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Announcements / Death of a Player
« on: August 22, 2020, 03:46:48 AM »
Awhile ago, along with some of you, we learned that the player of Coquard Family, Renee M. Row, passed suddenly, on July 22. We held off on announcing anything until a memorial website in her honour had been created.

Playing since 2010 across numerous realms, Renee helped build the BattleMaster world with many roleplays and relationships with fellow characters, as well as forming many friendships upon IRC, and then Discord. If anyone wishes to share their memories, there is a tribute wall at the memorial website, as well as a wiki memorial.

BM General Discussion / Re: Lemon Fame 3
« on: August 12, 2020, 01:14:14 AM »
Successfully claiming a bounty above a gold threshold? 1000, 1500?
You're close. Not sure if closer or further than Gildre. Maybe kitty-corner to Gildre's guess.

Unlike those that hide in the Admin/OOC chat in game.
There's no hiding by using that channel, and its a perfectly valid and welcomed channel to use for matters that pertain to the island and game as a whole.

The main issue I see, and I have expressed this both on discord and in game both to other players as well as the mods and admins, is that there very clearly is 2 sides forming, and both sides view the other as the enemy. This is what is wrong with the game. Neither side is the enemy. They are just two different ways to play and have fun. What we need is to find a compromise between the 2 sides so that both sides can have fun without ruining the fun of the other side.
And this is why we need to start listening to each other, to turn that around.

There's a lot to unpack in this whole topic. I'm probably going to forget something I would like to contribute after mulling over it all day.

First off, I do want to apologize for how you've been treated upon the discord. That is not the welcoming experience we want to ensure in any part of the BattleMaster community experience in-game, on the wiki, on the forum, or on discord. I think what often happens, and what we've been attempting to address since Perleone was a big bloc of players drowning out other southern realm player voices, is that each individual, wanting to contribute, chimes in with their voice one by one. And when its an imbalance of many shared perspectives versus one, it quickly feels like a hostile dogpile. As these concerns, various increases in moderation have been adopted. Since your last night in Discord, we've implemented channel slowmode (limiting rate of posts per person per allotted time) and locking the channel from posts as moderator commands. That said, it does *not* excuse some of your own behaviour on the discord either. Overall, I felt very disappointed by that *entire* conversation. Overall, there is a strong lack of people *listening* to one another and I thank Gildre for raising this and Anaris for reminding us that we are all *real people* on the other side of the screen.

I will put this as simply as possible - you are saying the discord and the zeitgeist it presents has zero effects on the game? That it has never influenced writing a character motivation? That the concepts presented exist entirely separate in each individual's mind and that no contamination occurs?
Nothing has zero effects on the game. There are many conscious and unconscious ideas affecting our characters and it is upon us to do our best to be mindful of OOC knowledge intermingling with IC. There's also different types of OOC influence between the negative misusing OOC information for IC gain and the positive developing your character for OOC enjoyment over strict interpretation of what ones character would do. Practically speaking, as Tom noted, there's only so much to be done to stop OOC discussions, they will occur somewhere; at least with discord, it can be moderated under our influence. As it has increasingly been when noted as necessary. When it is evident someone *has* circumvented the in-gane message system with OOC messages, yes the Titans will issue a judgment.

I will say when the devs can put a "give feedback" button on the account pages to get a broad perspective, why wouldn't they?
Player-wide surveys are something that have been worked with off and on for quite awhile. It was an idea in 2012. Tim finally worked on them I think in 2014 or so, but didn't get fully finished. I implemented new player surveys some months ago, though there's a bug I need to fix with some of them. After the huge Beluaterra ruler OOCfest in May, I started turning my attention to one-off surveys on related matters of the game's direction, government member performance, titan perception, player mortality et cetera. But summer tends to be a lowpoint in my BattleMaster-related time, so I haven't had the focus to sit down and complete them; I was fiddling with the mobile display for the surveys last I remember. As with most things in BattleMaster, they're a work in progress, along with what Anaris mentioned elsewhere about limited time and motivation being sapped.

BM General Discussion / Re: Lemon Fame 3
« on: August 11, 2020, 12:54:28 AM »
Well Rounded: Have 3 unique skills (example Swordfighting/Jousting/Oratory) above 50% skill level.
DING DING DING! More Goodies for Tideweaver.

Everything else, no. Quit thinking in terms of gaming achievement systems.

More to be added to the wiki.

BM General Discussion / Re: Lemon Fame 3
« on: August 11, 2020, 12:34:50 AM »
Well, in an offhand comment on voice chat, *moments* after I told him he would never guess it before I changed it, Tideweaver guessed, "oh, probably 50% of ten regions" for what triggers the religion founder fame. Which is accurate. Congratulations. Goodies have been given.

And, as I haven't given this thread the proper attention it deserves, I'm going to catch up on the backlog of posts. Everything I do not reply to can be counted as a 'no' to that guess.

1. It's not one and the other. Likely it's one or the other. Most likely it utilizes "Reputation" fame (which is the combination of stats like prestige, honour etc.) or some kind of score that is calculated using arbitrary multiplier, e.g. prestige = 5, honour = 1. If total>legendary threshold you're a legendary hero, if not - sorry gregory.
This is exactly accurate. Chenier got close in a succeeding guess a few posts after the quote, but had prestige and honour inversed and the total threshold too low. Alas, MTYL is not playing anymore, but if he returns, I will fulfill a raincheck on his goodies for the successful guess.

2. It's not absolute, it's dynamic. It must be, since it utilizes either fame mechanics (from the "your fame" tab) or some mechanics that work in a similar fashion. So I believe the legendary threshold is either higher/lower depending on the most legendary person on the continent or it's higher/lower depending on the avarge legendary factor (fame/reputation/honour+prestige)
I like this idea of legendary hero fame being relative to the continent's average legendary score and am tempted to change it (some day).

A tournament will be considered successful when the holder correctly plans for the amount of nobles that will attend?  (+or- a few)
Close, but no cigar.

There is definitely a Fame Point for 1500 gold bounty. Is this already common knowledge?
There is definitely not. But you are a hair away from a correct guess.

There are other people who reported a Fame Point when they had a 1500 gold bounty. I tested it by adding 500 gold to my own bounty every turn for three turns. Exactly when I hit 1500 a new Fame point popped up.

I feel pretty confident that it is. Still waiting on official "yay or nay" from an Admin though.
Nay, but you grazed 'yay' with that shot.

Now, if someone could update the Fame and Fame Box wiki pages with this updated information, that would be highly appreciated.

Feature Requests / Re: Approved: Additional Vote Counting Systems
« on: August 02, 2020, 05:56:52 PM »

BM General Discussion / Re: BattleMaster Front page.
« on: May 16, 2020, 03:11:11 AM »
Maybe it is time to consider changing the front page announcement for the game?
Its been on the list for awhile.

It seems, in recent years, that the "vision" of the developers has changed from a ten minute a day "war game" with some RP to a very involved (more than 10 minutes a day) roleplay type game with less opportunity (more restrictions) for warfare. 
I would say BattleMaster has gone through an evolution of identifying just what it truly was from a hodgepodge of different ideas in the early years. Bartle's Taxonomy is also a helpful conceptualization to keep in mind here too.

Which of these two "realms" best fit the "vision" of the developers?
Neither. A healthy realm has a mixture of both styles.

Though the front page of BattleMaster clearly states that both types of "realms" would be acceptable to play, much of what I have seen in recent times would imply that this is NOT the case anymore. 
No, it states that both player styles are available, not that realms should exclusively focus on one style or another.

Announcements / Two Warnings
« on: April 10, 2020, 05:29:19 PM »
We have two matters which are important to give you advance warning upon.

On testing islands, reduced food distribution was not providing a strong enough debuff to the region. Thus, a change was made to strengthen the debuff over time. There should be no immediate danger, but it will build up more. Bankers and lords should keep an eye on any such regions with reduced food distribution.

A change upcoming in the next update will introduce full members of religions and guilds being able to protest an elder out of eldership. There will be prevention of immediately-protesting new full members to prevent abuse, same as one cannot protest for first five days after joining a realm. However, if any religions or guilds have full membership purchasable by aspirants, there will be a risk of essentially allowing a takeover of the institution, same as a large group of characters joining a realm and protesting a week later.

Announcements / TwitterMaster? BattleTwitter?
« on: April 02, 2020, 05:20:04 AM »
The last day or so has been such a resounding success for the new reduced character limits that we will now be transitioning BattleMaster to be played exclusively on Twitter. On a larger platform, we will be able to attract many more players and grow once more. In an unrelated note, happy April Fool's Day.  ;)

We hope you enjoyed this year's event and we look forward to next year and many years to come. For newer players, there was once a tradition of BattleMaster April Fool's Day events. Please remember for next year to not spoil the surprise for your realmmates, so everyone can enjoy the fun. And yes, its back to 5,000 character limit messages once more. And no, we aren't transitioning to be played exclusively on Twitter.

Feature Requests / Re: Brainstorming: Monikers / Nicknames / Callsigns
« on: April 01, 2020, 10:57:53 AM »

Announcements / Maximum Character Limit for Messages Reduced
« on: April 01, 2020, 12:08:34 AM »
After collecting much more data upon message activity throughout BattleMaster over the last few months, Anaris and I have both spent the weekend analyzing the various metrics and considering solutions to boost the interaction between players based on the lessons learned from the data.

A key insight we've observed is that messages of fewer characters tends to generate many more replies by a wider group of players, including those who don't often write letters or roleplays, while extremely long messages tend to only generate replies from a miniscule sliver of the playerbase. In some realms, long messages get no replies at all while short, concise messages do get a few replies. Another group in which a noticeable difference was observed was new players. Of grave concern, characters less than a month old replied to a long letter less than 5% of the time while replying to shorter letters an average minimum of 23% of the time, sometimes as high as 39% in certain realms, and as high as 68% in Perdan.

It is for this reason that the first change we are immediately implementing to messages to boost interaction is reducing the maximum character limit of all messages to only 280 characters. We understand that this is a huge change from a 5,000 character limit, but we believe it is important to establish firmly the new direction of the game being short, concise messages. We suspect this may also have the advantage of encouraging more mobile-friendly play in our on-the-go modern world, without having the burden of reading and replying to lengthy messages via a mobile interface. Please, give it a day to experience before giving us your much-appreciated feedback on the forum or in discord.

Its 30 days, not 60.

Announcements / February 2020 Update
« on: February 27, 2020, 06:12:45 PM »
Major Changes
  • Update Social Contract
  • Requirement to sign the Social Contract annually from when it was last signed
  • Important OOC Messages added as reminders to rules, other atmospheric guidelines, or contacting the Titans
  • Crown Tax Shares implemented, allowing a ruler to split their ruler share between each government council member, all knights/dames of the realm, and if a theocracy, all priests of the realm
  • Expand influences upon regional sympathies/loyalty to realms (testing islands only)
    • Trading Food
    • Religious spread across realm borders
    • Noble locations, rank, average unique item prestige, number of soldiers
    • Government System
    • Distance to foreign capital
    • Neighbouring regions, duchies, and realms
    • Declared diplomacy
    • Lord's faith or lack thereof
    • Guilds
    • Population movement
  • Player indicator icons for experience and playstyle preference
  • Character Portraits and Descriptions added to character creation process
  • New Player Surveys for players on their 30th day
  • Change Realm Theme to a tag-based system with pre-selected tags and one unique word tag

Minor Changes

  • Discord Widget and collapsible accordion added to userdata
  • Minimum Density increased to 2 nobles per region
  • New religions are announced on discord island channels
  • Text explaining when one can change allegiance as a region lord or duke improved for readability
  • Prevent revolting regions from joining realms that are already low density
  • Slightly increase Standing Orders character limit
  • Send a judge a message when Impeachment is available
  • Discord realm emoji updated
  • If hunting monsters and undead, find hidden local unique item before creating a new unique item
  • Link to Realm Details on new character realm selection

  • Titans accidentally deporting characters to Atamara
  • Several exploits
  • Unique Items being discovered while looting, but not actually given to the character
  • Regions being bought and revolting for first 5 days after being TOed
  • Private messages not being visible in quickplay
  • OOC messages not being coloured gray
  • World News RSS not working
  • Setting User Options not working


The BattleMaster Community on Discord continues to grow. There is now a #bugtracker channel that updates when public bugtracker issues are updated. Cards Against Humanity games on the discord are now played with BattleMaster decks. Users can now create their own channels, allowing for alliance-wide channels of realm roles, or particular interest channels such as warhammer, parenting, tabletop roleplaying et cetera. On that note, there is now a roleplaying game going on right now in a user-created channel.

Folks have been livestreaming themselves playing BattleMaster in voicechats (and other games, as well). And today, we've had two music bots being listened to in separate channels, simultaneously.

Voice chat activity has become most consistent from 19 to 23 server time (about now!), just after the halfturn. Come on in and say hello, whether its your first visit or you just haven't been by in awhile.


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