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Feature Requests / Reminder for unaccepted training matches
« on: December 04, 2015, 06:35:16 PM »
Title: Reminder for unaccepted training matches
Summary: At this moment, training matches invitations are just messages between the regular messages. There is a link to answer the training match. (Goes to TrainingMatch.php where you can accept or deny)
Problem is that there isn't a reminder/seperate page to remind you of unanswered training matches. Proposal is to create a reminder just like the one of Referendums (in the green box) until you've answered the challenge. (A different solution may work as well)

Benefits: It would solve the obvious pain in the ass to go back searching your messages for training matches. People tend to forget or just don't feel like searching for it.
Possible Downsides or Exploits: I was told implementing this (dev-wise) could prove more difficult than first anticipated (talked to Tim). That's the only one I see here.

Don't hold back on feedback you guys!

Development / Region leaving realm
« on: October 13, 2015, 11:46:53 PM »
Not sure this was posted anywhere else already.

Region Leaves Realm   (1 hour, 42 minutes ago)
message to all nobles of Vix Tiramora
Ares Flame has changed the allegiance of Montauban to the duchy of the Golden City, a part of the realm of Perdan. He and his knights and their units have left your realm.
[protest options]

1. I was quite sure there used to be a list of nobles actually leaving the a seperate message saying 'Nobles leaving the realm' Montauban had 2 knights and nowhere did we get a realm wide message saying who actually left the realm with Ares.

2. The protest options. I read it somewhere else on here that the protest system was supposed to be expanded or work in a different way or something. But it actually serves no purpose that we have the option to protest here,.. since you can only protest council members. I would need to reference to another topic (which I would need to look up) where it was suggested to actually expand the protest functionality, or just remove the options on various messages.

Thoughts and ideas?

Development / [Feature Request] Managing ranks in guild/religion
« on: June 18, 2015, 03:21:00 PM »
Hi all.

I was recently doing some re-work on a religion I'm in, more specifically managing the ranks.

I thought you used to be able to choose the rank number, that is linked to the rank you are creating. I did not see this option. This will create the following struggle:

- Full member ranks 20-25 are used. Aspirant ranks 100-103 are used. Apparently, ranks 100 and 101 should have been full member ranks, so I want to move them to full member ranks. Not possible, you should delete 2 ranks and re-create them.

- If two ranks are in the reverse order, the same struggle appears.

- Also, if you want to create your religion/guild with somewhat flexibility, you would create ranks with numbers: 10, 20, 30, 40,.. So you can still add ranks in between if necessary. Currently, making a new rank always creates the rank with the lowest rank number possible. In my example above, creating a new full member rank would result in it to have rank number 26...

- The struggle also contains people having debts, not being able to promote/demote them temporarily etc etc.

Proposal: When creating or editing ranks, give the possibility to modify Rank_Id, so we can move around ranks much more easily without having to delete/add them. Might just need a little bit more checks here and there.

If I have overlooked some clear disadvantages, please do tell. That's why I post the feature request here. (I'm not the founder, so possibility I

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