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Helpline / Command Staff Settings
« on: June 25, 2011, 10:19:35 PM »
Being rather absent from the strategic/tactical part of Battlemaster in the entire time I played, I decided about a year ago that it was time for me to learn the basics: battles. I've been made marshal, but mostly vice marshal, left and right and up until now things were pretty easy and straightforward. The fact that I was made marshal with more "inexperienced" characters may explain why I wasn't confused.

Then, a few days ago, I was made marshal with my character Immanuel. If I'm not mistaken, that character has over 90% leadership: basically, it has been my primary battle character, given it has been in Ibladesh and was there when the tipping point in the war against Itorunt came. Apparently high leadership enables a great amount of special command settings that I haven't seen much before (except for one). Thus, I could use some help/tips on which ones do what etc. I'll give a list

  • Infantry Charge
    Cavalry Charge
    Archer Opening
    Soften & Charge
    Attacking in Waves
    Careful Attack
    Weakening Skirmish
  • Infantry Wall
    Fortification Deploy
    Mixed Lines
    Delay and wound
    They Shall Not Pass (funfact: I saw Caligus use this once, and their army got massacred for minimal losses on the other side. Must be worst tactic ever)
    Strategic Retreat

I was wondering if someone could explain me more about these tactics. How do they line up specific unit types, what do they do, and in which situation are they beneficial? Next to that: does the % of leadership influence the effectiveness of the used tactic?

I'll be collecting answers here and will eventually try to make it part of some tutorial, useful for mentors (maybe "advanced battlemaster").

Thanks for your help in advance!

Feature Requests / Peer-judging messages: too involved
« on: June 06, 2011, 10:49:16 AM »
Recently I was given a message to review for vulgarity but I realized that I was actually too involved in a discussion to make a good and neutral decision. Hence came the idea to add a third option:  "too involved". It would in essence mean that you say you cannot judge this message. It would then probably be sent to another player on the continent to judge it, because judgement is required after all.

BM General Discussion / Perdan's Capital Change
« on: April 25, 2011, 03:28:38 PM »
Okay, so after a lot of complaints within Ibladesh, and the apparent consensus that I as ruler should be taking care of this, I have decided to post on this forum something that bothers some people in Ibladesh about Perdan's recent capital change (from Perdan to Partora);

Now, we all know (or at least most of us old timers) that Perdan has had Partora as their capital before. So in that sense, I believe the reason why Perdan changed their capital officially will be of "historical reasons" (albeit having had Partora for over two months already). The question though is, and certainly because the rules about capital change are vague, is what they did okay or not? Personally, I don't see a problem with it. Let me put it out like this, and if the Perdanese are fair they will agree: it's much easier to have your capital way closer to the battlefield, which is the real reason, but it's easy to explain it as "historical". That is how it went, I believe, and the rules are not so strict that it is forbidden to go like that. I would do exactly the same. Heck, if I could make Castle Ubent the capital of Ibladesh I might even do it. Maybe rename the realm to Ubent for the sake of history.

Nevertheless, the question is if their true meaning is legal or not. Again, let's face it, they did it because it is easier, not out of an historical aspect. If they were so focused on making Partora their capital they could have done it when Caligus gave it back to them. But they didn't. All in all this capital change is an unpleasant event for us Ibbies, and they must have been expecting some complaints. My (personal) question though is: are the rules fair? I mean, a realm like Perdan that had capital changes before, clearly has an advantage over other realms, that have kept their realm stationary all the time (and thus cannot call in historical reasons). When reading the rules, I do have the feeling it is very easy to circumvent them, which actually reduces rules about capital change to ashes anyway.

So, please, let me hear your opinions. I'm not going to drag this to the Titans (yet), and I personally believe that the rules are too easily circumvented to make a clear decision.

Edit: to avoid misunderstandings, I have not decided to bring this up to a Titan or not. I'm here to collect opinions.

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