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Work in Progress / The Color Green - Chapter 3
February 03, 2018, 10:03:35 PM
With a stable source of wondrous Prime to balance her, Quaranis [Materialize: 1 Prime] felt better than she had since waking on this strange world.  After spending some time building up the lava flows between her home in the Keahi Archipelago and the source [Effect: Gain Influence +2 / Cost: 4 Prime] she returned to begin exploring the various islands her attempt to seize the air had wrought.

To her surprise, they were still growing.  When her lava met the ocean, it turned to various forms of Earth, and the lava kept flowing.  Apparently, when she had created it, she had made more than she realized in her desire to cocoon herself.  There was an almost limitless amount deep within the world, and it seemed to enjoy rising to the Air.  This made sense, of course, as it wanted to complete its elemental lack by joining with the Air.

After a time, though, Quaranis realized that the islands were...Dull.  There were a variety of fascinating shapes, plenty of eye-catching metals and gems, swirls of different Earths...But she already understood those, and within a short time could easily predict what would happen, when, and how.  Now that the glorious beauty of Prime had nearly removed all the pain the separation of the elements had brought, she found she was bored.

As she visited her pyramid one day to bask in the Prime Source, she realized that a wild profusion of something had grown around it.  At first she thought this was a strange gift from one of the others, but after investigating she realized they had arrived from nearby areas, and seemed to thrive in the volcanic soils.

This was delightful!  She had no idea how these small green, growing things worked!  She could not predict them at all, and that made them intriguing.  And when she happened to return shortly after this part of the world began warming again in one of its bizarre cycles, she was amazed at all the colours!  Why, here were shades that reminded her of the gemstones!  And they changed so frequently that she could come back at any time and see different ones.  She had to have them for her islands!

But, to her confusion, the things did not seem to like the waters of the ocean.  Ah, yes, too much salt, hm.  Well, she could simply transplant them...But they seemed to die too quickly when her attention moved to something else.  This was quite an interesting puzzle.

Perhaps if there were waters with less salt on the islands?  Ah, yes...That seemed to work.  Well, then why not have them across all the islands then?  If water was what they needed, then let there be water across them all [Create Aquifers: 3 Purity]!  Yes!  Now they survived!  And across the archipelago.  And Quaranis was pleased and exhausted, and lay back in the vast pool of lava in the central mountain of the central island, and watched.

(Well, Tom did say to ignore the numbers...heheh)
Legends / Re: Feedback and Discussion
January 29, 2018, 06:45:52 AM
I've actually just had a busy week, and not sure what the result of claiming the prime source was.  Once I know that, I have several story ideas.
Work in Progress / Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 7
January 22, 2018, 04:21:00 AM
Not by itself.  I suppose if it becomes the embodiment of the Council's control Tom might have it do so.  It's "just" a pyramid of obsidian and basalt, with a diamond arch at the top.  Nothing magical beyond its creation.
Work in Progress / Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 7
January 21, 2018, 09:34:05 PM
Yep, exactly on top of the crevasse, bridging it so that one could climb all the way across it.

So, basically, Tascrig is now a gaping crevasse with a pyramid.
Work in Progress / Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 7
January 19, 2018, 08:19:37 AM
Sounds good.  We won't be getting any Purity, you need a shard (three connected Prime Sources) for that, but I am definitely interested to see how much Prime comes through.
Work in Progress / The Seeker Council: Chapter 7
January 19, 2018, 06:55:51 AM
As the ruby-eyed mountain joined it's power with the avatar of Air and Quaranis, hope surged.  Yes, yes, yes, yes...!  And she felt it.  The glory was part of her again!  And the last scraps she had been hoarding, the last remnants of her strength, now she could spare a little.  Enough for...


Lava surged over the crevasse, forming a great pyramid.  It slowly flows into sheer obsidian sides, save for grand steps of basalt.  And at the top, Quaranis pulled forth from herself a great diamond.  With a whisper, it swirled into an arch, the facets catching the light and blazing like a second sun.  [Create monument, 1 Prime]

She turned.

"Thank you.  Let this stand as a monument to my gratitude.  Let this arch crown our endeavour, and announce to this world that the Seekers claim this ground!"

(Unless someone has a better name, let's call this the Seeker Pyramid.)
Blood pumped.

Metals flowed out, molten rock poured back.  As Quaranis calmed, she began observing.  Considering.


Her first conscious efforts were small, tentative.  The many-colored gemstones of her tears were beautiful, but...Isolated.  She could do better.  Combining the colors, swirling star-stuff into them, she brought forth diamonds.

She was so pleased with her success that she was took stock of what else she could do.  Her precious lava and glorious metals were much, much better than the pure earth that had existed before, and she wrapped it around every inch of herself.  But a nagging itch (she reveled in it only being an itch, rather than the grinding agony of before) presented itself.  She had gathered the flow of water, the heat of fire, and the solidity of earth...But had none of air.

She tried calling the air to her.  Cracks formed above her, but let in only water.  Air pockets and bubbles formed in the earth nearby, but were quickly consumed or befouled.  Bringing the air to her seemed doomed.

But what of bringing her creations to the air?

She gathered, and built.  Magma gathered around her in a vast flood.  And she pushed.


The sea boils.  Water and lava meet in a vast explosion of steam.  Rock hardens in vast tubes, blooming across the emptiness [Create archipelago: 3 Purity].  And for one grand moment Quaranis blossomed in fire and glory into the air, her blood reverberating with the near-Primal union of the elements once more.

And then...Quaranis learned of gravity.

And everything fell.

Thus the Keahi Archipelago was born.
Legends / Re: Feedback and Discussion
January 16, 2018, 12:17:30 AM
What about Prime Sources increasing a cap on the amount of Prime you can have?  So if I am part of a council with, say, one Prime Source then I can have a total of 15 Prime, but if I don't have any other sources then the most I can have is 5?
Work in Progress / Re: Wanted: Fear the Gods, Chapter 2
January 14, 2018, 01:29:34 AM
Seriously, the town split in half, had a lava monster rise from the ground, a mountain landed on half of it, and a stationary cloud with eyes is coldly surveying everything.  That would scare me out of my mind if I lived there.
Legends / Re: Feedback and Discussion
January 14, 2018, 01:27:47 AM
I like it quite a bit.  There are a number of things that I don't fully understand yet, but I'm putting that down to the pre-alpha nature of the test. 

Purity as a name seems very weird to me, unless there's something you are planning in the metagame later on to account for it the name is very jarring.

One thing that you may or may not have planned that I think would be very helpful/cool would be to have icons/symbols/heraldry/whatever associated with each immortal and each pantheon, that have to start very simple but you can unlock better/more involved design elements as you spend more Prime and Purity.  That would give a quick and easy way for everyone to see more powerful/involved immortals and pantheons at a glance.
Work in Progress / The Seeker Council: Chapter 4
January 13, 2018, 06:54:51 AM
Quaranis stood in her despair.  How?  How was she to survive in this awful world?  Nothing was as it should be, and-



Yes...Another like herself...And this one had Air!  Perhaps she could learn the trick of that from this other.

A question?  Speaking?  Yes, speaking.  And polite, at that.  Maybe, maybe between them they would have the strength to grasp the Prime...But no.  She could sense there was not enough.

A mouth was formed to speak in turn.

"No, it is not mine, though I wish it were otherwise.  I cannot even touch it, I spent too much strength, if only I had waited, but it hurt too much-"

Quaranis' form began shaking, quivering in remembered pain.  And shook more, and more, until she look around and saw a third, wreathed in Earth, a strong spine of the world come to rest nearby.

A third!

Three, three might be enough!

"Please...I am not strong enough alone, none of us are strong enough alone, but if we joined, if we reached together, perhaps we might drink our fill!"

Two molten hands, pulsing deep white with urgency, reach out to the others.
Work in Progress / Re: The Seeker Council: Chapter 1
January 11, 2018, 05:48:16 AM
Quoting Tom:

"That's a good question. The council part is the least defined so far. But the basic principle of the game is that EVERYTHING is a story, so similar to the personal story of a character, there would be a council story. That can only be voted on by council members. For the moment, put it into LotW."

So I'm assuming we treat it like a normal story, except no one outside the council gets a vote.
Work in Progress / The Seeker Council: Chapter 1
January 11, 2018, 05:02:25 AM
Gravity was an interesting phenomenon.  Quaranis could see possibilities in it, depending on exactly how it worked.  Were there natural elevations?  Something to do with the air?  She would have to experiment.  Maybe if she incorporated the air into her lava it could fly properly.

Her idle musings as her body re-knit itself were interrupted by a familiar sensation.  One she had not felt since awakening in this broken world.


Prime flowing freely.

There was Prime in this world.

She flung her half-healed form through the newly-widened arteries of the archipelago, and into the still-expanding network deep within the world.  Pushing faster, faster, desperation surging through the capillaries...


It is here!

She started to rise, then remembered.  Gravity would cast her down, just as it had before.  But perhaps, if she changed the balance of her lava, a little more of earthen solidity, a little less liquid flowing...

A new form rose, half-molten magma taking awkward shape.  A head, to hold the eyes.  Arms, to reach and grasp.  A trunk to pull more and more of her self up, and out...


Deep within a great gaping hole lay Prime!  It had a strange shape in this world, but what of it?  It could be all.  If it chose to look like the void, studded with stars in grand patterns, then so be it.

She reached...But could not grasp.

No, no, no no no no nononononononono...

This...Body she had built was constraining her.  Her essence was spread across too much of the world, she could not gather enough of it to meld with the Prime!

So near the eternal Prime, and yet unable, incapable of reaching it.

Black obsidian tears streamed from her woe, and her sorrow caused the very air to blacken and rise from her in grief.
Work in Progress / Re: The Color Green - Chapter 2
January 11, 2018, 02:56:37 AM
Sounds about right to me, and I really like incorporating all the colors of the world into the green!
Thanks Indirik!  That's exactly what I was going for, I'm glad that came through.  I'm all out of Purity, so the next step is to lure some life in (grins).