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Feature Requests / Re: Industry buildings for Knights and lords.
« on: June 01, 2012, 04:03:57 PM »
The Lord can shut the business down, with the knight being able to protest I guess. More work for the Judge~

I'll be building a whorehouse, no one do that!

Feature Requests / Noble - Adventurer Broadcast system.
« on: June 01, 2012, 04:01:10 PM »

Basically when nobles are in need of repair services, wish to let it be known that they are interested in buying items etc, there is a broadcast system that allows them to do it to a wider range of adventurers.


As it stands right now a noble has to manually select their own adventurers to send the message to. When they don't get a reply, then that's that. Nothing can be done about it. What I propose is a broadcast system, whereby a noble can pay say, 10 gold, and broadcast a message throughout the continent that he is looking for rare items/in need of someone to help him repair his services. State the price etc. However, to prevent a price war, the message can only be viewed by Adventurers, and it spreads out as Rumors from the point which the noble broadcasts it from. This would be how it would look like:

"Rumors speak of a noble Crescent looking for someone to fix his Old Book of Forbidden Knowledge for the reward of 50 gold. If you are interested, you can ask the courtiers to contact him." It could also be to buy any rare item, an invitation to subdue monsters/undead in his region, etc. There will be a link to message the noble offering. However, to make this even better, the rumors can be in the region itself first, next turn to the surrounding regions, next next turn to the surrounding regions, and so on. Rumors spread, don't they? This gives adventurers closer to the noble a better chance of accepting the offer, because they get the message first.


This is actually just a bridging service for nobles and adventurers. In almost all the realms I've been in, contacting adventurers are basically tantamount to talking on the wall. There is just no communication. In the context of a real medieval situation, the adventurers should have been arrested and executed for failing to respond. This would benefit players who are trying to really play an adventurer - doing errands, fixing items, etc. Hopefully this would also boost the roleplaying as this gives plenty of opportunity of roleplays. This would, of course, benefit nobles who are in need of adventurer help but unable to attain it. There's no other way to get to adventurers except personally sending a letter. Having a template would boost this end tremendously.

Possible Exploits:

Nothing I could think of at this point in time. If anyone thinks of anything please feel free to add in.

BM General Discussion / Re: BM culture
« on: December 04, 2011, 07:00:38 PM »
If you asked me, I would say that there may be a different in aims of old and new players, not so much of their cultures. Put simply, a new player who comes in would want to excel in this game, some would go so far as to try to dominate and win the game. An impossibility, of course. Older players were once new players with that same mindset initially but that has changed to a more sustaining type of gameplay rather than ambitious. That is simply all there is to it. The rest is just simply two sides trying to fight for their own standpoint. Some players simply like stability whilst others love action.

BM General Discussion / Re: OOC Clans
« on: December 02, 2011, 01:28:21 PM »
I myself came in with my brother and a few friends. My brother has since quit and I have 0 idea where all my friends went. I only know that there's one of them still in Darka or Caligus last I checked. We came into the same realm, we hung out for a bit, learnt the game mechanics, then split. Having your friends come in and play, I have no qualms against. If they join the realm, find out more about the game and the realm and then when the situation arises where they have to choose a side, say in a rebellion, its up to them which side to choose. If they all choose the same side, so be it.

What I cannot agree with is when they come in with the sole purpose of controlling a realm through one way or another. When they come in with an agenda. Then it would pretty much screw up the game for most of the other players who genuinely wish to play the game since they won't have a say any longer.

Personally, I enjoyed the relationship between Crescent and Malice. Malice had his views, as did Crescent, but Crescent is the most hardened character of my 3. Crescent is meant to be a blunt but objective man. I wouldn't call him a bastard though. If you want soft-spoken, go to CE in the Atamara. I'm sure many people can vouch for Cadelius as being a soft-spoken man. I actually intended Crescent to be played somewhat like Herumor. And I believe it would have turned out great, if only he was in a Monarchy with a bigger noble base. I think Crescent may be scheduled for deletion soon, though it would be a waste. He did win the biggest tournament prize money in BM history after all, a SF tourney in CE worth 3k odd gold.

And to Ketchum, well I have nothing to say. I've always thought you were a friendly guy and that you would let me know if you felt anything. But you were quiet all this while so I thought you were fine with it. Didn't know you were hiding so much hate underneath. And I'm not bringing up pointless accusations of OOC Clans my friend. You were in that convo too at one point of time, I'm sure you'd remember. As to whether or not it persisted after we left, that is something we won't know, but I wouldn't discount that possibility. Also, I do hope you don't hate me as a person, but rather hate Crescent, since its how Crescent should have been played, so you can stop with the personal attacks here. :P

Oh and I do believe Spearhead is many times better than Rhiannon. His reputation precedes him so I wouldn't be so quick to denounce him. This is just my personal opinion of course.

BM General Discussion / Re: OOC Clans
« on: December 01, 2011, 05:41:07 PM »
You weren't a part of the OOC Clan, Malice and I respect you for that. However the bulk of your backing basically were all from the same group. If you recall the sudden surge in the increase of our nobles a few months back and the one-mindedness of them you would have been able to tell something was amiss already. It started way before you came to Oritolon, back when Antonine and Hvrek were still around. It only grew from there, albeit quietly, and you just stumbled across it. Put simply any candidate who ran against me at that point of time would have their vote, so long as its not me.

And its hard to get things done when nobody listened and followed. Punishments like fines garnered protests, and without punishments they simply kept to one side. We can't do bans because of our lack of nobles anyway. But I agree with your point that Oritolon needs a change in the fundamentals, but I still stand by my reasoning that this current crisis is led by a group of OOC friends.

To everyone else, I'm sorry that this post went a little off-track to a debate on the current issue in Oritolon. Lets keep it back to the topic about OOC Clans. Besides banishment and OOC bans and having many members etc would there be any other plausible solution to counter this? If anyone wishes to talk about politics and such of Oritolon please feel free to PM me.

BM General Discussion / Re: OOC Clans
« on: December 01, 2011, 04:05:48 PM »
I don't think it was ever settle egamma. I'm not too sure what the Titans told him, but he came in with 2 of his friends. One of them broke away and went to another continent, the other stuck with him and they both moved to a neighbouring realm. In their time they managed to get the emails of other contacts and my obvious guess is that they've been keeping in touch out of the game.

The current clan invasion is simply another member finding his OOC friends, and both groups sort of merged together. Hopefully this can be solved IC, but I do believe it may get a little ugly. I do foresee OOC bans coming into place, that is if we're able to knock their clan off the throne first.

BM General Discussion / Re: How to attract nobles to your realm?
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:06:26 PM »
The Colonies is too slow and players tend to shun away from it. Because even at minimum playing rates a person should be able to log on at least once per 20 hours for 10 minutes or something like that. I personally think that the Colonies are there to punish naughty infiltrators like my characters who can't seem to stop stabbing others. But that aside, the slow pace there often compensates itself by having a hell lot of power struggles, political backstabbing, and OOC Clans tend to favor the Colonies as well.

Everyone who hasn't been to the Colonies should at least try sending one character there :P

BM General Discussion / Re: OOC Clans
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:01:59 PM »
Indirik you're mistaking. I'm not asking for anything but opinions and stances on how to deal with such, and I do believe I've found what I need, from gentle to hardcore, thank you.

6 months is very new compared to the alternative. And their family background doesn't show them meeting. But it quite clearly shows that they have an agenda when they start to protest in unison once they can, 2 weeks or so into the realm.

BM General Discussion / Re: OOC Clans
« on: November 28, 2011, 12:35:38 PM »
Yes I've already left on one character and the other character is on his way out. With only 7 people they are already half a realm. However they'll survive because the enemy attacking them are their friends anyway.

Latest news is that one of them won the elections against one of the most dedicated and longest serving member of the realm. A new noble 147 days in the realm won the elections over a old Guard serving faithfully for 2851 days. Its a gone case there. Not complaining, just giving an update for those who are actually interested. I'm halfway out of that hell-hole though.

And I'm a guy.  :D

BM General Discussion / Re: OOC Clans
« on: November 27, 2011, 11:45:36 AM »
Thanks for all the replies.

Firstly, it isn't the Old Guard of Lukon/Oritolon but its a group of new nobles, whereby the leader came first and suddenly we're hit with 5-6 other nobles within 2 weeks who seemingly already have a fixed opinion about everything in the realm.

Secondly, banning would be great, except for the fact that my realm has 14 people and is in a war. if I ban 7 people we'll be left with 7 people to 8-9 regions or something like that which is madness, and needless to say we'll get killed real bad in the war. They may not care about the realm, but I cannot do something knowing it will have detrimental effects on my realm.

Thirdly, I've simply left the realm already. Stepped down as Ruler and floated across the continents. Thank you for the suggestions, and I do hope I get to put it in place the next time I meet another OOC Clan. What I do know is that they really screwed up my game.

BM General Discussion / Re: OOC Clans
« on: November 26, 2011, 10:02:26 AM »
Yes, I don't have any qualms about people who come in and become friends through in-game correspondence. However, it gets a little obvious when they come in and protest once they are able to and seem to know of things that took place way before their arrival. Without even hearing both sides of the story, they seem bent on simply accusing people they don't side and defend whomever they like, irregardless of what the situation is.

BM General Discussion / OOC Clans
« on: November 26, 2011, 07:53:48 AM »
Just wanted to ask, what is the take on OOC Clans? In the Colonies, I have been in a realm whereby there's 2 group of friends, one in the realm I'm PM and another group in a neighbouring enemy realm. Long story short, those in the realm turn things upside down, refuse to obey orders, basically do whatever they can to make the realm die whilst passing information about unit settings etc to the other side.

I was once involved in the discussions but cut connections with them soon after I realized it involved power-gaming. They simply have their friends vote for them and give stupid reasons to protest against someone they don't like etc and its pissing me off since it totally ruins the spirit of gaming. Needless to say, they'll deny having contact in IC or OOC.

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