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Development / Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:37:56 AM »
Yeah I remember the wealth tax but Dukes eventually avoided this through personal guilds they used as separate banks. I say Dukes as the main reason wealth tax was used in those days was to counter a hoarding semi inactive Duke whom you couldn't get rid off as half of the time these 'bastards' were royals as well. I remember complicated plots with infils (which often failed). So I'm not sure how much effect the wealth tax would have. Those with much to lose can safely circumvent it still atm.

On the other proposal. This one I love, not just like, but love. I think it would add much more incentive for war and makes realm more realistic as there are too many [email protected]#$ty regions in the game. Ketchum is right about Nivemus. Being lord of just about anything around Oroya and Parm is more a punishmebt than a reward.

Of all the ideas you put forth, this remains my favorite by far.

Development / Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:07:36 AM »
Alright, time to get back to the actual discussion on improving the game, rather than argue who is what and who in which war.

1) Make it possible to TO cities with which you don't share a border, possibly automatically creating a new duchy for them, as a new version of the old CTOs

- I like suggestions in this area because of the following: Right now war is generally very static with chokepoints and risk areas defended by militia etc. When you add the risk that regions beyond the direct border (sometimes just 1 or 2 regions) and introducing the risk that regions beyond that can be taken is interesting. Some additions and options to such a view:

--- Regions which are cut off from the main realm cannot be taxed, or far less because of a broken supply line.

--- In stead of direct TO, allow realms to create true colonies where they can also cash bonds. This would enable war campaigns further from home, but also grants the risk that the colony suddenly demands autonomy and removes this special status. Downside is that it would require an additional diplomatic option "Colonized"

2) Bring back (the option of) communal taxes.

- As Delvin said, I would prefer a more mixed version where the central government is better able to levy taxes on the Dukes/Lords

3) Bring back wealth tax

- I agree with Delvin's view on introducing it, but making it optional.

4) Lower the family wealth cap to 5000
5) Make any action that uses family gold for military purposes instead use personal gold
6) Make buying regions only possible in your own realm or in realms you are allied with.

- I'm not sure how I feel about the family wealth thingies. I do agree that the leeching of gold from realms to a family can be quite problematic, so in that sense I agree with it. Also a lot of the guys with high family wealth actually never spend it, they just keep it high.

I can attest to the fact that you can funnel a lot of gold through, because I've done that with Oligarch. So in that sense I understand there's an issue, I'm just not so sure about what the solution is. I'm more in favor of changing the mechanics than removing them tbh. (Ps, Chenier, all my family wealth comes from looting rogue DWI lands, we're the new breed of 'wealthy').

7) Make religious takeovers factor in realm sympathy and a bunch of new factors to make it almost impossible to pull off, at least when done on human-held lands. Enable it anew in rogue lands.

- What is the reasoning behind this needing any change? I have not seen a RTO in ages myself. So did I miss something here? And allowing this for rogue regions will just mess up Dwilight entirely I fear. Then priests become the only ones to TO and then the army just marches to defend and we'll see quite some expansions lowering the density further.

8) Remove peasant militias completely: only player actions should stop player actions.

- When it comes to the peasant militia which rises upon arrival due to hatred, I completely agree. I've raged against this for IRL years by now, pretty much since it was introduced. It's a rediculous mechanic which completely ruins any form of fun warfare, especially for smaller realms. As Oligarch we were ultimately unable to leave our capital without facing 6k peasant armies in an instant.... It also completely destroyed the option of looting, which is a shame.

- When it comes to the peasant militia based on looting, I think it should be reduced, but I'm not 100% certain it should be removed. What is the reasoning behind this in more detail?

9) When too much looting is done, instead of peasant militias, locals should run away to nearby regions.

- And will they then return later on in your plans?

10) Convert 15% of all militia units to local population every week. Reduce this decay by 2% per fortification level.

- Right now militia doesn't really leave when they're getting pay. I'd suggest fixing this first to avoid a lot of militia in regions which can't really support it. This should already help. Now what you're proposing goes into militia being much more short term, but that would require some more thought than just this I think.

12) Return the distance from capital radius to what it used to be, if not larger.

- For all I care it's nearly reduced, especially for travelling armies.

13) Add a "Demesne" alternative to lordships, where a region goes lordless without penalties other than a tax penalty or 100% of it going to the communal pot. Referendums don't run for it in democracies. The game has too many regions like Wasteland and the Desert of Silhouettes that don't deserve putting any nobles to them, but which in some cases must be taken for a number of other reasons.

- I liked the discussion on this matter. Now Delvin has some plans on this so I'll react to those in stead:

I like the idea of a more dynamic war, but do have quite a specific question about Delvin's plan:

Realm A has 20 nobles and core regions + some outer regions
Realm B has 7 nobles and a ring of core regions + no outer regions

Realm A attacks B and takes two of their core regions (which becomes an outer region for realm A) and then has to go to refit
Realm B uses the refit to quickly take back both regions (outer regions, so they're taken super fast right?) and they become realm B's core regions again and then withdraws back to the capital once Realm A's army arrives again (possibly attacks some more outer regions from A first)

I'm trying to better understand your plan to see the pros and cons of it, to help also identify pitfalls. Because if it works like the above, it will become nearly impossible to destroy a realm or really damage them once you reach the core regions around the capital.

BM General Discussion / Re: A Publicity Idea
« on: March 07, 2018, 09:37:34 AM »
I am fine if anyone want put Brock as Nivemus Ruler since he was Ruler from Garas General time until he founded First Oligarch, even now he still the Ruler.

That's not entirely true. Brock did not become Ruler untill after Duchiess of Southern Sirion (later renamed First Oligarch) was founded. It was only a while after the founding that the wedding between Catherine and Garas was announced which led to Brock's rulership (was General before).

Beluaterra / Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
« on: March 07, 2018, 12:05:08 AM »
I'm not a Lord atm...

BM General Discussion / Re: A Publicity Idea
« on: March 06, 2018, 01:05:28 PM »
BM has so many great stories I think and you can always change their names if they don't like it and say it's fiction I suppose...

If I'd ever follow Gildre, it would prob be either:

1) Rebellion, rise and fall of Sartania (FEI after my rebellion, so much happened)
2) Garas' lifestory
3) Fontan, intrigues and war in ancient democracies
4) Intrigues at Obian court are also quickly developing itself to a good story

Beluaterra / Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
« on: March 06, 2018, 12:58:47 PM »
We most certainly don't  ::)

That is one of those things that still need to happen but never got priority.

Roleplaying / Re: Glory's Journal
« on: March 05, 2018, 09:03:28 PM »
Dear Journal,

After some consideration we chose to remain in Scio for the night and hunt the remaining beasts in the morning. I could not live with the idea that innocent children would be eaten because I wished to withdraw earlier. Unfortunately, one of my men died during the night, although Reinhart ensures me that he would have died regardless, but I'm not certain. I fear my choice to remain here, despite not having physicians in our midst, has at least in part played a role.

We engaged the beasts again this morning and managed to kill the last of them. Another 3 men lie wounded, but we have brought them to Domus and placed them in the care of the healers. Because of that, we will stay in Domus for the night and it allowed for Reinhart to secure repairs to our equipment and to gather supplies.

I have yet to see Prince Asher again, although I've been told he's somewhere in Domus as well. I wonder if he would still recognize me after last time. I've also received an invitation from a Sir Tsingu to join him for a drink at the front, but I'm not yet sure what to make of it at this time. I'm certain it is just meant as a general greeting.

Roleplaying / Re: Goriad II's emigration to BT
« on: March 04, 2018, 10:37:22 PM »
Roleplay from Jorvik Arial   (5 days, 3 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
jorvik approached the crowd of angry noble.
"I know this is non of my business but I am most curious about this murder. Was the victim a commoner or a noble? Under what circumstances did it take place?"

Fit of rage
Goriad II grew angry at the old man, but he managed to sort of control his temper as he replied: "In my absence perhaps not, but I am no longer absent am I? And it can only be you who attempts to smear an Inquisitor's name old man. I was not 'hunting heretics' in the south, I was performing my duties as Grand Inquisitor by the grace of Lady Rania. A great many rumours had surfaced that Jarra may in fact be alive and I was tasked with finding her, in that I'm afraid I have failed. Sure, many heretics burned in the process, but that was not my primary task. Unlike you, scheming and whispering in people's ears Vahanian, I let my Inquisitors a more free hand to see who was ready and who was not. Now that I have returned, it seems you need me more than ever!" He still had raised his voice, although it was no longer a screaming sound.

Then a smile appeared upon his face as he more softly continued "Lady Rania will soon restore my place in the church and I will resume the mantle of Herald. To wash away your sins and ensure the word of Obeah remains heard. In All your attempts and failures to secure lands and borders, it seems you have forgotten that which matters."

Roleplay from Vahanian Blint   (5 days, 3 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
As Goriad II responded, claiming to be able to wash away the sins of Vahanian, Vahanian chuckled to himself.

"My sins are mine own, I have made my confessions to the Oracle herself and she has given me my penance. Are you claiming to be more holy than her? That her knowledge of Obeah and her teachings is lesser than your own? I answer to no priest by the Oracle herself. Be careful in your dealings inquisitor. The world is not what it once was."

Roleplay from Jessica Gildre   (5 days ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Jessica started clapping enthusiastically in the wake of Goriad II's impressive speech.

She slowly stopped clapping and looked around at the silence of the street.

Back and forth continues
Goriad II shook his head: "Yes I'm sure you have fought to change the world. You failed at every corner. You beg priests to take up arms because of your failure. Your sins continue still."

Goriad II now took a step backwards so he could address them all again as he raised his voice once more: "Do you not wonder why you are plagued with chaos and loss since I moved south? You have forgotten the faith! You let this Templar lead your thoughts and prioritize lands over faith?!" He now pointed towards Vahanian.

"It is time we prioritize our faith once more! Let the Templars guard Avengmil, and let the Inquisition and Heralds restore order to our lands again."

He paused for a moment "He says that times have changed and that is exactly the cause of your problems! It is time to honor Obeah again!"

Roleplay from Vahanian Blint   (4 days, 23 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Vahanian stared at Goriad II, for a long time, letting the silence hang. He stared at this man, his rival, his opponent. A man worthy of being a foe.
"Yes I'm sure you have fought to change the world. You failed at every corner. You beg priests to take up arms because of your failure. Your sins continue still."

"My failures are known to me, and I freely admit them, and my sins are between me and Obeah, you have no place to judge them. However your, facts untrue and your mind is clouded by personal feelings, you have been away from this land for too long. Lady Rania issued the ask for Heralds to take up arms and join their countrymen in the fight for Obeah's lands. I would remind you once more, Goriad II, that the command of the military and the safeguarding of all Sacred lands, current and future, resides with me and me alone, as Grand Templar. Do not presume to dictate the actions of the Enlightened, you are the former commander of the Inquisition, nothing more, nothing less."

Vahanian didn't move a muscle, didn't flinch, didn't shift his weight, he let his words lay in the air for a moment before continuing.

"These lands have been plagued with chaos and loss long before you entered them, and that didn't change with your arrival or departure. You are not the force of balance in this world, much as you would have us believe. It is clear your sense of self worth has not diminished as much as your commitment to this realm. Would you have these people believe that you are the savior of the sacred realm? That you and you alone can stand against the daimon hordes, conquer cities and defeat armies? That you alone can withstand the constant onslaught of the heretics without yielding a single inch of ground? Come now Lord Goriad II, surely you can't expect us to believe you are a god walking amongst men?"

A smile admids madness?
Goriad II now smiled as he had Vahanian just where he wanted. He let him speak, but with a nasty grin on his face.

"Sure sure Vahanian, I'll trust that Rania sanctioned it when the Templar's failing jeopardized the safety of the realm. But what excuse do you have to continue this, while the lands are now safe once more? Or are you thusly incompetent that you can't protect my Mott and Baily in Avengmil without all the Heralds taking up arms?"

He smiled loudly and let his words ring with his audience: "The Grand Templar can't defend a chokepoint Townsland with walls without begging for help of the priests?"

"No old man, I do not claim to be godlike, but I will place my faith in Obeah before the expansion of lands we can't hold. It is through our devotion that the veil between our world and Obeah's weakens, ensuring her full return! Our devotion, magic and the devotion of the people."

He paused one last time: "By halting the spread of our faith due to trivial combat and land grab beyond Avengmil we forego our primary duty! Every Inquisitor he should understand this, or you are no Inquisitor to begin with!" He now yelled again as he looked around.

Roleplay from Vahanian Blint   (4 days, 5 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Vahanian looked back at Goriad, he understood the moves the man was making, trying to undermine his leadership. He didn't care, Goriad had no idea what he was talking about. He was no man of faith, he was using the pretense of the religion for personal gain.

"Claim all the falsities you want Goriad, the fact of the matter is this. All your claims are conjecture. You know nothing. Nothing. Of what transpired while you were off pretending to do the work of Obeah, or working out your daddy issues, or whatever it was you were doing. You abandoned your faith, and your precious inquisition, and then you stroll in here as if you never left. Coward."

Vahanian let that hung, he didn't care about this man, he didn't care about his posturing, or his political aspirations. He was insignificant. He knew what had to be done, and he knew how the rivalry between the two men would end up. One of them dead in a ditch. 

And more anger
A surge of intense anger arose in Goriad II. "Do you see my father here anywhere old man? I AM Goriad II lest your old age make you forget! I claim no falsities and once more since you appear to be deaf, I don't care what happened in my absence. I am talking about the here and now. There is no reason for the Heralds to continue to take up arms NOW!"

His anger became clearly visible to all who were watching.

"You are a disgrace to continue to push for lands and push to neglect our faith! And I went south to search for Jara by the grace of Lady Rania, but the rumours of her captivity proved false."

Then suddenly he took one of his curved blades and pointed it at Vahanian and his man "The Inquisition and the faith will not be silenced by those Templars who care only about more regions and wealth!"

Roleplay from Gythrul Attano   (2 days, 12 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Gythrul had seen and heard enough. Goriad II’s anger towards the Grand Templar had caused him to draw his blade. Gythrul knew what he was about to do was probably stupid. And dangerous, but he was committed.

He drew his own longsword. Darkened steel with a gold plated hilt, a relic from his days as Harbinger of Spearhold.

And pointed it at Goriad.

“Drop it.” The masked Wraith rasped.

Roleplay from Vahanian Blint   (2 days, 7 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Vahanian looked at Goriad II with an impassive face, he almost smiled as the man drew his blades and was even more shocked when the masked man stepped forward and drew his own sword.

Vahanain placed his hand on the hilt of his own sword and said "Goriad the first, or the sequel, matters little. Remember what happened the last time you crossed swords with me. This time you may not walk out alive. Sheath your blade."

Roleplaying / Re: Goriad II's emigration to BT
« on: March 04, 2018, 10:32:09 PM »
It was still dark when the three men finally arrived at the tavern in Avengmil. A large group of soldiers had surrounded the tavern and the small group of people in front and inside of it. Astros's small contingency of men was nothing compared to the number of men were against them. It mattered quite little to Goriad II however and we made his way through the ranks of the soldiers. He had already spotted Yxevarii and Vahanian, which angered him a bit, but it seemed that everyone's focus was towards Astros and none were guarding the rear of the encirclement and as such it was rather easy to move foward and come close to the Grand Mistress.

As moved from behind her, he brushed the fingers of his left hand through her hair untill it reached the neck where he seemed to caress her in for only a blink of a second while he moved further forward in between the two side. "Yxevarii time has done you well, I'm afraid I can't say the same about the realm. It seems I left both my proteges too early and now they stand against each other. This must be resolved!"

He then turned towards Vahanian's side: "What are you doing here?" he shouted briskly "This is a matter of the Inquisition, a Templar has no authority here!" It was all he said to Vahanian as he turned back to Yxevarii. "I came accross two of your guards who carried with them an eye witness to some of Astros' affairs. You can thank Sigmund here that they are still alive, for the fools nearly took up arms against me. They could use some discipline my dear." He paused for a moment "This man had some interesting reports to share with us, which rather complicates the matters at hand. He claims to have seem Astros kill some men, but when pressed further, he also indicated to me to fear for the life of his family. It seems the men in question were most likely cultists from the south,"

He now turned towards the man "That is your official report still?" "Yes milord, there can be no doubt. At times Harald was away for some unknown meeting and together with some others they have been slowly influencing the local government milord, further away from Obeah's grace. I dared not speak it prior as the lives of my family were threathened with torture and execution." Goriad II just nodded, "By the account of this man it seems Astros has been hunting heretics and within the Inquisition such is not called murder, but rather purging, a commendable action. The belongings of these heretics are forfitted and belong to the church. If Astros has not contributed these richess, I hope he was merely waiting to return to Rines to deposit the gold. Taking from heretics is to be approved off, but witholding it from the church is not."

He had now turned to Astros, "I am certain you did not attempt to steal from the church boy? I have taught you better have I not?" He walked closer and closer to the pair of Astros and Jessica "And this is your captain I presume?" he said "A fine choice Astros, bit slimm perhaps?" and he now stared directly into Jessica's eyes. "So, you were with Astros at the time of affairs of which he has been accused?" but no reply was given, she tried to gesture, but Goriad II drew one of his daggers "Speak, you worm," his tone grew less pleasant and when she still did not reply he placed the dagger to her throat "You would dare ignore the head of the Inquisition women?" Suddenly he felt a sharp edge on the back of his lower spine. She had moved quickly and placed it with finess. Then she opened her mouth and held out what was left of her tongue as some sort of mangled viper. Goriad II let his blade down "Hehe, I like this one Astros," he then turned to Jessica again "But threathen me again and you will live to regret it."

He now turned back to Yxevarii "My dear, what exactly has Astros been accused off beyond the killing of some peasants and what proof has been gathered so far? As head of the Inquisition I will create a case against him and judge the evidence accordingly. Now apart from that there is much else to do," he shouted now "Lawlessness, lawlessness everywhere!" he shouted as he moved closer "No single member of the government is a Herald, the one priest apart from the Oracle is accused of severe crimes. Bring me the proof on all and I will investigate and judge. "

He stopped shouting and turned to Vahanian "How hard can it be to protect a Townsland against some hordes with our full army behind it? I built these walls myself, they can withstand a lot. There should be no need for Heralds to turn to commanders at this time, unless you seek to claim Ardmore. Has Erheas' failure taught you nothing Vahanian, he tried to push too far with the resources we had and suffered for it. Avengmil can be held without the Heralds' aid and if you cannot take Ardmore without them, then perhaps you should consider that you shouldn't take Ardmore in the first place."

He now moved to the center and started shouting as he turned around "It is the faithlessness of so many here, the shortsightedness of earthly belongings and regions that has brought chaos to these lands, vivid with accusations of crime and turmoil. This will end today! The Heralds must be restored to order and the Templars must perform their own duty, as all must!"

Roleplay from Vahanian Blint   (5 days, 6 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Vahanian was a little surprised Goriad II had managed to slip past his guards, but held his ground as he watched the man claim his titles back in an instant. Vahanain couldn't help but respect the boldness.

As Goriad II claimed out and shouted back orders left and right, none of his men flinched. None of them moved a muscle, waiting command from their commander.

Vahanian responded. "It is good to see you back, Goriad the second, however I fear in your absence you are no longer the head of the inquisition, and as such no longer hold the authority to dictate investigations nor command me and my men where we might go. We are here to keep the peace, and ensure that all goes smoothly according to the desires of the Grandmistress. You yourself have been stripped of your titles and status within the church. Might I suggest seeing to your own affairs before meddling in the affairs of those of us that didn't abandon our realm under the pretense of hunting heretics in the south?"

Vahanian could see the rage boiling inside of Goriad II, he kept his hands on his throwing blade, a new target in his sight, before saying "Grandmistress, how are we to proceed?"

Roleplay from Jessica Gildre   (5 days, 6 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
As the dagger was withdrawn from her throat, she complied in like by sheathing her own.

She became curious of Goriad II. He had a history, no doubt about it. He also seemed to possess skills which she... recognized. He had turned his back to her, addressing the Grand Templar and Grandmistress again. Evidently, he thought highly of those skills, to expose his back like that. However, broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses was hardly the setting she preferred to stab a man in the back.

Better at night, whilst in his night robe.

Jessica shifted her daggers on her belt and pondered. Goriad II continued on, blathering on about Templars and Inquisitors and Heralds. Jessica didn't bother to pay attention. She had little interest in their fractal bickering. The Daimons had been defeated, their Archprinces destroyed. Why did all these nobles care so much about a few cultists roaming the wild lands? Their paranoia was almost overbearing.

She looked at Vahanian. What was he doing here? Was he just fueling some vendetta against Astros? When she had seen him for the first time, on the field of battle, he had seemed so regal, a knight's knight. Here, however, standing next to Yxevarii, he seemed different...

She frowned at that. Perhaps souls weren't meant to be saved.

Roleplay from Vahanian Blint   (5 days, 4 hours ago)
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela
Vahanian stood there, next to Yxevarii and looked at the people assembled before him. Goriad II, Astros, Jessica, Yexevarii. All here, all for what? To arrest the monstrous idiot Astros? For murdering peasants? No doubt Goriad II would try to threaten or bribe any witnesses among the common folk to prevent their testimony from holding any weight, Vahanian knew that the man was resourceful and capable, he was every inch the commander of the Inquisition.

The truth was, Vahanian hated having to be here. He hated having to stand sentinel over these preceding's. He wished to be able to withdraw with his men, and fight an opponent on the field of battle, not in the courts of justice, or halls of politics. He didn't care about Astros, or Goriad II, he didn't know enough about Jessica to care about her either.

Yxevarii was the only one among the assembled nobles that had earned any amount of his respect or trust, he was here because it was his job to maintain the peace, and because he'd made a promise to Rania. A promise that only she and him knew about, and one that he would take to his grave. He wished more than anything for Obeah to come down and smite Goriad II and Astros, smite them from the face of the world. Remove the obstacles that were perpetually in his way. He missed the simpler times, the times when an opponent was a man with a grudge and would meet you in honorable combat, not scheme and plot to get his way. These nobles who talk of religion and faith and honor knew little of true honor, they had none. They played the game for power and power alone. They didn't play to win, or to defeat a stronger opponent. They played for personal legacy, for personal gain.

It was day's like this that Vahanian missed the simplicity of the north, of simply fighting back hordes of daimon kind, hunting down and slaughter beasts of another world. How he wished that Obeah would grant him these desires. To swipe away the petty feuds everyone seemed to have.

He wanted to step forward, scream out at the heavens and tear down the sky to ask Obeah what had the realm of her faithful done to deserve this? What have we done to warrant her apparent fury and displeasure. Had he not spent enough time in prayer? Had he not devoted enough of his life to protecting her mortal possessions. He had sacrificed a life of wealth, respect, and power in Thalmarkin to travel to a strange realm to protect the child of a woman he'd never met, from opponents he'd had no quarrel with. He moved once more to a land further away with a strange religion and faith, a gift that for all of his life he'd yet to receive until, he found solace in the council and mentorship of Rania. She helped to heal the rend in his soul from the loss of his family. She'd guided him to the warmth and light of the Veiled Goddess and since, everything he'd done had been in her name. Why has she haunted him with these nagging, pestering, petty quarrels, with nobles not worth of meeting their end on his blade. What had he done?!

All of this he contemplated, all of this raced through his mind, as he stood there, a sentinel for the Grandmistress, his face impassive, revealing nothing of his inner thoughts.

Roleplaying / Re: Goriad II's emigration to BT
« on: March 04, 2018, 10:23:33 PM »
Goriad II returns
It had been a tough few months as Goriad II travelled through the monster infested south of Beluaterra in search of Jarra. He had received some evidence that she may be alive, but every time he was disappointed when they proved to be wrong. In his wake he left piles of dead who had informed him poorly, or refused to inform him at all. Rumours had begun to emerge of a devil roaming the south slaughtering peasants, but fortunately they had not yet connected him to the trail. When there were no longer any clues to be had, he finally made his way back to Obia'Syela only to find that the realm had lost most of its holdings since his leave of absence.

"I warned Erheas that he should focus his forces and not push so far out, bloody fool!" he sighed, "Sigmund, get me an update on the realm and inform Lady Rania that I failed in my task, but that we did find something else of note."

An hour later Sigmund returned to his master "I bring bad news and worse, Rania is no longer present, Yxevarii now leads the realm." Goriad II shook his head "how? Well at least Yxevarii leads and not one of the idiots. I will find out myself what happened here! And what was the worse news?"

Sigmund paused for a moment "Well...well...uhm, Erheas is no longer Grand Templar.." he stuttered, "Well that's good news isn't it?" Goriad II responded "Well Sir...Vahanian took his place," Sigmund then continued "For the love of Obeah! We must make haste."

Making speed
As Goriad II moved through Ardmore on his way to Avengmil he heard more and more whispers of a trial in Avengmil and great trails of dead bodies. "Dead bodies where? You mean the ones down south?" he asked as he and Sigmund cornered a man "No milord, here and in the area, dead merchants tortured, robbed and killed. It's that devil Astros, I'm sure of it, I've seen it with my own eyes milord. In fact, I'm on my way to Avengmil as we speak by orders of the Grand Mistress' men." Just at that moment 2 guard arrived at the scene "Stay away from him, or you will face the Inquisition,"

Goriad II smiled a rather vicious grin "Perfect, then I relieve you of your charge boys," the guard looked confused "Who do you think you are giving us orders you..." then Sigmund intervened "Hold your tongue fools. The Grand Inquisitor will cut them off if you don't and I don't want to be the one explaining that to Yxevarii!" The guard looked even more confused now "Grand Inquisitor Janis does not..." but they were cut off. "Janis is releaved from her function, I am resuming my role as Grand Inquisitor and unless you want to oppose me, I suggest you hand him over now!"

The guards in the meantime had both drawn their sword, but before using them one ultimately uttered to Sigmund " that Goriad II?" and Sigmund simply smiled "It sure is boy, now ride north and inform all that we shall arrive in Avengmil by sunrise"

Turning a witness
"We will ensure you arrive in Avengmil safely," Goriad said to the man. "I also want to ensure your family is safe in case the accused has some rogue men wondering about. Where do you hail from? I will send some Inquisitors loyal to me to the house to ensure you are free to speek the truth without fear for your family's safety." The man was filled with gratitude and provided all the details to Sigmund. "We leave in an hour, this will give Sigmund time to dispatch a messenger and you some time to pack again," and by those words the man left to acquire his belongings. When he was gone, Goriad II turned to Sigmund "No trace, you hear me Sigmund. They packed all their valuables and left. Burn it all, don't let me find out that some of their richess resurfaced on the black market!" and with a simple nod Sigmund also went on his way.

They had been travelling for about half an hour when Goriad II reigned in his horse and placed himself besides the man. "So you say you have seen Astros kill these men?" he asked and the man simply nodded "Yes milord, they even screamed his name out in horrible agony." He was met with a nod, "Yes, I see, and why did he do this?" Goriad II continued in his enquiries of the matter. "I don't know milord, they say he's the devil, he kills randomly, for sport," and Goriad II started laughing "Well, I also hunt for sport my friend, but such hunting is often far from random. Further south I have encountered a pagan sect who call themselves krillians, quite an aggressive bunch and their method of entry is often to infiltrate communities and slowly convert cowards and traitors to their heretic faith. Perhaps that happened here as well?"

"No, impossible milord, I've known harald, one of the men he killed, for all my life. He would never..." but he was interrupted "Never is such definitive word and often misused. Are you certain there were not small hints that he may have been corrupted?" Again the man shook his head, "I know of none." "Hmmm, I see," Goriad II replied, "Perhaps if you think more carefully. Can you prove their innosence then? That they are not part of a sect?" The man now hesitated "That is impossible to prove milord, except for my word." Goriad II shook his head "So it will simply be your word against that of Astros, a commoner versus a noblemen. That does not bode well I fear." He said now with a small grin as he rode ahead again.

A few hours later, as the party stopped for a short break, Sigmund now approached the man. "I pity you," he said seemingly sincere. "Pity? Why milord?" was the reply of the man. "It will be the head of the Inquisition who will decide your faith and that of Astros and he is that head," he said as he pointed to Goriad II "and so far you've seem to fail to convince him." The man shook his head: "But how can I convince him? So maybe Astros goes free?" Sigmund now smilled "Not just that, if you as a commoner were found to press false claims to a noblemen, you will be executed through torture yourself along with your entire family."

It was only now that the man seemed to understand the meaning of Goriad II's words "But, how can I convince him?" he nearly begged to Sigmund, "Please, my family." Sigmund took a deep breath "There are only two ways my friend. Either you prove the innocense of the man which Astros killed, or you prove their guild and as such avoid pressing a false claim. It often happens that we as humans overlook certain signs of wrongdoing because we believe to know the other person. Have they not acted suspicious these last few years? Been to meetings, trying to alter some local policy, enter the town hooded perhaps? You have 5 hours remaining to either prove Harald's guilt or innocense and that of your own."

Roleplaying / Glory's Journal
« on: March 04, 2018, 10:05:13 PM »
Glory finally set down after her long day. As every day, she took her journal out and started writing:

"Dear journal, today was a very long day. It still pains me to leave father behind but it was his own request and despite protest I obeyed him. The road back to Highmarch has been long for these last few days and due to a small error in reading the map we seem to have traveled beyond Domus City into Scio. Fortunately this is the land of Lord Samuel II and he has granted us a place to call home for now.

Today I have also witnessed the horor father wished to keep away from me. The people of Scio are being terrorized by some large hound looking monsters, the size of horses. Several children have been eaten and even adults have been attacked. It was a horrible sight and when we learned the whereabouts of the beasts I orders my riders to move out.

We met the beasts in south-eastern open plains between the mountains of Scio. Our charge managed to kill several of them, but two of my own men died and another 7 were wounded in the engagement. There are still a few of the creatures around, but I'm not sure what to do. If I stay and fight them again, I risk losing more men and leaving my wounded without care for too long as I have been unable to find any healers in the area. But if I move to Domus to find proper paraphernalia, we allow these beasts to kill more innocent children. It seems as if there is no good choice right now, it saddens me."

BM General Discussion / Re: A Publicity Idea
« on: March 03, 2018, 03:15:57 PM »
Yes, Garas was general of Sirion starting just after Perdan/Westmoor and allies invaded Sirion untill some months after peace was signed with Perdan. When Oligarch was transfered back feom Eponllyn to Sirion Garas became the new Duke/Margrave and in turn stepped down as General.

He was a very different person however back then than what he ultimately became. So if there's anything do let me know ;)

BM General Discussion / Re: A Publicity Idea
« on: March 03, 2018, 10:42:01 AM »
Gildre if you want to use one of my chars and have questions you know how to reach me ;)

BM General Discussion / Re: A Publicity Idea
« on: March 02, 2018, 08:26:21 AM »
I love it. Honestly I think a large group of us at time have thought about doing the same, but never actually went through with it.

I doubt Tom would mind, especially if you give BM a shoutout (Tom isn't really involved with BM anymore anyway, Anaris is).

Also it doesn't matter if it brings people to the game. If anything, there will be people here who would love to read it. As long as you would enjoy writing it, I'd say hell yeah!

Helpline / Re: Too well known...
« on: February 26, 2018, 10:12:35 PM »
So can't be higher than 5? That sounds ridiculous. How do you even get to 40 honor while only having 5 prestige?

Reading is hard isn't it Rolly  ::)

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