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Magistrates Case Archive / Re: Clan activity detrimental to the game
« on: September 22, 2012, 11:34:09 AM »
What a fun realm!

Perhaps, i'll move a char there seems like my type of nobles.

Please do, the more the merrier I say! :)

It should also be noted that this is the first OOC flame fest that has happened for many many years now.

Indeed, I can't recall one having taken place before in the 6 or so years I've had a character in OT.

I can officially say that they do not exclude people... my character is now happily married to one Angus and looking forward to winning the election to the region I own.

For those not familiar, Angus is a fat, slovenly, usually drunk lecher whose hobbies include pawing at barmaids and spilling bodily fluids (usually his) about.

Magistrates Case Archive / Re: Clan activity detrimental to the game
« on: September 20, 2012, 05:54:30 PM »
Arverni family (Player of Celtillus & Vercingetorix Arverni):
James D.(Player of Eirik Rauoa Veder Saga):
JakeWilmot (Player of Calen Bickerstaff):

The other people named in the above complaint are:

David Wierbiki (Player of Garm Tanngrinir and Iuz Vidar Crownguard):
James Marshall (Player of Rakaarox & Jost Nabarl):
Christian Steiner (Player of Delirus Ironsun):

And I am the player of Vladamire

Lefanis is correct, I started this case to clear my and my fellow players names from these baseless claims. I do not care if action is or is not taken against our accusers, but I have a strong feeling that our accusers would not bring this matter forward on their own, so I am doing so.

Magistrates Case Archive / Re: Clan activity detrimental to the game
« on: September 20, 2012, 03:06:45 PM »
Please post all the concerned messages here so the magistrates can look over them.

A little background, this latest bit spawned from Delirus Ironsun (Christian Steiner) IC banning Deycon Sutherland, then banning Eirik Rauoa Veder Saga when he spoke up in opposition to the ban. I'm not free of any wrong-doing, I clearly violated the SC in my outburst and I am willing to face whatever punishment is deemed appropriate for doing so, but we are not a clan, nor are we acting on OOC information IC as claimed, and I will not stand idly by while my name and the names of players who I've grown to consider friends are slandered in such a way.

Out-of-Character from Deycon Sutherland   (14 hours, 16 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (35 recipients)
You know what sod this. If you're going to arbitrarily ban someone as an act of sheer twatery the least you can do is not piss !@#$ all over their profile.

Thats not even a proper ban message.
James Raffety

Out-of-Character from Rakaarox Nabarl   (14 hours, 8 minutes ago)
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This is Outer Tilog... People have been banned for far more pathetic things than that in the past, also some completely made up stuff. I think someone was banned once for wearing a pink tutu, which they'd never actually done. It's different here, we let anyone be a part of it (and encourage them to), but don't try to change us...

James Marshall

Out-of-Character from Vercingetorix Arverni   (10 hours, 56 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Sorry, I can't agree that that's just fine. It is hardly "special" or "funny" to ban someone "for the lol". Fine them? Sure. RP something punative? All good. Actually kick them out the realm for doing basically nothing? Just obnoxious.

Out-of-Character from Calen Bickerstaff   (10 hours, 40 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
I'm with Arverni on this.

Banning Deycon is maybe excusable, banning Eirik simply for speaking up is utter nonsense. Worst example of Bad-player-conduct since I joined actually, and I play in Aurvandil so I get to see all the horrible sides of players on the forums directed my way. Quite honestly, since it has been made clear there is a sort of Old Club here in O.T. of Players, never mind characters, I have to ask would you ban Garm or Rakaarox for the same things? I'm pretty sure I can bet you wouldn't. Ergo it's not about IC actions but quite a clear OOC decision.

I was going to protest but then I just expected to get banned along with Eirik. OOC I expected it. So that show's you how you've over stepped the mark, when people don't feel they can even play their characters in response.

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (10 hours, 17 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Delirus joined OT late last year, is hardly a player who could be called "old", and is the Minister of Injustice, the one handing out the bans. The player of Eirik Rauoa has made it pretty clear that he has an OOC beef with the player of Garm and is willing to carry that into IC. Excuse me if I don't shed any tears for one player who has done nothing for OT but ignore orders and has never said or did anything to make himself noteworthy and another whose only contribution has been sniping at a long-standing member because he dislikes the player OOC. OT is a realm of madness and evil, not a place where you're going to find a lot of fairness, the trick is to learn how to play the politics. Would Garm or Rakaarox get banned? Likely not, they have entrenched themselves in the dirty deals required to survive here. I wasn't banned for losing the freaking capital to Giblot! Care to guess why?
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (10 hours, 15 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Hey James, I think that was Sedgewick Questor wasn't it? Or was there another?
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (9 hours, 29 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Also, Jake, there is the "silent protest" option precisely for the reason that you can use it to remain anonymous and/or avoid repercussions. Protesting isn't an Inalienable Right and you can (and probably should) get a pop in the nose if you decide to do so against a powerful and/or influential noble publicly without currying favor/support first.
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Eirik Rauoa Veder Saga   (8 hours, 57 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
An OOC vendetta?

No, the fact my character, along with about a dozen others in BoM opposed Garm’s other character’s appointed of his own family members to a region the same day he joined the realm and the ordering of assassins on members of the realm prior to duelling them goes against BoM culture. It is an IC position shared by the vast majority of the realm, aside from Dane’s silent, unheard of, instantly supportive legion of assassins which leapt up to defend him for absolutely no good reason. Besides, (I)Hanz killed Dane (Garm) in BoM, so what bad feelings could I possibly have. Duels to the death in the Barony are not uncommon in the first place.

But that has nothing to do with Eirik’s comments over this banning, other than as he see’s it it’s the kind of thing Garm would do and has done, like the last person who got banned a while back. Why should I gave a damn OOC other than as a player I think it’s a bit extreme.

Furthermore to that, what do you mean “The player of Eirik Rauoa has made it pretty clear that he has an OOC beef with the player of Garm and is willing to carry that into IC”. I have no such thing, so firstly don’t lie to say I do I wouldn’t be so petty, it’s a damn game, and actually as a general rule not only have my characters got on with Crownguard’s until this particular incident in BoM less than two weeks ago but I’ve generally liked the player behind the characters.

Secondly and more importantly, how do you even know the circumstances of this to make such an assertion? You’re not in BoM so how could you possibly know unless Garm told you. If he told you he did it OOC, making the whole damn thing up. So what he messaged you, or maybe a whole gang of you with him he is friends OOC and spun you this story to get my character banned? To give motive to an unseemly unsportsman like attitude? If this is true then this is a clear OOC infraction on the game.

I back what Jake said, upon reading that. If Garm has in some way communicated that to you which he must have then this is a damn OOC racket.

I want Crownguard speaking up on this, and I want to know exactly how you know about BoM, because this is nigh slander and a perversion of the playing spirit of BM.

You know, I don’t even have the energy now to contest this crap IC. Not even sure I want to either if this is true.
James D.
Out-of-Character from Garm Tanngrisnir Crownguard   (8 hours, 17 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Let's keep it IC.  This looks like evil deviants vs normal humans.  A threat to Outer Tilog's well established deviant way of life has been perceived IC and is being acted on IC.  Nothing more.

Garm did not ask or tell anyone to ban anyone.  These have been IC actions.  Completely insane IC actions, but IC actions just the same.
David Wierbiki

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (5 hours, 18 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Dave, I know you said to keep it IC, but I can't let what James D. said go without being responded to.

Dave has no control, IC or OOC, over Delirus, the character who banned Eirik Rauoa Veder Saga and Deycon Sutherland, and neither do I. Get that through your thick skull. I mentioned your obvious dislike of Dave as why I don't care OOC over your banning. This dislike is obvious in the fact that practically your only interaction with the realm IC (proven to me through speaking to many other players here) has been to snipe at Garm given any opportunity to do so. How would Eirik Rauoa Veder saga know "it it’s the kind of thing Garm would do and has done" when he has been here a hot minute? Also, "like the last person who got banned a while back", who would that be? The last time I recall someone being banned from OT, it was Sedgewick, who came here with an intent on stirring trouble between OT and Lukon and was banned for that reason. Your professed reasoning has no IC basis to support it.

While me and Dave have spoken OOC occasionally over the YEARS we've been together here, and we've talked about the situation in BoM (as I have regarding the situations in dozens of other realms in BM with various players I know over the years I've played BM), more importantly, he has gained my trust as a player and my friendship as a person. If he tells me someone seems to have a problem with him, I believe him. When that person acts in an odd way, for example pretty much only interacting with the realm to take shots at him, it only confirms that the trust I've put in him is well founded. Now, for calling me a liar, first off, !@#$ YOU. Secondly, for calling someone I consider a friend a liar, !@#$ YOU you, you little piece of !@#$!

I'm sorry if my harsh language offends, but that's pure bullpuck and I won't stand that.
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Calen Bickerstaff   (4 hours, 23 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Love how aside from all the baby swearing neither of you responded to James.D/Eirik to say how you know about the Barony of Makar stuff. Or why you know. Sort of proves a point in itself.

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (4 hours, 18 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Perhaps you should reread what I wrote Jake, I said Dave and I spoke OOC privately about it quite clearly.
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Calen Bickerstaff   (4 hours, 10 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Actually I wanted a clean quote from you.

So basically ; you're in a clan. So he's right, this is OOC.

Out-of-Character from Martin Enstance   (3 hours, 58 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Please keep the bull!@#$ting in character. Even if the players of Vlad and Garm are in a clan together, that's fine. They're not as far as I know (which should be pretty damn much given our numerous IC disputes here), but even if they were it would be perfectly fine because they can keep IC and OOC separated.

Now please move on before this derails completely. If you can't handle it IC, you have every right to stay quiet. If you think this is OOC bull!@#$, go to the Titans or the Magistrates, whichever system is currently in use and to your liking.

Ruben Baader

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (3 hours, 57 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Nope, no clan here, and as both Dave and myself clearly stated, we have no control over the player of Delirus' actions. Neither of us asked him to ban anyone, he took that action on his own and has no connection to anything OOC that I'm aware of. Even if we were a clan, the players here in OT have never been exclusionary in our actions. That claim is absurd.
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Gregor Fitzalan   (3 hours, 39 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
Sorry I don't think I wish to play in this realm any more.

Out-of-Character from Jonathan Reiser   (3 hours ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
We would have some brilliant role-playing here if all this emotion would be poured into in-character actions. =)
Heikki Wilenius

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (1 hour, 27 minutes ago)
(Personal message to Jonathan Reiser)
True enough, but it seems a few people can't keep IC and OOC apart (namely James D, Jake, and the player of the Arverni characters). As Ruben pointed out Garm and Vlad and Haroldin have been rivals as often as allies over the years  while we, as players, have no ill feelings toward each other and get along just fine (the same could be said of me and Wilson Hendrix, both of us were rulers of realms at war at one point IC, but I have nothing but respect for him OOC). Again my apologies for the language I used in that outburst, they just really got me POed.
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Vercingetorix Arverni   (1 hour, 53 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
It has pretty much been proved this realm has players who play OOC then. And the swearing from Vladimir was totally unnecessary and childish, let alone disgusting.

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (1 hour, 27 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients)
I would love to know how you came to that conclusion. I mean, I agree with your assessment of the situation, but I highly doubt we agree on which players/characters are the problem.
Clark Raven Napper

Out-of-Character from Vladamire Abjur   (17 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (34 recipients),3192.0.html

Lets put this matter to rest, shall we?
Clark Raven Napper

Colonies / Re: Giblot: Dead or Alive?
« on: June 13, 2012, 12:37:42 PM »
I think it was Markus (or whichever) who transformed Giblot into a Monarchy, with Blackie Questor now the current King (and only noble) via the last election.

Colonies / Re: Colony Land Reform
« on: June 05, 2012, 01:21:30 AM »
There's a small peninsula off of South Bakker, I wouldn't mind seeing it become it's own small region, perhaps a townsland (I seem to be thinking that there are very few of these in the Colonies), The Assassins could use another region and their choices nearby are rather limited and poor.

Colonies / Re: Farewell thee, Giblot!
« on: May 27, 2012, 12:59:25 PM »
Got a lot of Shadowist priests to perform the required takeovers? Otherwise MT isn't going to have an easy time taking them, and then there is the fang-toothed cadaver-eaters you'll inherent as neighbors who have their own opinion over the rightful possession of those regions. ;) As far as rogue regions go, they're not too difficult to break if the player in question dedicates his time to it and really focuses on bringing it around. Hulaferd was in much worse shape than many of those regions that formerly made up Giblot but I managed to turn it around with some help from the Assassin bureaucratic branch as Aramon. Assassins didn't have it too bad during the Giblot part of the war, just show up and lend their strength to the Lukon/Orit/OT mob when we went raiding northward. When it was Wetham/Giblot vs. Assassin/OT it was a lot hairier for the Assassins, with the threat of attack from both sides. Luckily for us Giblot/Wetham lacked the coordination skills Evil and I possessed or the Assassins wouldn't be around today to be considered. A solid combined effort during those days to knock out the Bakkers would have sunk the Assassins real quick. As it was, we did a pretty fair job in keeping Wetham pushed back into Frundi (and beyond) and turning around to keep Giblot out of Guild Lands.

Colonies / Re: Save the Colonies!!!
« on: December 08, 2011, 12:13:13 PM »
Which makes me wonder... Are there ever any battles on the colonies? They must be rather small, as the colonies have poor regions mostly and people have to limit their recruitment so that they can pay them for 2-3 weeks.

On top of the "twice the travel times, half the hours, hours the turns" I already stated, I'll add that core things like tax and payment working the same as elsewhere pretty much made it unplayable to me.

I did try the colonies a few times. Left, then came back. The 1 turn per day wasn't what bothered it, it's all of the rest that did.

There are, but they are very infrequent against other players. Travel time plus one turn a day makes getting places a headache, especially in areas that have seen frequent battle/looting and have bad roads as a result. Lukon can field an impressive army, and Giblot and Outer Tilog aren't slouches in a pinch either. The Assassins army was never very big for that reason though, and I can't speak for MT or Orits military capabilities.
I tend to go with a throwaway method of troop recruitment, the honor loss for losing them due to not paying doesn't bother me (rather I try to offset it with what I gain from battle), so I load up as many high quality troops as I can afford to get to the front and just worry about getting them into battle, I set my unit to 90% retreat as default and use them to grind down the enemy. If any of my men survive, I use them to hunt and loot as much as I can first rather than worry about saving them for their training, cohesion, or the like. I fight tooth and nail for every scrap and try to make any victory by my enemy as costly as I can.

Colonies / Re: Save the Colonies!!!
« on: December 06, 2011, 06:45:50 PM »
My biggest issue with the Colonies is the travel times when combined with one turn a day turn battles into once a month activities at most, especially once the roads decay from battle. For example, let's say Vladamire Abjur has a unit of 100 men and no scouts and wants to travel to Ammersfield from OTC (due to Outer Tilog's ongoing war with Giblot, this particular path has become familiar stomping grounds to me). The most direct route is Outer Tilog - Rollsovar - Ammersfield, which looks like a fairly small trip right? That movement would take him roughly 50 hours, or 8 turns. That means that move will take literally more that a week real time to perform. A week to travel through one region. That's not including the return trip (which, if there is any wounded, is going to take even longer and there is going to be wounded guaranteed from the starvation in the area). I know that things are supposed to move slower in the Colonies, but that's a touch ridiculous, don't you think? Turns things into a slog and it's hard to keep things interesting when most of your time is spent in the middle of moving to the place where action is (hopefully) going to happen. Fighting the Giblot nobles is easy, the real fight comes not from their army but from their regions!
Ran into a similar problem in the Assassins, moving across those bridges from the Bakker Woods to the eastern regions we gained is a pain in the neck. It's practically the same amount of time spent to move from DC to Koolaris via the bridges as it is to travel south to Steepglades first and then head north from there, and that method is almost always the better choice tactically (it's easier to keep an army cohesive over shorter 1-2 turn "hops" than it is trying to move it over a long multi-turn path). Makes maintaining Helsera and Koolaris difficult as well for Courtiers.

Personally, I'd do away with the roads (due to there supposedly being "very little infastructure outside of the main cities" already being one of the main causes of their being only one turn a day in the colonies) and take a look at slashing travel times generally. I'd also consider making it harder to control regions outside of those bordering the various Capitals, the aforementioned lack of infrastructure again making it harder to control places just outside of a realms' easy reach and thus making succession/colony takeovers a more attractive option to empire building. Hopefully it would also encourage tribute-type war concessions as opposed to wars of annexation. Realms that really hated each other could still wipe the other off the map, but it would be better to setup a new realm in their place as opposed to try to rule the regions themselves. I really think that would make the Colonies play more like how they're described to be than how they currently play now while making them unique and fun in their own way.

Colonies / Re: Lukon is too big....
« on: September 27, 2011, 08:29:13 PM »
Well, I embezzled 75% of all the gold in Oritolon then jumped ship to Atamara.... Giblot and Assassins seem to not know, or have forgotten what my other char did, so meh.

Oh, Aramon knows, he always knew. You think Aramon survived this long as Shadow Tyrant, with enemies like Innocent and Sedgewick, without having some connections and trusted allies? *waggles eyebrows*

Colonies / Re: Giblot: Dead or Alive?
« on: September 27, 2011, 06:54:37 PM »
I don't get what you lot are doing in Giblot, I really don't. Strategically, your General could have took Drenga from the Assassins by himself because we didn't have anything that could've uprooted him within a weeks ride of the region, but paradoxically he gave up on the TO before it had a chance to complete. Things started to slide downhill for you when OT and the Assassins started to take regions on your side of the river, but even then you should have been able to push us out, given the travel times between the Assassin's and OT's core regions and those holdings. Hell, had you taken a more aggressive stance and went after either of us timed between Lukon's visits we might have had to discuss terms. Lukon is slow to move (due to all the old geezers in the ranks ;)), the Assassins and OT are fairly weak individually, Oritolon is distant, MT is of little help, Giblot could've easily taken hold of the north and kept it. Same problem I saw with Alebad when Aramon was a member, everyone went into defensive mode once they saw a few beatings in the field and defense alone just doesn't work, you'll just cut you off from supplies and the attackers will starve you into submission.

As far as Generals being diplomatic, hey, it worked for Vladamire (in fact he at one time held both the posts of Minister of Offense and Ambassador of Outer Tilog at the same time for a long while before Aramon became Shadow Tyrant :p).

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