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I've made a script a while back to make it very easy to put battle reports on the wiki to save them for all times. A few things to mention

1) It's in VBA, so you need to have microsoft word on your computer. If you don't, sorry.
2) I've described step by step how to use it, but if anything is unclear just hit me up here or on Discord:

The script to do it and step by step guide:

*Updated version, the battle report now also autofills most of a military infobox to make it even cooler.
** Update 7-6-2018: Managed to finish the second part of the infobox, so it now shows it completely

Feature Requests / Under Debate: Remove magic from EC (Stable)
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:07:17 AM »
Magic was never part of BM and slowly gained some presence, however it has gotten completely out of control. I understand that some may argue I should just evolve with my time but this no longer feels like the game I once joined.

My proposal is simple:
1) Keep magic on testing (BT and Dwilight)
2) Remove all magic from stable (EC and Colonies)

This way those who like magic can focus on BT, but we also have one normal pvp continent without this frustration on EC.

Application on stable code:
-Remove all witches, keep the sages
-Remove all scrolls
-Remove portal stones as posible item on stable

*Edit, RP wise I'm more than happy to open a portal myself and throw all my scrolls in, have several, and pray for magic to be gone from tge world entirely.

Feature Requests / Archer nerf
« on: April 27, 2018, 03:47:39 PM »
Ever since the bug, that somehow reduced archer damage by a factor 3, was removed archers went from being nearly useless to being too overpowered.

Armies have gone towards heavy archer composition to a rediculous level and in most battles infantry has been reduced to meatshields and archer fodder.

While in the past archers were too weak (85%+ melee armies) they are now way too strong (85% archer armies sometimes and effective). Normally you could argue that cavalry could counter it, but with the current noblecount it's really hard to get sufficient cavalry to actually survive the arrows before melee.

I would like to request that archers are nerfed a bit. Not to the extremes of the past...just a middleground.

Roleplaying / Glory's Journal
« on: March 04, 2018, 10:05:13 PM »
Glory finally set down after her long day. As every day, she took her journal out and started writing:

"Dear journal, today was a very long day. It still pains me to leave father behind but it was his own request and despite protest I obeyed him. The road back to Highmarch has been long for these last few days and due to a small error in reading the map we seem to have traveled beyond Domus City into Scio. Fortunately this is the land of Lord Samuel II and he has granted us a place to call home for now.

Today I have also witnessed the horor father wished to keep away from me. The people of Scio are being terrorized by some large hound looking monsters, the size of horses. Several children have been eaten and even adults have been attacked. It was a horrible sight and when we learned the whereabouts of the beasts I orders my riders to move out.

We met the beasts in south-eastern open plains between the mountains of Scio. Our charge managed to kill several of them, but two of my own men died and another 7 were wounded in the engagement. There are still a few of the creatures around, but I'm not sure what to do. If I stay and fight them again, I risk losing more men and leaving my wounded without care for too long as I have been unable to find any healers in the area. But if I move to Domus to find proper paraphernalia, we allow these beasts to kill more innocent children. It seems as if there is no good choice right now, it saddens me."

Beluaterra / MOVED: Re: Message group size too small
« on: October 12, 2017, 11:08:01 AM »

Roleplaying / Goriad II's emigration to BT
« on: August 30, 2017, 09:43:55 AM »
- Goriad II started his career in Talerium on Atamara and when it sank moved to the Assasins on the Colonies. Now he has arrived in the far south of BT. He has quite the back story, but I never saved his RP's, so I wish to start now and also retro-actively shed some light on his past again through the current RP's. -

- I mainly prefer to write smaller RP's, because a) I think people tend to read/like those more and b) time. This way I can easily write several a week -

- Each heading is a new RP, but I'll copy paste them below each other as a 'story' so to say -

- Any remarks, suggestions etc are most welcome :) -

At the docks in Rines
Goriad II finally arrived at Rines and as he stepped up on the docks he looked around. "What the hell," he mumbled "these bloody architects lack creativity, it's the same old !@#$ as Ash'rily over here," he said as he began to raise his voice. Dock workers continued their busy routines, but some children stopped their game and stared at this new stranger who was talking to himself out loud. "What is an Ash'ly?" one of the kids asked. Goriad always traveled in rather common cloth, so generally none adressed him 'properly' nor did  he care much for it. "Ash'rily, what do they teach you here at school," he said "the biggest city on the bloody island...well its sunk now, good riddance," and he walked on, but the kids would not let him go. "Was it the daemons?" one asked and Goriad had already lost his patience and so he took out a curved blade, seemingly out of nowhere "nobody knows what sank it, now leave."

"Sure glad they sank that hell hole in the south at least. Finally got that bastard on a different continent than myself. Hmmm, didn't he die here, I should definately visit that place once. It'll be fun to carve a knife out of his bones, hehe," and so Goriad II moved on, mumbling to himself and smiling. "Now let's get a map, where to go"

In the city of Rines
Goriad II made his way to the city gates and as he walked through the streets he got an aweful feeling. "This city is nearly a copy," he thought "It's not just the port, it's everything." On his way outside of the city he passed through a map maker. The man asked 3 gold for the map of the entire continent. "3 gold?" Goriad II asked, "no my friend, you seem to be mistaking as I'm sure you said 2 gold was more than enough." As he reached for his money his purposefully opened his coat, showing a short piercing dagger. "Yes yes, 2 gold, that's what I said."

Goriad II opened the map, "Are you sure this is the map of this continent?" and the mapmaker nodded, somewhat intimidated. "This is just some jacked up version of Atamara!" he now started against the poor man, further raising his voice, "Are you trying to scam me, you bloody fool, you made a mistake!" The man started to make wild gestures, "No Sir, this is Beluaterra, but this and Atamara were said to be the twin islands, that is before the daemon invasion caused some of our cities to sink last time, I swear to you."

Goriad II just looked at him bewildered, "If I find out that you scammed me, I'll know how to find you" and he moved onwards.

Goriad arrived at the city of Grekh
Goriad II finally arrived at the city of Grehk. "So this is the famous city that my uncle so badly wanted but never got? I like it already, what about you Sigmund?" he said with a smile to his scribe. The scribe, around mid fourties, quite tall for a man, had been with Goriad II for nearly 18 years. He followed another, who did not quite managed to catch up with his master, but Sigmund had no difficulties and had actually enjoyed the many adventures. "Well technically he failed at getting Riverhom my Lord, I believe they call this..." he paused for a moment as he took out the map they had acquired earlier in Rines "they call this, Grehk, with some weird silent h in the middle."

Goriad II just stared at him, "Well if it's silent, then just drop it, I don't like the silent types." He was in a good mood, back to what seemed like familiar lands, but without the things that haunted them and him for so long. "Let's go inside Sigmund, Grek, the symbol of his failure, I love it!"

Captured in Grekh
Goriad II was walking through the streets of Grekh when he noticed the trail of some beasts that had made their way inside. "Sigmund, look, 4 legged for certain, relatively heavy, look at the imprint in the mud here," he said as he pointed to a muddy area that looked like to be the beginning of a small street, either unpaved or simply covered in mud due to the poor maintenance. "Several even, I count at least 3, equal of size, probably lone males," he continued. "let's have some fun shall we," and he moved to follow the trail, with Sigmund following him as he had grown used to his master's ways.

As they were following the trail a thought suddenly hit Goriad II, entirely unconnected to their hunt, but he was afraid he would forget it again. "Sigmund, none of these nobles have answered my questions have they?" Sigmund a bit confused, as he was not expecting this topic during the hunt took a few seconds to reply: "No, none of them, perhaps they have yet to receive them." Goriad shook his head: "Nah, I bet these are those proper noble kind, you know the once we used to raid into submission back at home." Sigmund smiled, "Yes that could be." Goriad II now started smiling as well: "Once this hunt is finished, write these noblemen in the most poshy way you can, do it Cagilan style heh, pompous bastards."

Just as Goriad II finished these words, he suddenly noticed several people in their area, trying to hide themselves, poorly, but he had failed to notice them as he was busy with the hunt and his conversation, he had let his guard drop. "Sigmund, move into the next house, no questions, then double back around the back and sneak back to our camp. Safeguard the gold my friend, I'll distract them. Sigmund who now too saw them did directly as ordered. As he made his way out, Goriad II was less fortunate and decided to surrender without bloodshed. No need to risk his life here, he'd find a way out soon enough he thought.

Feature Requests / Removal of Magic on non BT Islands
« on: August 28, 2017, 08:15:25 AM »
I think over a year ago I once started this conversation, and back then it was agreed by many that magic was to be a small insignificant side-thing on islands other than BT, but nothing was done. I find myself in yet the same situation, after having returned for only a week, and do find myself frustrated with it, yet again.

As usual my char Garas was critically wounded with a magic scroll on EC (think this is the 5th time by now?) and some other magic spells where cast as well apparently. Now Oligarch is sieged and by the time Garas is sort of healed again, the realm will have fallen and he'll prob be rogue in the middle of an enemy occupied city. I wouldn't even be surprised if this scroll will be the reason why he's executed about a week from now as seemingly the wounding code hasn't been fixed either.

Is magic to be a high impact thing on islands like East Continent or not? If not, I ask that it's removed completely, or at least greatly reduced. I know this means the advy game becomes less impactfull to the real game, but to my understanding that's what it's supposed to be like right?

The tutorials we currently have are well done, but incomplete on many cases and outdated on others and it's time to make a new one. I'll try to summarize the discussions within this first post to keep an updated perspective as we work towards creating a new one.

Outline of the tutorial:

East Island / Magic On EC
« on: December 21, 2016, 09:23:07 AM »
To be very honest I'm very upset by this and am not sure yet what kind of response to give this.

This disturbes me a lot. I love JeVondair, but Selenia should have stayed dead.

Perhaps I'll be able to give a more balanced reaction to this in a few days, but my first inclination was close to a rage quite cause of this ***

*Edit, slightly editted it cause my initial response what bit too much.

Helpline / WI - problem
« on: October 13, 2016, 08:02:09 AM »
I can't join Iklakak with Reinhart II as it says you need to be banned first. But the ban has already gone into effect and he's rogue already.

Feature Requests / Rejected: Expand buying regions internally
« on: September 10, 2016, 02:25:11 PM »
If the code would remove the restriction on buying regions from your own realm (keep rogue regions in tact of course) then I think we would see much more internal politics, fueds and rivalries in the game within a realm. It would help to remove the always prevalent realm vs realm character and add another char vs char element.

Say the rulers want to appoint noble a as new Lord to a city and he's announced and only has to drop his estate and then realmmate b comes along and says "look at these documents, I have a rightfull claim to the lands, it's now mine" (doesn't even have to mention corruption).

The noble a is pissed at noble b
The council is prob not happy with noble b
Noble b is region Lord, his by right hehe

Ruler now has to decide what to do, ban noble b and see the region defect to another realm prob (but !@#$ it's a city in this case, uhm) or leave him in the position and go "sorry noble a, but he's right, his by right plus he never caused trouble either, we can still make you his duke so you can tax him a lot?"

What happens in that second case, noble a is prob also not so happy with the council and especially not with noble b. Yeah, more conflict!

Development / Changing peasant militia spawn ratio
« on: August 23, 2016, 12:18:08 PM »
I have looked at this since an update several months ago I think and still look at it with amazement and even annoyance at this point.

Oligarch just attacked Commonyr and was met with like 6k militia. Now Oligarch can fortunately muster an army to actually beat them, but the fact that so many peasants spawn is rediculous for 2 different reasons if we look at the consequences. I'm speaking here from my own experience as I know those scenarios best, but can imagine others suffer from it even worse:

Scenario 1: Large force attacks a region (like Astrum did in Shinnen) and later loots
In this scenario so many peasants spawn and subsequently get killed that within a week it was possible to kill off almost the entire population of Shinnen.

Scenario 2: Small/medium force attacks a region
The force can be met with somewhere between 2 to 8k of peasant militia (granted maybe only fighting strength of 1 to 4k really as they suck) in every region they go to. Looting runs have been made impossible other than with big realm armies and then they will be able to wipe out a large portion of a realm's militia (see scenario 1). At the same time this gives larger realms another big edge. If I look at Oligarch for instance, the only thing we can do to keep people active is to order quick strikes and some looting in regions surrounding Oligarch City. There is nothing else, but with such militia even that is very dangerous and stupid most of the time. The only reason I still order them is because it's better than to sit in a city and wait for 5 nations to coordinate and finally siege us again.

I wonder out loud now what the purpose of these huge spawns are and see them effect the fun in negative ways and would ask this to be removed, or at least tweaked.

Roleplaying / Garas' backstory
« on: July 17, 2016, 10:22:48 PM »
I've actually written a bit more than this, but I'll put the rest on here as soon as I post them IG in Oligarch to keep things a bit fresh for them as well.

Part I: Heritage

It was a rainy day in the Omsk peninsula in the middle of fall. The trees had been barren for weeks and the rain fell on the strong branches, making a daft, yet comforting sound. The halls of the great estate were filled with servants, rushing from one place to the next. Although the estate in which these servants lived their occupied lives was very large, the bustle of men, women, food and chaos were centered around a single room.

Just outside this room there sat a man, as calm as a summer’s breeze, seemingly unaffected by the many people rushing past him.
He just sat still, reading some letters as if nothing could phase him, as if he did not hear the screams from the room he sat in front of, nor saw the blooded blankets taken from it. He just sat there, his hair more white than blond now, covering his shoulder emblems. None in the estate however needed an introduction to the man, for so calmly sat Aeneas Quintus Ennius, Duke of Kzakh, Lord of Kazakh.

His story began far across the sea on the shores of another continent: Atamara. He was the son of two minor nobles whom’s houses had joined them in marriage. Born and raised in the great city of Wayburg in the lands of Abington, Aeneas had known a somewhat troubling youth. The city had known decades of war, where the Cagilan Empire had been leading multiple attempts to colonize it, followed by many of the other northerner realms. They succeeded several times, only to see the city retaken shortly thereafter by Abington once more.

When Aeneas had turned seventeen the city once more laid under siege and foreign forces had managed to breach the walls. The war had thinned out many of the noble families in Wayburg, which led to a remarkable decision by its Duke: Magnus the Mighty. In a valiant attempt to save his city he called upon many of the minor family houses to raise their banners and many did, fearing yet another occupation of their city.

The Quintus Ennius family was no exception and offered its two eldest sons: Sycheus and Aeneas. Both brothers received command of around twenty men. It was a minor miracle that both brothers survived the two battles which followed, which would ultimately free the city for the last time. Neither had any experience leading soldiers and while Aeneas had been known to fight on occasion, nothing had prepared him for the death he would witness. As a reward for their service both brothers were knighted by Magnus the Mighty himself and continued to fight in the wars still ongoing.

East Island / First Oligarch, ending or not?
« on: July 12, 2016, 12:35:13 PM »
Since everyone is having their own topic, I thought it was about time to make one for Oligarch as well. The rebellious traitors to one, the heroic freedom fghters to others an the annoying guys by some remaining factions. Whatever you think of Oligarch, from an OOC perspective it was created mostly to bring back some fun in the north and BM and so far it has been succeeding in the north. It has never seen so much as it does now, at least not in recent times, and the wars keep switching as well.

I'll start by sharing some RP's in the realm as well, so you get some idea of the current state of affairs in Oligarch. For those who are not in the north, Oligarch has currently lost its lost rural region and the combined forces of Sirion, Nivemus, Eponllyn and Shadowdale are simply too strong in the open field. So in stead Oligarch has been raiding Oberndorf to a point where it may well go rogue soon as a payback for the taking of Greatbridge. A scorched earth war is now beginning, to a certain extend.

The following RP's should give you some indication of how the situation is seen in Oligarch and hint towards what is to come in what will prob still be a very long war. I expect Sirion to bring at most 15k, Nivemus 10k and Eponllyn/Shadowdale also a combined 10k or so. Then considering that some is cav and some won't show up, we're talking about a 30 to 35k sieging force only. Now if that's what they're bringing, I actually don't think they'll break Oligarch. They've given us too much time again to build up our defenses, although we may be spending too much of that time raiding in stead :)

"With a new round of peace negotiations failing and enemy judges refusing to discuss prisoner agreements with Oligarch (except Nivemus) there was but one clear message for Garas, General once more with the loss of his generals. Despite the duties of both Catherine and Garas, they had been seeing each other more than they had in the past as now all action had taken place in the perimeter of Oligarch City and they were no longer separated so often. Garas had made it his duty to be active in the raising of their son, especially when he was in Oligarch City, but he hadn't dared yet to bring his son out of the city. Also this time they hadn't brought him with them yet, as the boy was still extremely young. Already the boy had the history of Oligarch being read to him however, as Garas hoped that some of it would perhaps stick and also because he well realized he himself may very well not live to see the boy reach adulthood and wanted him prepared already from such a young age.

With his son at home, Garas decided to spend more time with his wife. First he had provided specific orders to his men however. Out of the 166 large unit of archers, he sent 100 of them out looting in Oberndorf, equiped with the carts they brought with them for their wounded and supplies so they could return with all the food they could find and return it to the city. Once he had given the orders he ordered another 16 to guard his tent and the remaining 50 to guard him as he moved towards towards his wife who had positioned herself in the command tent in Oberndorf, busy with the many letters and works she had as ruler. Garas well knew the work she had, but decided to visit her nonetheless, leaving his men to guard the perimeter, none followed him into the tent.

As he entered the tent he found a surprised look upon Catherine's face, as she had expected him with the army rather than in her tent. But before she could utter anything, Garas spoke first, not to Catherine, but to the scribes and the guards inside the tent: "Leave us." After a pause he continued, "My love, I had to see you, right now"  and as he said these words the surprise on Catherine's face only increased. "What is wrong my love,"  she said as the last men left the tent and a large perimeter was made by the guards so that even they could not hear what was being said. "Nothing," he calmly replied, I just had to see you. Your face is as beautiful as the day I first saw you, great and beautiful Kronagos. That day I still hold dear to my heart, a glimmering light in times of great war,"  he continued as he walked towards his wife and kissed her just as he finished speaking, "I just wanted to see you." It was a rare moment to behold with Garas, who was more and more consumed with hatred of his enemies, sometimes even mixed with despair as he realized that for the first time the city might actually one day fall and him with it, his family, his son, his wife, all of them. But not now, now there seemed to be no thought troubling him, other than his desire to be with his wife. "

"In Oberndorf...

It was the first time she had ventured back to the lands of Nivemus in many years.  War and the subtleties of diplomacy had bound her to the Oligan territories and those of their enemies.  How ironic that now the enemy was Nivemus.

She had spent so many years missing the vales of Eleador, the coasts of Rancagua and the Omsk peninsula, but feeling her husbands body pressed against hers, his hot mouth searching her out she realised again that land meant little and her home would forever be where her heart lay. Her heart would always be with Garas.

Oberndorf had been the site of much in her life, the land she had struggled to defend as a marshal against Perdan, the grounds that her sister had opened invoking the Dagda books to swallow Atanamir and his bride as they had laid waste to her lands.  Now as she stood naked and sweating on Nivemus soil; again she studied the taut form of her husband, his thick unruly hair telling the tales of times passage, body honed and scarred by war.  He was spent, sleeping as only he could on the cold earth, in a manner that so resembled Goran it took her breath simply to behold him.

Sitting at the polished bronze mirror she pulled the weathered leather bodysuit back into place, it was covered in the finest mesh of oran silver mail making it light yet highly functional as armor. The leather was like a second skin, it seemed to have grown with her, evidenced by the many repairs notable to the practiced eye.  The soft leather boots fit snugly over her calves, their integrated scabbards holding a twin set of dirks.  Catching up her hair she twisted it deftly around a decorative wooden shaft that concealed her weapon of last defence, a poison tipped glass stiletto that held her hair with a leather clasp depicting the white tree.

Finally she picked up the Oran Diadem, it had been her crown of Nivemus, and now served as her crown of Oligarch, the cold metal slid over her forehead and sat as it was placed, unmoving a simple band that told the world all that it needed to know.

Garas had sent their men away, right now she did not care whether they were within feet or miles, she pulled back the string on the small crossbow that had been crafted by the Shadesmith Nether Leroux, it had little range but its mere presence and accuracy were enough to send most malefactors to ground, either breathing or not.

He was breathing deeply, its resonance more comforting than she could truly express. Tonight she would watch over him.  Tonight he could rest.  And tomorrow could be what the hell it wanted to be."

"It had been a long time ago that Garas was able to sleep this calmly. The thoughts of Oligarch City burning and his family at risk haunted him ever since Caligus had joined the war and it had ruined his sleep. Even his field of battle was no longer available as the enemy's forces had grown too large.

It was only here in Oberndorf that he regained his sense of purpose, striking down his enemies as he had always done. It brought him back to his past, his glorious past. What weaklings had his enemies become, what cowards. At least the great war had purpose, had honor and glory.

The presence of his wife now gave hik further rest and for the first time in years he did not feel haunted, but safe and rested.

As he woke up he saw Catherine sitting with the crossbow in her hand and he could only smile as he asked "all day my love?""

"One of the things Garas could not well appreciate were the courts he had to hold himself at times, but today was such a day. The wars issued by Eponllyn and Nivemus had lowered moral and even loyalty in Oligarch to a point where work had to be done within the city. He was well aware that there were those within the city that joined the Kronagos when she moved, and even some from Eponllyn who fled during the Perdanese slaughters and these were not at all satisfied with current events and some were even causing trouble.

Garas was in a exceptionally good mood however after Oberndorf and showed mercy where he could. It raised the moral of the original foreigners a lot and even some of their loyalty. He knew however that some of the more serious troublemakers would see it as a sign of weakness and will try to recruit more, raising their forces. Garas knew however he had the loyalty of his people and he would slaughter and crush those rebels another day, not today."

"Garas had been smiling most of the day. With the raids in Oberndorf he had felt in command again and this made him satisfied. What made him perhaps even happier was the time he could spend with his wife while being in the countryside. In the city he had often had to perform courts himself, taking him most of the day, but in the countryside he could simply send his captain out with a large part of his men to pillage and maraud while he could stay behind with some guards and see his wife. Yes, strangely enough the looting and pillaging of the surrounding lands were the most joyous in Garas life, although not because of the looting itself. "

Helpline / Bugtracker not working?
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:42:30 AM »
nm, it's already being looked at.

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