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Helpline / Murdering Monsters?
« on: April 01, 2014, 12:14:54 PM »
I attempted to have my infiltrator character murder militia in a rogue region that only had monsters. He killed 3 guards. Were those monsters?

Dwilight / Dwilight History Elective
« on: November 08, 2013, 12:32:02 AM »
Okay, after a few minutes thinking and eating some good steamed dumplings, I have reached an idea about how I can get you guys hopefully involved in my character's exploits in a way that will not raise any concerns about in-game out-of-game boundaries. We are a group of people, doesn't matter exactly what time period, meeting at a nice place to talk, and we are discussing the details of a story about Zekiel Norman and his search for Garret Artemesia. The thing is, there are likely many conflicting accounts and history by now has become unclear. So it is up to you to write in what happens.

How this will work: I will set the beginning scenario, which will be very simple. In order to keep this somewhat unified, any "official" events in Zekiel's story will be by my posts. This is to keep it fair for people who will want to interact with their crafted NPCs and who do not have in-game characters who can make a physical change to Zekiel's environment. So what you can do is suggest subsequent scenarios, which should preferably be something that would occur over the week (up to 7 days) following the latest update I post, including this one.

For your posted ideas, make sure everyone who reads the post understands that you are making a story proposal. I would suggest starting off the body of a story proposal with "Story Idea" or something to that nature, just to make my life easier so I know when the story idea begins (and so I don't accidentally include any comments that were not intended to be part of the story).

Secondly, please identify the name(s) of the character(s) you would like to interact with Zekiel. Make sure that the character(s) are either (1) One or more of your own player characters, or (2) One or more of your unique NPCs. Please do not use anyone else's characters. In addition, please give a brief description of what the character(s) did, like giving a tip, or sharing a story, that relates specifically to Zekiel's search for Garret. Also, please make sure that whatever scenario you suggest is appropriate and realistic. If there are any conflicts that are brought up in any way from including your idea in this story, then I will write off that part as a bad hallucination Zekiel had after eating wild mushrooms. Furthermore, any future ideas from the same poster may not be accepted as readily.

In case two players pitch the same idea I will take the first suggestion. After the week is over (Sunday nights, EST, usually) I will review the suggestions and post an update. Thank you for participating in Zekiel's quest. I hope this will be at least moderately entertaining to some of you.

The First Update 11/07/13

Zekiel is knighted at Balance's Retreat. He is searching for someone named Garret Artemesia. His reason for this is because Garret was the last pureblooded noble of the Artemesia family whose fate remains unknown. After his disappearance the family dissolved and the noble branches collected under the Norman family name. Zekiel wants to find out what happened to Garret, but all he knows is that Garret was most likely last seen somewhere around Dwilight. He asks those who might listen to help him, and can only hope for a response somewhere.

End of First Update. Expected second update on 11/17/13

Beluaterra / From Rags to Slightly Less Ragged Rags
« on: November 06, 2013, 10:14:56 PM »
I suppose the actual "plot" of Alan Norman's story has concluded with a whimper. But I suppose that is exactly how it is in real life as well. "Officially" he temporarily set up a small stall in Rines, but found no city girls who were interesting and would make for a good wife. So he took some odd jobs collecting bounties in surrounding farmlands and towns, and sometimes in cities. His journeys led him south, further from home than ever before, and even across lawless lands filled with enemies both living and dead, and monsters in the form of beasts as well as men. He now has gotten used to fighting monsters and undead, but wonders when he will see home again, for Cjelegy is already far away from the southwestern coast's Ete City.

His goodies:

Common Items

    100 year Oak Bark (5x)
    Adventure Gear (65x)
    Ancient Key
    Ancient Tome (2x)
    Bar of Soap (2x)
    Battered Armour (2x)
    Blackwood Cane
    Boar Tusks (4x)
    Bottle of Wine
    Broken Sword (2x)
    Bronze Bracelet
    Bubbling Potion (2x)
    Ceremonial Dagger (2x)
    Coloured Feather (5x)
    Combat Gear (76x)
    Cracked Sapphire (2x)
    Crystal Globe (3x)
    Eagle Claws (4x)
    Empty Keg (3x)
    Empty Scroll Case (3x)
    Expensive Toy
    Fine Silk
    Fool's Gold (4x)
    Giant Eagle's Feather (3x)
    Golden Idol
    Hair of a Maiden (4x)
    Heretic's Staff
    Iron Ore Pellets (2x)
    Junk (9x)
    Lump of Wax (3x)
    Monster Claw
    Monster Skull
    Moonstone (3x)
    Mysterious Item (2x)
    Old Coins
    Old Horn (3x)
    Ornate Amulet
    Piece of Amber (2x)
    Quality Leather
    Quartz (3x)
    Silver Goblet
    Small Diamond
    Strange Skull
    Thief's Hand (7x)
    Unicorn Horn (5x)
    Wolf's Hide (3x)
    Wooden Statuette (5x)
    Wootz (3x)
    Wyvern Scales

Useable Items

    Ancient Documents (2x)
    Bandages and Alcohol
    Bedroll (4x)
    Honey (3x)
    Keg of Beer (2x)
    Lamp (6x)
    Portal Stone
    Rope (7x)
    Small Tent (2x)

Dwilight / Echoes of Someone Lost
« on: November 06, 2013, 10:09:26 PM »
Somehow the "family" kept working hard to make up the money used by someone to "start his military career". But the only one on the field for the Norman family was a commoner named Alan in Beluaterra. This is where the money was going.

Zekiel's story begins on his seventeenth birthday, when he graduates from apprenticeship at Balance's Retreat. He is on Dwilight to discover answers for his family's split, why the nobles have refused to acknowledge the name Artemis and Artemesia, and why commoners have no idea about the noble side of the family.

All Zekiel knows is that the last member of the pureblood noble house of Artemis, the predecessor of house Artemesia, Garret, did something that the family could never forgive. While he heard about how some members of his family had disgraced themselves and damned their souls by serving terrible creatures from some other plane, Beluaterra no longer felt the presence of daimons, and Ramuh's former masters were no longer to be found. Only, in Dwilight, did the shadow of daimons still exist. Zekiel's goal is to find out what happened to Garret, whether he yet lives, is dead, or has met a fate incomprehensible and more terrible.

I suppose this will be a thread of exchanged roleplays that are relevant to this plot, if there is any. I hope there is (Continuity!). Goal for completion of Zekiel's story is 6 months realtime, after which he can either retire or continue wherever he finds himself at that point.

Alan is still alive and well. But his story seems lost to history. Anyway, he has some cool stuff:

After 1 hours, you finally find a small undead army.
They are lead by an undead champion, an evil creature with more power and intelligence than the usual lot.
The battle rages, you against the undead. Your blows land true, shattering them to dust left and right.
The champion makes you sweat, he is quite the opponent. But in the end, he is just a pile of bones, too.
Among what is left of the champion, you find treasures worth a total of 1 gold, 1 silver.

You also find a unique item among the loot, the "Honed Breastplate of the Dragons"

Name    Type    Condition    Prestige    Bonus
Honed Breastplate of the Dragons   Armour   86 %   + 5   

Unique Items

    Honed Breastplate of the Dragons

Common Items

    100 year Oak Bark (2x)
    Adventure Gear (33x)
    Ancient Key
    Ancient Tome
    Bar of Soap
    Battered Armour (4x)
    Boar Tusks (3x)
    Broken Sword (2x)
    Coloured Feather (4x)
    Combat Gear (30x)
    Cracked Sapphire (2x)
    Crystal Globe (3x)
    Eagle Claws
    Empty Scroll Case
    Fool's Gold (3x)
    Giant Eagle's Feather (3x)
    Golden Idol
    Hair of a Maiden
    Iron Ore Pellets (2x)
    Junk (6x)
    Lump of Wax (2x)
    Monster Claw
    Old Coins
    Old Horn (3x)
    Old Ring
    Ornate Amulet
    Piece of Amber (2x)
    Quartz (2x)
    Silver Goblet
    Thief's Hand (5x)
    Wolf's Hide (3x)
    Wooden Statuette (2x)
    Wootz (3x)
    Wyvern Scales

Useable Items

    Bedroll (4x)
    Keg of Beer (2x)
    Lamp (3x)
    Rope (4x)
    Small Tent

Beluaterra / One Family One Character One Life to Live
« on: April 10, 2013, 02:19:57 PM »
The Basics

1. I will play one (1) family (duh)
2. I will play only one (1) character at a time
3. Said character will be a commoner
4. I will actively make my character avoid any actions that would be associated with adventuring of any sort
5. In keeping with #4, that means only that my character will never hunt monsters or undead unless "Scouting a region" reveals that there are a significant number (the outbreak dialogue that plays when there is a good chance that monsters or undead will appear later)
6. The character should be viewed more like an NPC, but will nevertheless respond if you really have to talk to him
7. In keeping with #6, the character will never actively pursue any player character interaction, with interactions limited to reactive dialogue and actions
8. Those who are not aware of this thread will receive a private OOC letter in-game from me pointing them to this thread. Hi!
9. It's in first-person
10. You can advise on where to go, but like any good commoner, the character will not be willing or able to travel too far. So really, it's whether you want him to set up shop eventually in Rines or Athol Margos, and whether he should collect materials found only in mountains all the way down in the mountains of Bym. Also, whether he really should eventually try to make a life in Grehk.
11. Adding on to #4 and #5: Hunger drives the character's actions above all else. If he ever runs out of silver for food (and other expenditures), the character can and will go out and hunt stuff, preferably for bounty.

The Story

The Norman family is a modest group, but this is not the story of their nobility and whatever game they play. This story is about the common man. Alan Norman is the eldest son of the farming and fishing region of Cjelegy. His family lives in a small hut along the coast, where his father works as a fisherman and his mother works as a seamstress. Alan, however, wants to be more than a fisherman, but as with any young man, he is unsure about just what he wants.

With cities such as Rines and Athol Margos near to the west and east, Alan believes he may one day become an apprentice in the big city, find a loving wife, start a family, and then retire to live in peace for as long as a commoner might.

Part One: Decision Day in Cjelegy

I woke up to another sunny day, the sounds of the ocean waves ever present in the distance. Some seagulls were squawking again. I got up, got dressed, ate some salted fish. The same routine for the past twenty years since I was born, minus years where I was a baby.

Dad is outside fishing. He'll only come back in the evening. Mom left for the village market to sell her cloth and buy new materials. The rest of my family is not around. They're either off somewhere in the village or the fields. I hope they don't play too many pranks on the farmers' cows.

Today I think is the right day for me to start making for the city. I don't know yet where I want to go. The stories about the two cities, Rines to the west and Athol Margos to the east, sound good. I think maybe I can live a less boring life there. Maybe the women there look prettier too.

Well, I guess I have to start somewhere. I have 9 hours to spend today, so I first visit the estate that the nobles who used to be proud to be called Normans live.

You are not welcome in the family home.

I guess they don't like me. At least it didn't waste any time.

It's time to get to work somehow though. But going in without first scouting the area is likely to get me eaten by a bear, so I will spend two hours and play it safe. One never knows what is out in the fields. Sometimes there are mad cows that fight dirty.

A scouting of the region shows that there is a noble named Celeste Deytheur, Viscountess of Cjelegy, Marshal of Guard of the Daughters Hand. I will try to go unnoticed by her. It also seems like I am the only commoner of note in the region. That makes me feel special, but I would prefer to blend in with everyone else. Maybe it is because of my ambition to move to the city that separates me, or maybe it is my own ego taking over, since I am the one writing down my report.

Now it is time to investigate how much I should be scared of monsters and undead.

You investigate the monster situation in Cjelegy. There can be no doubt that there are monsters here, aside from the many reports you can see signs of their presence yourself.
Then you turn to look for undead. You hear rumours about undead and a few who claim to have seen them from afar.

I hope I don't get eaten by a bear then, and stay close to the village when I go foraging. Let's see if there are any strange people around.

You spend an hour talking to the locals, chatting up the beggars and listening to gossip.

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any interesting rumours.

I'd say it's fortunate that there are no interesting rumors. I'd rather not get involved with anything that would break into my peaceful life.

So with four hours left before I have to go back home and help with Dad's fish and Mom's materials, I will go check the village for any unclaimed items. I don't want to wander too far since there are monsters around though, so I will go look for only the most obvious things, and avoid going into dark alleys and less inhabited parts of the village.

You wander around the rural and...
1st hour: You find nothing of value.
2nd hour: You are disturbed by peasants and militia and can not gather anything.
3rd hour: You find nothing.
4th hour: You find yourself too tired to concentrate well enough.

That was no good. At this rate I will never make it to the big city.

Dwilight / SMA...but with Standards!
« on: December 19, 2011, 04:48:30 PM »
Let's talk SMA, and what are the aspects. But this time...If you are going to post anything of substance regarding what is SMA or what is not, tell us your credentials too.


Well, it's a bit like anything else. We can claim we know all about something like stem cell research, but unless we've got some sort of advanced degree in some sort of medical research field, any claims are naturally suspect. Likewise you wouldn't want someone without a Ph.D in chemistry or at least an MPH telling you that the new chemical plant some company built in your backyard is safe. Or at least you'd be less likely to trust their word.

Same here. Yeah, you got freedom of opinion. How much it's worth depends on a little piece of paper with some initials on it. Yeah, pretty weird, but hey, we do it all the time. I mean, if you had appendicitis and needed surgery, would YOU want someone without an MD performing surgery on you? Would YOU want to go to school to learn and be graded in a course by someone who doesn't even hold a degree in said field?

So I'll just put it out right now that I have no qualifications in terms of Medieval history, culture, whatever related to that time period. I'm not even qualified in history or anthropology. But this isn't about me. It's about YOU. Let's see if we have anyone among us who actually went to school to study Medieval Europe, or has done research, maybe even written scholarly articles on various topics.

Dwilight / Dwilight = An aspect of the Netherworld
« on: December 18, 2011, 05:18:30 PM »
A semi-nonserious lolworthy gag of the 4-koma variety shows a cooking competition to win a prize of donuts for a year.

The Zuma were on Dwilight before human arrival. The presence is strong enough. Perhaps we are simply living in a more physical border of the Netherworld to our own. Therefore we can never cook a proper octopus sashimi. Guess those donuts are out of reach huh?

Beluaterra / Let the Cheese melt: Dawnbreak, Daylight, Sunset
« on: December 14, 2011, 11:26:46 PM »
...To, you know...counteract the twilit path into Night, with the whole Nightfall, Midnight...Er...whatever comes after Midnight. Wouldn't be surprised if we see a return of the Light in some other form, and they're called...well, the title. Ok, fine, maybe we can call them Dawn, Day, and...hey, Sunset's a good name! They all sound rather feminine, but who cares.

Beluaterra / Barry and Larry
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:47:03 AM »
Because really, on Beluaterra, there is something greater, and humans are nothing.

This is an experimental forum exercise that I will in fact see to the end (Meaning: Adventurers die, no other way to end this). The purpose is to have two adventurers go through the 5th Inv, and prove, once and for all, that really, in the end, we mortal humans are stupid and incapable of saving our own sorry insignificant asses.

Bon voyage mes amis.

General Talk / Never Posting Again!
« on: July 27, 2011, 10:42:22 PM »
Rejoice, all you who have felt the antagonism burning against my form! With this post, I leave the theater of the Battlemaster forums, stepping off the stage and into the audience without regards to the fifth wall, for the fourth wall is much too cliche.

Gaze upon this questionable decision, for the post count is true, and it is indeed...1337.

Helpline / Dwilight Limits
« on: July 19, 2011, 01:45:45 AM »
One can have one (1) noble and two (2) adventurers on Dwilight?!? Eh??!! I had no idea...

Wiki / Have Army Banners Show Up
« on: May 10, 2011, 04:47:56 PM »

That's just the most recent, and I'm sure you all know about it. Any ideas on when we can expect to see army banners appear on the wiki through some sort of easy transfer? It's a bit impractical to have to manually change the entries in a copied and pasted battle report.

Other Games / Anything to actually look forward to?
« on: May 09, 2011, 10:58:54 PM »
So the summer arrives, and that means a large demographic for the video game industry has a lot more time to play games. Hopefully that corresponds to some quality coming out.

However, I have been rather bored recently with some of those big title releases. Those FPS in recent months? They appear to be some sort of Modern Warfare variant. In fact, if you change the setting to somewhere in the US, make the guns contemporary 21st century models, and make the characters Earthlings, then you pretty much have Modern Warfare 2. Ugh. There's Bulletstorm (I think that's what it was called) that added some slapstick cartoonish stuff kind of like Borderlands I guess, which was nice and I did like it though. Still, I didn't exactly go through that whole thing. Ah, that does remind me. Homefront, that game about some universe where North Korea invades the US or something, felt to me a lot like MW2. Want to swap out North Koreans with some other Communist nation? Preferably, their neighbors to the north? And I don't mean China. Keep going north.

I'm somewhat into FPS games, even if I suck at them. It's somehow hilarious when I keep getting owned by my friends, and even more so when I manage to own them instead, usually through sheer chance. But recently, I haven't really found any that are fun. Note that by fun, I don't mean it has to have stunning graphics that make each bullet/plasma bolt/laser beam/whatever other thing hitting my virtual avatar feel like I'm actually being torn apart. I'd just like something with nice functionality and stuff. But hm, Halo works for that, honestly. So I guess I'm cool in terms of FPS games.

But now for the stuff where I sit down alone and escape into some imaginary world...Eh? I got nothing so far. Starcraft only goes so far, and I'm not getting into the multiplayer part anytime in the near future. I almost made a horrible life choice when I got into competitive SC, and I don't plan on returning to it anytime soon. Oh, maybe I should make it clear. My preferred console is the PC, and obviously I can play most titles that will be released. Stuff like...was it Shadowrun that required a PC from the 22nd century? Yeah, those, no. Don't recommend those please. I also like taking the DS for a stroll. That does remind me, I have yet to get the latest Pokemon generation.

Now here's the shocker: I actually like the Wii. As hard as it may be for some people to believe, I actually do play some games socially, meaning I play with real people, whose real bodies are actually in the same general vicinity as my real body, and we play a game on the same console connected to the same screen, using different controllers, all of which have actual physical presence in the real world. In other words, I do get friends over to play games. It's always fun when you have someone else there with whom to play, but DDR is a bit intense and I'm not exactly playing a game to become a marathon runner. I'll just exercise for that. I exercise too, in case that was going to be a question.

So uh...Anything good for the Wii that is entertaining either for several people, or just myself, coming out in the next few weeks or sometime in June?

Feature Requests / Captain Artemesia at your command!
« on: May 01, 2011, 05:47:51 PM »
Idea for some character type that bridges the commoner adventurer and the noble...whatever the noble does: Player-controlled "captain".

The concept is that of a low-ranking noble or someone who is not exactly a commoner but not high ranking enough to lead a unit as a knight or similarly ranked noble. Since in BM, just about every noble character is actually the upper elite of nobility, there is a lot of room to stick this "captain" class in there.

How would this work? The character stats would be the same, for the most part since all character classes operate according to Physical Age, Honour, Prestige, Hours, Money, and Status. As a minor nobility, I suppose the Captain could use silver, since he has to work with the smiths and stuff for repairs to his own equipment. That would probably be done using silver. Everything else works in much the same way, though for balance purposes, the Captain's time pool works the same was as a non-priest, non-adventurer's time pool.

Ok, now what's the point of this Captain? Like all other characters, he comes with skills. However for him, the only relevant skills are Swordfighting, Jousting, and Leadership, so basically, the Warrior's relevant skillset. What do these mean? Well, for Infantry, Mixed Infantry, and Special Forces, the combat strength is increased linearly according to the sum of the Swordfighting % and Leadership % divided by...3 I guess (Maintains balance or a 100/100 sword/lead Captain would provide a 200% bonus to CS rather than a 67% boost, which is still pretty good) For Cavalry, it would be (Jousting skill% + Leadership skill%)//3. For archers, it would be Leadership skill% * 0.67.

Now, how would this work? Well, actually the mechanics aren't too hard. If I had any idea what the variable names used for BM were I could probably write out the entire Captain class in a couple of days. So first, let's talk about the most important mechanic for the Captain class, their entire reason for existence: Fighting in a unit.

If we actually tried to simulate the captain fighting in the unit it might get messy. Instead, we'll do a different method that works to hopefully satisfying results. First, we must define whether the captain is part of a unit. For that we will use similar code to the estate system. A captain can serve any noble character in the same realm. This information is then assigned to both the noble and captain, much like the current estate system assigns knight to a region. Using a similar framework, we can give the noble control over his captain, to give good mark, bad mark, kick out, etc. In order to make sure that the new captain isn't fighting with any other captains for the spotlight, we could alter the script for a unit such that the entry of a player-captain automatically deletes the existing NPC captain. I think it should not be too hard to add a line in the unit display that allows instead "Captain Name" instead of a preset randomly generated name. This would allow the noble to actually see that his captain is indeed Captain Artemesia, for example. It could use the first name too. Not too hard, just insert the string when a player-character captain exists.

Now the second part of handling the captain in a unit is to make sure no other PC captains can exist under the same noble. The NPC captain is easy to take care of. Just boot him. However, for PC captains, they can only serve under a noble who does not at that moment have any PC captains. This is also not too hard to do (I could even do it myself after May 19) as one would simply add a test before any "oaths" can be made to see if there exists a captain for that noble. If so, then the option to take a captain would be unavailable to the noble, and the captain would also get the check and be unable to serve a noble with a PC captain.

Ok, so now that we have settled how to integrate the captain under a noble's command, let's talk about units. First of all, I intentionally made sure to say that the captain would be under the noble, not unit. This is because the unit can vary through many battles, and it would be very difficult to make a satisfactory system where a captain is bound to a unit. It would also make players mad if they died because their noble TL was dumb and left them to die, or they get stuck as captain in a militia unit. So how exactly do they function for units? I'll now explain that.

I showed the algorithms above for how the CS % increase is determined. Let's say that Captain Artemesia serves under Sir Artemesia, who is at this time fielding infantry. Captain's swordfighting skill is 33% and leadership skill is also 33%. That means sword + lead = 66 and 66//3=22. Therefore, Sir Artemesia's infantry unit gets a 22% increase to CS. However, if we want to get more realistic such that the captain actually has to be present for battles, we can make that bonus rely on a region check, to give that bonus only when the captain and noble are in the same region. Again, not too hard. We do this all the time for stuff like oaths and item trades. This would simulate the captain being with the unit and in battle, and disallow lazy captains who sit in the capital while the noble fights with a juiced up unit. Now for a part that I originally forgot: What happens when the noble changes unit type? No problem, the Captain simply uses the skills relevant to that unit type as bonus. So if Sir Artemesia drops his infantry and picks up cavalry, Captain Artemesia now provides a bonus according to his jousting and leadership skills rather than his swordfighting and leadership skills.

But now we should look at how the captain actually functions in battle. After all, he does go into battle. Well, he'd be coded pretty much like a noble hero. He participates in the battle, can get wounded (maybe even die. Hey, that's the risk of creating a Captain?). His in-battle mechanics are pretty much exactly the same as a hero's, so that should not be hard at all. Just make sure to separate the parts in case the noble also happens to be a hero. I don't have a clue about what the BM code looks like, but if I had to guess, currently the noble ID is linked uniquely to the unit ID, and in battle, the noble participates in some way, and counts as a valid target, and has some reactions tied to what happens to the unit (getting wounded). It probably wouldn't be hard to copy-paste what a hero noble does, and change some names to allow both a captain and a hero to react independently in the same unit, as well as for captain and non-hero. This avoids the potential problem of having the captain and noble linked by fate, meaning a wound to the captain also is a wound to the noble because they share the conditions that lead to wounding. However, because the system already distinguishes wounds to the unit from wounds to the noble, this doesn't sound at all difficult.

From this, we can then set an independent set of conditions that determine the skill gain, and H/P gain from battles for the captain. I see no reason why the current noble system for such gains is insufficient, so we can just give a new part for the captain to gain those numbers independently of the noble.

Now that we are done talking about how the captain gets into a unit, and battles with them, let's talk about how he gets paid. A unit gets paid anyway, and it should make sense that the captain, as part of those men, gets paid alongside them. I would rather have a sort of stipend system because that would be much easier. We can just use the current oath system and modify it so that the captain gets a share of the noble's tax income after all other taxes. The captain would therefore get paid at the same time as taxes for all nobles are collected, which I suppose makes some sense. The captain is the highest ranking in the unit, and as low-ranking nobility, could get some special treatment. This would make the implementation much smoother too, as now the current lord-knight oath system can be used for the backbone of the noble-captain system.

And now, apart from giving a boost to a noble's unit, and risking your life battling for mostly someone else's glory, what else is the captain good for? Well, he can possess unique items too, and would use them much like a noble would, with some slight text changes to reflect that it's the captain, not the noble leading the unit, using the item. I suppose he can also provide a small passive buff to morale, cohesion, and training. This might be more difficult, but the captain could use his own money to repair the unit's damage where smiths don't exist, but that might involve some balance issues. Still, that money should go somewhere...Maybe the captain can also pay the unit? This would lessen the stress of a unit left at home during a 10-day tournament (Those exist, right?)

In summary, the Captain is a battle-centered adjunct class. It allows you to take part more directly with the unit, giving a more personal feel (hopefully) to battles you participate in.

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