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BM General Discussion / Re: Exotic realm cultures
« on: March 08, 2011, 04:49:37 PM »

The various Pirate realms are interesting as well, and probably not exactly "medieval" so much as 17th and 18th century-based. Madina comes to mind, and I think there used to be one on the Far East out of Batesoar.
This is a shame, because there was plenty of piracy in all historical periods, including the middle ages.  Of course, the culture and flavor of any group of pirates varied depending upon their origin and time period, and pirates in the ancient Mediterranean were different than late medieval pirates in the north sea, who were different than 1600s/1700s pirates in the Caribbean (which is practically all anyone thinks of when they think 'pirates').

I'm hoping that perhaps some of a medieval piracy feel can be revived in Batesaor, though of course my character disapproves of this as the Duke of the city.

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