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Dwilight / Re: The Dwilight University
« on: April 21, 2011, 04:48:03 AM »
I fully agree with De-Legro. You can make all the OOC claims on the forum you want. But the forum isn't the game. You need to be doing all that in-game. Convincing people in the forum, then expecting them to change what they do IG, is a blatant violation of the spirit of the game.

Well I started this discussion hoping to figure out what people thought of the University and why most aren't playing it. I guess I am directly the cause of that...? :-X Anyway, Bowie is what he is and does what he does and if no one bothers to challenge him its their own fault. What I thought was important was the activity of the University as a populated community not the fact that one of the only contributors was a push factor. I'm really not sure how that could be fixed, because then it would turn into me playing Bowie differently (which is the opposite effect of this post)

Because there is no reason to contribute. I have contributed the Occidens article because Hireshmont has political objectives that necessitate Occidentalism. It's political positioning. Many, maybe most, characters and objectives do not require such subtleties.

Excellent and hopefully one of the many reasons other players could have to play the University too.

But Sanguis Astroism could. If it allows its theology department to become co-opted by SA, there will be a reason to contribute, as the University's Theology department becomes SA's intellectual wing. It is a reason to contribute that ties in to the game and other RPed institutions.

I don't really understand the downside here, unless you are suggesting that the University should be anti-SA. Medieval Universities are not secular, enlightened, liberal places for neutral assessment of information.

Okay, I get how that would work but then what about nobles not SA? Would a VE priests be allowed to work for the Theology Department? Probably not, which removes the pan-Dwilight appeal of the University. Hence why I stress keeping the department and the whole guild neutral. It is fine for a realm to say only this type of religion may hold government positions, but in a guild that is not supposed to be realm specific it is not alright. I am not suggesting it is anti-SA, just not SA only.

Roleplaying / Re: Bowie
« on: April 20, 2011, 08:35:13 AM »
Ohhh, this is to be a roleplay trap? Sorry, I am used to people actually trying to kill or imprison Bowie  :P. (unless I am doubly wrong...hmm).

Well here is some information on the relationship between Bowie and Sallowtown you can use (if that is to be the spot you nab him). As it stands now the Sallowsian tribes do not like Bowie and would also be interested in capturing him. The reason for this is because after he claimed to be their saviour (as the incarnated Prince Sallow), launched a crusade to conquer the city and become its Duke, he impregnated one of their princesses, killed a lot of the opponents to the son's linkage to the tribal royalty, and then after he was deposed the princess tried to install their son as a leader. They exiled the son of Bowie (Winter Ironsides) to Atamara. This will be the second time he has visited the city since he lost his seat as Duke. The first time was when Winter was young and Bowie was escaping D'Hara after he was banned for conspiring to overthrow the King (which was a long time ago).

He was the first and last Duke of Sallowtown. As for the religious connection, his claim as the incarnated Prince comes from the religion Way of Arexi Dragons, a local off shoot of the Way of the Dragons, D'Hara's original indigenous faith. That religion no longer exists but Bowie still holds to parts of the beliefs. Not sure if you need to use any of that stuff, but its on the wiki if you want to include it.

Roleplaying / Re: Bowie
« on: April 20, 2011, 07:57:07 AM »
If you are cooking something up I want it to be a surprise!  ;D

When I saw the rp about Gustav spying on Bowie I was like "awesome, something is in the works." I won't check this thread anymore either in case I see something I shouldn't.

I will return to the stage now. (message me in game if you need anything, though).

Dwilight / Re: The Dwilight University
« on: April 20, 2011, 07:14:10 AM »

It might become true that a religion could dominate the department of theology, one thing could lead to another and bamo there is your idea in play. I argue though that it is a Dean not a Prophet. Their judgment is academic, not spiritual. This is not the University of Sanguis Astroism it is the Dwilight University. It can't be strictly one thing. That's what the actual religion is for. Let the temples and churches create their own education system if they want. Actually, that would make a hell of a great article for the Department, and this debate would have done well to originate in the University. (Ah ha!, there's the rub! We are doing in this thread exactly what we should be doing in the University!)

Culture can originate from things other than religion. I hoped the Illiterati would produce fictional works from various realms for us to enjoy. Like a story of a noble who lived in the Occidens battling the monsters, etc. It would give other players insight into those realms through the eyes of another character. A realm could become famous for its heroes and adventurers. Why not? The Keepers of Lore tried to do something like this but suffered from the same lack of contribution as the University is.

Dwilight / Re: The Dwilight University
« on: April 20, 2011, 06:53:20 AM »
I can understand that many people are busy in real life and are not able to play the University as I hope they would, that is not what I am addressing. So far, however, it seems to me that the University has an image problem.

First, it should never be looked at as "Bowie's University" because he is not the sole authority. If for instance a "History of Sanguis Astroism" was submitted to his department he would never reject it just because he is the religion's opponent. He can't, he is the Dean of History, it would contradict his position. Sure in his work he injects his views but he has never done so to distort the facts and he has never ignored a challenge to his work. Anyone is free to submit an alternate history, as happened with the Chronology, and he will have to accept it.  And Sejieda is rarely active, but even if he was I am sure he would agree with me on this point. We could never, in spite of ourselves, throttle the vitality of the University because of our own personal decisions. It is not a political institution, it is academic and social. That is why leaders from opposing realms are members, and can freely chat with each other without outside strings attached. Inside the University is secular (that is to say available to all members of any religion) and a free and open institution.

Regarding the Dean of Theology position, Pasha Blatkovechkin should have been promoted (and he applied several times, Bowie even vouched for him) because of his contributions to the department, not because he was an SA priest. The Theology department should be an academic field for all religions not a bell jar over the ones not pertinent to the Dean. Deanships should be given to the best regular contributors of a field. A Dean of Theology then is someone who examines, explores, challenges, analysis, experiences etc. religions of Dwilight. This position has to abide by the same point I made above. If the Dean of Theology accepted or rejected works based on her own policies and not the open spirit of the institution then she should not be the Dean. What they submit is their own, but what they allow submitted should depend on the quality (not content) of the work.

 And, the University is not strictly for realm or political interaction spawning material, there is an Arts department (perhaps for avid writers/roleplayers), a political science department (for those who have ideas or experiences on how realms/elections/positions and more are handled), and other fields that are open to core roleplay source building, to wholly invented works, and to entertaining Dwilight focused material. I guess all of this depends on the time and commitment of the player, but I think it is rewarding if even you submit something small. Contributing to the game (and wiki) is a way of playing the game in my mind.

Dwilight / Re: The Dwilight University
« on: April 18, 2011, 05:23:53 PM »
Nearest campuses in the Occidens are Dunnbrook and Chesney, as for Toprak Minors..., hmm, Ashrak? I tried to make a deal to get one built down there but it didn't go through...I lost Flowrestown before I could uphold my end of the bargain. Too bad they didn't just build one anyway. Looks like those students will have to do a bit of leg work. Maybe something can be arranged between the University and any Lurian Lord willing to make the trip?

It doesn't have to be a thesis, just a paragraph about some minor incident etc, add it to the library and eventually if enough people add paragraphs you have a functional library.

And for those interested in creative writing we offer space in the Illiterati, the university's own fiction journal :)

Dwilight / Re: The Dwilight University
« on: April 18, 2011, 06:03:08 AM »
That is what I want to address in this post. A) How come no one participates in the many available departments, all different from the others and all open to everyone. B) If everyone claims they want unique culture and identity then how come they aren't participating in something I think is a catalyst to Dwilight wide originality. History is a major part of a nations identity. Being aware that other realms have a history should compel one to "be in the game too." The Dwilight University is a place to mesh that (and that is just one example).

Besides the characters involved, what do you think the university could do differently, or do in general that you would like it to?

Dwilight / Re: The Dwilight University
« on: April 15, 2011, 07:20:10 PM »
Oh, I know that. My character is a member of the guild. But with Sejieda and Bowie being prominent members, at least as viewed from the outside, the University's reputation has been permanently tarnished.

There is no reason your character can't become a Dean. I hope to have a diverse cast of elders in the university.

Basically, what this article is about is to discuss and shape the University to what it should be instead of how it is now. I wish more contributed their own original works be it History, Geography (like all the awesome maps) etc, and to make it something that is shared by all of Dwilight. Ideas can exchange, contacts across the continent could be made, and characters can find another element to their lives outside of the routine realm business.

Dwilight / Re: The Dwilight University
« on: April 15, 2011, 07:13:07 PM »
My IC opinion: Dwilight University is a pseudo-intellectual institution founded in Springdale by anti-SA Torenist zealots. It is now used mostly by Bowie Ironsides as a front to gather information to continue his anti-SA propaganda, and to disseminate information designed to make SA look bad.


Pasha made an alternative chronology of the Aquilegion Civil War that eliminated Bowie's bias, I happily included it in my work. Plus, just because Bowie is anti-SA and loving it doesn't mean he is right! He doesn't own the University or control any of it, you have just as much to contribute as him. Challenge him, write counter-arguments etc. The University is secular, and above realm/political/religious affiliations. At least that is how I view it. It should be a place to debate and discuss, like an IC forum.

Dwilight / The Dwilight University
« on: April 15, 2011, 08:54:12 AM »
Its one of my most favourite things about the whole game (in case you aren't aware my character is an active Dean of History). How come no one else sees it/uses it for the potential it has? Outside of a few once-in-a-whiles the University is sadly quiet. Military Studies or Arts alone I figured would be competitive.

What do you think, team?

BM General Discussion / Re: Family Name Origins
« on: April 15, 2011, 08:40:12 AM »
Hello, I am slowly getting into this forum.

I got the last name from two sources; the awesome actor Michael Ironside (a Canadian, thank you  8)), and from Oliver Cromwell's infantry during the English Civil War. 

Armsrong was named after the authour Karen Armstrong (just a cool sounding name). And Bowie was named both for the knife and the singer David Bowie (go figure, eh).

Feature Requests / "Convert" Nobles to Secret Society
« on: March 07, 2011, 06:10:11 AM »

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