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Feature Requests / Character letter endings
« on: December 06, 2018, 09:50:28 AM »
Character letter endings:

Some characters have unique letter endings under every letter sent, possibly to emphasize what they are all about.
Signed and Sealed,
In Arms,
A fare thie well,
Strength and Glory,
By the Great Goat's mercy,

Instead of manually writing these letter endings we can build a feature that adds that particular ending under every letter, report, order or request.

Letter types could be set as an extra condition, one could set an ending for letter type of messages only, or choose to use endings just for order type of messages.
Multiple endings for different types could also be interesting to some.

a character can be expressed simply but effectively more easily in every message.
Many people already take the effort to manually use endings, taking this effort away could attract more players to use it.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:
lowering the bar to use endings might also have negative side effects like lower quality endings.
It needs work to get implemented with more important things still TODO.

Feature Requests / Resources and Trade
« on: October 23, 2018, 06:35:28 PM »
I know this idea has been around for a while in BM and we have more then enough feature requests already, but I am bringing it up anyway.
(Actually we had parts of this half implemented and visible on testing under economy region tab. Now we have Economy: N/A in main region page)

Resources and Trade

Certain region produce certain types of resources like: Wood, Metal, Stone, Jewellery, Craft/Produce based on region type.
Production of these resources is allocated to estates like tax income.
These resources can be sold for gold on the local markets for a price based on supply and demand recently, or to trader class characters who can set their own prices.
Estate owners can choose to hoard their resource shares, driving the local prices of this particular resource up to sell it later for a higher price.
Estate owners can also sell it to a trader for an above local market price, who can go to regions with little to no type of this resource and sell it there for even more profit.
Resources, apart from trading, can only be spend on investments, estate owners can invest in their region with a set of different resources to increase their resource income.
Since every region type produces its own (set of) resources, there always has to be resources traded in order to get the set of resources needed to make these investments.

Buying and selling/trading resources for gold can work a bit like trading food using marketplaces: Trader class characters can trade at the markets of any region their at with the same range as it can trade food. Estate owners can only trade their resources on the market of their estates region.
Basically: the actual resources, once collected go to the estate, not the owner, the owner does not carry them around like gold, only traders can carry around resources from market to market and trade them where ever they go.
Investments are temporary and not permanent, to keep production up to its full potential one has to keep trading in resources in the form of buildings needing repairs for example.
Every level of investment has an increase of cost and variation of resources required, making the first investment available for a simple combination of any of two or three different resources.
Adventurers can be included by giving them the ability to break down (certain) common items into resources and sell them on the local markets as well like traders but obviously dealing with far smaller quantities, however trading cleverly could still yield a significant income for advies, making this part of the game also more interesting.

This will create a whole new trade game in BM with only basic features and make the Trader class worthwhile.
The trader will be essential in making the greatest profits possible for everyone by travelling from area to area with different supply and demands.
The trader is the key to more income for everyone because most likely he will be needed to make investments to get more resources and also able to pay more then the local market for your estates resources.
Without traders, estate owners have to relay on trade chains of local markets (where traded resources usually end up in the regions with the least income of this resource since the price is higher), profits will be less and getting all the resources for investments will be more difficult but still possible.
It also gives knights something to work towards, something to invest in and potentially make lots of extra income, something that takes actual decisions instead of just following orders all the time.
It also gives those BM junkies with already way to much positions a whole other thing to rule in since every noble is basically an estate owner except for the ruler and pathetic landless nobles.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:
Hard to balance, gold income potential could either be overpowered or too little to be interesting at all.
A balanced resource allocation per region might also be challenging and all in all alot of work.
Tweaking local market pricing to create a balanced system might also be challenging, also to prevent massive 'exploits' like taking alot of resources away and putting it back in the local market to abuse price fluctuation.
However since resources are only traded for gold and do not influence other mechanics directly its effects are simply limited to gold income.

Helpline / Realm Sympathy
« on: December 22, 2017, 11:25:14 AM »
Is the standard realm sympathy for a given region always devoutful?
Looking at diplomacy reports at regions recently in Beluaterra I noticed that the standard for the local population are max sympathy for all (other) realms.
Wouldnt it make more sense for people not to care or be neutral to most realms?
Especially realms that are very far away shouldnt really concern the local peasants(normalize quicker).

Beluaterra / Death of Jomorosh/End of the invasion(?)
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:30:31 PM »
Jomorosh has been killed by Questors (10).
Rossyth collects the bounty.

This happened in Ossmat.
But what does it mean?
Is the invasion over or not?
Is Jomorosh really dead? daimons tend to surprise.

Roleplaying / Thesseus 15 - The stones of faith
« on: September 29, 2017, 09:47:23 PM »
A mysterious cloaked messenger brings a note to commoners Moire and Orchalchon bearing the seal of the Bloodscreamer.
As soon as they take the message the messenger disappears back into the city crowd.

"Keepers of the stones,

We will soon commence with our mission.
You will both take a great role in it.
Meet me at the highest point of Goatsemene hill, south of the old palace.
Near the old abandoned watch tower you will find me."

The sun had risen 4 hours ago and now shined brightly upon the rooftops of Gethsemene City.
Near the west gate of the city walls the old palace stood majestically upon the highest point, Goathsemene hill.
An abandoned watch tower on the south side of the hill overlooked both the eastern harbor and the lands beyond the city, the rural areas of Baqua and Sniika.
Theseus and his staff where preparing for a meeting here and as the staff busied them selves with their work, Thesseus sat overlooking the city pondering of what's to come.
His scribe sat near him, pencil at the ready occasionally writing down what ever his master dictated him.
He was preparing some kind of speech or document to his subjects in Gotland.
Soon the keepers of the stones, commoners Moira and Orchalchon would meet him to discuss their mission, of which they until this day knew absolutely nothing of.
All they could do is wonder about what the Bloodscreamer could possibly have in store for them...

Later that day.

    Roleplay from Orchalchon   (6 hours, 48 minutes ago)
    Message sent to everyone in the region Gethsemene (3 recipients)
Making his through the crowds Orchalchon headed for the tower that was ever drawing nearer. He wove down the side streets and alley ways taking the shortest path he could toward goatsemene hill. He double and triple checked his possessions in his rucksack of infinite space. It's not everyday that a commoner would get to meat the goat blood screamer. Finally he arrived at some very official looking officials. "My lords, I am here for my secret meeting with the gracious bloody goat screamer."

"Thank you all for gathering here."
Thesseus turned to the two keepers of the stones gathered at the abandoned watch tower.

"You are gathered here to do great things,in fact a new era will be kick started with your help."
He walked past both of them reaching out with his right hand.
The whole area was filled with the Bloodscreamers staff and armed guards, about 120 strong who all stood by with full attention to their master.

"Give me your stones so we can prepare them for the ritual."
Without much of a doubt Orchalchon and Moira gave them their stones.
Theseus gestured his captain to proceed.
The captain took the 16 stones and rolled them around in a bag of pure goat droppings, murmuring some kind of prayer.
He sprinkled an unknown substance on top of them and then returned them to both of them.
Especially Moira of Ar Agyr shivered in disgust as the captain placed the !@#$ covered stones back in her possession, however she did her best to cover her emotions, knowing this ritual would most likely be a great honor in these odd lands.

"Now we have proceeded with the most delicate part of this meeting, the lot of you deserve an explanation"
Thesseus cleared his throat.

"You will be partaking in perhaps the most important mission in the history of Gotland."
He gestured to the surrounding area upon the hill.

"This beutiful area will soon become the foundation of Gotland's first temple of the herd, and you will take a huge role in laying its spiritual foundation."
For a moment Thesseus stumbled and nearly fell, it was clear to all that he must have consumed an exceptional amount of Gotland goat ale by now.

"The both of you will be laying these magically enhanced stones in both Haji and Gethsemene to link these two holy places together. The very powers of the Haji oracle her self will be the foundation of the Haji portal and the portal in Gethsemene will be the foundation of the temple of the Herd. You will create permanent links between these places and lay the first spiritual stones to these lands faith. May it not only cleanse these lands of the daimons and their energy, but also mark the begining of a new Bleuaterra. A Belluaterra without sin, without weakness and without a necessity for the daimons and their curse to return. May our work mark a new begining for all of us and engulf this continent in a constant, honorable and healthy blaze of warfare."
Theseus men started to clap, some of its staff stood by in confusion.

He directs his attention to the keepers of the stone inditually.
"You Orchacholn will be joining the Gotland army's quest to find the oracle in Haji. We will attack the enemy there and search the lands for her holiness and her goats. Once we find him, Lord Ballantine will be leading the ritual there. I will personally be returning to Gethsemene to complete the ritual with Moira here on this very hill where I will be building the first temple of the Herd. You will travel with me to Sniika right away and follow me along with Goathorde of Gotland to Haji."

He turns to Moira now and hands her a mysterious object, forcing her to hide it under her cloak, he wispers a few words of gratitude before proceeding.
"You will stay here and pray, waiting for my sign, once you see the light emitting from Haji you place the stones exactly on this place here. I will quickly return for you and finish the ritual with you."
Theseus says pointing at the area upon which they have gathered.

"The portal will be hungry for earthly good. Sacrifice what you can into the stone circle as you place them, what ever you can. Our warriors will shed their blood for it and cast it into the circle with what ever you can share. Don't forget to sacrifice, and remember that if we do this right now we might never have to do this ever again. The more we dedicate ourselves here, the more powerful our ritual may be. All of Gotland will be behind you, do not let us down."
Without allowing for a single word of reply, Thesseus departs down hill as he gestures Orchalchon to follow him and his men to Sniika and victory.

A week later in Haji.

Thesseus hiked up the same hill with his men as he did many days ago, when he came to the oracle for advise.
Haji looked better then it did then, the destructive force of daimonkind luckily didn't wreck the lands as terribly this time, yet still much was broken down or destroyed.
So was the oracle's little cottage he visited back then, all that was left was rubble and ashes and the oracle nowhere to be found.

Thesseus threw his flask of Gotland goat ale on the ground.
"By the Great hairy one! They must have found her here, perhaps even taken her, or worse! And if she's still around, how in His name will we find her?!"

"Over here M'Lord! I believe I found something!"
His captain was inspecting the surroundings and found an odd stone circle with a kitchen knife in it, it was the same knife she used for her ritual last time they visited her and Thesseus recognized it.
Thesseus laughed.

"She obviously saw us and them coming. Look, these are 8 stones placed in a circle, she must already know what where here for. Lets march the men onward, the knife must be pointing in the direction of her location. Move out!"
And with new vigor the men marched onward, although they did not know what exactly their mission was they all understood it's importance. Their leader was tense yet hopeful and seemingly full with visions of grandeur.

The north eastern hills of Haji are lonesome, not a soul lived here except for the occasional goat herder, passing through on their way to better grazing, for no grass grew here.
Perhaps this is exactly why she fled here, not even daimons would look for anyone in this place.
Thesseus approached a deserted vale, a tiny river ran through it leading down into the direction of Fikman.
Close to the river on the other side of the vale she stood, seemingly in the middle of nothing.
She smiled as she saw Thesseus and his men appears from a distance.

"It is good to see you again M'Lord, unfortunately the condition under which we are meeting not so very much."
She said greeting the approaching Bloodscreamer.

"Likewise your holiness, I assume you already know why we're here?"

The oracle approached the Bloodscreamer and put her hand upon his shoulder.
"Unfortunately yes, and I do not agree with it Bloodscreamer. What you're doing is dangerous. A mortal shouldn't meddle with these forces, they are not meant for us Thesseus."
Thesseus leaned slightly backwards, gently pushing away one of his goats chewing on his cloak before he replied.

"I didn't suspect this your holiness. You must understand the conditions under which we are using the portal stones. If we do this right we may never have to use any kind of magic ever again. You are a key element in these rituals, you must not forsaken us. You know what will happen, right?"
The oracle stepped back carefully, yet kept a clear gaze at Thesseus.
"Thesseus I don't. I cannot see what happens once you unleash this power. You are disturbing the hairy one. If its his attention you want then you will definitely get it. You see, these forces cut both ways, do you understand that?"

Thesseus frowned.
"I understand that I will sacrifice anything i can to repel the daimons and save Gotland and nothing or no one but death will stop me. Is that enough? Are you or are you not ready? One of the Keepers of the stones will soon arrive here to start the ceremony and I need you to help me open the Portal."

The oracle sighed, and took her time to reply to the Bloodscreamer.
"I won't M'Lord. No matter what the circumstances are, one should not meddle with these forces. I cannot help you Thesseus, only you can."
"Perhaps you're right indeed. Only I can save us."
He replied calmly while gesturing his men to come.

"Guards, Seize that women."
He finally ordered before he continued directing his captain in hushed tone.
“Captain, do keep this quite, as far as anyone knows, she is cooperating. Do you understand?”
The frightened captain could only reply in agreeing nods, still unsure of what just happened here in these desolated lands.

To be continued...

Feature Requests / Rejected: Auto 'loot'
« on: September 19, 2017, 07:12:50 PM »
Title: Auto loot

The longer an enemy unit occupies a region the more 'damage' it does to production and or morale.
This can represent the effects of an enemy army present in the region over time.
The unit's ability to preform auto loot could be limited to a unit type or require the unit to invest some hours or gold in order to us it.

Looting hurts regions allot yet summons peasant militia that can really break an army down.
A less aggressive and indirect approach could be auto looting where no hours have to be invested every time an action is preformed like looting and taking over.
It could work like digging in where a one time investment of hours is required, or by changing unit type.
In the end it would take much more time to damage a region instead of looting, but cause similar effects.
Less active players can rally in certain regions with the entire army and slowly damage the enemy's local economy without having to login every turn.
Rural battles could increase by luring the enemy into battle by simply staying present, encouraging rural battles and a defensive attack.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:

Larger realms would benefit from this especially if its power is troop or unit based.
It could be balanced out to benefit smaller realms only or more.
Combining this with minimum looting could be too powerful.

Roleplaying / Silenus - a present from Zane
« on: August 18, 2017, 09:41:07 AM »
Roleplay from Zane Ilwaukim   (15 hours, 19 minutes ago)
message to all nobles of Outer Tilog
"Mortimer, is Silenus too drunk or not drunk enough?"


"You're right, he's still semi-conscious.  Therefore not drunk enough.  Mistress Blüdyknückles!  Fetch that crate of bloodwine brandy we distilled last month and send it down to Silenius."

One day later...

A flock of imps flies over the southern fields of Irdalni holding some kind of crate, as they fly over low they temproarly block the sun, to the satisfaction of the Satyr band.
As if the air it's self had become fresher, the man straightened their backs and smiled, the darkness nostalgically reminded them of home and youth.
Just as the imps flew halfway they dropped the crate under a swarm of maniacal laughs, falling right on top of a few of Silenus' men.
Some of the men helped the wounded while most of the others pointed and laughed, some couldn't control them selves and actually fell over on the ground laughing.

Silenus turned his donkey around as to check what the fuss was all about, his number 238, as he called this particular specimen was only with him for several days now but already seemed to be at it's final hours.
Heavily breathing, it's crooked legs where trembling under the massive weight of it's master taking several minutes to turn around and walk all the way to back of the 29 men group as a skinny captain kept beating it with a twig.

"Mh, mh mh, wh-what *burp* do we have here!" he said as he attempted to rub his triple layered chin.
The crate appeared to come from Lord Zane and said: From Tilog with hate.

"Ah! wine! hand me a bottle there soldier!"
He said as saliva was dropping from his mouth.

"And YOU!"
He suddenly yelled at his captain.

"Keep beating that donkey!"
The captain assumed it was beating the donkey to walk faster which apparently wasn't at all the case here.
The Satyr band relaxed, took out their instruments and started playing an uplifting song, part of the famous Satyr band festival repertoire.
Some of the men pushed a peasant prisoner forward starting to beat it joyfully.
There was enough brandy wine in that crate to keep the lot of them busy for at least a day.

Helpline / region diplomacy crisis
« on: May 26, 2017, 11:10:16 AM »
So i'd like some advise/complain about an issue i am facing in game concerning region diplomacy.

Fallangard is locked in by Mashad which somehow has an abysmal loyalty to Fallnagard and its allies, they hate all of them.
It must have been cause by something but i have no idea what or why.

At some point almost all nobles in Fallangard turned diplomat and courtier to try and keep the region stable while it was in Fallangards hands.
Even with regular police work control kept dropping and it was impossible to change anything considerably.
Even higher skilled diplomats from other realms started helping but to no avail.
In fact there was no visible change at all.

The region revolted to all kinds of realms back and forth and as long as itys in enemy hands Fallnagard cannot enter the region or ~8 K CS militia pop up, which is far to strong for a one region realm with 5 nobles like Fallangard.
This means Fallangard is locked in its capital unable to move anywhere.

The effect of region diplomacy in this case is so extreme that it almost completely makes war impossible for Fallangard.
Sometimes it can attack Mashad with allies or at a moment where the peasants have nearly disappeared, that way Fallangard can move onwards to other regions.
Those other regions cant be Caligan as there too, peasant militias are formed and Fallangard decimated.
As the army returns it will meet a fresh band of militia in Mashad which it has to try fighting through.

This has been going on for months now and many things have been tried.
We are out of options now and even though we already had lots of advise that didnt work i will ask for it again.
If you know how we can fix this situation please tell us.

In general i'd like to point out that diplomacy may have far to large of a role in the game.
Instead of making an interesting ' side game' , Diplomats have become extremely essential to be able to go to war.
I'd rather see the two separated as much as possible.
Allthough large realms have less problems with region diplomacy then small realms, so a certain tweak to balance things back out could already make a difference.
But perhaps i am just not getting it and no one managed to give me the correct advise on how to deal with the issue.

Helpline / Region stat drop
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:27:27 PM »
Not sure if i should file a bug report or not:

region report this morning from Hajji looks crazy:

    The peasants' morale is decreasing by 144
    The peasants' loyalty is decreasing by 120

Wasnt 100 the max value for these stats?

I think it could be caused by the daimons:

    The presence of daimons terrifies the peasants.

Can stats drop that hard? is it suppose to happen or a bug?
I mean daimons ARE terryfing, especially if your the only peasant in the region their taking over. (this is in Haji, beluaterra, which only has 1 population)

Roleplaying / Thesseus 14 - The Keeper of the auspicious goats
« on: May 08, 2017, 11:51:36 AM »
Only a single cottage stood erect on the vast plains of Northern Haji.
Even though not much was left of it, it was clearly ocupied by someone.
A small vegetable garden and a decent herd of special Haji goats supplied its inhabitant(s) with a sufficient amount of food to sustain itself, however the area was completely depleted of bread and ale making any meal made here incomplete.
Thesseus' Blood band hiked up the hill towards the old cottage, two carts of supplies and a herd of goats following him.
Approaching the house, he saw a small old lady sitting on a rocking chair in front of the house with a big smile on her face.

"Ah, you must be the Bloodscreamer! we haven't seen the lot of you here for a long time now. You came to bring me bread and ale?"

Theseus paused for a moment, trying to figure out if this was either a very good guess, some crazy remark or prove of exceptional forethought, he eventually choose to ignore it altogether.

"Greetings Lady, we are looking here for an old oracle, a mighty man that is said to live in the hills over here, it is said that his goats can predict the future and answer any question, no matter how difficult."
"Mhhh. No. I am afraid i wouldn't know a man like that, no one lives in these hills anymore but me."
The lady grinned and replied childishly.

"Are you sure? perhaps he has moved on elsewhere, living here with daimonkind right around the corner isn't  safe for a man of his powers. He'd know where and when to go."
The lady Laughed while she rocked back and forth on her rocking chair.
" Ow yes he'd surely see friend or foe coming, weeks, nay months ahead!"
She clearly enjoyed the conversation, making the situation just the more awkward for the Bloodscreamer.

" Yes, well, thank you for your help, we ought to be moving on now..."

Just as Thesseus turned around having had walked only a few steps, the lady burst out laughing uncontrollably.
Thesseus looked behind him and frowned, but choose to ignore the madness, carrying on down the hill back to his men.

" I would have let you go in ignorance if it weren't for those carts full of bread and ale you have there, i have been waiting for that for months now. Do you even know how that feels like? It's almost like someone is holding the finest ale in front of your eyes for a month and you cant drink it or even touch it, knowing exactly how long you’d have to wait to be able to touch it. Even though I find this very amusing i must excuse myself."

The lady stood up out of the rocking chair and gestured the Bloodscreamer to return.

"I am the oracle you are seeking Sir. I am the keeper of the auspicious goats and I know why you are here."
She finally said while holding her arms wide open, as if she was about to embrace the Bloodscreamer.
"Blasted sages..."
Thesseus mumbled incomprehensibly as he stampeded back up the hill towards the cottage.

Several moments later, the Keeper of the auspicious goats had 6 common household items placed in circle behind her house: a book, a bowl, calipers, a kitchen knife, a kettle and a wooden spoon.
The blood band soldiers stood in a curious crowd, buzzing with all sorts of assumptions and hypotheses at a distance.
Several goats curiously stood around the Keeper, Theseus and his staff next to the keepers circle.
One of them repeatedly started chewing on the scribe’s green velvet cloak, possibly mistaking it with grass, as the scribe helplessly tried to fend the creature off.

"There we are. now we wait until one of the goats steps forth to volunteer as our medium and picks one of the items above the other.”
The Lady said excitingly.

“So how can you tell what it means if the creature picks out among these items this bowl here for example?”
The captain asked after a short moment of waiting.
“Thats the mystery of the keeper, you silly!”

Thesseus felt quite uncomfortable with the keeper and her way of addressing her noble ruler and his staff, but he choose not to respond concerning what was at stake.
Although she is a peasant, she is a powerful sage, an ancient oracle of Gotland and he simply needed to know what only she can tell.

After what may have been more then an hour of staring at a grazing goat, the old lady finally exclaimed in joy.

“One of them stepped forth in the circle!”

One of the goats stood, seemingly confused in the middle of the circle, as if he had wandered in per accident while grazing, looking for grazing.
Everyone stood in silence, staring at the creature, the air was tense, this was exactly what they came for, this small moment in time which would mean so much for the future.
The Goat seemed to have had his mind made up and walked straight at one of the items with confidence and determination.
The crowd held its breath, Thesseus leaned forward, resting his chin in his hand sitting on a nearby log.

BM General Discussion / using dice rolls for battlemaster IG
« on: May 04, 2017, 11:53:35 AM »
I had been thinking about how to implement extra dice rolling in battle master to solve role play situation more randomly.
There are plenty of websites where you can do a simple roll, but the problem is how to share the dice results with other people reliably.

Then i found this free service, its basically a group chat with history where dices can be rolled by any member for all members to see it's outcome.
Only a few of the involved players need to be part of the room for the outcome to be relayed properly.

The implementation possibility for BM are quite numerious.

But I plan to use it for only a very specific set of cases.

I made this room for trial by goat sessions.

Basically a way at making decisions for characters in game in Gotland based on a goats specific behavior.
A goat is put in a circle and people wait to see which direction the goat heads to, or which object it starts eating first to reflect a certain decision( think of determining someones guilt like atrial by cross in the middle ages or  determining when to attack, invest or gamble like the roman augury.)
Any decision can be made like this, or even function as an oracle.
Gotland has a theme where it follows the herd, thus where i felt randomness would really fit.

BM General Discussion / Brainstorming about religion
« on: May 04, 2017, 11:14:10 AM »
So, any great ideas hanging around among you eager players out there?
I am working on a new religion in game with great features, a unique story and a new way at using the religion mechanics.
I have a very concrete concept and much has already been thought out, yet i'd like to hear all your (crazy) ideas out there first, before i actually start this.
I am not outlining my concepts here directly, as i'd like to hear others speak first.

It's always inspiring to hear other view points, ideas.

Roleplaying / Thesseus 13 - Flashback lightning
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:30:00 PM »
"This one? should we sent out orders for the TO in Hirzmet?"

Thesseus' scribe Sebastian asked while holding three pieces of parchment with three different symbols on them in front of his master.
Sebastian had figured out a method for Thesseus to respond to specific questions, Thesseus could simply point at one of the symbols, representing a certain response.
Although some nobles here had learned to write themselves, Thesseues was certainly not one of them, there for this method was the only way for him to lead Gotland.
The whole weight of the realm rested on his shoulders and unable to communicate, the entire herd grinds to a halt.
"Alright Sir, orders will be send out as soon as possible."

Although the method worked, Thesseus was clearly worried and had tried to tell his scribe something seemingly important ever since he woke up.
Sebastian did his best to figure out what it was, but to no avail.
Even though he managed to get many questions answered, they still didn't know what exactly happened to Thesseus in Daisha.
Someone read a spell targeting the Bloodscreamer, nearly killing him.
But who did it or what it did to Thesseus was still a mystery to Sebastian and the rest of the realm.

One week earlier:

The blood rider cavalry goat unit, commanded by Bloodcreamer Thesseus was on his way out of Daisha, heading north for Sniika.
Thesseus men where riding a special breed of Mountain goats that could easily carry an adult man.
The group was just pausing, allowing the animals to graze and rest for a moment when the sky turned from clear blue to pitch black in only minutes.
The Goats lifted their heads picking up a foreign scent.
The herd grew restless while the weather turned worse.

Thesseus knew that Daimons were coming, and realized now that they were actually catching up with them.
Slightly troubled, he ordered his men to move out and make haste.
Only minutes after they left, a group of ravens restlessly circled around the group.
Thesseus looked up, recognizing this as a sign of magic beeing used and ordered his men to hurry once more.
The Goats quickened their pace but slowly and surely the air around them changed, it was as if the air its self was charged and oxygen drawn from it.
It became gradually harder to breath and eventually the men saw sparks appearing everywhere.

Thesseus frantically looked around him and finally spotted a dark cloaked figure from the edge of the woods south west of them and charged right at it with all strength.
As if an extension of his own feet, his goat charged forward with full strength getting closer and closer to the hooded figure.
Thesseus saw the figure of a man finishing his spell, now raising his hands to the skies, chanting the last words of it’s incantation.
Thesseus's goat kept charging forward fearlessly as the air its self started trembling.
They were now close enough for Thesseus to recognize the last words uttered by the cloaked figure, realizing it was already too late to respond.
They were the same words that finished the spell Thesseus used against his adversary Sir Gnaues of Spearhold.
And as if readying him self for some kind of impact he relaxed his muscles and leaned back on his mount just before a massive bolt of lightning cracked forth from the cloaked figure's hands.
The bolt struck Thessues in the middle of his chest and as if frozen in time, he felt the energy creep threw his body.

Everything around him became more and more illuminated untill all he saw was a bright white light surrounding him.
As he blinked his eyes, trying to adjust to the intensity of the light, a huge horned figure appeared to be hovering in front of him.
He couldn't make out what it was and all he saw was a shadow of it.

“Thesseus, step forth”
A deep chorus of voices appeared to say.

The Bloodscreamer tried to shield his eyes from the bright light hoping to see what this figure in front of him was.
“What or who are you?”
He asked anxiously.

“You will know what you need to know, now step forth into the light.”
More curious then distrustful, Thesseus eventually stepped forth and almost as if being carried away by a strong river stream, he was taken by the powerful energy emitting from the horned silhouette.
As the energy flow accelerated, Thesseus saw flashes of images and sound spinning around him and like a windmill in the storm, the pictures turned around faster and faster, almost appearing to break apart by the intolerable speed at which it was going.
The pictures eventually started swirling together, forming one massive image.
Like remembering multiple memories at the same time, the image showed different scenes all at once, imprinting it in his brain.
The massive amount of information passing through his mind came like a knockout punch and soon Thessus felt him self crashing down back at the world and into a deep black hole of unconsciousness until after what seemed like an eternity, he saw the vague images of his concerned staff hanging over his bed and felt the life slowly returning back into his body...

Roleplaying / Thesseus 12 - Not again?
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:14:33 PM »
After a long period of unconsciousness, Theseus' eyes finally flickered open while a bunch of enthusiastic healers stood around his bed, waiting in anticipation for his full recovery.
They just gave him a strong mix of Goat droppings blended with various herbs that grow in the fields nearby and off course much, much alcohol.
The potion was brewed to wake a recovering man up from his coma.
They have successfully kept all curious folks outside of the healers tent in order to make sure Thesseus would get the rest he needed.

As he tried to get up, an agonizing pain in his entire body put him right down again.
He took a deep breath and asked the healers for help, something was clearly on his mind and he was dead set to to get it out.
However barley a sound left his throat and the healers where left puzzled.

"Was he trying to say something?"
One of them asked the other.

In the back of the tent Thesseus' scribe and Captain where having a meal while they noticed their Lord waking up, the scribe, who was only recently hired stopped eating and rushed for the bed immediately with quill and parchment drawn.

"Yes M'Lord?"
The scribe asked ready to write down his first words.

Thessues gathered all his strength and tried to speak once more.
" Beheeheee!"
The sound that came out of him was familiar to all in the room, but perhaps most familiar to Thesseus' captain, who has been with his master for much longer then the other staff members did.
Thesseues tried to speak again but the only noise he was able to make was a loud belch.
Outside the tent, Thesseus' herd responded joyfully.

"Behehe! Behehe!"
It now sounded in unison.
Every time Theseus tried to speak he belched like a goat and his entire herd responded while his scribe frantically tried to make out words from the belching.
He understood that the situation in Gotland was dire and everyone was desperately waiting for their leader to respond, but this was certainly not something any scribe could work with, yet none or the less the scribe at least tried to write down something.

Moved by his masters belching, the captain calmly came to his bed and sighed.
He shortly put the back of his hand against his masters forehead.

"Yes, I have seen this before men."

Theseus tried to reply but instead belched in dismay.

"This is not good..."
The captain said as he looked at the healers in the room.

Helpline / Unique item names
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:11:06 PM »
How are unique item names generated?
I recognize some custom ones that are based on realms or characters.
The rest (most of them) are quite random and some even ridiculous.
Why the screaming vest of pancakes for example?

Is it possible the player base can make up names and suggest them somewhere?
Perhaps preferably based on in game history or stories?

Unique items are generally just bought to draw attention to their characters but they have no real meaning usually.
If people associate items more with their religion, realm, region, duchy or family they identify themselves with these items thus giving the items an extra value.
characters can use items as formal symbols of certain positions for example.
There would be an actual crown of a certain realm, which could get lost, found again and possibly sold back or even cause a conflict between realms.

The item would randomly appears somewhere and there might be a noble walking around with the crown of a certain realm, but that certain realm can always deny that this crown is the real crown, set to destroy it or obtain it.

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