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Feature Requests / Holding Unique Items
« on: March 17, 2011, 08:29:43 PM »
I know that you can only hold one item of each type at a time, unless for a small reason here or there, which is fine and makes sense.  However, as an adventurer that becomes quiet cumbersome.  If I have an item I created that I'm trying to sell sometimes I will be approached by someone who already has an item of the same slot but likes my prestige bonus better or maybe just likes the name better.  I cannot sell them my item or do a simultaneous trade with them, so they have to get rid of theirs, then they get mine, then I go get the item they first had and it just bogs down the whole process.  Could we do something about that?  Perhaps:

1) Disable prestige bonus for each item beyond the highest bonus item in each slot, then remove item cap.
2) Make it so adventurers get no prestige bonus from items and remove the item cap.
3) Add a swap item feature to allow for two people with same slot items to trade them.

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