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BM General Discussion / Re: Villains Needed!
« on: October 12, 2017, 07:27:03 PM »
I am interested but as others said, it will depend on the continent.

BM General Discussion / Re: Social Media
« on: September 27, 2017, 10:28:26 PM »
Having checked Battlemaster's Twitter and Facebook social media feeds I am not surprised there was zero traction from the previous social media efforts. We can do so much better with the talented folks we have in game.

The rewards for involvement need to be decent if we want it to ramp up, continue and flourish. I understand the BM player history of non-involvement. It is simply easier to login, do your turn and go about your business.

But, what if we gamified the involvement? Initially, we kind of handle involvement the way it is handled on these forums with "Peasant" or "Grand Duke" titles in a list like we have most famous and wealthy families in-game already. Depending on the level of involvement and or number of social media posts, players receive rewards just as pointed out previously as in-game rewards of scrolls, unique items, etc., but as we move forward the knowledge is made openly available that there is a greater reward system being built where participants have access to a small continent - maybe a clone of the Colonies or War Island. Or if that is too much, then additional character slots or a single character per continent restrictions lifted. Or perhaps that special continent allows for two characters per family again to help fill in gaps. None of this should detract from the existing game of course and should someone cease participating in the social media campaign, they lose their bonuses.

I'm trying to not involve a lot of new code or dev time with these ideas, but I don't see any way around some time being necessary.

BM General Discussion / Re: Social Media
« on: September 26, 2017, 06:29:03 PM »
I like a lot of what JeVondair is suggesting and it is what we also found worked well with our social media accounts. Our business went from luke-warm to we couldn't hire enough people to handle the workload in about a year. We found that posting 2-3 times a week on consistent days so the content was expected and looked forward to.

Targeting the LARPers and MUD players are the top targets that come to my mind.

Also, adding some, dare I say it... "bling" to the interface. Personally I prefer the minimalist nature of Battlemaster to allow my imagination to handle the visuals for me and the fact that all we have is a map to go by. But, with that said, humans are visual creatures and nothing says more than a picture to getting a concept across.

A call for entries might work out with all the talented folks that play the game to create visuals. Maybe a group of talent is assembled of players with artistic talent and they divvy up the work between them so there is a plan and consistency. Perhaps instead of monsters and undead, we get more descriptive, specific and visual. Some monsters are more powerful than others as are the undead. Visual imagery and distinctive descriptions of the different types of monstrosities and shamblers add appeal and terror even... people so love terror in their entertainment.

So, piggybacking off of JeVondair's ideas, have a featured monster (or undead) a week with a description, what continent they are mostly found on, etc. Featured images, player-made images... I think what I am saying is if you want to attract more players add more visuals and variety to the threats involved.

I think any of the invasions could be touted like WoW, Eve-Online or any of the other MMORPGs do when they have a special event. New wars breaking out or major turns that take place in on-going wars would also garner interest.

Not sure if there is any cash in the kitty, but advertising on Facebook and paying to promote tweets would be a huge leg up with spreading word to a targeted audience.

First steps would be:
  • Call for creative/visual volunteers
  • Form a social committee
  • Social committee meets every other week to discuss direction and divy up work
  • Designate a gatekeeper to handle the postings and ensure that they have a deputy gatekeeper for when they are unavailable
  • Offer in-game bonuses for participating (gamify the participation without unbalancing the game itself)
  • Setup a request/suggestion thread to collect ideas for imagery they would like to see in game and ensure there is a voting structure around the requests just like open source software development

Just some ideas.

Colonies / Re: Save the Colonies!!!
« on: December 05, 2011, 08:57:04 PM »
The Colonies are my favorite continent and I do not find them any more stale than anywhere else in the game.  Lack of players in general and the loss of so many old time players that originally made the game so much fun has led to apathy in general on multiple continents.

Some things that would be great to see on the Colonies though just off the top of my head:

  • The Lich King goes on a rampage.  Unleashing undead and monsters to randomly assault the continent.  The bad thing here of course is that the surrounding realms would be the ones that ultimately suffered.  Or instead of unleashing hordes randomly, pull something similar to Beluaterra and have a GM controlled NPC Lich King to unleash evils here and there (I volunteer for the roll BTW).
  • Something to do with the Lendan Stones.
  • Upheaval: another island surfaces off the coast of Wetham city.
  • Magic & Magic scrolls: I have had two scrolls total... ever, used them and they fizzled saying my skill with that wasn't sufficient or something like that.  Drop more scrolls exponentially or introduce something else that proliferates magic and it's use on the Colonies so that our skills with them do increase and they have an actual effect in game.
  • Gamewide: When a city goes rogue it spawns a new realm.  As in Lukon city recently going rogue.  Players will join it for a chance to see power and glory.
  • Make the control penalties so severe for having more than one city on the Colonies that realms are forced to secede duchies unless they have so many knights and so many estates manning them that it is overwhelming.  (Gamewide: Not a bod idea on other continents as well if a realm has more than 3 duchies.)

Development / Re: Make the Colonies a testing island?
« on: December 05, 2011, 08:31:36 PM »
I agree with Tom, the issue is simple lack of players.  And I can speak for the rogue regions between Outer Tilog and Giblot... the realms are at war.

I would also wager that the game is designed more for smaller realms than gigantic empires.  To adjust the estates for even less knights being needed to maintain a region only helps the bulkier realms continue to be bulky and domineering.  So if anything all the rogue regions indicates the need for some secessions.

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