reassurance, the Grandmistress couldn't help but feel uneasy. Looking to her unexpected guest beside her, the carriage rocked forward, toward the location of her planned companion. Peterson's bushy grey beard covered most of his wrinkled face. Faded tattoos, from his homeland in South-Western Dwilight, ran from around his right eye down behind the bearded cheek. In casual night-ware, her grandfather rested his balding head on the side of the carriage. Eva looked back in front of her, adjusting her white vestments but keeping her veil lowered.

After a short journey the carriage came to a stop. A guard opened the door beside Eva in order to let the Grand Templar into the carriage. The Grandmistress sat up straight, making sure there was plenty of room for her guest to get seated on the bench in front of herself and her grandfather. Only rattling armor from outside and light snoring inside could be heard. Taking a deep breath, filling her lungs, the petite Grand Herald steeled her nerves with a slow exhale...


Quote from: Ferdinand Greybrook

The Grand Templar sat down with a thump in the carriage opposite the Grandmistress and a man unknown to him. As always, Ferdinand wore the Cruel Plate Mail of Grehk and carried his sword. Putting the forgetting shield to one side he finally bowed to the ruler of his Theocracy.

"Grandmistress... I expected that we would be alone..."

Staring at the man, Ferdinand did not trust him at all. The tattoos for one were not some he entirely recognized and for his outfit... it was hard to be courteous. Yet, he hoped the Grandmistress would have her reasons for a extra bodyguard.

"Grand Templar of Obia'Syela, Ferdinand Greybrook - I am here to ensure the personal safety of the Grandmistress. The Templar Zealots will trail behind us so we are well guarded..."

He left the conversation purposely on edge, with his hand on his sword hilt. He hoped this journey was easy. Yet, these were uneasy times.


Quote from: Eva Foote

"Grandmistress... I expected that we would be alone..." the now seated Grand Templar Ferdinand said before looking towards Eva's grandfather, "Grand Templar of Obia'Syela, Ferdinand Greybrook - I am here to ensure the personal safety of the Grandmistress. The Templar Zealots will trail behind us so we are well guarded..."

The tension wasn't hidden and only served to unease the Grandmistress more. It wasn't really the raised guard of Ferdinand nor was it fact that the realm was on the brink of war. Truthfully it was more personal, more selfish. Eva worried that this would be the moment that hidden truths would be revealed. Of course not, Eva tried to comfort herself, he wouldn't be so careless. He would do his usual routine of forgetting names, mistaking people, speaking nonsense. Seeing past the mask wasn't easy, an old man suffering from dementia wasn't unusual after all.

Peterson looked wearily at the Grand Templar during the entire greeting. Jolted awake when Ferdinand sat down in full armor, Eva's grandfather would have given the military leader a scowl had he only the energy. Heavy eyes dipped and raised as he struggled to keep his head up while Ferdinand spoke, a futile task. Peterson laid his head back against the wall of the carriage without replying.

Relief washed over Eva like a cool sea breeze. Turned back to Ferdinand, Eva tried to explain: "I apologize for my grandfather's...unexpected presence. I was raised in the Holy City of Rines and he has decided to surprise both of us by joining this journey to the Holy City." Creaking carriage wheels filled the brief silence, as Eva leaned forward slightly and lowered her voice, "he is not well." Tapping a thin finger against her temple she hoped the intent was clear.

Returning to the comfort of the velvet cushion, Eva looked out the window. Resting near the horizon, the full moon's illumination became blocked by tall buildings as the caravan made it's way to the gates of Grehk. In mere minutes the group would leave behind the fortified city. Eva watched dim white walls appear and disappear, time after time, as building after building came and went. War was on every noble's mind but those behind the white walls, they don't see what is just around the corner. Battle may not come to them but they would feel it nonetheless. Many would be losing someone, be that a parent, sibling, child, or neighbor. Whether or not the loss of life occurred didn't truly matter, no one returns from intense conflict unchanged. Was it all worth it? That was the question Eva somberly contemplated.

"Aside from military matters I don't remember seeing many letters from you about the...rising storm. What do you hope is accomplished at this summit?" Eva did her best to avoid transparency and made an effort to gauge the Grand Templar.


Quote from: Ferdinand Greybrook

Looking at the Grandmistress, Ferdinand wasn't sure what to say. They both knew that if Ferdinand gave the word that morning, the realm would be at war:

"The Oracle decreed this meeting to take place between the Pontefix and yourself with her holiness as moderator. While I have my doubts, I hope that both realms can unite in cause against the Unholy Order."

Ferdinand's opposition to Jidington colony was known as much as he was the one to take the city back from the rogues. Yet, forever guided by the Oracle, he was as zealous and loyal as ever

It was in a passing moment that Ferdinand experienced the flashing pain strike his mind.

Had his nightmare returned?


Quote from: Eva Foote

Eva continued to watch buildings go by as Ferdinand spoke. Agitated just by the thought of previous dialogue with Jessica, Eva replied to the Grand Templar: "Negotiations will be futile, Jessica is a stubborn woman who has not been listening to reason. It is as if she only learned to read a year and half ago."

Buildings became less numerous as they drew close to the wall. "Maybe the Oracle will be able to get through to her," Eva's tone softened after the brief pause. Rattling armor interrupted her focus and she looked towards Ferdinand. Darkness, all light still impeded by houses. Slowly the carriage became illuminated as it entered the clearing before the gates. Eva watched the Grand Templar appear from the void...

Roleplaying / Beluaterra - An Unlikely Encounter (co-op RP)
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Quote from: Dancer Rea
It was just as he remembered it. The sands were fine, a light breeze sending the grains dancing every few hundred feet. Dancer's ship had landed at a small harbor town, currently under it's own rule. He checked his pack for the fifth time, jostling it a bit to check for the cache of scrolls. He was asking for trouble, walking in the territory of the Pretenders without a unit. He had a small sword, inked with a few infernal runes, his pack, now overfilled with summoning scrolls, and his wits. His milky eyes raked across the quay, searching for any signs of trouble. The docks were busy, but not packed. He couldn't see any blue flags, so he must have landed unnoticed from the Pretenders. He slipped through the town, his head down, and his pack clutched close to his side. He had to stay unnoticed, for the consequences of discovery would be steep. Obia'Syela was the one realm he couldn't stand. Those dirty Pretenders honestly thought they could control deamons! He smiled wolfishly to himself, dodging a fruit cart on his way out of town. He'd wipe them from this planet, one way or another. They sat on his land, preaching about magic and some false deity. His lip curled a bit as he thought of the Pretenders. He'd made it out of town, heading down one of the two roads out of town. It must have rained recently; dirt caked his boots almost immediately. He walked with purpose, staring at the ground. He couldn't believe such fools flourished, preaching such foolishness. He'd lead an army down here one day, and clear these stains from this land.

He was deep in thought, internally raging, when he ran smack dab into someone. He looked, up, startled out of his internal discord. Several men, clothed in violet, barred his way.


Quote from: Eva Foote
Sunlight poured in through the rocking carriage's open window, each imperfection of the primitive road could be felt. Straining her eyes, Eva carefully tried to decipher the sloppily written letter. Splashes of water could be heard as the wheels rolled through the occasional hole, creating a break in the cacophony of horse hooves and idle chatter by the guards. Softly gliding her fingers through soft crimson hair, Eva cleared her vision of the external distraction. Mouthing the words as the letters became more legible, her concentration on the report increased. Suddenly everything came to a halt, sending the Grandmistress forward, breaking her focus, and raising her intrigue.

Casting her emerald eyes out the window, the countryside became blocked by the side of a massive Paladin covered in violet plate. "Why have we stopped?" she inquired.

"A traveler!" a raspy voice replied.

With raised brow, Eva gleamed up ahead. A host of guards in mail and violet cloth could be seen but not the supposed traveler. Long ago this area had been fully converted, she thought, surely this intruder must be one of the flock. In haste she put on her thin white veil, leaving nothing but the eyes and hair fully visible. With a quick exhale she composed herself and proceeded to slowly exit the carriage.

Eva's ceremonial white robe dropped out onto the muddy road as she started her way towards the commotion. Arguments could be heard but the words were elusive. All went silent as the guards noticed the Grandmistress approaching them, they parted slightly but remained between the unknown man and the royal woman. Eva stopped in her tracks, a short distance in front of the traveler. Patiently she waited for the usual greeting from one of a lesser station.


Quote from: Dancer Rea
A flash of rage flicked across his face. He reflexively reached for his sword, stopping short before he drew. He'd run into a large plated warrior, steel stained violet. The guard took a step back, drawing his weapon in one motion. "Halt, traveler! Take your hands off your weapon!" Dancer narrowed his eyes, but relented. Several more of the violet guards stood around him, hands resting on a cacophony of weaponry. "I am sorry, warrior of purple. I can't see very well anymore, and I'm afraid you startled me." The first guard didn't sheath his weapon, but he did let it fall to his side. "What do you think you are doing, peasant?" Dancer bristled, but said nothing. "Watch where you are walking! Someone could have been hurt!" Dancer still said nothing, carefully controlling his temper. He mustn't get caught. While the man preceded to give Dancer a tongue lashing about proper travelling etiquette, Dan took stock of his surroundings. He'd made it quite a ways into the forest, the sounds of the city long gone. Several men, covered head to foot in violet livery stood around, most looking tired and bored. An ornate carriage sat in the center of the purple horde, two beautiful black Friesians lashed to the front. A flash of blue, and his heart sank. On the side of the carriage, he could see the heraldry of the Pretenders painted in bold strokes. He'd barely made it on land, and his inattention may have cost him his mission.

At least he had a disguise on, abit a poor one. He had simply thrown on a ragged coat, over his normal loose white shirt and black slacks. While the dirt from the trip would help sell the ruse, he still looked, at the very least, well off. His brown stained pack would help, he figured, at least until someone looked closer, or worse yet, inside of it. Hopefully they wouldn't take away his weapon either. He'd unwisely strapped his ceremonial sword on his hip, rather then his normal one, thinking only of the long walk ahead of him. The blade itself was craved up and down with infernal runes. Thankfully, he'd never been important enough to receive one with a fancier hilt, so unless they unsheathed it, it looked like a normal sword. The guard stopped chattering, falling silent abruptly. Dan looked to the carriage, side door now standing open. The men silently parted, and women in a long white shift was revealed, gracefully walking towards him. A noble then, he thought. She was clearly very young, so he doubted she was anyone of importance. The strange veil was out of place, but he figured it was some fashion statement for the Pretenders. Anger flashed across his face a the thought of the Liars, but he suppressed it quickly. She stopped a short distance away from him. Dancer pondered for a moment. She was smart enough to stand out of his sword range, but not smart enough to have his weapon confiscated. Inexperienced then, but she did have some combat training, whether she realized what she'd done or not.

The cultist begrudgingly tilted his head, wolfish grin crossing his face. "Lady, I am sorry to disturb your travel. I accidentally walked into one of your men. I'm afraid my eyesight has been failing for many a year now."


Quote from: Eva Foote
All was quiet after the greeting, no signs of life from the woods could be heard from the muddied road. Eva paid close attention to the traveler, keeping her emotions masked behind the ceremonial veil. His eyes, his smile. They were unsettling, sending a small shiver up Eva's spine.

An experienced guard next to Eva turned to face her, "Your Eminence," his deep voice broke the silence, "it is unsafe, you should return to your carriage and let us handle this."

Eva looked to her right, up into the bare face of the guard, slight wrinkles and grayed hair visible to all. Her hands were intertwined in front of her, hidden inside the arms of the her robe. Gracefully she reached up to place her hand upon his cheek, allowing the long scar across her palm to be seen. "Erick macaan," she reassured, "ha walwelin, Hooyo Quduuska ah ayaa nala socota."

Eva returned to her normal stance allowing Erick to turn back towards the traveler as well. Changing from the religious language and back to the common tongue, Eva addressed the traveler with her heavy Rinesian accent. "What is your name, traveler," she asked, "you are obviously not a commoner, perhaps I have heard of your family."

Eva knew that this was unlikely, the traveler definitely wasn't a peasant but he did look too poor to be a knight. "Most likely some minor noble of little renown," Eva thought. "the clothes are too fine but not the best. His accent is peculiar, not quite southern, yet definitely southern. He is an enigma, a curiosity..." She knew that she should leave, but like a moth to a flame, there was no turning away.

Roleplaying / Dwilight - Ethelbert's Journey
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Quote from:  Ethelbert Foote
Ethelbert put pen to paper and continued his journey journal:

Spring, Year 49, Day 3 of the journey:

The long trek has only begun but all is going well, travel has been fast and without interruption. The sun rises over the rolling hills here in Zereth and the journey must continue, no time to waste. I will head in haste to Sabadell: the next step. May stop to preach in Sabadell. No inspiration here in Zereth and many rogues plague the area. Westgard's grip on the region slips, unsafe to preach.

Ethelbert quickly put his journal into his pack and started his day.


Quote from: Ethelbert Foote
Ethelbert put pen to paper and continued his journey journal:

Spring, Year 49, Day 4 of the journey:

I reached Sabadell, rogue forces infested the area. Westgard's control of another region was slipping. Did not stop to preach, too risky.

Spring, Year 49, Day 5 of the journey:

Reached a small village by the name of Frealis in the Northern Watch area of Eidulb Outskirts. Quiet little place along the coast, comprised mostly of fishermen. News of a Westgardian army reaching Sabadell has the villagers quite happy. It is like a great fog of dread has just left the area. Would have been nice to come across the Westgardian army on my way here and get the chance to speak with the nobles. Alas, fortune did not smile upon me today.

Spring, Year 49, Day 6 of the journey:

Spent the day preaching and converting the peasants of Eidulb Outskirts. I lost count after the first 150 conversions but the total must have been over 600. Still much more work to do in the area but the journey takes precedence. In the morning I will make a trip into the city to deliver the first true sermon. Tomorrow will be eventful.

Ethelbert set down the journal and softly blew out the candle's flame.

Feature Requests / Allow Traders to Carry Food
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Allow Traders to Carry Food


With the use of carts (or a different paraphernalia) allow traders the ability to carry food around with them so that they can move food around the island.


Traders will be able to purchase carts, each cart having a certain limit to the amount of food it is able to carry. (Food rot still applying of course.) Then the trader will be able to move around the island and buy/sell food from/to various regions. At the moment the only thing a trader can do is broker trades which requires there to not only be a sell offer within range of a market place but also a buy offer. If those two offers are within a lord's trade range then the trader serves little to no purpose in that trade and can be bypassed. With the ability to carry food, the trader (and only a trader) will be able to move food beyond the limits of the single market place thus increasing the difference between a trader and a region lord. It should be noted that the trader could, in theory, do this by brokering a trade chain involving at least three different region lords but that is more time consuming and difficult to pull off.

Based upon my memory the ability to carry food is how it used to be and having it back would be beneficial; at least until a more robust overhaul to the trader class happens.


  • More purpose to the trader class.
  • Gives more purpose to the cart paraphernalia.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:

  • Could negatively effect the economy of an island as the markets wouldn't be as isolated. This could be a potential benefit instead of a downside.

Beluaterra / The State of Beluaterra: Time for an Invasion?
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On discord there was some discussion on the topic of invasion for Beluaterra. So I've taken a closer look at the topic and have come to my own conclusion. It is a bit long but if you are just interested in my conclusion then: an invasion, or something like it, could be great but leaving the realms to their own devices could work as well. Essentially, an invasion to force realms into a certain area could be a fun way to artificially decrease the island size. If the two large southern realms don't want to partake then the north can still be good if the realms head towards each other.

Currently, there are 174 nobles on the island spread out over every corner of the island. Since just about every corner of the island is covered lets look at what the density would be if every region is occupied. With the current 174 nobles and 156 regions that leaves a density of 1.115 which is obviously not desirable. If every region were to be filled, to the current standard of 1.7 density, it would take 266 nobles. Since we probably won't get another 92 nobles created on the island anytime soon, we must accept that there will be a good portion of the island that is rogue and can not be taken.

The question then is what to do about the situation. Since we can't increase the number of nobles with a press of the button, how about decreasing the regions. This happened previously with the sinking of parts of the island. On the original map there were 190 regions which means 34 regions were placed under the sea. (Assuming the 190 is correct, it is based off of the category "Atamara Regions" on the wiki.) This is a possible solution but it is destructive and isn't what I, or anyone that I know of, would like to see. What I would like to see is for the players to simply be as closely packed together as possible. How this is accomplished is the true question.

If there were to be a decrease in the number of regions, we would need to know a target number of regions. With the current 174 noble count in mind, we'll look at the numbers based on a four different density targets. The lowest count will be 1.7 and the highest count will be 3. The lowest is from the current takeover limit and the highest is the start of the takeover warning that you are getting low on nobles.

With 1.7 density: 102 regions making up 65.4% of the island.
With 2 density: 87 regions making up 55.8% of the island.
With 2.5 density: 70 regions making up 44.9% of the island.
With 3 density: 58 regions making up 37.2% of the island.

Which density is ideal? I don't know but what I do know is that the current number of nobles can only hold at most 102 regions or 65.4% of the island. What would the island look like if a portion of the island were sunk to suit these numbers? Well, I made a map of the island with the regions highlighted based on what regions would be held by the players. This map, linked below, has a portion of it dedicated to each of those density levels listed above. The green highlight is an area of 58 regions for density level of 3. Green and light blue are for a density level of 2.5. Green, light blue, and yellow are for a density level of 2.5. All of the highlighted area contains a total of 102 regions for the current density limit of 1.7.

The map was made by starting in the region of Agyr (top right city) and moving out by 1 region away from the last border. There was also a priority to fill out the northern end of the island before moving south. This does not result in an ideal map for each density but I think it works well for the two extremes (1.7 & 3). If a different density is the target then the regions would have to be adjusted. I'm going to work through the rest of this post at the assumption that 1.7 density is the target for now.

What is easily seen here is that only two realms would be displaced in the process of shrinking the map (again, to the 1.7 mark). These two realms are: Sacred Obia'Syela (SOS) and Shattered Vales (SV). In an ideal world the players would take the option, that the admins wisely made available, to become a temporary nomad. This would allow them to move their realm from one place to another. For instance, SOS could abandon the south and move to the north. The regions they hold in the south would be lost and their capital would then be some place in the north. From an OoC perspective, solely thinking about what is best for the game, this move makes perfect sense. It allows for realms to be much closer together and enables more interaction between the realms. From an IC perspective, this move makes ZERO sense. I could expand on that but it is an unnecessary diversion.

A forced move of the realms in question could be used instead of the voluntary movement of the realms. This would involve an invasion that decimates the south and occupies the regions south of the desired border. For the map I made this would mean that Worvobaen, Jaekind, Xinjin, Zuhle, and all regions south of that would be occupied by some invader. As the density of players increase the invaders could weaken at the border allowing more expansion into the southern lands. This would make the map smaller without making any destructive changes to the map. The lands of the invaders could be the launch pad of an invasion of the north if it is ever needed. This could be accomplished by sea travel, land travel, and maybe even some portals. The justification for them not continuing the invasion could be just about anything. For instance, if you want to rip off Game of Thrones (or history, i.e. China) you could make it some type of wall.

The negative of a forced move is that it can make some players unhappy. A way around this is to give SV and SOS the option of agreeing with an invasion. This would effectively combine an invasion with the use of nomad status. How to find out if they agree to this plan? Use an in-game referendum for the realms to see if they want to make a voluntary move via invasion or even without the use of an invasion. (Yes, SOS didn't have to move south to begin with but an in-realm OoC discussion on why being in the south is not a good idea and being given an option to return north would be beneficial. I will start that conversation later since I have a character in the realm.)

If they both agree then before the invasion destroys them then they can use the nomad status or some other form of relocation before the invasion kills them. The idea would be an invasion brings the realms close to destruction then they get a portal in their capital, or sea travel, that will take them to a new location to takeover. An alternative to the portal would be a Moses situation where they can part the invaders to travel to their new home. The first is better but the point is there is room for creativity (RP!) here. The biggest positive to the use of an invasion is that it allows for IC justification for a relocation and could be seen as a fun event. Plus it could be sustained/halted to make the island smaller thus increasing density.

What about the other players? Well, they may not like a new powerful neighbor or they might want in on the fun. A hit on the north could be planned as well or they could always try to take out the new realm quickly. No matter what there will be people unhappy but I think this method at least keeps that number as small as possible.

What if they both disagree? Simply allow them to stay in the south. It isn't the best way forward but at least there is no force involved. If there is a change in sentiment then the topic could be revisited. Perhaps with less 

What if only one agrees? I haven't laid that out but I'm sure something could be arranged for this situation. In fact, it could tie into the next part of this post.

As I said at the beginning, I do not think an invasion is completely necessary. In order to show why that is, I'll lay out a couple more numbers. Excluding the southern realms, SOS and SV, there are currently 118 nobles in the north. If the map was adjusted, either through some force like an invasion or through players making the right moves on their own, a certain area (63 regions) could be maintained at a density of 1.87. In order to get to this number, there was minimal displacement. Before getting into that I will provide a map of the north. The red area is a total of 63 regions with minor displacement.

With the area I laid out, the realm of Bara'Kuhr is considered to be lost (because 3 nobles and 1 region is not a realm to begin with) and the realm of Nothoi would lose two rural regions. If Nothoi doesn't lose the regions then a density of 1.81 is achieved. If Bara'Kuhr is left alone and they get one more region, towards the red, then the density is around 1.76. Both of these situations are above the 1.7 goal. Is force needed to achieve this? No, the map is simply where everyone will wind up if they head towards each other. Force is only needed if you want to insure that the players will make the right move. It is also a nice way to get rid of the "realm" of Bara'Kuhr.

A wild card in this is the eventual implementation of hinterlands. I'm not sure how this will change things exactly but it is something to consider. It should also be noted that this is all tied to only the number of nobles and the number of regions. Realms are also a factor that plays a role in all of this.

Helpline / Game Manual Questions
« on: November 29, 2018, 03:58:15 PM »
A list of questions for updating the game manual on the wiki. While I do know a good amount about the game almost everything I know was learned through the wiki back when I first played the game. Due to this and not knowing all the changes through the years, I will likely have a good number of questions. I will ask on discord if something comes up while editing but will not tag anyone. Instead if the question remains unanswered I will update this forum post. This will prevent a lot of tagging and let people answer when they get the time. As questions are answered I will edit this post with the answer and who gave it. That way people don't have to go through the entire thread to find out if it was answered. When I add questions I will add them to this top post and post a reply with the new questions. Hopefully this will make it easier on everyone else.



1) Amounts that can be set? (currently have, multiples of 25: 25, 50, 75, 100, etc.)

Quote from: Vita
The increments increase by 25 up to 100, 50 up to 500, 100 up to 1000, 200 up to 3k, 500 after
The max fine allowed is one third of the realm's income
you cant be fined again if you have an outstanding fine

2) Way of paying? (I assume there is an option that shows up in actions, other than that it is deducted from taxes [including all tax income], can be avoided by leaving realm.)
3) What actions are unavailable when you have outstanding fine? (currently just have "many realm functions are unavailable")

Bans and Exile:

As far as I am aware the wiki is currently accurate but confirmation would be appreciated. Along with any details that may not be present.

Priests can also be banned if they are auto-caught trying to do trouble.

Maybe clarify that people who are arrested not doing anything in particular cannot be banned. For example, caught by patrols while travelling or arrested by a noble (priest/advy). They need to be caught red-handed doing something bad.


1) From my understanding there are five levels of wounds: light, normal, serious, critical, near death. Is this correct?
2) What are the effects of wounds and when do they take place based on the level of wound? (I have some knowledge on the effects but not on which level.)

Wiki / WRP - Stage 1: The Manual
« on: November 27, 2018, 04:17:58 PM »
The Manual will be updated to a simple format: main pages and sub-pages. There will be nine main pages that will act as a general guide to the game. Reading through the main pages should give a more in-depth understanding of the game than a basic guide but generally will not cover every single detail. A main page will focus on one specific area of the game (e.g. Economy or Warfare.) The sub-pages will contain full details on a specific topic of the game (e.g. Units or Classes.) The sub-pages will be linked to from the appropriate main page (e.g. Warfare will contain a link to Units.) This will create a simple hierarchy of information that can be relatively easy to navigate. To further aid navigation a navigation box will be created and added to the main pages and sub-pages. The Manual page will be updated to provide access to the Main Pages and the Sub-Pages along with a set of guides on various topics. All links will be to the location of the most complete information.

After the main changes to the manual are completed, the Help pages will be updated where needed. The final part will be clean-up, which will handle any page that is currently associated with the manual and wasn't touched during the previous stages. It will also handle tasks not done in previous sections (i.e. moving pages, marking for deletion, redirects.)

Note 1: When I say "sub-page" I am not referring to the wiki version of a sub-page. All pages will be main pages in the wiki sense. For instance, the page name will not be Warfare/Unit but just Unit. The decision of what should or shouldn't be a sub-page was based on what would have enough information for a unique page. The question is where to draw the line. My current conception of this is: if a summary, around the size of a paragraph, completely covers a topic then the entire topic should be moved to the main page. Otherwise there should be enough information for the reader to get a good idea of the topic then a link to where the full details are.
Note 2: This outline does not cover single thing to be done but I believe it is a good enough guideline to get started.

Before jumping into the details it is only right for me to list (and thank) those who have helped or help in the future. I will update the list below as people help with this project in various ways.

Those who helped:

  • Vita - provided feedback and information on how things work.
  • Wimpie - provided feedback and information on how things work.
  • Tali - provided feedback and information on how things work.

And others who gave feedback through the discord (I don't remember everyone, sorry.)

Part 1: Update Manual Page and Main Pages

Update Manual to include an introduction and a table of contents. Move the old contents to Manual/Old and provide a link on the Manual page. (Manual/Old will probably be temporary.)
Create and fill the pages: Environment, Character, Menu, Government, Judiciary, Warfare, Economy, Social, and Fantasy.

At the time of posting this, I have updated the Manual Page and created the Main Pages. The table of contents will have links to all topics currently covered in the main pages and their sub-pages. All links on the manual page will be directed to the most complete explanation of the topic. For example, when clicking on the "Roleplay" link in social it will take the user to the Roleplay page and not the Roleplay section on the Social Page.

The main pages currently contain an outline of what each page will cover. During part 1 the main pages will be filled with content where needed. However, the main pages will probably not be complete after part 1. Throughout the rest of the parts, notably part 2, the main pages will be updated where needed. The primary purpose of the current outlines on the main pages are to provide a starting point that can later be updated and improved.

There was some discussion of adding in an Adventurer section ("main page"). I personally think it is redundant and all information should be covered in the other sections. If more people think it should have a "main page" then it can be added. An alternative is linking to adventurer on the manual page under character and under the classes section of both the character and class pages. The adventurer page would give access to all pages needed just like the current main page formats. Only difference is it wouldn't be a "main page" listed on the manual page.

Part 2: Update Sub-pages

Below is a list of the current planned sub-pages and some information on what is to be done on each. All of the pages should be checked for accuracy. The "to-do" list for each page is based off of a quick scan of the pages and is subject to change.

  • Buildings -  Move to here: Demolition Workshop ; Update RC information ; Create Buildings/Old Information with contents of how things worked previously ; add upkeep costs ; remove cost to build for each building [too variable] ; rename buildings header to workshops ; link to the relevant paraphernalia for each building
  • Realm -  Overview of government structure/positions, diplomacy, capital, economy, density
  • Region - cover region types, stats, lordship, estates ; move economy & independence information to stats ;

  • Attributes - Check information in sections: honour & prestige ; reformat skills covering skill name, ways to improve, what it effects, who uses the skill.
  • Class - include information for each class on their skills, requirements, effect on recruitment; remove recruitment limits section.
  • Family - add information on heraldry and fame.
  • Rank -  TBD
  • Creating a Character - Describe the process of creating a character, add screenshots
  • Heraldry - What it is, the editor, add screenshots, possible addition of a link to historical background information.

  • Diplomacy - Move information from Enhanced Diplomacy to here ; cover all information on treaties ; move changing relationships section into relationships section.
  • Government Position - Make summary of page at top ; add requirements to the position ; add information on how to obtain position (what systems have election, appointment) ; information on losing position (inactivity & wounds/prison) ; add in Duke & Lordship
  • Government System - Improve descriptions ; Add special features ; add default position names
  • Election - (Move to Election: Manual/Elections) - add summary
  • Estate - Move hierarchy section to Hierarchy ; add information on statues & monuments
  • Hierarchy - Cover both realm hierarchy and military hierarchy.

Menu Panel:

(Move: Actions to Reputation ; Character Actions to Actions ; Unit Orders to Orders ; Message to Messages.)

Each sub-page, listed below, is should include a screenshot of the menu, break down the page, list all possible options found in the pages, say what they do, note requirements (class, location, hours, etc.)
Command, Information, Messages, Orders, Travel, Religion (menu),  Actions, Politics, Questing, Items

  • Army -  add info on banners, standing orders, formations, military hierarchy ;
  • Battle - merge diplomacy effects into when does battle take place ; screenshot of battle ; break down the layout of battle ;
  • Paraphernalia - Improve summary ; move caravan to a new section for paraphernalia that is no longer in the game.
  • Unit  - Full details on: unit captain, types, stats, recruitment ; summary of unit settings ; add screenshot of unit details
  • Unit Settings - add screenshot of unit settings page
  • Formation - Improve the summary ; 

  • Food - Add the Weather/Season information from Environment ;
  • Taxes - add screenshots of regional and realm wide ; add wealth/property tax information
  • Trade - Cover: market, black market, automatic sale, traders, add screenshots ; short summary of food

  • Ban - expand with OoC info
  • Prison - ways to get into prison, things to do, ways of leaving, things the judge can do

  • Roleplaying - Add in any guides on RP at bottom or appropriate section ; improve page summary
  • Allegiance - tied into Roleplaying
  • Religion - Remove redirect, move Priest Game to Religion ; improve page summary ; put religious order before priests ; add a link to a couple example religion pages ; improve temple table
  • Guild - TBD

  • Zuma Coalition - check for accuracy

  • Wound - cover both wounded characters and wounded troops.
  • Rogue - Full details on rogue units, nobles, regions
  • Emigrate - TBD (likely added to character page)
  • Training - Full details on both character and unit training

Uncovered topics:
A listing of topics that need to be fit in and haven't yet. These will either be added to a main page, a sub-page, or if I have missed something major, become a sub-page.
  • Bulletins

Part 3: Create Navigation Box

This will be a table that will allow access to the main pages and the sub pages of the manual. The table will be placed at the bottom of every main page and sub page. Due to the frequency of use, a template will be created under a yet to be determined name. After it is created then it will be placed onto each of the main pages and sub pages.

(The Navbox is created in a separate part because it is easier to create after all the main/sub-pages are "set" in stone.)

Part 4: Guide Table

There are multiple guides on the wiki and in order to give people easier access to them a table will be added to the manual page. This table will be identical to the table of contents presented in Part 1 but it will not have "main pages". Instead it will have a topic, for instance "military guides" and then a list of any military guides that exist. In order to create this table a catalogue of guides must be collected. The first step will therefor be to collect a list of guides and put them into certain topics. Then a table will be created with this list and added to the manual page. The category of "Guide" will be placed onto these pages.

Current guide list:

Gregor Relak's Collected Essays and Lectures on Leadership and Governance | Unit Roles(?) | New Players Guide | BattleMaster Basics | Mossy Family/Abraham/Mentor Lessons | Petterson Family/Rangonio/Mentorship | Igelfeld Family/Von Igelfeld family Memoirs | Rogala BM Guide |

Part 5: Help Pages

All current help pages will be updated with the new links, checked for accuracy, and improved where needed. The list of help pages can be found through the Category: Help.

Part 6: Clean-up

There will be many pages that have not been touched in parts 1 through 5. These will be listed below. It is possible that there are some "manual" pages not listed below or in the previous parts. Please reply to this post with a page name and it will be added to this list.

To Environment: Time, Hours, Turns, Seasons, Island Descriptions
To Region: City, (all region types), Fortification
To Realm: Capital
To Character: Age, Death
To Attributes: Skill, Honor
To Government: Protest, Secession,  Rebellion
To Diplomacy: Enhanced Diplomacy, Treaty
To Travel: Sea Travel
To Warfare: Takeover, Loot, Looting
To Unit: Unit Captain, Combat Strength,
To Battle: Overkill
To Hierarchy: Command Hierarchy
To Wound: Wound (troop)
To Army: Marshal
To Trade: Black Market,
To Economy: Bank, Silver, Gold, Bonds, Invest
To Judiciary: Torture, Fines, Exile, Deportation, Execution, Execute, Laws, Law
To Social: Bounty, Duel
To Fantasy: Undead, Monster, Wizard, Sage, Magic, Portal, Portal Stone, Diamon

To be redirected to the correct manual page:
Civil work | Court | Entertainment | Hang rebels | Paid work |

Move (tentative move locations):
Trade old to Trade/First System
Old Taxes 2 to Taxes/Second System
Old Tax System to Taxes/First System

Behaviour summary | Estates/Old | FAQ | Government rules | New Economy | Priest Game | Priest Game/Tom's Own Words | Region Command | Serious Medieval Atmosphere| Titans and Magistrates | Unit Naming Guide | New Random Features | Rules and Policies | Name Rules | Hold Court Command | Security | Adventurer Theories | Class/Old Class System | Changing Classes | Rebellion | Reasons for Rebellion | Fortification/Examples | Fortification/Fortification Examples | Rogue | I was just banned | Imperial Region | Scribe Note | New Taxes | The Menu Panel/es | Travel(nl) | Manual(spa) | Creation Screens | Useful Tools

Manual sub-pages:
Manual/Behaviour | Manual/Characters | Manual/Economy | Manual/Elections | Manual/Miscellaneous | Manual/Realms and Regions | Manual/TOC | Manual/War | Manual:Getting Started  | Manual/Old

Introduction sub-pages:
(Checked for accuracy, no plans to add to it.)
Introduction | Introduction/Choosing a realm |  Introduction/Giant Wooden Badger | Introduction/Recruiting | Introduction/Roleplay | Introduction/Scouts | Introduction/Travel | Introduction/Winning

Spanish pages
List to be gathered again, accidentally erased them from this.

Dwilight / Tol Goldora vs Westgard War Name
« on: November 23, 2018, 09:08:08 PM »
Looking to name the war that has started between Tol Goldora and Westgard. I have made the poll with the two suggestions so far that will last 3 days. Assuming there are going to be new names this is just a preliminary poll to gather potential names. After 3 days if there doesn't seem to be a majority consensus then a new poll, with a longer time, will be made to cover the suggestions.

The Goldoran-Westardian War (or conflict?) is just a name based off the two primary participants. The War of the Proclamation of Tol Goldora is named after the Proclamation of Golden Farrow by Umerith Stromhar of Tol Goldora.

The basic situation, as I understand, is this: Westgard says they have a claim on Golden Farrow, Tol Goldora says no way Jose, Westgard declares war while they have an army in Golden Farrow, Luria Ferrata joins the war on the side of Tol Goldora.

Although the timeline of Dwilight hasn't been updated it is currently Spring of Year 46 and about to be Summer of Year 47.

As for the why of naming the war here is my long term plan. The island pages on the wiki will have a section for wars added. This will contain a list of more neutral pages on the wars. The neutral pages will have a general timeline of events for the war along with a summary of the claims of both sides. The claims of both sides will be accompanied with a link to the more propaganda page that the realms can make. For instance, if Westgard wanted to name this war and present their telling of the war the page would be "Westgard/End of Barbarism" as Chenier is currently calling it. The "/End of Barbarism" page would be anything Westgard wants to say about the war. On the flip-side, Tol Goldora could name the war anything they wanted on a page called Tol Goldora/War_Name.

The purpose of this is to try to add some more flavor to the game. The poll is for the general use name for the war, not the war page of a single realm.

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