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if the problem is just for new players, just restrict the joining options (to join realm with low player count) only for them at the start. let older players do what they want as it is right now. if the realm count in a continent is lower i think you will face another problem. conflict in BT is caused by 2 small realms because there are only few people in them, its easier to convince/make decision for the realm with 10 people than 20 people. smaller realms are more flexible. just giving out some ideas :)

Development / Battlemaster mobile app
« on: August 22, 2019, 04:23:17 PM »
not for convenience, but to attract more player.
even if its just a simple browser. and maybe redesign the mobile version website, make the link bigger or something.

Feature Requests / Migrating paused charaacter
« on: May 23, 2019, 02:33:35 PM »
Title: Migrating paused charaacter

Summary: Make it able to migrate a currently paused character, both noble and adventurer that has meet the requirement to be a noble.


Benefits: Doesn't need to pause the currently active character to migrate the paused character.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: None.

Feature Requests / Re: Courtier history
« on: March 31, 2019, 06:42:10 PM »
its a spam, as mentioned in this thread,8672.0.html

lord/knights of the region do get the report with exact number of improvement made. you can ask them

Feature Requests / Re: Scout from map
« on: March 17, 2019, 02:07:55 AM »
it is faster in Orders > Send Scouts than Information > Map > Region > Scouts.. maybe you just need more time to familiarize with the links tree. at some point you wont even need to open map to know which region you need to scout (well when you scout you need to scout every/most surrounding regions, otherwise youre doing it wrong. enemies might attack you in surprise if you dont. and in this condition, current link is just perfect)

Feature Requests / Rejected: Standing Order for other positions
« on: February 27, 2019, 08:08:52 AM »
Standing Order for other positions

Add a kind of Standing Order feature for other positions like realm councils, duke, and lord, instead of marshal and vm only. Every of the Standing Orders are for each positions, not the same as / merged with the current standing order that marshal uses.

Details :
Usually some orders that arent related to the army are sent to marshal so it can be put to the standing order. This is outside of marshal's job. But in quite rare possibility, some nobles arent in the army or the realm has multiple army, making it less efficient than it is intended to.

For now, orders could be sent using standard messaging feature, and futhermore the noble who receive order can pin it so it can always stays in letter page, just like standing order. But in reality, i dont think anyone usually does that, and the order is forgotten because the letter is easily gone. thats a reason why they use standing order.

Makes things easier for giving order. Orders become more visible and less likely to be forgotten = more activities.

Possible Downsides/Exploits:
Spam, etc.
Less conflict

Other Games / Re: Browser Based Gaming
« on: November 27, 2018, 02:51:34 PM »

Development / Re: Can we cut Dwilight some slack now?
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:55:03 PM »
to add more interactions/activity, maybe make nobles able to message other allied, federated, and/or neighboring nobles, just like how they can message their realm mates. maybe even get message alert if those other realms have a new noble joined.

Feature Requests / relation between: advy and noble of the same family
« on: September 02, 2018, 03:26:02 PM »
Title: relation between: advy and noble of the same family

Summary: Hide adventurers from family page and/or anything that can relate adventurer to their family.

Details: this suggestion is based from one kind of case:
a noble player plays in realm A, which is at war with realm B. The player has an advy that is part of realm C. Realm C is not at war with realm B. Nobles from realm B capture or even execute the advy because they know from OOC source (i.e family page) that the advy's player plays a noble in realm A. No in-game information supports that accusation (i.e that the advy is working for realm A).

At this condition, it is just like advy is just as one as the noble character, like it doesnt matter which realm they are part of, everyone will know which realm they support.

Benefits: make advys less related to nobility, gives them their own life, maybe this will make people more wanting to build the character too.

Possible Downsides/Exploits: "advy spy" will be buffed a lot. So nerf the spying (scout the region) ability. make it depends on Adventuring Skill aswell.

Development / 2 Dimensional Battlefield
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:25:29 PM »
For now the battlefield is just 1D, i.e row 1-10. How about make it 2D. 10 x 3, 5, or more, depending on region types or fortification. It will open more dinamics and strategy to the battle game, and more realistic. Armies could move up or down, striking from the side, avoiding charge, or probably limit a box how much can it contain a number of army.

Development / Re: Messenger delay
« on: April 06, 2018, 06:12:32 AM »
Nope. Breaking in-game messages will have two main effects:

  • Aggravating absolutely everyone (thus driving more people away from the game)
  • Causing many people to switch to using out-of-game forms of communication

No, if they enjoy the mechanic and/or respect the rules.
Just like how we like to wage war and mess around for the sake of fun, I think this system will have its own niche. Maybe implement it in Colony server (only).
I personaly like this system alot, and instead of making assumption wether people will like it or not maybe you should make a survey, send a message to every character or something.

Newbie Board / Re: How do i build a temple?
« on: December 25, 2017, 05:24:39 AM »
oh right, i found it. its in "Economy..."

Newbie Board / How do i build a temple?
« on: December 25, 2017, 04:44:51 AM »
How? I dont see any option of it.

East Island / Re: Perlerone
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:17:28 AM »

we need more nobles! join us and see the new king hanged a month later!! dont miss the show!! :P

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